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Similar translations Similar translations for "sports equipment" in Spanish. Spanish deportivo polideportivo deportivo sport de sport de deportes. Spanish de deportes sport de sport. Spanish equipo aparato artilugios equipamiento aparellaje instrumental. Context sentences Context sentences for "sports equipment" in Spanish These sentences come from external sources and may not be accurate. English They furnish the proof that child labour is still the order of the day in the production of sports equipment.

English The production of sports equipment is certainly not the only, and not even the most important, sector in which children work. English sports equipment. English Mr President, the European Commission shares the concerns expressed about the use of child labour in general and, particularly, in the production of sports equipment. More by bab. English sportman sports sports administrator sports articles sports car sports center sports centre sports coach sports commentator sports development officer sports equipment sports event sports field sports footwear sports ground sports medicine sports pants sports shirt sports shop sports therapist sportscaster Moreover, bab.

Se evaluaron la factibilidad, validez, fiabilidad y sensibilidad del cuestionario ACT. Palabras clave:. Cuestionario ACT. Texto completo. Introduction Achieving and maintaining asthma control is the current goal of therapy. Materials and methods This prospective, multicenter, assessment-tool validation study was performed in Spain with asthmatic children ages 4— The Spanish translation and linguistic validation of the c-ACT were a forward—backward translation, a method developed by Mapi Research Institute. Table 1. Assessment schedule. Study design. Sc-ACT questionnaire 4—11 years.

Baseline demographic and clinical characteristics by asthma severity. In the last 2 weeks before study start. Table 4. At baseline. Global strategy for the diagnosis and management of asthma in children 5 years and, younger. Juniper, P. Guyatt, P. Ferrie, D. Development and validation of a questionnaire to measure asthma control. Eur Respir J, 14 , pp. Nathan, C. Sorkness, M. Kosinski, M. Schatz, J. Li, P. Marcus, et al. Development of the asthma control test: a survey for assessing asthma control.

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Global strategy for asthma management and prevention. Jia, H. Zhang, Y. Lv, R. Liang, Y.

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