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Grojband's music makes Trina's science project plant become self-aware. Song: "Cheesy Cheese Song" and "Yeah!

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Grojband competes against the Newmans in a scary campfire song contest, as Corey and the band seek help from scare-master Blade Stabbington. Songs: "Ghosts of Clowns" and "Welcome to my Nightmare". Thinking costumes may be the Grojband's new gimmick, Corey dresses the band in bear costumes, but Trina gets them locked up in Major Mellow's zoo. Song: "Stuck in Peaceville Zoo". Corey and the band are booked to play the demolition derby. They'll have to enter Trina in the derby to get their lyrics.

Trina enters the Peaceville Queen Bee pageant, and it's up to Grojband to make sure she wins in order to get new happy lyrics from her to play there. Song: "Queen Bee".

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  7. In this 2-part special, Grojband's first music video goes awry, as Trina watches it and her brain breaks. Corey, Laney, Kin, and Kon must go inside her insane mind to stop it and to retrieve some twisted lyrics! Songs: "Booty Booty Pow! Corey decides on a new gimmick to play at kids parties dressed as Super Heroes. But Trina tries to out them as frauds and her plan backfires.

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    Song: "We're not Heroes". A comet passes by Peaceville and the town becomes an old medieval Time of knights and adventure and now Mina starts to act like Trina. Corey gets the band a job as royal minstrels to a fake princess at a LARP game. Song: "Go Away". Nothing is cooler than cred! If Grojband is going to get cred, they have to go straight, but they'll have to go thug first.

    Corey decides to become tough to improve the band's image. Song: "Knock it Off". Kon thinks he's a dog! Song: "Dog Gone". When Corey's pirate radio station stops actual pirates from listening, it leads to a run-in with real pirates and the band is forced to walk the plank. Song: "My Heart is in the Sea". Trying to be "ahead of their time," the band travels into the future to bring back the music trend from one year ahead and discovers it is ruled by an evil cyborg Trina. Song: "You're Going Down". Elevator music sinks to new lows.

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    Elevator music at the center of the earth! Song: "Busting out of Here". After Trina destroys Corey's guitar with a woodchipper, Corey decides to buy a new one, which just happens to be evil. Song: "No I Won't Play". March 31, online [11] February 23, Boomerang. Grojband offers an impromptu concert to three old ladies who take gym class.

    Song: "Yesterday".

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    Peaceville is under a happy spell by the happiest man in the world. Song: "Everything Stinks". March 31, online [11] February 28, Boomerang. Song: "We Are Victorious". March 31, online [11] March 1, Boomerang. When the favorite town statue who was actually a statue performer is taken down, Grojband decides to take the prime performance spot left behind.

    A turf war erupts between Corey and a group of mimes when they take the last busking spot in the park. Meanwhile Trina is having her portrait painted by Nick Mallory. Song: "Quiet Noise".

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    Until they got fused up by Trina's evil plan is to fuse her hand with Nick Mallory's hand so they can be together forever and Grojband and the Newmans get fused into 4 individual hideous freaks!!! March 31, online [11] March 7, Boomerang. It's science fair time, and Corey wants to prove the healing powers of rock!

    But Trina shrinks and ingests Kin and Kon! Corey hears that hipsters only like bands they've never heard of; he thinks Grojband is a perfect fit. Song: "Shades". March 31, online [11] March 8, Boomerang. Thanks to some meddling from Trina, Mayor Mellow bans bubbles, including soda bubbles, because Major Mellow has a bottle cap inside his brain.

    Primal , Mar 4, The Dream Reavers finally uncover the shocking truth behind why they were brought into the world of Astral and must have a final battle with the evil Spook King. Will they be able to stop his army from taking over the sleeping minds of everyone in the entire world? Primal , Mar 7, To save it, Superman must push the limits of his nascent powers as never before! Aboard the ship that has the city captive, The Man of Steel finds an important tool that may help him defeat Metal-zero and his boss! And as Superman fights foes in the sky, Steel must do what he can to protect those still in danger on the ground in a backup story by Sholly Fisch and Brad Walker!

    Three women who give new meaning to the term "drop dead gorgeous" have our hero outnumbered and outgunned! Collectively, they're called "Skylark," and they've been sent on a secret mission with Oliver Queen as its focus! Who's directing them, what is their shadowy goal and will Ollie let his guard down and be gulled by these beautiful and deadly adversaries? Can they knock out this Taliban cell's money source in order to win the bigger battle? Plus: It might have been battle skill or luck that helped Blake survive the crash of his patrol helicopter in Iraq — but which will get him through returning to civilian life?

    Labs in regard to his sisters, only to discover that they've walked in on a heist. Introducing the intangible Phayze, who's out to steal tech that could change the world.

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    How can Static defeat a villain he can't touch, protect his sisters from rampaging drones, and keep his alias a secret? It's just another spark of excitement for this electromagnetic teenager! Crushers simply get an extra attack whenever they strike. This second attack occurs after any retaliation. It seems to glitch out at times with abilities such as Cleave, though. Biography posted: Goblin Hunters are Goblins who are smart enough to survive in the wild on their own. Independent tribes of Goblins have been found in the forests of Irollan, the Steppes of the East, or in the Pao Islands.

    Sometimes a common purpose leads them to join the ranks of the Orcs. Goblin Hunters should not be underestimated: they are particulary good at finishing off incapacitated enemies.