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The problem is that Hume never makes this clear, and if this is the way it is meant to be read then, as Williams says, "The narrative character of the Treatise is Also, there is the fact that he drops the problem in the same way in the Enquiry, which arguably lacks the narrative character of the Treatise. Fogelin argues [11] that the reason this exception is a genuine exception that can be safely ignored is because despite being simple ideas, colours and shades can be organised into a highly organised colour space, and that sounds and tastes, etc.

Hume allows that some simple ideas can be seen to be similar to one another without them sharing anything in common. The proviso that they do not share anything in common is important because otherwise this feature might be separated off and this would show that the original idea was in fact complex.

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In a note added to the Treatise commenting on abstract ideas Hume says:. It is this very ability to recognize similarity that enables us to arrange the shades of blue in order and to notice that two adjoining shades differ more than any two other adjoining shades. If it be allowed that the notion of hue can arise through abstraction even though it cannot in any instance be separated from a given example, then it may be fairly argued that the ability to fill a gap in the colour space is quite a different matter to coming up with an isolated idea without any prior impression.

It would certainly still be the case that the ability to conjure up the idea of the missing shade of blue is dependent on at least some prior impressions.

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The problem with this claim is that there needs to be some way of showing that the exception really is limited and will not affect the important general claim that ideas depend on impressions. Suppose, therefore, a person to have enjoyed his sight for thirty years, and to have become perfectly acquainted with regular polygons of all kinds except the one having five sides By whatever means the idea of the missing shade is to be created, there is still the question of why Hume takes such pains to present the example to his readers.

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Of course, it may just be that Hume was aware of it as an exception and was being open and honest. On the other hand, Nelson [12] suggests the intriguing possibility that far from being an oversight or an embarrassment to his wider project, the missing shade of blue example turns out to be crucial. Later Hume will divide all objects of human reason into ' Relations of Ideas ' and ' Matters of Fact '. The former are certain and do not necessarily say anything about what actually exists in the world; the latter do make claims about the world, but "the contrary of every matter of fact is still possible".

With this in mind it can be asked what status holds for the claim that "all our ideas or more feeble perceptions are copies of our impressions or more lively ones". If this is a Relation of Ideas, then it does not necessarily say anything true about the world, and this will not suit Hume's purpose at all; if it is a Matter of Fact, then the contrary must be possible.

The inconsequential hypothetical possibility that we are able to raise up to ourselves the idea of the missing shade of blue, even if in practice this doesn't ever happen, will ensure that Hume's description of the origin of ideas is grounded in fact. However, what is required of matters of fact is the logical possibility that they could be other than they are, not the practical possibility.

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This being the case, it is not necessary to construct an elaborately worked out example; it would be sufficient to say that we might have been constituted differently. None of the suggested solutions are without difficulty, nor does it necessarily follow that a historical judgment about what Hume probably intended will be the same as a philosophical judgment about which solution fits in most harmoniously with Hume's wider philosophy.

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Some rights reserved. We know the frequency and Planck's constant so all we have to do is plug the given values into the equation like so:. A certain shade of blue has a frequency of 7. What is the energy of exactly one photon of this light?

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Chemistry Bohr Model of the Atom Calculations with wavelength and frequency. Jun 21, Answer: The energy of one photon of this light is 4. Explanation: I believe that you have to use the following equation to answer this question: I should also note that Planck's constant has a value of 6.