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Along with this fertile, if predictable, plot Bergman has his usual advantages of his troupe's superb acting and unparalleled camerawork by Gunnar Fischer. The story gives ample room for the irony of inversion, where good and bad are reversed, at which Bergman is so adroit. One wonders, then, how a director could possibly ruin the film.

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He has done it in a way that only Bergman could. He has overemphasized the character of the vicar, and used him as a vehicle to examine some very un-comic but typically Bergman questions.

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The vicar is naive; he is also a man of god. The problem of whether or not the vicar's naivete in some way protects him from the world in which he lives, or the question of how much of his faith is the result of his blindness to the facts of his own existence, are not fit topics for comedy. They may be of immense interest to Bergman, but they do not belong here, and the movie's comic structure cannot stand the strain they impose.

This lack of discipline and uncertainity of purpose on Bergman's part recurs constantly.

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He cannot fore-bear from adding an enigmatic sequence of pure symbolism, relating the legend of how Don Juan was carried to hell. It is a striking sequence, invested with Bergman's typicalaly nightmarish quality. But it makes no sense, and has no relation to the story. The vicar's wife, on hearing the legend, becomes upset and cries: "Life is a stupid comedy.

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  8. No one can understand it. When Braylin dies, Kayla goes on a mission to avenge her death.

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    Nick is the mysterious stranger with the alluring devil's eyes. He is attractive, powerful, and dangerous.

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    If not for her obsession for revenge, Kayla would never dare go near him. To lure Nick into her trap, she has to become what he needs while trying to fight against her growing desires. On a destructive path, Kayla enters a secret world of underground crime. The Devil's Eyes is a dark, intense romance novel. The argument for my bail begins, and I lower my head until the doors behind me crash open with a thunderous roar.

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    A vibration rushes through my body, I look up at the judge as his eyes widen and a cold silence takes hold of the room. It's him. I know it's him.