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But perhaps the most notable "My Way" hater of all is Frank Sinatra. Forced to perform this ridiculous crowd-pleaser night after night for nearly a decade of touring after his supposed "final curtain," Sinatra got so fed up that he started openly mocking the song right before performing it. I got it up to here [with] this goddamned song!

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Unlike "My Way," I prefer to go out on a positive note, so it's worth remembering that it is possible to use this terrible song for some good. When "My Way" turned up as the score for Don and Peggy's impromptu office dance near the end of Mad Men , it was poignant—but only because the series had already successfully obliterated the idea that Don Draper could credibly make any similar boasts about his own life.

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On The Sopranos , Vito Spatafore celebrated his newfound freedom by driving drunk to the strains of "My Way" —and promptly crashed into a parked car. And when Sid Vicious' cover of "My Way" popped up at the end of Goodfellas , as Henry Hill settles into his bland new life in the Witness Protection Program, it carried an implicit sneer—this is what happens to assholes who think this is the best way to live their lives. What do all of those examples have in common?

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They're engineered for maximum irony, mocking the lie at the heart of "My Way"—the idea that a man should reach the end of his life with the arrogant, unjustified conviction that he did it all himself. I don't think I'll ever hate a song as much as I hate "My Way. David Collingwood, director of funerals at the Cooperative, has been in the trade for 33 years.

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When he started, requests for pop weren't common. A big part of the increasing personalisation of funerals has been a move away from hymns and towards popular music, now the most popular genre. View image of Paul Anka. I think that's the key to it in terms of how you receive it from someone.

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  4. Although intended solely as a tribute to Sinatra himself, the song has as many potential meanings as it has fans, allowing a level of individuality while still engendering a sense of unity that a more niche pop choice might lack. So it's gonna be tough to top that one. Though they hail from France, guitar group Gipsy Kings draw heavily on Latin music, particularly Spanish flamenco. He retooled the song as a soulful, after-hours ballad complete with strings and a horn section riven with powerful bluesy inflections.

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    At 85, this Texas-born country troubadour is as prolific as ever, still releasing albums on a yearly basis. One of the most successful classical musicians of the 21st Century, the much-decorated year-old Rieu is a Netherlands-born violinist and conductor who made a name for himself from the 90s onwards. The song was then again seen by a massive television audience on October 3,, as part of a CBS filmed posthumous presentation, which as was the case with the Aloha Special, became the top rated program of the week, with a And whois prfting the most from all of this?

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    The writer of the English lyrics, Paul Anka. That would be British singer the late, great Matt Monro. Your email address will not be published.

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