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Homepage - Digital Content - Mobile. Pronunciator Language Learning. Acorn TV. Kanopy Kids. She is one of Your Character 's love interests. She is first seen in Book 1 , Chapter 1. Quinn has long red hair, blue eyes, and fair skin. She normally wears a white button-up knotted long-sleeved shirt with short jeans.

While possessed, Quinn's appearance slightly changes: her hair floats in the air, and her eyes glow green. In Book 3, she is given a new design, which is first seen at the end of Chapter 2. Her outfit, which Malatesta salvaged, consists of a brown leather jacket which shows her midriff, a white bra crop top, long jeans, and a dolphin choker she specifically chose to wear.

Her hair is in a single braided ponytail she rests over one shoulder. Quinn is shown to be very open-minded and kind. She is also extremely spontaneous after she found out that she would have only six months to live because of Rotterdam's Syndrome. She cares for others and, along with Diego , is shown to be very concerned for the group that went to the La Huerta observatory. Similar to Grace, she is rarely shown losing her temper or getting furious, and in the few instances she has, it has been out of righteous anger.

Quinn Kelly

When Quinn was four years old, she was diagnosed with a rare, incurable illness that affects 0. The condition deferred her ability to enjoy her childhood, bankrupted her family and drove her family apart, which was shown to negatively affect Quinn, one day, Quinn's father spent the last of his savings into signing Quinn up for an experimental drug treatment, the cure was successful, and Quinn could finally live her life the way she wanted, but then, the disease came back. Quinn later comments once her Syndrome is cured that she feels anew at no longer being the "Dying Girl"; because this is the identity that defined Quinn all of her life up until now, and being freed from it felt new for her.

In the first book, Quinn is a member of the group and a possible love interest for your character. If Your Character pursues her, she will reveal her Rotterdam's Syndrome to the player intimately, confessing she only has six months to live. Pay special attention to the :unctions of connectors in the sentences e. The reason for this is, Another advantage is that, etc. This will help you make a logical connection with the rest of the text. But after I grew up and met researching and writing a book on the subject. I some of her former students, I realised what a then went on to get my diving certificate.

I started difference she had made in people's lives. I started working in England as an instructor, but when I out as a teacher's assistant, but one day I daringly realised there was no real future for me there, I stepped out of my place and tried out some moved to the Caribbean.

I started with a diving innovative teaching techniques. The head teacher company in the British Virgin Islands, which was got to hear about it, and was so impressed that I great, but I notice d that the equipment was moved on to teaching my own class. I really enjoy somewhat outdated. When I pointed it out to my teaching at secondary level, because I find that boss, he was so surprised that he immediately teenagers are very engaging and we have some ordered new gear for all the instructors.

I soon fell great discussions about modem issues in class. I enjoy my job, as well as my time off, and now life is perfect. In of supporting myself financially if I did. Then the beginning I was a little nervous about making Mum suggested I try book illustration. She's decisions that would have an impact on the entire pretty wise and she soon convinced me.

I started office, but my boss is a close friend and luckily at a small publishing company that produces had faith in me and my abilities. My friends who children's books. I love working there, but in the are still at university don't appreciate the fact beginning I was hopelessly disorganised - I kept that I have a lot of responsibility right now and ordering the wrong types and amounts of that I supervise a large number of employees.

I eventually got the hang of it, though.

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They're always calling me to go out - to parties or Recently I branched out into drawing a weekly for pizza, but I usually tum down their invitations cartoon for the local newspaper in my spare time, because I have to get up early the next day to go and I hope it will lead to more work of the same to the office. Kenneth Steward - Jewellery Designer I never imagined I would end up doing this kind of work, and I actually fell into it by accident.

I wanted to buy my mother a brooch for her birthday, but I couldn't find one I liked, so I decided to design my own. Some of her friends saw it and liked it so much that I started to get requests on a regular basis for new designs. My mother likes to boast that her son is a designer, but I wonder what her friends would think if they knew that I haven't had any formal training.

My brooch designs became so popular that local jewellery stores began calling me for advice on their own jewellery lines, which is how my new jewellery consulting company was born. That's growing rapidly, and I'm also planning to take on some people to help me so I can expand into mail-order jewellery. Read Elizabeth's email and the notes you have made. Then write an email toElizabeth. Make sure yon have covered all the points in your answer and email the style is consistent throughout.

Can you tell me exactly what time you're arriving on the 7th? Since you're planning to stay for two weeks, I'll organise a trip to London. There'll be lots of people and even a band! If you can stay longer, I was hoping we could visit my cousins in Scotland.

Can you change your plans? Let me know! Elizabeth No, because Write your email. You must use grammatically correct sentences with accurate spe g and punctuation in a style appropriate for the situation. In essays, it is important to use appropriate linking words to connect similar ideas and introduce opposing ideas. They help the reader follow your piece of writing. Your teacher has now asked you to write an essay, giving your opinion on the following statement: Computers are more advanced than the human brain.

Write your essay. You have seen the following notice in an international magazine. Write us an article answering these questions. The best article will be published in the magazine. You have recently read a book which you enjoyed very much. As the human body was not designed for flying, people can In the air, your body is more A long-distance journey often In order to reduce the If you wear loose clothing made from Your skin suffers in other ways too, becoming drier This can be avoided, however, if you Edvard Munch Edvard Munch, In he travelled Paris, where he became familiar He began o develop an unusual artistic style, in which he tried to express his deep inner feelings rather This style later became known Expressionism, and many 20th century artists were influenced An exhibition of his paintings in a Berlin ery caused such strong protests His As Look carefully at the structure of the sentence and the text as a whole before you fill in the gaps.

Computer Skills in the Office To be Apart from the needs of the technology department, it is important that almost all employees have some degree of Thanks to computers, today's businesses are run and managed with far less For example, computers enable the In short, although the average businessperson has no need to be a technology expert, they are unlikely to get very far without at least a basic Example: o A very nice man gave us directions.

Some of the given words could either be verbs or nouns. Try both forms to see which fits the sentence. COST Steve wanted WISH I He gave the impression that he wasn't working. SEEM He You didn't pay attention in class. Jessica was late due to the traffic. TIME Jessica didn't Peter Moon and the Chocolate Factory Journalist Liz Campbell fulfils a childhood dream of visiting a real-life chocolate factory.

From the outside, the building resembles a observed its use and carried back beans to Spain, caramel square dusted with cocoa. As I walk where it rapidly became a drink for the wealthy.

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Even in the reception is bursting with multicoloured cellophane and area, where Peter Moon's wife Leona is busy with ribbons that are waiting to decorate chocolate Easter orders, I can't escape this potent scent. I watch as staff work, If you want to appreciate this for yourself, carefully wrapping Easter treats. Over 60 staff then allow me to indulge you. Get a chocolate are employed at the factory and, from bar and, against all your natural instincts, try to appearances, I don't doubt their commitment.

Then take a moment "My team are extremely focused. Weare like a to savour the tantalising smell of chocolate family here," Peter declares proudly. I couldn't inside. Now picture yourself actually inside, agree more. I immediately get the impression confined within the four walls of the wrapper that this is no ordinary factory. If the And then, as he and I enter the adjoining room, mere thought of that sounds good to you, what I try to pull myself together. I make a great effort line 59 would it be like to breathe in the aroma of this to control my excitement, reminding myself that fine chocolate every single day?

I ask Leona that the real purpose of my visit is to gather information very same question. A conveyor belt transports small I've worked here for so long I don't even notice cubes of sweet centres towards a chocolate water- it any more," Leona admits. To my mind, that is fall, with the promise of being enveloped in a thick, line 22 an absolute tragedy. But she later confesses that luxurious layer of chocolate. Moon picks up a tray she still eats a few pieces of chocolate every day.

Each egg is I observe Leona as she expertly handles ready to be filled and brushed over with more customers who are desperate to get their orders chocolate to seal it. Coloured cocoa butter will then in on time. The factory's chocolate has just be painted on to it to give it a shiny exterior. It is been given the highest rating in a recent obvious that a significant amount of care and consumer report and needless to say, the orders attention goes into making Moon's chocolates, and have been flooding in.

The boom in business each one is finished lovingly by hand. By finding ingredients from all door at the back, dressed in a white hat and a around the world, Peter is responding to the heavy-duty rubber apron. After polite intro- growing trend of chocolate connoisseurs who hold ductions, he immediately launches into his tasting evenings with friends. They enjoy trying to favourite topic. As I leave, I learn that Peter.

And yes.. The Spaniards are wondering, I did get to take some home! A how busy it is in the reception area found in the text in the same order as B , the unusual appearance of the building the questions. Questions are usually C the smell of chocolate in the building one per paragraph. It is a good idea to D the way she is greeted by Leona Moon read ALL the paragraph carefully before choosing an option. B able to imagine her experience more clearly. C understand how the factory workers feel. D want to visit the chocolate factory themselves.

B confesses to eating chocolate every day. C says the smell is not as strong as it once was. D doesn't even like the smell of chocolate. A She is going to experience something that few people get the chance to. B She is impressed by the way that Leona deals with the customers. C She shares Leona's excitement about a recent consumer report. D She is happy that Leona's business has just become very successful.

B can tell her a lot about the history of the Aztecs. C doesn't really care about polite introductions. D is interested in everything connected with his job. What does the writer suggest about the staff at the factory? A They seem to care deeply about their work. B They don't seem to be working very hard. C Many of them seem to be related to each other.

- RAGE & SORROW - - The Pillars Of The Earth (Book 2: Chapter 14, ENDING)

D They seem to get on very well with Peter Moon. The writer says 'I try to pull myself together' line 59 to show that she A feels as if she is in two places at the same time. B is finding it difficult to stay calm and do her job. C is tired of gathering information about the factory. D can't remember the real purpose of her visit. What do we learn about Peter Moon's chocolate in the last paragraph?

A It is growing in popularity all around the world. B Its special ingredients make it taste like fine wine. C It is regularly tested by chocolate connoisseurs. D It must be eaten within three weeks after it is made. Talking with Koko Dr Francine Patterson has spent her life attempting to communicate with humankind's closest relative, the gorilla.

Dr Patterson was introduced to Hanabi-Ko Koko in her desire to have a baby. Patterson's people suggested , at a time when Koko was just a tiny, undernourish- Michael as a father but Koko surprisingly showed signs ed one-year-old gorilla. Patterson was in search of a of human-like embarrassment, explaining that she candidate for her forthcoming four-year project, with considered Michael to be more like a brother since they Stanford University, on inter-species communication. On a visit to San Francisco Zoo, Dr searching his rooms and signing his name repeatedly. Patterson's eyes immediately fell on Koko.

One particularly memorable moment occurred From the beginning, Patterson chose to when Koko was experiencing great pain. After signing to communicate with Koko through American Sign her caregivers that she had a toothache, she was able to Language. She began by teaching Koko the basic signs. IIID After the painful tooth by combining different signs for words she already knew was removed she received a full health check-up and and casually dropping them into her 'sign conversations' thankfully was found to be in good shape. For instance, when she wanted to signal Over the years, technology was used to enrich Koko's 'ring', a word she had not been taught yet, she signed world.

To provide her with a voice, she was given a 'bracelet' together with 'finger'. Although this was not specially adapted computer and a screen on which she traditional sign language, it made sense. The screen was housed in the After some time of having only human company, floor of her enclosure and could withstand kg of Koko signed that she still felt lonely. So a friend was gorilla force. IIID She could switch the lights on found for her in the form of Michael, an orphaned and off when she wanted, for example. And in , the gorilla from Cameroon.

II0 They became world watched in wonder as Dr Patterson conducted the inseparable. Although there were no plans to teach world's first inter-species live web chat with Koko. Michael to sign, he had an aptitude for learning and was Although some are sceptical about Koko's true intel- very willing. By the end of his first year, Michael had ligence, it can not be denied that Koko has challenged learnt over twenty signs, some of which were even taught the world's stereotypical view of the angry, blood-thirsty to him by Koko.

Amazingly, the pair even began to sign gorilla. III0 Its main aim is to make people aware to each other. B If only all animals could tell humans this F As a result, they were destined to remain kind of information. D However, it soon became clear that Koko H At first they did not take to each other, but was not only learning each sign, but also they started to get on and eventually formed logically adapting the sign language herself.

Look out for pronouns, both in the text and in the sentences e. These will help you make the right connections between ideas. For questions , choose from the advertisements A-D.

Product description

The advertisements may be chosen more than once. Don't waste time reading the whole text in detail - zoom in on what answers the questions. Which of the advertisements mention s : something participants in the experience must bring with them? Are you are afraid of flying, here is the answer - indoor fed up with the usual routine and want to do skydiving. You will feel like you are freefalling something a little more exciting than walking from a plane, even though you are only about two around the shopping centre on Saturday feet off the ground, as a giant propeller blasts air at mornings?

Then roll up, roll up - come and join mph, suspending you in the airflow. It is a the circus! During your session at Britain's top freefall experience that everyone must try, at the circus skills school, you will learn about the world's biggest skydiving wind tunnel, in physical strength required for the trapeze and Bedfordshire, England. Compared to other similar acrobatics, practise your coordination skills while experiences on the market, you will get more 'flight juggling and attempt to acrobalance otherwise time' in the wind tunnel and, when you finish, a known as tightrope walking.

All the instructors DVD containing footage of your flight for you to are professionals with first-hand knowledge of the remember the experience. This facility also caters techniques and equipment used. You'll be learning to international skydiving teams, so be assured that the basics in no time, so you can impress all your you'll be in the safest hands. The tunnel was originally built over fifty years It is recommended that you wear casual ago to study aerodynamic forces, and later to test clothes that don't restrict your movement - a the strength of aeroplane parts such as ejector tracksuit and trainers would be ideal.

Participants seats. Four decades later, the tunnel was restored. Spectators can watch the dive reasonable level of fitness is required if you want from the free viewing gallery, but the loud noise to get the most from this course. Spectators are makes it unsuitable for very young children. Unfortunately, there is no disabled access at the school.

Here's an idea. At the Aqua Fun from central London to some of England's most Programme, young adventurers are introduced to beautiful cathedral cities. It's the perfect the thrill of breathing under water. They are first experience for romantic couples, Harry Potter taught the basic procedures for scuba diving, fans and those who want to relive the good old including safety and communication with fellow days.

All the countryside. The train is an exact replica of one instructors are qualified Dive Insttuctors. Then, that operated during Victorian times, and the under constant supervision, they get to dive and carriage interiors are beautifully decorated. It is swim around in a swimming pool, at a maximum an unusual sight, so expect people to wave at you depth of only 6m, but still experience what it as you go by. Of course, you may wish to wave would feel like to be in a natural diving back!

When the train pulls into the terminus, you environment. Children don't have users. Spectators are welcome to see the train to be strong swimmers and previous experience is depart and meet it on its return. You must bring your own swimwear, but all other equipment will be provided. You saw the advert:i5ement below and sent a short email to Chris Rendall. Now you have received an email from him in reply.

Read the advertisement, Chris Rendall's email and the notes you have made. Then write an email to Chris Rendall, using all your notes. J ,19 Both parts of Paper 2 carry the same number of marks. It is vital that you attempt both tasks. X5 Chris RendaU h Subject:. It summer courses. Since you didn't gIVe. Firstly, have you visited our WI!!

We arrange accommodatio Tell him need to know when you plan and say why family with children. It would also be helpful if we - I such Give details as your age, level of English, intl!. Chris Rendall Write your email. You must use grammatically correct sentences punctuation in a style appropriate for the situation. Your English teacher has asked you to write an article for the school magazine about two photographs which are particularly important to you.

You have been instructed to describe what the pictures show and what memories they bring back to you. You have recently moved to another city and begun studies at a language school there. Your friend from your last language school has asked you the following questions in their recent letter: I really miss having you around at school. Tell me about your new school. What was your first day like? Is your new school different from this one?

And how are the teachers and the other students? Write a letter to your friend, answering the questions in their letter.

Write your letter. Developers are planning to build a tourist resort in your charming little beach town. A local TV station is going to film your English class having a discussion about the new plans. Your teacher wants you to prepare by writing an essay giving your opinions on the following statement: Developers should be allowed to build big hotels and tourist complexes anywhere they like. Rainbows A rainbow is an optical display of colour that usually appears in the sky when a beam of sunlight refracts through millions of raindrops.

Each For this to happen, the angle between the After studying rainbows in However, he was colour blind, so he had to His assistant could also clearly There are two types of rainbows. Primary rainbows are the most Secondary rainbows are unusual because the light is reflected twice within the raindrop before it There is a popular myth that if you reach the end of a rainbow, you will find a pot of gold waiting for you. In A number of the missing words are prepositions that go with certain verbs or adjectives e.

Putting it OfT! Your big exams are just You have to commit to memory the history of Industrial Revolution - so what Ordinarily, it is The books upstairs can wait. Such behaviour is known Other examples of In short, procrastination is the art of putting off More often Use the word given in capitals at the end of some of the lines to form a word that fits in the gap In the same line. Bear in mind prefixes e. English Students and Culture Shock Culture shock is a feeling of It is experienced by many of the thousands of students who leave home to study English in an English-speaking country.

These students have to cope with changes in weather, food, language and behaviour. Initially, students may feel Once the They begin to feel at home and realise that problems are also Example: o Why are you interested in learning a new language? MUST By the end of the week PUT Her mother For questions , choose the answer A, B, C or 0 which you think fits best according to the text.

Nelson's interest in racing was with concentration. The pre-race interviews are unstoppable; he would wake up early on weekends over, and the glamour models are off the track. He Squeezed into his driving seat, wearing a red, white used to be up even before me in the mornings, and yellow jumpsuit and white helmet, Nelson getting ready for the day's race," says his father. Jones is pulling on a pair of tight black gloves.

What’s on TV today: Downton Abbey, Big Little Lies, Dark Money, Divorce and more

No After taking part in three or four local races in question where he's expecting to finish: "First," he Britain, in which he won first place despite his says before pulling down his gold visor. At the start young age, Nelson decided that he would go for signal, with a burst of engine noise, the drivers dart it and have a crack at his first international line 49 down to the first tum.

Grand Prix in Germany, which he won as well. It all sounds a lot like a Formula One car race, but Although Nelson now travels all over Britain and there's a difference - Nelson is all of thirteen years Europe to take part in races, Lincolnshire remains old, and he's racing in a go-kart. What could be seen home. Growing up there, the interest he showed in as child's play in this rural town of Lincolnshire is in racing was not via the usual exposure to video fact a proving ground for professionals. Almost all games, like the other kids he meets at races.

One It is the first step for young talent to move into day, as we were driving past, I made my father stop professional race cars, because it introduces them to the car so I could have a better look at the karts the essential basics such as finding the racing line, flying by. I saw so many people, including kids my concentration and how to compete on the track. The sters keen to make racing their life's ambition.

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Nelson's The instructor then informed Nelson's father it was father, Steve, stood by his son at every step. Racing can be really national racing circuit. But what is it like to be so dangerous and it gets expensive, but five years ago, young with a schedule fully booked with races, and when I had the opportunity to buy him his first all eyes watching him, expecting victory after official kart, I rushed to do it.

It was in a really bad victory? The public's expectations, as well as the The appeal is not hard to see. Karting offers the pressure, helps me focus and concentrate so I can thrills and spills of real-life racing but with less race at my highest level. Avoid options that use words B doesn't want a long pre-race interview. C is confident that he will win the race. D is uncomfortable in his small driving seat.

B it helps them decide whether racing is really their life's ambition. C it teaches them some of the skills they need to race professionally. D it gives them valuable experience of driving in a small bucket seat. A He worried about the dangers of such a hobby. B He thought Nelson's talent must be supported. C He realised this hobby would be very expensive. D He believed Nelson was too young for racing. B did a lot of preparation before a race. C preferred working on his kart to racing. D needed to increase his self-control. B realised it was a chance to start a successful career. C was used to winning every Grand Prix he entered.

D thought he was too young for an international race. Nelson became interested in kart racing A because his father often talked about it. B after watching other children doing it. C to meet other children of his own age. D because of his exposure to video games. What does the writer suggest about Nelson's first race instructor? A He lacked confidence in his teaching ability. B He was not qualified to teach professionals.

C He only coached drivers under the age of twelve. D He decided to look for a younger driver to coach. What is Nelson referring to when he says, "It's good for me" line 73? Choose from the sentences A- H the one which fits each gap Star Signs Stars are not the only ones making big money in Hollywood any more Each day in Los Angeles, from posh hotels to While the demand for celebrity signatures is high, trendy nightclubs, from the back gates of television real collectors disapprove of autograph hunters and studios to peaceful restaurants, celebrities are being their methods.

II0 These hunters will stake harassed for their signatures. A bold breed of out stars at hotels, restaurants and nightclubs and entrepreneur has emerged in Hollywood: the then, if the stars refuse to sign, chase their car until professional autograph hunter. The fact is that autographs of a moment's notice. Alfie claims that the majority of famous stars can command hundreds of dollars on the very famous stars are courteous and very nice with open market.

II0 Because they view it as a him and fans in general. He can look like a college student or dress that the only reason some celebrities don't want to up as a woman if he has to. Once, after getting Julia sign autographs is because they don't make any Roberts to sign a photo during the filming of one of money from the sale of their own signatures.

It appears that Another difficult person to get autographs from is what once was the ultimate display of admiration has Harrison Ford. It is said that even people working on now grown into a multi-million-dollar enterprise, and a movie with him cannot get his autograph. B During his presidency, President Clinton F The Hollywood trade magazines tell him was chased for miles by a year-old boy which stars are cast in movies and TV from New York to get his autograph on a shows, as well as providing him with a list photo of the White House. C As celebrity has become one of the G Collectors feel that getting an autograph has dominant aspects of American culture, the become a dangerous game where some of the public's passion for owning anything most successful autograph hunters literally connected to celebrities has exploded.

D Joe Kraus, owner of Celebrity Galleries in H Kraus said one of the hardest autographs to Stockton, California, says "the artist has obtain is Elizabeth Taylor's, because most of made money off the public, so the public, in 'her' signatures are actually done by some ways, is making money off the artist.

Look for links at the beginning and end of the missing sentences as well as before and after the gaps. For questions , choose from the people A-D. It may be helpful to go through each section of the text in tum and match the questions which refer to it. Which person pursues his hobby as a change from his everyday life? ElO mentions the ability to spot whether an object is genuine or not?

Like many other people Mike Irwin I used to work as an office manager, but when I realised that I was actually making more money from my hobby, I handed in my notice and became a full-time antique collector and who earn their living as divers, I also do it for dealer. Most collectors have a speciality, and pleasure. In my free time I look for sunken mine is Art Deco objects, jewellery and treasure. There are still many ships lying at the furniture. This is a style that was very popular in bottom of the sea with cargoes of gold and silver the s and 30s, and which is still popular with just waiting to be discovered.

But it is a very many collectors today. My favourite hunting time-consuming hobby, with a very high failure grounds are flea markets, car boot sales and rate. It requires a lot of research into the history jumble sales, because I can often find items at of shipwrecks, and even with the latest amazingly cheap prices and sell them on for a technology it can be difficult to locate them.