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It was a part of the old weaving factory founded by J. Souto da Retorta, has a variety of tree species typical of the Atlantic forests and riverside forests, in addition to large ferns. In 6 eucalyptus trees were planted with the intention of protecting one canal of the river Landro from continuous floods.

These trees reached rare dimensions; some of them exceed 70 m. It is considered one of the largest trees in Europe.

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In addition, you can visit the old hydro-electric power plant , the channels, A Pena da Vella and Salto do Can. The route along the edge of river Landro passes near Valdeflores Convent. It is a remarkable scenic route where one can admire the wealth of its marshes Xunqueiras. Access from the riverside, from a few minutes away from the centre or from the Xunqueira neighbourhood.

Exit Viveiro along the C towards Ferrol, 1 km after Las Sirenas, take the first bend on the right to get the old loading bay for the Silvarosa Mines. Once loaded onto the steam transport, it was sent to Germany, Holland, and England, especially in times of war, for making cannons and firearms due to the hardness of iron. It is a place of ancient pagan worship, but was later christianised when the early church of San Juan de Covas was established there, until it was relocated to its current place in the 18th Century. The coast streches softly among cliffs with wide beaches and small sandy coves of incoparable beauty.

This beach is nested against Mount Faro on the boundary of the municipalities of Viveiro and Xove.

It was common to practise nudism, and it keeps its character as an open sea beach retreat. A white sandy beach, with crystal clear and calm waters, forming a straight line and dunes, forming a straight lines and dunes. At Area beach, you can enjoy the sun and swimming, as well as other water sports like sailing. There are well-renowned restaurants where you can taste all type of seafood, fish, meat and traditional pastry.

Carlos Sluzki, M.D.

To the right of the beach there are two less crowded, small coves. It is the urban sandy area of the municipality of Viveiro; equipped with all amenities. Sacido is a small beach that has abundant cliffs, white sand, and rich marine vegetation, beside pines, laurels and thorns, it can be accessed via long staircase leading down from the promenade. It has similar features to the mentioned above; it is about metres long and protected from the wind. The Cueva de la Doncella and its beautiful legend can be found here, but there are no signs and it is difficutlt to get to. Besides the ones already mentioned, there are other coves or beaches that are difficult to get to, next to Sacido.

The beaches of Covas and Area with the calm waters are ideal for practicing sports like paddle surfing. There is also the option to rent a kayak and visit these lesser -known coves. Scuba-divers often dive here and its main attractions are the remains of wrecks and marine life. Many festivals, pilgrimages and religious events are held throught the entire annual festive season. The Easter celebration which is of International Tourist Interest or musical events that are fully established such as the Resurrection Fest are examples of this.

Highlights include the Day das Alpuxarradas, held in the Teatro P. The last day takes place in the Plaza Mayor, with the burning the Sardine. Declared as International Tourist Interest It has a very old tradition dating back to the Middle Ages. Throughout 9 days, there are 15 processions besides liturgies, concerts and a tamborrada.

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In the parade, numerous processions of the various fraternities and sororities display a very rich ecletic image, due to the works of anonymous or unknown local sculptors belonging to schools from Valencia, Compostela and Andalusia,. An ancient pagan feast that celebrates spring. This horse fair that is over three hundred years old is held in Galdo-Viveiro on the second Sunday of May. This was once the most important religious festival of the year. The four existing guilds would parade the streets and perform dances and inventions before the Highest.

Today, the tradition of carpeting the street with flowers and plants is kept. They gather them and shear their manes. The narrow streets of the medieval quarter recreate the sumptuous Renaissance period and are filled with activities, shows and a large number of craft stalls, traditional shops and food products. The arrival of the Emperor in Covas and the countless meals on the streets are remarkable.

This festival is considered a must for hardcore, punk, metal and rock lovers. It exceeds itself every edition, due to the crowd it gathers and the musical quality of participating groups. This event with traditional folk dances from the peninsular and different countries is celebrated in early August.

It is a popular fair that brings together different Galician and local artisans.

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Products ranging from ceramics to fashion accessories, jewellery, leather and wood, among others can be purchased. An attractive cultural event that gathers book-store owners and readers with recitals, presentations and cultural activities that include the participation of current influential authors. The Resurrection Fest is one of the most popular musical events and gets celebrated in Viveiro. Photo Tourism Viveiro. Mostra Folk, Concerts, the Choir Competition, sports competitions, exhibitions, verbenas, Sardines, fireworks, all in honour of our Lady and San Roque.

This enormous celebration has a strong gastronomic character. Viveiro offers its visitors an attractive variety of active culinary tourism, and hadcrafts, plus a lot of entertainment and fun attractions, all year round. Sports and recreational activities are organized throughout the year. The diverse landscape and the natural resources gives you a wider offer. Some of the most popular activities are:. CAMOVI:This is a circular race around the mountains of Viveiro, it has a distance of 43 km, but it has different categories ranging from 10 km to Campionships and regattas are ususally help in Viveiro.

They offer classes and courses througout the year. There is a wide-ranging choice of food; fish, seafood, meat, vegetables and fruit. The jewellery, silverware, and linen produced by known artisans is magnificent. Pottery is the most prominent activity in town. Viveiro has a factory that produces ceramics with native materials; it also has two museums; one of the ceramics and the other of leather. The largest tannery factory in Galicia at the time 19th Century was in these two restored facilities. A beautiful building with a romantic character, built in by Nemesio Barreiro as a theatre an cinema.

It currently belongs to the municipality and is used for all kinds of shows and cultural events. Shopping in Viveiro can be great fun. Concerts and cultural exhibitions of various kinds are organized in its facilities. Buscar por:. Viveiro Value.

Enjoy its history The great amount of prehistorical megalithic monuments and Iron Edge settlements in the region, together with the Roman remains of Viveiro and Area, prove how old the city is. Although the first documented references from the Vivarii land are dated in the year , its origin as military trade centre is thought to be between and ; in a period when commerce was reactivated in Atlantic Europe, once it had recovered from attacks by the Normands and Muslims. The 16th and 17th centuries were especially hard, due to a series of negative events that threatened the economicboom of the town: fires, bubonic plagues, pirate attacks, floods… In the 18th, 19th and 20th centuries, the industrialization process began with the presence of catalan entrepreneurs, the birth of the Sargadelos industry and the exploitation of the Silvarosa mines helped the development of other sectors.

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The Dominican cloistered nuns offer the public a varied assortment of sweets and pastries. AREA A white sandy beach, with crystal clear and calm waters, forming a straight line and dunes, forming a straight lines and dunes. SACIDO Sacido is a small beach that has abundant cliffs, white sand, and rich marine vegetation, beside pines, laurels and thorns, it can be accessed via long staircase leading down from the promenade.

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