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Beautiful - and a good idea. Alexander Arli. To the left Ditte Lill, to the right Bettina Arli. Martin Arli then entered the ring with his father's old debut act: tearing figures out of newspapers initiated with saxophone playing. During the act Martin talked the hint leg off a donkey. I have been told Soren did the same thing. The very entertaining act must, as Rud Kofoed wrote in his review, give paper-based newspapers a new reason to survive! How could you do such an act with an e-newspaper? Martin Arli with one of the figures. Martin was followed by Italian Duo Ferrandino with a roller skate act.

The last number before the break was David Maillard with an act on unicycle, where he rode up and down a stairway, skipped and juggled. On the chairs behind me sat two connoisseurs of such kind of acts: the retired bike acrobats Anna and Leif Conradi. I can only agree.

The first act after the interval was Martin who dressed as a plump ballet dancer presented two fat geese running hurdle race and a goat. It was hilarious funny. He was followed by Danish Helene in a great act in tissue. Ditte Lill was elegant and smiling and did it well and did not lose courage, even although the pigeons not always would do exactly what they should.

Ditte Lill and one of her pigeons. What is circus without clowns? This year Alexander decided to be a white faced clown, just like his grandfather. I was curious: could he do it — was the 25 year old kid old enough to be a white faced clown? The performance's last number was an act in aerial cradle, presented high under the big top by Ferrandino's.

Circus Arli closed the season 26th August in Vindinge. The first act was Natacha Kostareva with a fine sword balancing act. The climax was sword balance as she climbed up and down a ladder. Her costume was a gypsy costume. Natacha Kostareva. Then Miss Kathy Katalin Farkas came into ring, dressed as cat and put in a cage, which turned out to be a cube, which she juggled with, followed by juggling with bolas. One of the two acrobats was a stout man, the other tiny. Next, Natacha Kostareva was back in the ring with a new elegant sword balancing act, this time performed in trapeze.

The first act after the interval was a reunion with the hard-working Natacha, which this time proved that she could juggle with balls and clubs. Again, she was dressed in a gypsy costume that fitted well to the number. Comedy magic acts can be rather boring but this was certainly not the case for the act which Irene and Jan Allan presented for their audience. It was both good and funny and ended with the classic gag where Irene's head could be found underneath one of three buckets see photo. Two Thierrys.

However not in his capacity as boss canvas man but with a nice dog act where he as the golfer Mr. Golfy was disturbed by two terrier dogs. There are many traditions in Circus Krone. One of them is that there has to be an act with Alando and a large or dangerous animal. Children and adults loved the poetic number, where the somewhat naive Alando tried to get the elephant to do tricks. Duo Soprano. Click here to see more photos from the premiere performance. The season ended 22nd September in Aale. Years back you could see artists in many Danish amusement parks.

But that is unfortunately history. Konstantin Mouraviev. Hassan was followed by the talented German mimic Mr. Niels Niels Weberling. Click here to see more photos from clown show. It is owned by a popular Danish actor and comedian Soren Ostergaard and is a combination of a comedy show spoken language Danish and artist performance.

Most Danes loves Soren Ostergaard but foreigners will hardly be able to understand him or his typically Danish jokes. However, there were also some real circus artists:. In , there was no circus performance in No Name, and it is doubtful whether the small resident circus ever will start again. In addition to the aforementioned Danish circuses two foreign circuses toured Denmark: Italian owned Circus Royal and the small German family circus Astoria.

Circus Royal called them the funniest circus in Denmark. They had neat and well maintained equipment and a tent with seating for spectators. The show was nice but not on par with what the Danes is used to from the Danish circuses. The promise to be the funniest circus in Denmark was hampered by the fact that none of the performance's reprise clowns Larry Rossante and Mr. Bananas could speak anything but Italian! Undeniably a problem for a circus, who wants the children to experience it as Denmark's funniest!

Furthermore, the clowns were not very funny. The show started with a number of Dalmatian dogs which came into the ring in a wagon pulled by two ponies. The family Busnelli. Later in the season the largest Danish society for the prevention of cruelty to animals notified the police about neglect of the Busnelli dogs and Busnelli got a fixed penalty notice.

The dogs' conditions might not have been quite as glaring as press coverage of the episode might suggest. But of cause a circus has to treat their animals in a proper way. He is a middle-aged Italian who some years ago became no 10 at the American Got Talent competition. The number ended after he had taken off the Pavarotti stomach and wig with Rudi Macaggi balancing on the head on ball.

Later in the show he did the well-known gag where he stopped a balloon down through his throat. Miss Sandy showed an act hanging in fishing net, which was used as a tissue. Duo Amsejf showed a standard quick change act but with fewer costume changes than in best quick change acts. Colourful but far from the level of e. Fochesato who Danes saw in Circus Benneweis a few years ago. David had an act in Washington trapeze. Nice, but not sensational. David were probably members of the Rossante family. The last number in the performance was the rubber man Araz. It is a matter of opinion whether you like this kind of acts.

Technically, it was a good act; from an artistic point of view the best in the performance. Until the beginning of June the magician Kasper Alberto was ringmaster. Then Kasper decided to stop his cooperation with Circus Royal and the task was taken over by Lucy Berdino. The plan was that the tour should continue until mid-August.

But very low attendance - often less than 50 people in the tent - and bad press after the episode with neglect of dogs meant, however, that Larry Rossante chose to stop the tour on 24 June. An experience richer and probably a nice sum of money poorer. Many performances were given at Jutland campsites, where there always a many German tourists. Quality performance was not on par with what one could see in the Danish circuses. Circus Arena produced a performance for the Kolding Shopping Mall and Circus Krone was sponsored by Dronninglund savings bank on a tour to several cities in Northern part of Jutland.

She was 85 years old. The couple were married in , when Frederick Schmidt was 50 years old and Dina was Schmidt Circus Schmidt Bros. Circus Brdr. Also the couple's 4 children Randi, Freddi, Jacki and Heidi became artists. Dina had lived in Villa Lindely ever since she was married to Frederick Schmidt. Artists and rider Alex Pietka died on 1 September at the age of 76 years. Previously he had worked in Italy at Circo Hellas-Medrano and had some experience of riding. Therefore he joined the Golgojew-troupe.

After having stopped as artists Mina and Alex settled in Copenhagen, where he worked as a forklift driver until he retired. The artist and musician Richard Thierry died in late October after a period of illness. Even as a child Richard performed on rola bola, went through rings and played the trumpet.

Later he appeared together with his elder sister Irene in trapeze and swaying mast. Richard has also worked as balancing artist and musician. When Irene Thierry in restarted Danish Circus Krone Richard was an indispensable support, and for several seasons he was the Circus Krone's music director and drummer.

She was 94 years old. As a circus child Wilhemine got a versatile artist training. She did a great act in vertical sail, assisted by Solveig Enoch's sister Grethe. She also worked in trapeze and has presented elephants. For several seasons, she worked for German Circus Busch-Roland. She also worked for other circuses, including circuses in Italy. The circus year in review is an annual review published on this website by the end of each year. You can find link to the previous year's reviews at the bottom of the circus news page. The list of museums of Circus, Artists and Showmen has been updated.

Click here to see the updated list which also includes links to at lot of fascinating websites. GONTELLIS move from square to square within Paris and this is an important detail as it allows parents and children to come to the circus on foot, the main part of the public comes from surrounding buildings. The only competition may come from the puppet theatres - about 10 play in Paris, there are some travelling theatres run by families, having done so for generations.

The Water Sketch. Youngest daughter MARY is incredibly sure when she spins her hula-hoop rings, she is only 5 years old! This year there is a goat that does what a goat can do: balancing and climbing a ladder, there are two small goats and the kids are allowed to pat them - surely a highlight for any child - there are not too many goats in the streets of Paris! The programs change: sometimes there are a cat and some mice, not together though During intermission the kiosk sells candy floss, pop corn, lighting rods, red noses that light up as well , balloons and hula hoop rings - this is an important part of the benefit, as it also is for the big circuses.

The English circus fan and reporter to the King Pole magazine John Cooper writes: Having just seen the report on Cirque Christiane Bouglione in Paris, the continuity comedy is provided by Gregory Bellini, who has worked as second auguste to Toto Chabri, in which capacity he was with Dannebrog at the start of The juggler who pays tribute to Michael Jackson is Ricky Rech, whose family runs Cirque Kinos in France, and who have provided the tent for Christaine.

The hula hoop girl is Nancy Brandt, who is cousin to Ricky Rech. Danish circuses in None of the Danish circus has yet published their program. Usually Circus Arena released their program in October. But not this year. From Circus Benneweis marketing manager Louise Mandrup tells that all artist contracts were signed several months ago and that the names of the performers will be published in the beginning of February. The tours list will be published 1 March, and from that date there is open for ticket sales via the Internet. Circus Baldoni is the only Danish circus which has published the date for their opening night: 21 March in Lyngby Copenhagen suburb.

Danish Circus Krone will not begin the season until mid April, while all other circuses will begin their season sometimes in March. In Denmark we have 7 travelling circuses: 3 large circuses: Arena, Benneweis and Dannebrog. One medium sized circus, Circus Baldoni, and 3 dog and pony-shows what Americans calls high grass circuses Circus Arli, Circus Krone not to be mistaken for the mighty German Circus Krone!

Circus in television is certainly not nearly as good as "the real thing". But especially in the winter season better than nothing. It will also be send on 3 January at One of the Diorius-troupes was with their death globe that opens up among the attractions in this year's Maximum-performance which you can see a summary from in STV1 New Year's Eve at Click here to see a 2 minute clip from this year's show "Jubilee" in Circus Maximum.

Jubilee because it was season No. Thus in , Circus Maximum can celebrate its 30th anniversary with season number 31 First season is always in "year 0" and therefore the number of season always one higher than age. Circus Scott in A brand new performance with a touch of magic. Children and adults can go on a journey where together they have to find Merlin's lost wand A fantastic journey filled with exotic animals, amazing gymnasts, hilarious comedians, high-flying acrobats, speedy jugglers, beautiful singing and great music.

Obviously the Cicus Park will be kept. The concept is further developed and now gives the children the chance to learn new tricks from the most talented teachers. Do not miss the chance to be part of this year's family adventure! The ring and gradin part of the giant tent which Circus Scott called Europe's largest circus tent. Edi Laforte. Photo from Danish Cirkus Arli A very skillfull tempo-juggler, juggling the usual objects, but original as he imitated Michael Jackson on stage.

The speedy diabolo-juggler Georgio Hromadko. Photo from Danish Circus Arena A HULA-HOOP act, performed by a beautiful girl, an outstanding performance, including a special stunt: a vertical rope was lowered from the cupola, she grasped the rope and continued spinning a hoop while being hoisted up in mid-air - very original! A sympathetic sealions act from Portugal. A seven-piece circus band accompanied the show and six different ballets were featured by 5 female, 5 male dancers, alternating between the circus acts:.

A young and elegant girl juggled five footballs in an outstanding way - amazing and beautiful! An outstanding diabolo spinner-juggler brought the house down, the strongest applause of the evening! An elgant girl on the vertical rope, she managed to get an excellent contact with the audience - not an easy task when high up in mid-air!

Amazing what those cats can do - seeming to like it, too!! They feature incredible positions. Two of the three Balder clowns. By courtesy of Die Balders. So, this info is given with reserve for spelling of names and the reliability of my sources. See more: www. Length of show: 45 minutes. Metro: Saint Georges. Since Circus Arena has called itself "the largest circus in the Nordic countries".

Rightly, since no other Nordic circus has a tent which can accommodate as many spectators as the Arena tent.

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Their current tent has room for about 1, people, where the tents of the other big circuses in the Nordic countries "only" can accommodate some 1, spectators. The tent, which the Swedish Circus Scott used for their tour this summer and at their Christmas circus in Stockholm can however accommodate 2, spectators, i. Thus, Circus Scott has the largest circus tent in any Nordic country. Circus Scott's tent, being the largest circus tent in a Nordic country.

In addition to room for 2, spectators the tent contains a circus park. Drawing of the tent and circus park, reproduced from Circus Scott printed summer program. Circus Scott claims that their tent is Europe's largest circus tent. It is possible that the statement is true if you only look at the number of square meters and includes the circus park part of the tent. Spectator-wise they lack however much compared to the German Circus Krone, whose giant tent of 48 x 64 meters and with floor space of 3, square meters can accommodate 4, spectators.

Given the total extent of their business Circus Arena will probably still regard themselves as the largest circus in the Nordic countries. Before Circus Arena grew to become the largest it was for many years Circus Benneweis which could call themselves the largest circus in the Nordic countries.

Norway : Circus Arnardo and Circus Merano. Finland : Circus Finlandia. Sweden : Circus Maximum and Circus Scott. All of them present every year high quality performances with international top artists. Big cat acts are forbidden in all Nordic countries. As for Finland the same goes for elephant acts. Circus Scott's Christmas Circus Soren Kastoft Nielsen has been in Stockholm and seen the show. Soren writes my translation :. Swedish Circus Scott has always been among my favourite circuses.

When the opportunity to see the first edition of Circus Scott's Christmas Circus and also visit the beautiful City Stockholm came up I was ready to go. Actually, it was not the first Christmas circus produced by Circus Scott as they also had Christmas Circus in Stockholm in the mids. Circus Scott uses the white sqm. The tent is of impressively size and is divided into a "Circus Park" and a "Circus Tent" in which there is a circus ring, 3 rows of ring side chairs and plastic bucket seats at the gradin.

In total there is room for 2, persons in the tent. Outside the tent was decorated with Christmas fir, and 4 live reindeer stood in front of the tent as an effective eye-catcher. Before the show, it is possible for children to buy various circus-related activities, such as pony rides.

There was also a pool with 3 penguins. It is also in the "Circus Park" section of the tent you find concession area including kiosks and toilets. The show began with all the artists and general manager Robert Bronett entering the ring. Robert Bronett is also the very sympathetic ringmaster of the show.

During the break, you could see the "stardom" Bronett has got as many children wanted to be photographed together with the circus manager. Following the opening with all artists in the ring came an act with Russian swing, which was located on the gradin so that artists were thrown from the gradin and into the ring. It was a very effective way to start the performance. The latter act was a powerful and dramatic number done to the music and the songs from the musical "The Phantom of the Opera".

It was in any case a great introduction to the second part of the performance. You became simple in a good mood by seeing this fast-paced number. As always Delbosq know how to sell the act even although the animals apparently not yet had become accustomed to the new environment. The clowns were they from Circus Ringling and other circuses well-known Caveanga clowns. I was told that they will tour with another Swedish circus in The performance's absolute weakest number is crossbow shooter Van Gool.

It looks like his crossbow act not yet is in its final form. In the Christmas show it is the troupe "Camelot" that presents break dance. There is also a great ballet, framing several acts in the performance. The show has three top acts: The juggling troupe Drogaleva known from German Circus Krone's current program. A troupe with 3 male jugglers and a female present a fast-paced number, which included changing places while the clubs are kept in the air. The duo "Manducas" was originally "invented" by Roncalli manager Bernhard Paul.

The last number in the show is high wire act "Los Talentos". It is a very nice act, which included building a pyramid and skipping on the wire. A beautiful, beautiful act. During the last number it was almost hard to sit still for the immersive music and song. Scott has this Christmas show found 6 young Swedish musician and 2 singers one woman and one man. At times you could sense that the orchestra is not a "real" circus band as they not always was able to keep the pace.

But they could play and sing, and it's probably the most important thing. Circus Scott Christmas Circus is a nice performance. However I would have liked one or two additional animal acts. The best news is the last page of the printed program, which reads: "Thanks for visiting. Circus Scott was established in but did not tour from to This was in an.

The accident happened when Van Gool dressed as James Bond shot at a target covered with thin rice paper. Behind the paper you could see the silhouette of a dancing woman. The light behind the target was put out for a few seconds while Van Gool made his shot. But something with the timing went wrong, and the arrow hit the woman in the stomach. The woman, Lelde Feldmane, was carried away with the arrow in the stomach and taken to a hospital. Circus manager Robert Bronett told the newspapers that she fortunately not was seriously injured.

She was back in the circus again on 10 December. Van Gool speaks English in the interview. Late in the year, you can always Paris see a number of excellent circus performances. There are hardly any other cities in the world which offers a similar feast of beautiful circuses. On 20th November my Paris correspondent wrote a review of the performance in Cirque d'Hiver Bouglione. Below you can read his reviews of two more outstanding performances.

Next week you can write his review of another two circuses. They return performing acrobatics on springboard, with saltos up to five men high - amazing! Los Diablitos Cubanos. All photos by courtesy of Cirque Pinder Jean Richard. The sympathy and confidence between him and the animals are spectacular.

The Cubans again, now with flying trapeze, including a three-fold salto in midair - excellent, sure and aesthetic. Frederic Edelstein and his big cats. Not mentioned by name in the program: seven young Ethiopian girls performed outstanding contortion, and pyramids - amazing and elegant. The Cardinalis. An excellent program, well worth seeing! However, a live band when do we get it? Venue: Pelouse de Reuilly, Paris. Metro: Porte Doree. Paris loves circus and there is plenty of space to welcome the various shows - on the Pelouse de Reuilly which is a large park, the red-and-white BIG TOP looks great.

She will be with Swedish Circus Maximum in Well-known from circuses in the Nordic countries: Rosi Hochegger with her horse Scout. All photos by courtesy of Cirque Arlette Gruss. After intermission we saw:. They will be with Swedish Circus Maximum in Duo Vanegas, who in season will tour with Circus Maximum in Sweden. Cheveux and not chevaux. I've never been good at French! Zarro Zarro has told me that Cubans present "suspension aux cheveux".

Cheveux does not mean horse, but hair. Thus, the Cuban act has nothing to do with horses. They present a hair hang act as we in Denmark have seen Bettina Arli do. The large Swedish Circus Maximum is the first Nordic circus to publish its program. The performers in season will be. The Swedes have met her in Circus Brazil Jack in and It will be their first season in Sweden.

The Danes know them from Circus Benneweis and The Bobylevs are some of the very best run in clowns. Photo from Circus Benneweis Glenn Nicolodi is well-known in Denmark, where he performed in Benneweis in and in Zirkus Nemo in and Ingo Stiebner was last time with Circus Maximum in In Denmark, he has for several seasons worked for Circus Arena. In he toured Denmark with Zirkus Nemo. He had his Danish debut in Circus Benneweis in , and he was also with Benneweis in It will be his first season in Sweden.

They come from Columbia and have not previously worked in Sweden. The Bicycle Mosquito Egon is a popular Danish picture book based on which a theatre play has been made. Jimmy has created a brand new website: www. The bicycle mosquito Egon aka Jimmy Enoch. MMCC International is an umbrella organisation that gives hope and joy through circus arts. Moreover, circus simply brings happiness and laughter in an. Since its establishment, more than 2. Germany and Italy. For more information about the MMCC organisation and partners, visit. There are a lot of good work going around in several refugee camps and plans about creating an education in circus, media and theatre skills - and to expand to more countries," Tommy H.

Monte Carlo the The list of performers at the upcoming festival is now published. However there might be changes. A troupe from the North Korean national Circus Pyongyang appears in flying trapeze and should master a quadruple somersault. Two other artists from the North Korean circus present a pas de deux in trapeze. The number includes sword balance in a swinging trapeze. The North Koreans undoubtedly hopes to come home with another gold clown to their collection. They got a Golden Clown in , , , , , , and Jean-Francois Pignon presents horses, both as a rider and as liberty horses.

Also he is a good bet for a winner of a clown of gold or silver. Pat Clarrison presents his four lively Hot Dogs. Pat almost grew up in Denmark, where his parents Clare and Peter Harrison presented sea lions at Benneweis for several seasons: They were in the Circus Building in this year was Peter clown , in the tent in and , in the Circus Building in , and in tent , and , when the sea lion act was taken over by Pat's half brother Ingo Stiebner.

Pat took later over his father's dog act, which he has developed further and now will present in Monte Carlo. Sometimes he appears under the name Pat Harrison.

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His given name is Patrick Harrison and he is born the In Monte Carlo he is presented as Pat Clarrison. Pat Clarrison and his hot dogs. Photo from Circus Brazil Jack Kid Bauer presents his lions and tigers. Truppe acrobatique national de Chine works with diabolo and jump through hoops. Trio Equivoquee is comedy jugglers, and Giang Brothers from Vietnam present hand-to-hand and head-to-head balance.

Also Duo Shcherbak Popov does hand-to-hand acrobatics. Duo Clubhouse shows a comical magic entrance. Trouppe jongleurs the Kazan is as the name indicates jugglers. Family Navas performs in a wheel of death and has performed in the Cirque du Soleil show Zarkana. Anait does also an acrobat act. Hugo Noel and his troupe are catwalk acrobats - jumping from trampoline to wall. Cirque National de Cuba present "suspension aux chevaux". In is probably a form of dressage riding. The elephants come from Gran Circo Mundial. The old Benneweis-elephant Ceylon ended up in this circus.

Thus, it is possible that you will meet Ceylon in the ring in Monte Carlo. Ceylon, which Eli Benneweis bought as a baby elephant in , is now 43 years old. Grand Circo Mundial has 6 elephants, and it is probably only 4 of those which are going to Monte Carlo. The elephants will be presented by Aurori.

As a new feature the Monte Carlo Festival made a video with some of the acts. Click here to see this video. However, some animal acts might be excluded including the Casselly family's gold clown winning elephant act after pressure from the German animal rights activists. Traber's sleigh. By courtesy of the Traber family. All this makes for a pleasant atmosphere, including the beautiful illuminations, the music and the very spectacular trip that Father Christmas performs up in the air, and this from 1 DEC thru the X-mass festivities.

You will find many attractive photos. The plot: a small boy remains alone in the grand-parents' living-room - which he explores Photo by courtesy of the artist. North Jutland. Southern Denmark. Lower Normandy. Pays de la Loire. Upper Normandy. Baltic Sea. Black Forest. North Rhine-Westphalia. North Sea. Great Britain. Northern Ireland.

Central and North Greece. Greek Islands. Noord Brabant. Friese meren. Aan de kust. Great Hungarian Plain. Northern Hungary. Irian Jaya. Zuid-Oost Ierland. Noord-West Ierland en Lakelands. East coast and Midlands. Shannon region. Aosta Valley.

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    Bamsebjørn, bamsebjørn - Danske Børnesange

    TP64 Raising awareness of hypersensitivity to non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs in the pediatric age. Josefina R. TP67 Prevalence, characteristics and risk factors of hypersensitivity reactions to antibiotics in patients with cystic fibrosis. TP68 Antibiotic drug hypersensitivity in cystic fibrosis: A pilot study using cellular allergy tests for diagnostics. TP70 Hypersensitivity reaction to vancomycin: a new successful desensitization protocol. TP72 Clinical phenotypes according to FLG gene loss of function mutations in children with atopic dermatitis. Introduction: Bullous lesions are common skin lesions particularly in childhood.

    Drug reactions, burns, insect bites, mosquito bites, skin diseases, autoimmune bullous dermatoses and bacterial infections are the most common etiologies. Herein, we report two children who have solitary mastocytoma presented with variable bullous lesions. Case 1: A 3-year old boy admitted to our outpatient department suffering from red, periodically vesicular and bullous lesions on his back of neck since birth. His medical history revealed that he had four attacks characterized by flushing, perioral paleness, and hypotension.

    Laboratory investigations including CBC, liver and kidney function tests and serum electrolytes were within normal limits. Histopathologic examination of a punch biopsy specimen revealed solitary mastocytoma and the patient is under regular antihistamine treatment. Case 2: A 3-month old boy admitted with complaints of oval, erythematous and periodically changing bullous lesions in his proximal of right ankle since birth.

    His medical history revealed that the lesion became bullous and itchy when his mother rubbed it vigorously. Laboratory investigations for possible etiologic factors were within normal limits. Histopathologic examination of a punch biopsy specimen revealed solitary mastocytoma. The patient is uneventfully under regular follow up. Conclusion: Solitary mastocytomas should be considered in the differential diagnosis of periodically varying bullous reactions in children. A copy of the consent form is available for review by the Editor of this journal. Clin Exp Allergy.

    Background: Cold urticaria CU is a subtype of inducible urticaria, which can be responsible for severe reactions namely during aquatic activities and winter season. The prevalence and clinical course in pediatric age is barely known. The authors describe the clinical features and the evolution of CU in pediatric patients. Methods: Retrospective characterization of 15 pediatric patients with CU followed at our Immunoallergy Department, including clinical presentation, ice cube challenge test ICCT result, laboratory testing, allergen sensitization and outcome. Results: The mean age of onset was 8.

    Found one case secondary to cryoglobulinemia and the remaining cases were considered idiopathic. Aquatic activities swimming, sea bathing and cold air exposure were the main triggers. Some children developed reactions when touching cold objects 3 , with cold beverages 1 and intraoperative 1. Patients were successfully controlled with prophylactic antihistamines and avoidance measures; adrenaline was prescribed when indicated. Conclusions: In pediatric age, CU seems to be a persistent disorder. ICCT is a convenient tool to confirm the diagnosis, to assess the risk for severe reactions and follow-up.

    Severe reactions can be prevented with prophylactic treatment and cold exposure avoidance. Introduction: Angioedema is defined as localised and self-limiting nonpitting recurrent edema of the skin and mucous membranes caused by the release of several vasoactive mediators. Seven forms of angioedema were identified based on specific characteristics and are classified as non-hereditary and hereditary forms.

    The authors present a case of angioedema with C1 deficiency without family history of angioedema. Clinical case: Five years old girl attended in emergency unit with angioedema of the face Fig. There was improvement of the clinical picture after administration of epinephrine, corticosteroids and antihistamine. She had a history of two previous similar episodes both triggered by trauma. Family history of angioedema is unknown. Currently the child is medicated with an antihistamine without new episodes of angioedema.

    Conclusion: Angioedema without urticaria in children is an infrequent condition and requires an exhaustive diagnostic investigation. Deficit of C1-INH esterase with a decrease in C4 points to an acquired or a hereditary form of angioedema. In the absence of family history, the genetic study becomes important to define possible prophylaxis. No pollen count was really pertinent on the 15 April , date of the asthma crisis. Conclusion: According to SPT and biology, profilin is probably the primer to explain contact food urticaria to palm oil pastries, Phod2 [2] being the major allergen contained in palm oil in accordance to SPT profilin.

    According to molecular biology [1,3], the pathogenesis of accumulated panallergens [4] due to multiple pollen expositions before the 15th April might explain the severe pollinosis [5]. To my knowledge, this is the first case report of profilin contact dermatitis in childhood. Recently, panallergens have been related to severe clinical pollinosis [6] and the role of enzyme activity of particular allergenic pollens has been described [7,8]. These mechanisms are probably involved predominantly in the delayed phase reaction of allergic asthma [9,10].

    Component-resolved diagnosis of pollen allergy based on skin testing with profilin, polcalcin and lipid transfer protein pan-allergens. Pho d 2, a major allergen from date palm pollen is a profilin: cloning, sequencing and immunoglobulin E cross-reactivity with other profilins. Understanding patient sensitization profiles in complex pollens areas: a molecular epidemiological study. Allergy Asthma Clin Immunol ;— Ribeiro H, Abreu I, et al. Pollen allergenic potential nature of some trees species: a multidisciplinary approach using aerobiological, immunochemical and hospital admissions data.

    Environ Res. Patelis A, et al. Population-based study of multiplexed IgE sensitization in relation to asthma, exhaled nitric oxide, and bronchial responsiveness. J Allergy Clin Immunol ; 2 — Profilin Che a 2 and polcalcin Che a 3 are relevant allergens of Chenopodium album pollen: isolation, amino acid sequences and immunologic properties. J Allergy Clin Immunol.

    Characterization of profilin and polcalcin panallergens from ash pollen. J Investig Allergol Clin Immunol. Differential T cell responses and allergen uptake after exposure of dendritic cells to the birch pollen allergens Bet v 1. Immunobiology ; 11 —9. Previously undescribed grass pollen antigens are the major inducers of T helper 2 cytokine-producing T cells in allergic individuals.

    Challenges for allergy diagnosis in regions with complex pollen exposures in press. In: Current Allergy and Asthma Reports, vol. Allergy diagnosis in Geneva area: a complex multi-ethnic community with high pan-allergen prevalence. Clin Transl Allergy. Introduction: Poorly controlled asthma involves higher costs related to emergency department visits, hospitalizations and scholar absenteeism.

    Case report: We report a case of a 6-year-old male patient with uncontrolled asthma, receiving treatment with fluticasone and montelukast, who referred to our hospital for chronic cough and repeated asthma exacerbations. He was also diagnosed with hypogammaglobulinemia and immunoglobulin A deficiency. Giving the repeated asthma exacerbations despite the indication of correct treatment, differential diagnosis and comorbidities were taken into account.

    Thoracic CT scan showed bronchiectasis located in the middle lobe and lingula. Bronchoscopy revealed severe inflammation of traheobronhic mucosa and bronchial dyskinesia. Chest X-ray revealed increased interstitial markings and the X-ray for the sinuses was normal. Allergy testing and diamine oxidase activity were normal.

    All the tests revealed lack of control both for the asthma and for the gastro-esophageal reflux, despite the treatment, leading to important complications such as bronchiectasis. Repeated history revealed that the child did not receive the treatment correctly, daily, ant the mother continued to smoke close to the child. Aim: To report clinical features, food allergens, reaction threshold doses and age of tolerance within a pediatric population with food protein-induced enterocolitis syndrome FPIES. Vomiting, lethargy, pallor and diarrhea were reported in Food allergens implicated: fish Mean age at OFC: The mean age at which tolerance was achieved differed according to the trigger food with statistical significance: Of the 20 children n 44 who tolerated one fish at OFC, 16 also tested negative with other fish families.

    The reaction threshold doses were: 1. Fish tolerance resolves later than other foods and the outcome can usually be applied to other fish families. We detect low reaction threshold doses especially for cereals and fish. AP was diagnosed in the presence of bloody stool after ingesting incriminated food and disappearance of blood with elimination of incriminated food or with positive challenge test. Three patients had positive skin prick test with the suspected food, 7 Oral food challenge test was performed in 40 patients and 13 of those The control group consumed identical egg free products.

    Both groups maintained egg free diets during the trial. Tolerance was independent of age and amount of BE consumed. Both groups demonstrated decreased SPT weal sizes and whole egg, egg white, ovalbumin specific serum IgE titre and increased whole egg IgG4. Further trials of larger sample size, including children of different age groups are required. Background: There is considerable interest in oral immunotherapy OIT to treat food allergy. Because the major drawback of OIT is severe side effects, we designed a low allergenic hydrolysed egg HE product and tested its efficacy for desensitisation.

    Method: In a double-blind placebo control multicentre pilot study Athens, Davos, Padua , 29 patients aged 1—5. Primary outcome was the result for OFC to boiled egg performed at the end of the study. Basophil activation and specific IgE and IgG4 were assessed at the start and end of the study. However, HE induced a modulation of the immune response towards better tolerance. The study was sponsored by Nestec Ltd.

    Background: Peanuts are responsible for the induction of the majority of food related anaphylactic reactions. A curative treatment is not yet available for peanut-allergic patients. A chemically modified peanut extract is being investigated for its potential use in immunotherapy. IgE-binding assays using a set of sera from peanut-allergic patients and mediator release assays MRA using human basophils were performed. In addition, mice were sensitized intra-gastrically for PE and either 1 s. Body temperature was measured after challenge as an objective parameter for an anaphylactic shock response.

    During the course of immunotherapy, blood samples were taken for analysis of antibody responses. Mice sensitized for PE experienced severe anaphylactic symptoms upon s. Conclusions: Various in vitro and in vivo model systems have shown that MPE adsorbed to Al OH 3 has a significantly improved safety profile compared to PE while retaining its efficacy profile. In the UK it is administered to those travelling to countries where there is a risk of contracting the disease. Adverse reactions are possible following administration of YFV: mild localised erythema, malaise or more severe, but rare, neurotropic or viscerotropic disease.

    Methods: A prospective evaluation of patients receiving the YFV between and was performed. The patient is observed for one hour post administration. Conclusions: YFV can be safely administered to children who are allergic to egg. Background: Acute asthma exacerbation is one of the most frequent emergencies in childhood. We aimed to investigate the risk factors associated with exacerbations in school-age children with asthma.

    Method: Children who attended to a tertiary outpatient pediatric allergy and asthma department and diagnosed with asthma were enrolled in the study. A questionnaire including demographic features and parameters to determine socioeconomic status along with previous disease history were applied in the admission visit.

    Recent GINA guidelines were used to determine the asthma control status of patients and for the diagnosis of asthma exacerbation. Laboratory investigations including complete blood counts with differential, total IgE levels, skin prick tests and pulmonary function tests were also performed. Results: A total of children male Asthma was controlled in children Multivariate logistic regression analysis revealed that history of asthma exacerbation in the last year Odds Ratio [Confidence Interval] Conclusion: Awareness of risk factors related with asthma exacerbation may alert physicians who deal with school-age children with asthma and may help prompt and rational interventions in order to prevent asthma exacerbations.

    Background: Asthma is a chronic airway inflammation characterized by being a heterogenous disease. Acupuncture is one of traditional Chinese medicine TCM modalities and it is considered the backbone of complementary and alternative medicine Laser acupuncture specially low-level laser therapy LLLT is a noninvasive form of phototherapy which being acceptable for treating children instead of needle acupuncture. Methodology: Our study formed on sixty asthmatic children under ordinary medical treatment for bronchial asthma and they were divided randomly into 3 groups.

    Assessing of the clinical condition of the patient frequency of attack and severity of asthma and laboratory IgE level and Eosinophil count before and after the study. Conclusions: Application of laser acupuncture sessions beside medical treatment results in more significantly improvement of the asthma frequency of attack, the degree of asthma severity, IgE level and eosinophilic count in asthmatic children than the use of needle acupuncture or medications used only.

    Introduction: The exhaled carbon monoxide is an important biomarker of the oxidative stress and the airways inflammation. Most scientific publications account of increase values in asthma. However our known literature does not have data on the relationship between different stadiums of asthma control and the exhaled carbon monoxide values. The aim of this study was to access this correlation. Method: Our patients are well controlled, partly and uncontrolled asthma bronchial children, who are treated in outpatient clinic.

    Each of them has treatment according to GINA protocol. Before spirometry, patients were made deep inhalation, then they were made slow exhalation to the carbon monoxide measure equipment. We made the statistic by InStat softver. We used non-parametric procedures. This higher amount of exhaled carbon monoxide values show the raising of airways inflammation and the finish of well controlled stadium. The exhaled carbon monoxide suggests the inflammation aspect of asthma bronchial. Importance: Observational studies have suggested that increased dietary Vitamin D intake during pregnancy may protect the offspring against preschool wheezing, which is the most common disorder in young children.

    Objective: To determine whether supplementation of Vitamin D 3 during third trimester of pregnancy reduces the risk of persistent wheeze in the offspring. Design, setting and participants: The study was a double-blinded, single-center, randomized controlled trial conducted within the Copenhagen Prospective Study on Asthma in Childhood COPSAC unselected mother—child cohort. Secondary outcomes were number of wheezy episodes, asthma, neonatal airway immunology, respiratory infections, allergic sensitization and eczema.

    The number of wheezy episodes was reduced by the Vitamin D 3 intervention mean 5. There was no effect on additional end-points. Conclusion: The use of Vitamin D 3 supplementation during pregnancy did not reduce the risk of persistent wheeze in the offspring. Background: We have previously shown that children who develop asthma in childhood have reduced lung function already at birth. The objective of this study was to examine if the inborn lung function deficit in asthmatic children is sustained until adolescence, even if symptoms cease.

    Asthma was diagnosed solely by the COPSAC pediatricians according to a strict predefined algorithm based on symptom load and response to treatment. Age at onset and remission was monitored by daily diary cards. Conclusion: The reduced lung function characterizing newborn children developing asthma later in childhood is sustained till adolescence independent of remission of symptoms and not further deteriorated by increased disease duration. This suggests that the lung function deficit accompanying asthma propensity is primarily an inherited trait.

    Our aim was to evaluate the prevalence of asthma in males and females before puberty by maternal and paternal asthma separately. Methods: We analysed the prospective follow-up data from two decades of the urban multicenter birth cohort study MAS which recruited children in 5 German cities in Analyses of assessments in puberty and adolescence are currently ongoing. Conclusion: The tendency of different sex-specific paternal and maternal effects on asthma at age 9 needs to be interpreted with caution wide confidence intervals. More information will be gained by considering the MAS data from puberty and during adolescence up to age Background: Environmental and lifestyle factors are considered to contribute to the global increase in allergen sensitization.

    Pre- and post-natal periods are important time windows for immune system development. Lifestyle is associated with lower prevalence of allergic sensitization. We aimed to determine if the age at onset, and category of allergic sensitization, is associated with lifestyle. Out of these, 18 were from the anthroposophic-, 44 from the partly- and 56 from the non-anthroposophic group. The differences were explained by the sensitization to food allergens in early infancy. Conclusions: Anthroposophic lifestyle is associated with reduced risk of allergic sensitization in early childhood. This seems largely explained by the absence of food sensitization before one year of age.

    We propose that this lifestyle affects the pattern of the allergic march. Epidemiological studies have shown that maternal allergy is a stronger risk factor for the offspring than paternal allergy, suggesting a preferential maternal transmission of disease risk. However, the molecular mechanism underlying this observation is currently unknown. Loss-of-function mutations in the filaggrin gene FLG cause skin barrier deficiency and strongly predispose to atopic dermatitis AD. We analyzed the 4 most prevalent European FLG mutations c. RX, p. RX, and p. Strikingly, we also observed a strong maternal FLG genotype effect indicating that children of FLG -carrier mothers had a 1.

    This maternal effect that was consistent in both sets of families and for all 4 mutations analyzed. Our results point to two independent scenarios where FLG mutations increase AD risk: i carrying a mutation and ii having a mutation carrier mother. This maternal effect was independent of mutation inheritance and can be seen as a non-genetic transmission of a genetic effect.

    Overall, our study indicates that maternal FLG mutations act as strong environmental risk factors for the child and highlights the potential of family-based studies in uncovering novel disease mechanisms in the field of allergy susceptibility. Pediatr Allergy Immunol. Background: Anaphylaxis is a severe life-threatening condition, frequently underdiagnosed and undertreated. The incidence of anaphylaxis is increasing, especially among children. Results: The frequency of anaphylaxis was 0. Less common triggers were cold exposure, latex and insect sting.

    Conclusions: The frequency of anaphylaxis was significantly higher in ; food allergy was the leading cause. The percentages of children with anaphylaxis with previous unknown etiologic diagnosis and treated with adrenaline were fairly similar in both time points. This data suggests the need for improved awareness and educational programs for the recognition and management of children with anaphylaxis.

    The presence of molds as a source of perennial allergens and multiple bacteria has been related to the appearance of respiratory symptoms in several studies. Yet, its role in eczema has not been elucidated. Additionally, skin prick tests SPT , to aero-allergens were performed and children were examined for active lesions. This association remained significant irrespective of the family history of atopy.

    Conclusions: Frequently eczema first appears at early school age. The presence of visible mold and dampness at home during infancy appears to be an initial enhancing risk factor for the development but also for the persistence of the disease throughout school age. Introduction: Inconsistent associations have been reported between the green environment and childhood asthma and allergic health outcomes.

    Cohort-specific associations between NDVI per 0. The findings were combined in a random-effects meta-analysis. Results: Heterogeneous associations for a range of outcomes were observed across cohorts.

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    The direction of the effect estimates in the Canadian cohorts were also conflicting but not significant 0. All meta-analytic estimates were null. Stratification by four urbanization markers particulate matter smaller than 2. Conclusions: Although residential greenness appears to be associated with childhood allergic rhinitis and aeroallergen sensitization, the direction of the effect varies by location. Introduction: Our study was designed to assess the efficacy of SLIT in allergic rhinitis and asthma in pediatric population.

    The aim of this study was to document the clinical implication of allergen specific drops on symptom severity and medication in children with allergic rhinitis and asthma. During the follow up period the patients rate their symptoms rhinitis, conjunctivitis, asthma and atopic dermatitis as combined score of severity—traditional symptom score assessment graded from 0 to 3 plus recording of doses of symptomatic medications.

    The beneficial effects of SLIT on asthma and rhinitis scores and medication use have been observed for two consecutive years of treatment. Results: Both asthma and rhinitis scores were decreased during the first year of treatment, with the tendency of further decrease in the second year of follow up period. No differences have been detected for ocular and symptoms of atopic dermatitis.

    Conclusion: The results of this study indicate favorable clinical efficacy of SLIT drops in children with asthma and allergic rhinitis. These findings also suggest that SLIT drops may have potential to alter the natural history of atopic disease with the convenience of home administration and the benefit of oral rather than subcutaneous administration. Background: The respiratory epithelium is critical both for the clearance of infections and the development of adaptive responses.

    There is still a significant gap of knowledge on the interplay between maturation of innate immunity, exposure and vulnerability to infections in the development of allergic responses. The aim of the present study was to determine the role of viral infections in the maturation of the immune response in relation to age.

    Results: Epithelial cell growth rate was affected by age and specifically atopic children have higher doubling time than atopic adults. Conclusion: This is the first study investigating the development of cell growth and ROS generation comparing atopic and non-atopic individuals. Age, atopy and gender are important factors to rhinovirus infection in PNECs. Background: Subcutaneous immunotherapy SCIT treatment begins with an allergen dose increase phase over a period of several weeks, followed by a maintenance phase.

    The aim of our study was to test the tolerance of a cluster schedule. A SCIT with non-modified allergens with aluminium hydroxide as adjuvant was chosen. Adverse events were recorded. Demographic data were collected. Local and systemic reactions were reported by 2. Both local reactions were delayed reactions injection site swelling and erythema. One patient had a mild asthma reaction, resolved with inhaled salbutamol, and tolerated subsequent doses. Conclusions: This cluster schedule has a good safety profile in children.

    Allergy ;68 Suppl 97 :1— Considering Zapletal equations the percentages of children classified as obstructed according to the different analyzed parameters were: 7. Assuming GLI equations the correspondent percentages were Conclusions: In our study there was a good agreement between the commonly used prediction equations Zapletal equations and GLI equations.

    GLI equations adoption is a reasonable option in asthmatic children lung function evaluation, although maybe the changes in nowadays clinical practice will not be considerable.

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    Introduction: Oral immunotherapy OIT may trigger significant allergic reactions. Our ability to identify children who are unable to undergo OIT safely is limited. No differences were observed in other cytokines. Conclusion: An IL-9 predominant cellular response as well as a strong allergen-specific poly-isotypic antibody response characterizes egg-allergic children who fail OIT at early stages due to significant allergic reactions. Clin Epigenet, The suppressive phenotype of regulatory T Treg cells, characterized by stable expression of transcription factor Forkhead box Protein 3 FoxP3 , is involved in oral tolerance acquisition.

    DNA methylation analysis of this transcription factor clearly separated CMA patients by disease-state: tolerant subjects presented a significant different DNA methylation profile compared with active CMA patients 42 vs. This profile was similar but not identical to that observed in healthy controls. Conclusion: Tolerance acquisition in children with IgE-mediated CMA involves demethylation of promoter region of Foxp3 gene leading to an increased expression in Tregs.

    This feature could be a new epigenetic biomarker to follow the CMA disease course. Background: Milk and egg allergies are the commonest food allergies in early childhood. Objective: To audit our use of casein and ovomucoid recombinants in patients with combined milk and egg allergy to aid early dietary introduction of baked products. Method: Caesin and ovomucoid recombinant testing on combined milk and egg allergic children, not previously exposed to baked products.