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Pisces is the divine paradox: We are both of this world and not of this world, infinite consciousness yet, while embodied, bound by the limits of space and time.

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As the last sign of the zodiac, Pisces also signifies oneness, unity, and wholeness. At the end of the cycle, everything dissolves back into the ocean of consciousness, returning to Source. Early Christianity was made up of a wide range of sects, teachings, and practices, and the Roman Empire's initial response to the new religion was persecution. But that changed in C. By C. Orthodox Christianity has enforced the shadow Piscean belief that spirit and matter are separate, exalting the former and demonizing the latter.

Mary Magdalene's Message

God is outside of us. Heaven is where we go once we're done suffering on Earth. Sex is a sin, so we're all doomed from the start. And if we want to bridge spirit and matter, to commune with the Divine, we need an outside mediator, a male priest or minister. As we transition out of the Piscean Age, the old paradigms are crumbling and the Church is in crisis. Sex-abuse scandals — long kept secret by the Vatican — are now erupting into the mainstream. Rather than being a perverse anomaly, it turns out that a shocking number of child sexual abuse cases have been reported, and covered up by Church authorities, for hundreds of years.

Reflecting the changing Piscean paradigm and the culture's hunger for the return of the Divine Feminine, Mary Magdalene is making a dramatic comeback. For the past 2, years, she's been cast in the role of whore, in contrast to the virgin, played by her counterpart Mother Mary. But the truth is that there's no description of Mary Magdalene as a prostitute in the scriptures. In fact, she wasn't assigned this role until C.

Just as a majority of Christians are unaware of Mary Magdalene's declassification as a whore, most are also ignorant of alternative Christian gospels: the Gospel of Mary Magdalene, discovered in , and the Nag Hammadi Gnostic Gospels, discovered in In these versions of Christ's life and teachings, the "hidden" Goddess is not so hidden. Women play a much more central role and are respected as equals, while Mary Magdalene appears as Christ's best-loved disciple, "the Apostle of Apostles. Of all the disciples, she is the only one who fully understands what Jesus is teaching and can reproduce it in her own life.

Dan Brown's wildly popular The Da Vinci Code — first as a best-selling novel and then as a Hollywood movie — challenged orthodox Christianity with an alternative view of Mary Magdalene. The Da Vinci Code puts forth the idea that Jesus and Mary Magdalene were husband and wife, and that the "Holy Grail" is not some special cup or chalice but the sacred bloodline descending from their offspring. However, the suppression and distortion of Mary Magdalene's identity in the New Testament gospels suggest that her role was more radical and less socially acceptable than simply being Jesus' wife.

According to researcher Lynn Picknett, "the single most important piece of evidence for their not being married is one of glaring omission: simply, there is no mention of a 'Miriam, wife of the Savior' or 'Mary, Christ's spouse' in either the New Testament or any of the known Gnostic writings. The explicit links between Mary Magdalene and Venus perhaps point to Mary's true identity. In the south of France, where Mary Magdalene landed and established her ministry after the crucifixion, she was known as "Mary Lucifera" or "Mary the Light-bringer. Picknett explains: "This was a time-honored tradition: pagan goddesses were known, for example, as 'Diana Lucifera' or 'Isis Lucifer' to signify their power to illumine mind and soul … to open up both body and psyche to the Holy Light.

The planet Venus has a long history of association with the Divine Feminine. The oldest written story of the Goddess as far as we know is the myth of the Sumerian Inanna, Queen of Heaven, recorded on cuneiform tablets in approximately B. Shamanic astrologer Daniel Giamario among others has correlated the story of the Sumerian Goddess — her descent to the Underworld and her return — with the astronomical cycle of Venus her synodic cycle. Another intriguing link between Venus and Mary Magdalene relates to one of the relics possessed by the Knights Templar, who protected and passed on the "heretical" teachings of Christ.

Anthony Harris reveals that, according to Inquisition records, among the objects taken from the Knights Templar were two pieces of a woman's skull, labeled " caput LVIII [58]" caput is Latin for "head". As there are no other " caputs ," numbered one to 57, it's safe to assume that 58 is a code.

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Harris makes a connection between 58 and the Goddess, in the sense that five and eight add up to 13, the number of lunar cycles and menstrual cycles in one year. Harris adds another clue to the mystery of " caput 58, " that its inscription also bore the symbol for Virgo, the sign opposite Pisces.

Rituals in Sacred Stone Mary Magdalene's Message of Self Empowerment.

During a particular Age, the opposite sign is often distorted or denigrated, serving as the hidden shadow to the dominant archetypes or themes. Virgo is the only sign in the zodiac represented by the single figure of a woman, one holding an ear of corn or sheaf of wheat, and this sign has been associated with the Earth Goddess since ancient Mesopotamia. Although in modern usage "virgin" typically means sexually inexperienced or chaste, to the ancients it meant "whole unto herself," in the sense that the Great Mother created life all on her own.

To the earliest humans, creating new life must have seemed like a magical and miraculous superpower, thus projected onto the Goddess, giver of all life. By linking Mary Magdalene with Virgo, those attempting to preserve heretical Christian teachings may have been pointing to her significance as the hidden Goddess to Christ's God. Virgin also meant a sovereign, unmarried woman, often referring to a priestess dedicated to the Goddess. For thousands of years, Venus in her various guises — Inanna, Astarte, Ashtoreth, Isis — was worshiped in temples staffed by priestesses who, far from our modern interpretation of "virgin," participated in sacred sexuality with members of the community.

The priestesses were called venerii and taught venia , sexual practices for connecting with the Divine. The Venusian priestesses, Picknett writes, "gave men ecstatic pleasure that would transcend mere sex: the moment of orgasm was believed to propel them briefly into the presence of the gods, to present them with a transcendent experience of enlightenment. The Goddess religions that flourished for thousands of years were brutally destroyed by the onslaught of patriarchal cultures, and the Old Testament both describes and advocates for this destruction.

Those heathen idol worshipers of the Bible had been praying to a woman god. The story of Adam and Eve's eviction from Eden is a key piece of anti-Goddess propaganda. Eve is a decidedly Venusian character — ancient goddesses were commonly depicted with snakes, symbols of erotic power and spiritual knowledge.

The apple is one of Venus's sacred fruits; when you cut it in half horizontally, you see a five-pointed star. Ronnie Gayle Dreyer, in her book on Venus , explains that the Eden allegory "reverses the symbolism contained in the Sumerian legend of Inanna, whose regenerative powers are received from the huluppu date palm tree. While Inanna's sexuality promised fecundity of the earth, Eve's 'fruitful' offer resulted in expulsion from Eden and the stripping of her powers. Venus's European evolution followed a similar path. By the time of the ancient Greeks, around B. Aphrodite disregards her marriage vows and has affairs with multiple gods and mortals, thereby stirring up jealousy, rivalry, and female competition shadow Venus.

She's often portrayed as vain and self-serving, interested only in her own erotic satisfaction. In one of her most infamous havoc-wreaking acts, she starts the Trojan War. In the patriarchal paradigm, female sexuality has become a problem — no longer celebrated, honored, and ritualized as the ultimate creative act, a gift to humanity and to the land, the sacred source of life itself.

The Goddess's sexual fulfillment no longer ensures fertility but rather generates suffering and chaos. So, where does female sexuality go? As the shrines of Astarte were rededicated to Aphrodite, she became increasingly known as the patroness of prostitution. Sexuality in general, and women's sexuality in particular, became taboo, sinful, separate from and at odds with divinity, relegated to red-light districts rather than an integral part of the community.

In the early years of Christianity, there were still remnants of the Goddess religion. One reason we know this is that early Christian patriarchs "denounced the temples 'dedicated to the foul devil who goes by the name of Venus — a school of wickedness for all the votaries of unchasteness. One of Mary Magdalene's key scenes in the canonical gospels is her anointing of Jesus' feet with the precious oil of spikenard. The word "Christ" literally means "the anointed one," but anointing was not a Jewish custom. Rather, anointing with spikenard oil was part of the ancient pagan ritual of the hieros gamos, or sacred marriage.

The anointing of the head, feet, and genitals "was part of the ritual preparation for penetration during the rite … in which the priest—king was flooded with the power of the god, while the priestess—queen became possessed by the great goddess. Shortly after his anointing, Jesus is betrayed by Judas, leading to his crucifixion, followed by his resurrection three days later.

These events mimic the story of Isis and Osiris, as well as Inanna and Dumuzi, Cybele and Attis, Venus and Adonis, and other myths of the sacred marriage. Three days afterwards the god rose again, and the land was fertile once more. The notion of a sexual Jesus might seem totally far-out to most moderns, whose view of Christianity has been conditioned by centuries of celibate priests. And so much of the history of early Christianity has been deliberately destroyed and distorted and perhaps hidden in the Vatican basement! But the history of the persecution itself — exactly who and what were targeted by the Church — may shed some light on this issue.

Rome persecuted "heretics" in isolated cases, from the beginning of Christianity, but it wasn't until the founding of the Inquisition in the 13th century that persecution started operating as a "well-oiled, highly dedicated machine, a conveyor belt for tipping whole communities into Hell.

In fact, Picknett asserts that the Inquisition was "originally set up specifically for the interrogation and execution of the Cathars. What started out as the Vatican's targeted persecution of Christian heretics expanded into an all-out attack on the women of Europe — a "gendercide" that continued through the 18th century and resulted in the deaths of anywhere from 60, to one million women for various reasons, it's hard to get a clear body count.

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Though some men were also persecuted for witchcraft, the vast majority, more than 90 percent, were women. As Anne Llewellyn Barstow writes in Witchcraze: "Having a female body was the factor most likely to render one vulnerable to being called a witch. All phases of the processing of alleged witches were sexualized — from the accusations of witchcraft, which often involved sexual acts with the devil; to the searching and "pricking" of women's bodies including their genitals for signs of the "devil's mark" or "devil's teat"; to methods of torture that were explicitly sexual; to the executions themselves, which sometimes included cutting off a woman's breasts before burning her at the stake.

Delving into this chapter of history is not for the faint of heart. In this war on Venus, a war on the feminine, sexual violence forcefully and effectively severed spirit from body. It became dangerous to be in a body, especially a woman's body.

How to Reconnect to the Simplicity of The Earth Mother and The Wisdom of The Ancients

Why was a sexual relationship between Jesus and Mary Magdalene so threatening to the Church? And why the full-scale assault on women's sexuality? The ancients knew that sexuality is a powerful and easily accessible avenue to higher consciousness and spiritual power. This is why Venus was the "light-bringer" — through the body, through sexuality, enlightening consciousness. People who are grounded in their bodies and connected with their infinite, divine, spirit selves are not easy to control or manipulate.

The path to the top of the Tor Is also the spiraled way to the woman within A journey of growth, empowerment, And self-understanding. Voyage to the Source. She whose Name can only be found in the silence of the soul Delve into your darkness. And emerge renewed. Become the Woman you were born to be. She is a brilliant teacher—patient, compassionate, and knows how to coax beautiful artwork out of anyone. Her retreats are magical and deeply healing.

After attending a recent retreat, I felt as if every cell in my body had been filled with love. Katherine and her work are exquisite.

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I recommend her with the highest regard. From her full heart and boundless joy she creates a welcoming and safe space in which her students are invited and gently guided into their own inner realities, wisdom, and beauty. A journey with Katherine is pure joy! Katherine is a true master of blending her knowledge and expertise of art with her spiritual knowledge. Working with Katherine and all she offers is life-changing.

Working with Lina and the Guides has been a life-saving blessing. Without their unconditional love, compassion, and guidance, I would not be here writing these words. To experience the loving wisdom and healing energies of Lina and the Guides is a sacred gift. It has expanded my heart, nurtured my soul, and pointed me towards wholeness. It has reconnected me to my Higher Truth and awakened me to my Divine essence. Most of all, it has taught me what it feels like to love and be loved without condition.

That is a gift I would wish for everyone in the world. That is a gift with the power to create peace on earth, one heart at a time. Knowing Leslie and Brad has been, for me, a knowing of both the visible and Invisible. They are conveyors of soul love and knowing, and I am so grateful for their Mastery and teaching of the rare and seldom spoken ofrealms. Leslie and Brad are two of the most authentic, enlightened, kind, compassionate, and loving people on this planet that I am blessed to know as teachers and friends….

Leslie and Brad have created an oasis with their loveliness and love, their deep and generous hearts, the teachings from the Beloveds shared through them both, and their commitment to all who arrive at the open door. You are an embodiment of Divine Love and Sacred Illumination. Awaken to your true nature.

Walk with us in the Way of Love as we follow in the footsteps of the Magdalene and the Priestesses of Avalon who traveled this path before us. Return to the temple of your brave, tender heart where you will reclaim your radiance, splendor, and sacred sovereignty. In this pivotal shifting of the ages, we must boldly summon the powers of unconditional love and divine grace to create a new world of grounded harmony, balance, and peace that honors both the divine feminine and divine masculine within us all.

The Mother embraces us with loving arms. Magical Sacred Sites Explore. Divine healing music lifts us beyond the veil. The beautiful gardens and mystical waters of this living sanctuary will lift us into expanded states of deep connection, peace, bliss, and love. As we heal our hearts, we heal the world. Magical Dartmoor Woods and Enchanted St. Breathtaking Cornwall Charming seaside villages, awe-inspiring cliffs, and beautiful beaches will enchant and inspire us. Magical Kayaking Adventure. Are you ready to answer the call of your heart?

Heart of the Goddess: Sacred Journey to Mystical Avalon, Glastonbury, England - Dancing Heart Art

Jessica Libonati Jessica Libonati is a passionate voice teacher who guides students to connect with the powerful instrument they already have. Pauline E. Reif Pauline Elice Reif, M. It is to this Avalon of the heart the pilgrims still go. Some in bands, knowing what they seek. Some alone, with the staff of vision in their hands,. This sounds magical! LOVE What better way to cherish, honor, and remember our beautiful journey home to our radiant hearts? I have called upon the Goddess and found her within myself.

To Part the Mists The path to the top of the Tor Is also the spiraled way to the woman within A journey of growth, empowerment, And self-understanding Voyage to the Source. Do you dare take a bite? If this retreat calls to your beautiful heart.