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Not only were the stories very well written, but I found that they were very relateable. This book put me in a place where I was truly able to self reflect and uncover true appreciation for the beautiful love I have in my life. I truly feel that for these Chicken Soup books, that is the kind of emotion the authors initially wanted to evoke in their readers, and they did a fabulous job of doing just that. Jul 27, Aruna A rated it did not like it Shelves: owned. I usually love the chicken soup series.. That was not the case for this one. It just made me depressed and listless.

Law of Attraction Success Stories: Partner Relationships / Dating

Too many stories of death and tragedy left me feeling disturbed rather than happy. Jun 28, Cynthia Sanders rated it liked it Shelves: love-stories , christian-faith , non-fiction , self-help. I enjoy the Chicken Soup for the Soul books, but this one didn't seem to have the "spark" to it I just wasn't left with the inspirational uplift I have gotten from the others. Perhaps the previous ones left me with higher expectations for this one.

View 1 comment. Apr 02, Lisa rated it liked it. I have read several books in this series and enjoy them. Some of the stories are better than others, but there is definitely inspiration within the book. The books are just relaxing, easy reads, and most of the stories are short, so it is easy to put down and go back to. Jan 23, Rebecca Cecil rated it it was amazing. Jun 19, Maria rated it it was amazing. Another Awesome Chicken Soup Book. I Really Enjoyed The Stories. Feb 15, Suzanne Meek rated it liked it. Some stories touch your heart. Great to read a day for reflection.

Nov 28, Maia rated it really liked it. Loved the range and collection of stories! Most of the stories made me cry! Only drawback, it got a bit monotonous as it reached the end! Jul 18, Julia Schulz rated it it was ok. A couple of really nice stories in here. Though, most of them were not well written, and being an early edition of Chicken Soup, most are antiquated.

Feb 28, Hayley Shaver rated it really liked it Shelves: romance , contemporary , self-actualization , social-issues , autobiography , biography , theology , spirituality , memoir , short-stories. This book of stories just for couples is very special. They'll make you laugh, tear up, and make you realize just how special loved ones are. If you are in a relationship or have been, this is the book for you. Jul 01, Kristin rated it liked it. I read this book simply because it is a Chicken Soup book, and I enjoy the brevity of the stories in this series for my workouts at the gym.

Otherwise, the subject matter isn't terribly relevant to me, as I've yet to find the man of my dreams, but the happy couples here give me hope that he is out there. Having just lost my maternal grandparents and my mother within the last 2 years, I did enjoy reading the stories and picturing either my parents or grandparents as the main characters. It has be I read this book simply because it is a Chicken Soup book, and I enjoy the brevity of the stories in this series for my workouts at the gym. It has been hard, particularly figuring out how best to be supportive of my dad, who was married for almost 35 years at the time of my mom's death, and I've come to terms with the probability that he will find another woman for companionship and perhaps marriage.

Seeing the outpourings of love in this pages, I think it would be unfair to deny him that ability, as he is still fairly young and doesn't deserve to live alone for the next few decades until he joins my mom. With my grandparents, they had almost 70 years together, and we knew that my grandmother would not seek out another man, instead seeking comfort from her widowed lady friends, but we didn't expect her to join my grandfather within a few months.

I expected to find a similar story in here, of a love that was so absolute that one partner could not exist without the other, but perhaps that was the only one missing. Overall, a nice book of love, though I didn't necessarily get any tips for how to find the right man, just that when I meet him, I will know it. I recommend this book to all the couples out there that love to hear other couples stories.

Chicken Soup for the Law of Attraction Soul

I honestly don't like to hear other couples problems, but this book twist the stories around and makes them more interesting. It just something about the love life should know. It has poem for you to read also many amazing loving stories about couples and married people. This book has to many characters to name it would be impossible to name them all.

Because there is to many people out there that share I recommend this book to all the couples out there that love to hear other couples stories. Because there is to many people out there that share their stories in this book. Also this book has different kind of chapters they are based in commune stories, with the same happy ending or letting go of the love ones. Now don't take me wrong and thing this book is sad, nothing like that its actually readily nice. Also the stories are short not very long.

This book is has many other books that I recommend I own a few. And they are all different stories perspectives.

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I should say that the ones what wrote this book should take the credit. Aug 31, Sha rated it it was ok Recommends it for: Anyone who wants to read a relatively heart-wrenching romantic fiction book. However, some of the stories inferred that the people had other religious views. So, just so everyone is clear this is not a strictly Christian worldview book. After looking up one of the stories and finding that it was not true or that it was only partially true, my husband and I felt that we could not trust any of the stories to be true anymore.

It really put a damper on the emotional impact of the stories once we started wondering how many of the stories were made up. Therefore, although I tried, I just could not make it through the last few stories of the book. The interest just fizzled out. Aug 24, Mistydawn Thrash rated it did not like it. The irony of this book is that I received it over ten years ago as a gift as a newlywed. It's traveled from boxes to closets and when it was pulled out again to be perused by yours truly, I was on my way to get married again.

I flipped the initial pages with a chuckle but was soon depressed in seconds. This book is supposed to represent eternal love and growth as a couple but most of the stories are that of death. Some stories are well written with an artistic flair but most stories are written The irony of this book is that I received it over ten years ago as a gift as a newlywed.

Some stories are well written with an artistic flair but most stories are written simple and without depth. The sentiment behind this book was a compilations of hearts in the right place but the words contained within the stories were shadow images of that intent. There were a few touching moments that I felt swept away and emotional enough to forget the rest of the times I rolled my eyes.

I was not surprised that I was not impressed with this book, that the stories didn't touch me in a way that left me profoundly looking at my own relationships. I don't even like chicken soup!

See more book and movie reviews at Thrashdthoughts. Nov 09, Kristin rated it did not like it. Most of them were depressing and about losing someone. Here are the first sentences of two of the stories : "Gretchen and her husband, Fred, had had a long and happy marriage, but Fred had recently died. Awesome, right? Jun 19, Candy Boisvert rated it it was ok Recommends it for: Couples. Overall rating: It was an okay book. I enjoyed this book for the most partI enjoy this genre and have fond memories of reading my mother's paper copies as a teenager, so I was thrilled to pick some up for cheap in a Kindle sale.

I found the book fell a little short for me; there were enough typos and editing issues to distract me, for one thing. And, as I often find with anthologies, some of the stories were fantastic and others were dreadful. I like the first-person ones best because they seem less contrived and made-up. I felt I enjoyed this book for the most partI enjoy this genre and have fond memories of reading my mother's paper copies as a teenager, so I was thrilled to pick some up for cheap in a Kindle sale. I felt that some of the stories in this book did not ring true.

Overall, just average for me. Some bright spots, but some real clunkersand some annoying typos too! Sep 10, Cayla rated it it was ok. I'd say my rating is 2. Some of the stories were great of course and , but I think overall, the book was way too sad. The book should have mixed in some happier stories. Maybe others will see more joy in a spouse dying after a long life of love, but I thought it was depressing.

I really didn't understand why so many stories involved death; it made me feel like the authors were playing on the readers' emotions. Still, some of the other stories were touching. I really enjoy that I can read the stories at my own pace. I never feel like I'm in a rush since there are not really chapters to finish.

There are always great stories in each book that give you unique outlooks on other peoples lives, and make you appreciate what you have in yours.

I will forever be a Chicken Soup for the Soul fan, keep them coming!! Mar 02, Dhwani Swadia rated it really liked it Shelves: i-own , read-in I have read a couple of other chicken soups, this book somehow did not live up to those. But sadly not all stories in this book are true ones and some are quite hard to believe. This book lacks the brevity of the chicken soup series that I have been accustomed to.

Jun 23, Windy hapsari rated it liked it. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Readers also enjoyed. Self Help. Short Stories. About Jack Canfield. Jack Canfield. Jack Canfield is an American motivational speaker and author. He is best known as the co-creator of the "Chicken Soup for the Soul" book series, which currently has over titles and million copies in print in over 47 languages. He has worked as a teacher, a workshop facilitator, and a psychotherapist.

And who cares. And all from a couple of days of truly surrendering! And before the day was over, I was surprisingly contacted by someone I used to really like and then met another very eligible man. I intuitively knew this man was my soul mate- although I had never seen him before. A few months later I was invited to a party. We instantly reconnected and have been together ever since, now married for 6 years. It really does sound like one of those Hollywood movies, I know- and it feels like one!

I have dated several people who are the kind of types that I never used to even meet or if I did, they were not attracted to me. As I read in one of the other success stories last week- all that matters is the now. And life is very, very good now. So why not accept it and enjoy it, now?!

I can totally put it down to the moment I stopped searching and needing someone; I started fully participating in my life instead of longing for it to be better. Thank you for the support when I needed it most. I followed the guidance about which technique to do at which time — I meditated daily — and over the space of about two months, I began to noticeably feel better consistently.

I started to do better in my career too, taking more care of my appearance and gravitating towards exercise. Firstly I am attracting my type physically — and also men who respect me. I am less needy and co-dependent. One of the keys is that I learned how to really respect and value myself — and put that into practice.

What was doubly amazing, as he commented to me, is that the place we bumped into one another was right outside one of the last places we had met — which was far away from our individual home and work areas! We spoke for a few moments and hugged — it was a wonderful moment of closure for both of us. This often happens to me, I remember- that the universe brings me back together with people who I have not fully made peace with.

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Secondly within 3 weeks I landed a fantastic job in marketing over the January period which is pretty much unheard of. The focus process only takes about min a day and I find it really focuses my energy on one area. I absolutely cannot wait to send through a testimonial of the third item — finding the perfect home! Thanks Tracy! When this had happened in the past I had never been able to deal with it and the relationship was immediately over.

I forced myself to do one of the techniques I learnt about in your workshop- looking for the good in the situation. Then a new idea came into my mind; a new way of looking at the situation.

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My boyfriend texted me a suggestion of how we could move on- and it was the exact same idea that had appeared in my mind! Thank you for the peace you provide. Your work is extraordinary. I had been single for many years- the occasional date but nothing serious. In July I met a man and we have been enjoying life together ever since. I acknowledge myself for making my inner changes- but credit is seriously due to your workshops and groups; and the space they gave me to discover myself again. But nothing was happening even with all my work- worse than nothing actually- a lot of pain and disappointment.

I also started doing a daily appreciation list and got involved in some new projects to distract me from my dating obsession. A few months later, I was feeling more relaxed and excited about my life- and my friend who is very intuitive said he could feel that I would meet someone very soon. It felt good, and shortly after someone from the past came back into my life.

But when he came back it felt totally new; we had both changed and could now recognise the other. Searching gets in the way, as my experience showed. I had studied book after book, courses and support groups, seen therapists, looking to fix my problem.

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  8. When I found your work I was at a point of desperation- I realised nothing was working and a different approach was needed- and it turned out to be your approach. This year will be my wedding- something I had given up on ever happening. And yet it is happening. It was really cute how it unfolded and it unfolded very organically and in no time at all. It was like I had a blind spot about us. As the days and weeks past, he became more interesting, available, talented and gorgeous. It got to the point where I was actually wondering if he was the most gorgeous man alive.

    It was hilarious! We got together and we get on great. He is just such a great guy and so easy to love. When we got together I did ask him if when we were friends he ever thought we would suit being in an intimate relationship — he said he had always thought we would be great together and he had imagined that our relationship would be a very good union and now we are living just what he had visualized.

    I still include positive LOA exercises into my daily practice because I want to enjoy this to the fullest. I even spent several thousand pounds on a few courses which advertised that they were going to tell me how to get my partner. But nothing worked, and with every new course I felt even worse and more defeated. I read the Success Stories archive over and over whenever I was feeling doubtful which I was, I have to admit, many times in the early days - and continued with my practice.

    From observing my friend, it was exactly like that: As she came into her connection, she realised the love of her life was already a good friend in her current experience. She had never seen him in that way before- but in the twinkling of an eye- she saw him in a new, romantic way. And he felt the same. And now they are married and one of the happiest couples I know. My partner came similarly- I got connected and a friend introduced us at an art showing. Through this I have learnt to follow my guidance in other areas of life, too.

    Chicken Soup for the Teenage Soul III: More Stories of Life, Love and Learning by Jack Canfield

    Thanks for the clarity you bring to the Law of Attraction. I heard your suggestion of just handing it all over to the Universe and to Life — and asking to see the situation from another perspective, but it seemed far too simplistic to work. However I was exhausted with the way I had been seeing it, as I felt like such a victim and had a lot of resentment. Slightly sceptical of exactly how I would see it from another perspective I had read many self-help books and seen two counsellors previously and nothing was helping , I finally agreed to give it a go.

    Then something strange happened. Someone at work who I thought was a really good person confided in me about a problem he had — and he had done exactly what my partner had done and was suffering because of it. At first it was difficult because I had my own judgement, but as I listened to him, I started to understand what my partner was going through — something I had never thought of before.

    Like a miracle, new insights and this relaxed sense of forgiveness washed over me. This was the answer I had asked for. I can honestly say I have let go of this situation that had been taking over my life and I feel great. This Universe List process is powerful! What your one-to-one appointments have done for me is to get me to rise above these ways of thinking and feel strong in my life. I am more secure than I have ever been, and your techniques do exactly what you said they would do.

    No false promises there. I will keep you updated. Your Universe List process has really kept me grounded through it all, and stopped me going into worries on this subject- and so many others. It was a tiring process and I had done all of the dating sites and just met with disappointment. So I put it all on the Universe List and joined a local political group of all things.