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Magic, of a sort. Trainers hide a Kong toy or ball somewhere, and place a few drops of a scent in the area. Many dogs learn extremely rapidly to associate an odor and a ball. That dogs can believe the scent of something like potassium chlorate magically creates a bouncing Kong is just one of those things that makes them so loveable and endearing.

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I was blown away by the love that even the toughest of these soldiers, sailors, airmen and Marines have for their canine comrades. Sure, breeds like German shepherds and Belgian Malinois are the most common war dogs these days, but affable Labrador retrievers play a major role as sniffer dogs in Afghanistan.

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And there are also some very little dogs in the military. I had the pleasure of meeting a Jack Russell terrier, Lars J, on a nuclear submarine as he sniffed around for explosives last summer. He was a jaunty little fellow with a Napoleon complex. They study us. They observe us. They smell changes in our very chemistry. They learn to predict us. And they seem to know when their people are having a bad day. Rex L was a big, sensitive German shepherd. He had failed out of aggression training because anytime he bit someone wearing protective gear during practice, and they yelled or screamed in response, he immediately let go and seemed to look concerned and sad.

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So his career path changed, and he became a highly trained off-leash bomb sniffer. His sensitivity to the people around him played out in the form of becoming a sort of unofficial therapy dog wherever he went. Amanda Ingraham, told me.

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His favorite therapy was to cheer up down soldiers by getting them to play with a water bottle. After all, he liked playing with water bottles, so it would seem natural that they would too. Eventually the soldier would take the bait, and a grand game of tug-of-war or a big chase would ensue.

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Some join their human partners in parachute jumps from planes, others rappel with their handlers from helicopters. As with people, some dogs can go to hell and back and not be badly scarred. Others are profoundly affected by less. Research into canine PTSD is in its infancy, but I hope it will one day soon offer some better solutions for the dogs who are suffering so.

But this one beautiful chocolate Lab, Buck P, was curled up tightly, staring out into nothingness.

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It turns out Buck had been a bomb dog in Afghanistan. He may have seen too much action or been close to one too many explosions. It was really heartbreaking to see this dog who was crushed by PTSD lying alone. Thankfully the next day he went home with a couple who loves him to pieces. I am in touch with them and get regular reports on his progress. Dogs are named by their breeders, who are hail from places like the Czech Republic, Slovakia, the Netherlands, and Germany.

There are plenty of regal or at least normal names, like Rex, Nero, and Rocky. And then there are the unfortunate or oddball ones. But this journey is fraught with danger, and only the bravest will survive.

As the fighting escalates and Stanley experiences the true horror of war, he comes to realize that the loyalty of his dog is the only thing he can rely on. See more book details 20 September Amidst these harrowing events, the bravery and the trusting relationship built up between a dog and their handler shines through. The novel covers an unusual aspect of WW1 which would be a useful springboard to introduce the topic of trench warfare. Carousel Full of loyalty, bravery and the bond between one boy and his dog.

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