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He signaled the helmsman to alter course a bit and pointed in the direction he wanted to go. As if on cue, the image above the flames shifted, too, and followed his hand. The image panned to a shore where, on either hand, thousands of campfires stretched away into the darkness, and as they drew closer, dark shapes along the shelving beach resolved themselves into ships. Yes, there! See that stream?

And that lone stand of trees inland? Trees where we hid boat. The image showed the boat sailing along parallel to the shore now, and Colinus busily counting the ships, his face hard with alarm and concentration. Suddenly, a shower of arrows fell about them, some thudding into the deck, some splashing along side, and one narrowly missing Colinus himself.

105 deaths

As he fell, Colinus ran back to grab the tiller-the bar shoulder high on him which the wounded man had guided with his hip. Back on shore, a group of armed men swarmed down the beach and in moments, two ships were launched in pursuit, their oars digging the black waters into phosphorescence under the brilliant moon. Large square sails dropped from their yards and the two galleys surged ahead, froth bubbling at their bows.

Colinus watched them as he steered and ordered minor adjustments to the set of his own sail. Another flight of arrows was launched from the first ship, but it fell well short, and as Colinus left the loom of the land, the sea breeze freshened. His strange craft heeled, lifted its windward pontoon, and began to fairly fly across the waters. Quickly, the pursuing craft lost ground and soon, the second of the two turned back. But the first kept on, hoping some mischance would yet bring them up with their prey.

The view pivoted to show the onrushing catamaran. Vahla screamed. At the last instant, Colinus looked up as if he had heard her voice and their eyes locked across imaginary space.

Marcus Valerius Probus

Then the pontoon hit and he was catapulted into the sea. The cloud screen went blank. Where an instant before was life and tragedy, now there was only roiling smoke. Vahla looked about wildly, the familiar surroundings registering as if she herself had just been dropped into the room. Then she saw Volkmir. He had collapsed, and lay sprawled in the chair like a carelessly flung doll. His eyes were rolled back but he still had breath, a feeble wind that rattled in his throat.

Come back! Are you all right?

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He inhaled sharply, then groaned. His eyes focused on her. Volkmir shook his head. His breathing was a bit steadier now. He lay back in the crook of her arm and closed his eyes as if to sleep. But she would have none of that and gave him a little shake. Volkmir chuckled, a raspy, hollow sound like the scraping of dry leaves. Like most of my magic. Anyone can make the smoke. I do no more than observe. I can advise you no better than your own heart.

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Probably less well. All I know is that you are called, and that you must go. The moon was full in that image. That means you have just over a week.

Chad will guide you. Vahla looked back.

Marcus Aurelius (disambiguation)

The surface had cleared again, showing a clear darkness now, and a tiny, distant light. As she watched, a figure entered from near at hand and walked slowly towards the light. It was Volkmir. Baker - Vellum by Hal Duncan - - pages. Vengeance by Ian Irvine - Venom in Her Veins by Tim Pratt - Venus and the Sea People by Henry Hallan - - pages. Venus Preserved by Tanith Lee - - pages.

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