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If you're standing anywhere on the boat, facing the front bow , the port is the left side of the boat and the starboard is the right side.

Unexpected Gift

Comment by Malvado This is part 3 of the Night Elf flight quests. Other races are not eligible. Add to list An Unexpected Gift.

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SA nonprofit receives an unexpected gift !

My baby should have been 10 weeks. I felt alone and robbed and broken.

Unfortunately I had to return to work the Monday after. All the girls had pooled their money together for a lovely basket full of goodies to help me heal.

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They wanted me to feel supported and loved during one of the most difficult experiences of my life. Fast forward a few years to I was immensely blessed with two children and was spending my time as a Stay At Home Mama. Perhaps I could create ready-to-ship gifts for a variety of trials, that women could send to their sisters, friends, etc. The true gift my customers receive is the amazing friendships they have in these women supporting them through the impossible and celebrating them in their victories.

The Unexpected Gift

However, I feel honored every day to be able to play a tiny role in their support. Click HERE! I love how you have allowed God to redeem your loss by using your experience to lift up others.