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Seeing the video playing, Michael gave a keening scream, then scanned the room for the guilty party. His gaze settled on Allan. Grabbing a wooden chair, he hoisted it overhead as though to do violence but paused for several seconds, giving Miguel a chance to yank it away.

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Shrieking, Michael ran to the bathroom and began slamming the toilet seat down repeatedly. Dragged out and ordered to bed, he sobbed pitifully. Why are you doing this to me? I have a greater bond with you than I do with Mommy!

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Kicking and hitting, slamming the toilet seat. I will hurt him. An hour later, after the boys were finally asleep, Miguel and I sat down at the kitchen table. Growing up, he said, he had also been a difficult child — albeit not so problematic as Michael. I was always in trouble. My grades were horrible.

Viene el loco! You learn to control yourself from the outside in. Recalling the chipper hug that Michael gave her earlier that evening, she shook her head. One morning, I met up with Waschbusch at the site of his summer treatment program, a small elementary school tucked into the northwest corner of the Florida campus. Before becoming interested in psychopathy, Waschbusch specialized in attention-deficit- hyperactivity disorder, and for the past eight summers has helped run a summer-camp-style treatment program for kids with severe A.

Last year was the first time he included a separate program for callous-unemotional, or C. Michael was one of his earliest referrals. Adult psychopaths are known to respond to reward far more than punishment; Waschbusch hoped to test whether this was true in children as well. But the process had been challenging.

Where the A. The study had a ratio of one counselor for every two children. But the kids, Waschbusch said, quickly figured out that it was possible to subvert order with episodes of mass misbehavior. One child came up with code words to be yelled out at key moments: the signal for all the kids to run away simultaneously. They just use them to their advantage.

Exclusive: Adam Shoalts on his epic Trans-Canadian Arctic Expedition

Initially, the game appeared almost normal. Standing in a circle, kids tried to pass the ball to one another, over the head of the kid in the middle, while the counselors gave constant feedback — praising focus and sportsmanship and taking careful note of any misbehavior. When the ball flew wide on a pass, a burly boy with short-cropped hair gave his receiver a smoldering look.

The same is true for grudges. He would be angry at that kid for days. I had observed the same intense, focused anger in Michael. Michael looked at him with hatred, then calmly turned back to the computer. Thirty seconds passed. Suddenly, Michael pivoted, grabbed the strap with vicious force and hurled the launcher across the room. View all New York Times newsletters. At the summer program, though, Michael seemed less violent than morose. Outfitted in red shorts and a blue baseball cap, he played well in keep-away, but appeared bored in the group evaluation circle that came afterward.

While a counselor tallied points, Michael lay on the ground, flicking a thread he had pulled out of his shirt. The summer program was now in its seventh week, and most of the children had yet to show signs of improvement. Some, including Michael, were actually worse; one had begun biting the counselors. Her name has been abbreviated to her first initial to protect her privacy. Charming but volatile, L.

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That strategy seemed particularly effective with Michael, who would often go to detention screaming her name. According to Waschbusch, calculated behavior like L. Researchers have linked coldblooded behaviors to low levels of cortisol and below-normal function in the amygdala, the portion of the brain that processes fear and other aversive social emotions, like shame. The desire to avoid those unpleasant feelings, Waschbusch notes, is part of what motivates young children to behave.

Waschbusch cited one study that compared the criminal records of year-olds with their sensitivity to unpleasant stimuli at age 3. In that study, the 3-year-olds were played a simple tone, then exposed to a brief blast of unpleasant white noise. To test the idea that C. With just a dozen children in the program, Waschbusch admitted, the observations were more like a series of case studies than like a trial with robust statistics.

Still, he hoped that the data would provide a starting point for researchers trying to treat C. Even now, he noted, the idea that C. The viewing took place in a room jammed with extra chairs and a small TV on rollers. Waschbusch stared intently at the screen. As the camera panned across the classroom, Michael shoved at his desk uncomfortably, then tipped back in his chair, fidgeting. Next to him, a tiny boy with glasses dropped his pencil on the floor repeatedly, earning a reprimand, then pretended to chew on his own arm.

After lunch, the situation deteriorated. During class, L. Watching L. This is less and less true of Africa, of the Amazon, of Siberia, of Southeast Asia — the only exception of this magnitude, perhaps, is Antarctica. As Canadians, we have a special weight on our shoulders to protect this, both for us and for the whole world.

I hope it makes Canadians consider what the North will look like in a century and a half. Crossing more than 4, kilometres of Arctic wilderness has left me convinced, more than ever, that the Canadian wilderness is precious. That is an astonishing thing. View the discussion thread. The RCGS is a registered charity. Click here to learn more. Donate and Support Geography in Canada.

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The Royal Canadian Geographical Society family of sites:. The Royal Canadian Geographical Society. Canadian Geographic Photo Club. Canadian Geographic Education. Canadian Geographic student geography challenge. Help designate an official bird for Canada. Help improve energy literacy in Canada. All about Energy. Grade 8 students exploring Parks Canada sites. Compare countries' statistics and explore our changing world. Innovative projects in the developing world. Commemorating Canada's Great War flyers. The revolution of mapping in the First World War.

Canadian pilots heroically earn their wings. Connecting the past and present. A wealth of lifetime experiences in polar travel await you. By Nick Walker. September 13, Shoalts drags his canoe against the current on the Hare Indian River, N. Share this page.

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    So this book gives wonderful insights about ET life in different universes. They share their experiences on earth apart from their home planet. We are so fortunate to get exposed to millions of animal species on this earth who are extraterrestrials itself. Actually people are passionate about meeting and knowing different things about ET but we ignore sometimes that these wonderful ET animal species is in our neighborhood only and they can tell us a lot if we are able to communicate with them.

    It is sad to know that these beautiful varieties of plants and animals who support human race so much is extinguishing fast from the planet day by day. Search this site:.