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New Brunswick, N. Illustrations, notes, bibliography, and index. Davis, Furman University. David L. Eric T. Durham and London: Duke University Press, Maps, tables, illustrations, notes, bibliography, and index. Vann, California State University, Sacramento. J ulian H. Franklin, Ed. Hampshire, U. Andrews Studies in Reformation History. Aldershot, U. Maps, bibliography, and index. David Bradby and Andrew Calder, Eds. Tables, figures, illustrations, notes, bibliography, and index.

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Bibliography in: The Dispersion

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L'exploration Du Sahara

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Author: Gabriella Gelardini. Eine zentrale Rolle misst sie der sogenannten Passion Jesu zu. This book thus acknowledges the great importance of the military and warfare for establishing and maintaining power in antiquity. Terms and Conditions Privacy Statement.

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Powered by: PubFactory. Sign in to annotate. Delete Cancel Save. Cancel Save. His writings contain an evolutionary theory for animal and plant life, and most importantly his volume "Epoques de la Nature" contains the description of the origins of the earth and other planets from comet impact with the sun and solidification from a molten state.

Buffon points out the long chronological history of the earth that is recorded in the rocks. Volumes in the set cover the histories of the earth, man, animals, plants, and minerals. Many of the volumes pertain to the quadrapeds. The volumes offered above are the first edition of those which pertain to the theory of the earth.

Bibliographical references: DSB: 2 , p. Histoire naturelle generale et particuliere, servant de suite a la theorie de la Terre et d'introduction a l'histoire des mineraux.

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Paris, Lausanne, Containing 3 Frontespices 3 engraved folded maps and fullpage engravings. The text is complete. Buffons work contains most of the knowledge in natural science of its time. Buffon proofs for the first time that the age of our planet must be much older than the years stipulated in the bible. Histoire naturelle, generale et particuliere, par m. Histoire generale des animaux. Histoire naturelle de l'homme. Discours sur la nature des animaux. Lettres de mm.

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Epoques de la nature. One engraved portrait of Buffon, 2 folding tables, 86 engraved plates. Nicht bei Nissen. Offenbar seltenere Ausgabe des oft aufgelegten zoologischen Standardwerks. Die Kupfer mit den bekannten Tierdarstellungen u. There is no list of plates or any other indication that they should be present, but Nissen calls for 8 plates and a map in this portion. In fact there should be 8 folding maps in total, and they apply to the magnet volume only; later editions do have plates of minerals. Rare, octavo edition of Buffon's writings. The two volumes contain the following chapters a.

Le Comte De Buffon. He realized both the necessity of transformism and its difficulties. Although his cosmogony was inadequate and his theory of animal reproduction was weak, and although he did not understand the problem of classification, he did establish the intellectual framework within which most naturalists up to Darwin worked" DSB.

This encyclopedia work provided comprehensive coverage of all aspects of natural history, including the realm of minerals.

In the first edition, mineralogy was covered in five original volumes together with three supplemental tomes. The minerals are arranged according to a scheme that assigns them to three classes of rock. The first volume begins with the classification scheme and includes quartz, jasper, mica, talc, fluorite, tourmaline, granite, schist, alabaster, marble, and others.

Volume three contains descriptions various metals and their minerals including lead, copper, silver, mercury, antimony, bismuth, zinc, platinum, cobalt, etc. The fifth volume describes magnets and magnetism especially as it applies to the earth's magnetic field. Accompanying this volume are a large number of tables listing various voyages, dates, longitude and latitudes. Bibliographical references: NUC. German, [Abridged translation]. Naturgeschichte der Mineralien Buffon. Italian, Storia naturale generale e particolare per servire di segutio alla teoria de minerali del Sig. Conte de Buffon.

Milano, English, [English transl.


Natural History, general and particular, by the count de Buffon, translated into english London, English, Buffon's Natural History, Abridged. Including the history of the elements, the earth, mountains, rivers, seas, winds, whirlwinds, waterspouts, volcanoes, earthquakes, man, quadrupeds, birds, fishes, shell-fish, lizards, serpents, insects, and vegetables. London, Published for C. Kearsley, Illustrated with copper engravings, of which a few are folding plates: numbered plates, engraved title-pages in each volume, and a frontispiece in volume 1. English, [Another English edition].

London, H.

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Symmonds, Each volume is signed by Thomas Peacock, who bought the books new and had them bound for his private collection. Containing a theory of the earth, a general history of man, of the brute creation, and of minerals, vegetables, etc. Together with; natural history of birds, fishes, insects and reptiles 6 volumes. The set is the complete Barrs edition. Symmonds, respectively. This set contains a total of full page hand coloured plates. French, [First separate edition]. Page size: x 93 mm. Very rare. One of the great milestones in the history of earth science, in which Buffon suggest for the first time the great age of the earth.

Beginning with the formation of the Earth, it covered seven epochs in analogy to the seven days of Creation. He proposed that the Earth was hot at its creation and, from the rate of cooling, calculated its age to be more than , years. Bibliographical references: Dibner, Heralds of Science , German, [German transl. Epochen der Natur. Petersburg und Leipzig, German, Redige Par C. Tome Premier.

Together 18 vol.