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If you were smart, you put in a loft heat rises. Up there you will find two beds. One bed is for mom and dad and the baby, and the other bed is for everyone else. The bed will have ropes tied about every foot going across, and three or four ropes going from head to food. The featherbed if there is one goes on top to keep you warm.

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You might be smart enough to make a house that has good chinking between the logs. Yes—I know folks who do it. If you happen to live where there is plentiful wood, you get to chop down trees.

As in, with an ax. There are saws, but most of them take two people.

Bringing an Old Farm Back to Life

Then you hitch up your horses to haul it out of the woods, chop it into smaller pieces, stack it and haul it into the house whenever you need heat. Cooking, keeping warm, keeping the wool warm so it will spin, etc. Ten cords of wood should last you a winter. With a chainsaw it takes me two weeks solid to cut 10 cords.

And the only food you have is what you grow or kill. By the way, you will probably only have two or three metal pans, a Dutch oven or something that can be covered with coals , a frying pan and a boiling pan. For 17 people, remember. In simple homesteading, lots of cooking is done in crockery or wrapped in leaves and stuck in the coals.

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Expect to eat a lot of soup, especially for breakfast. One of the reasons to make cheese is to use up all the milk you ended up with by milking by hand — after you weaned the calves. Have we talked about shoes yet?

The Finest In Country Boarding!

Before that, you went barefoot most of the year. If you lived in the city and were a lady, you had satin slippers to go dancing in. Yes, satin material. No insole. No sole.

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Just a piece of satin material sewn into a slipper shape. By the way, did I discuss disease yet? You know all those vaccines that are pushed on you as a child? All those were diseases that killed or crippled. Polio, measles, mumps, chicken pox, small pox, influenza, diphtheria, tetanus, typhoid, whooping cough, trench mouth, milk fever, goiters, warts, and worms. If you survived childhood, you had a good chance of living to be 60 or even But by that time you were so worn out by all the work, you were ready.

By the time you were 40 your skin was very wrinkled, you had lost most of your teeth, and every joint hurt—all the time. Your email address will not be published. A Glimpse at Simple Homesteading Life in the s. Categories : Homesteading Tags : s and animal-husbandry animals canning cheese chicken cold comfort countryside cows cut dogs dried everyday-life-in-thes for fresh goats growing head healing healing-herbs healing-herbs-list herbs homesteading homesteading-today horses how how-to how-to-knit last life-in-thes list long make mean most oven pig pigs pots sheep simple-homesteading spinning-and-weaving stove straw that the thes to turkey uses what wood wool.

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Pig Guide Flip Book. Countryside Machinery on the Homestead e-edition Flip Book.

My ol' man was a dust person until he got the shove Now the iron heel he talked about is backed by the iron glove Brothers bought new glasses, shaped like leon trotsky's They look very nice on the mantlepiece, next to the royal family I'm laying back with the radio on, in time to hear the archer's An everyday tale of country folk mixed up in prostitution. Like all good stories with a happy end, which I'll now give to you Our cousins wish was granted and so his dream came true His gas shares doubled, while his telecoms soared Til he had enough money, to chair his own board And thank you margaret thatcher, may you never come to harm He now serves cocktails and lettuce at a top peoples health club farm.

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