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James Gandolfini was voted Best Looking by his high school class? Steve Wright. Kris Sanchez. Did you know: The Pentagon was constructed so that no point in the building is more than a ten-minute walk from any other point? Farmers in India use Coca-Cola and Pepsi as cheap and effective pesticides? Discover all this and much, much more in this treasure trove of trivia for the social media age.

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David Samson. How can your tongue get you arrested? What dessert is as smart as the average adult? What's louder: A jet plane at take-off or a hippo having sex? Why Didn't I Think of That? Anthony Rubino. Soccer: Boredom is the stepmother of invention.

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Bottled water: There is no such thing as a stupid idea. Complete with useful trivia--like the fact that trillion paperclips have been sold--readers will be able to impress their friends by hardly trying. Similar ebooks. Bathroom Readers' Institute.

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At a whopping absorbing pages, Uncle John pulled out all the stops to make the behemoth Triumphant 20th Anniversary Bathroom Reader the epitome of Throne Room entertainment. Happy birthday, Uncle John! This 20th anniversary edition proves that some things do get better with age. In what other single book could you find such a lively mix of surprising trivia, strange lawsuits, dumb crooks, origins of everyday things, forgotten history, quirky quotations, and wacky wordplay?

Frankie Taylor. How much do you know about the world of Harry Potter? Do you know every creature, spell, and Hogwarts professor? Who played each character in the films?

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And what about the many uses for dragon blood? This amazing quiz book features questions to test your knowledge of everything Potter. Moving from easy questions that a muggle could answer through to trivia that the Wizengamot would consider beyond them, this book will be fun for the whole family. Test your Harry Potter knowledge and see if you are the ultimate fan!


Why is our lucky 13th edition All-Purpose? Here are 13 reasons to read this book: 1. Triskaidekaphobia, the fear of ten plus three 2. Military surplus: The story of carrot cake 3. The real-life inspiration behind Dracula 4. Going Ape: The history of Tarzan 5.

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People who married themselves 6. Politically incorrect toothpaste 7. Legendary business blunders 8. Wide world of weird sports Dog food for thought The birth of the CD Dumb criminals Brad Meltzer. It's an irresistible combination: Brad Meltzer, a born storyteller, counting down the world's most intriguing unsolved mysteries. And to make this richly illustrated book even richer, each chapter invites the reader along for an interactive experience through the addition of facsimile documents—the evidence!

Read about Product Details About the Author. About the Author The Bathroom Readers' Institute is a tight-knit group of loyal and skilled writers, researchers, and editors who have been working as a team for years.

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The BRI understands the habits of a very special market—Throne Sitters—and devotes itself to providing amazing facts and conversation pieces. Average Review. Write a Review. Related Searches. The wittiest, wackiest, and most popular selections from the last 12 years in the best-selling Result: pure bathroom-reading bliss! View Product. More than pages of absolutely absorbing More than pages of absolutely absorbing material are at your fingertips.

Divided for your convenience into short, medium, and long articles, this book has it all: humor, history, pop culture, politics, Uncle John and Why is our lucky 13th edition All-Purpose?

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Curious and quick, smart and wily, cats are the monarchs of their domains. The relationship between The relationship between cats and us lower animals cannot be summed up in mere words, but leave it to Uncle John to try anyway. Curl up with the From the market leader in true facts comes a big book of hilariously false information. After 25 years of laboriously researching facts and verifying them and then verifying them An entertaining almanac of fun-filled information…for girls only.

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