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Applications will be welcomed either by individuals for the position of sole Editor or for the position of Co-Editors. JRST is a leading international journal and as such applications are encouraged from international members.

Science Learning, Science Teaching

The position provides the person s chosen, as well as the host institution s , with international visibility in the area of science education. A letter of intent is due by April 30, to the Search Chair in which the rationale for seeking the position is described in detail. Join us in congratulating these dedicated and deserving members. Martin Each candidate is looking forward to serving you in their elected roles and fulfilling their responsibilities as Board Members for the term of their office.

Options include on-site work at a local high school and a book drive. Please see the full announcement for details and to sign up.

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Tools for Ambitious Science Teaching. What is Ambitious Teaching? Companion Book available now on Harvard Ed Press.

Professional Development for Inquiry-Based Science Teaching and Learning

Pressing for evidence- based explanations. What is Ambitious Science Teaching?

How I Teach Kids to Love Science - Cesar Harada - TED Talks

Visit our Community page and our Teacher page for more…. Computers and Computing in Science Education Exploring the Nature of Science Using Out-of-School Sources Citizenship and Sustainability in Science Education.

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