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The novel, in addition to narrating every step of his political performance in this political storm in a deep going way, narrates his tender love and intimate relations with Flora and Gem with literary grace. The difference between this novel and the other literary works also reflecting the Cultural Revolution lies in the fact that it minutely narrates every step and the progress of the Cultural Revolution in a macroscopic and all-direction manner.

It succeeds in depicting the very complicated relations among the characters from the high, medium and low strata in the most unbridled and most senseless days in this disastrous movement. No other literary works have been able to bring to light the complete picture of the Cultural Revolution so deep in length and so broad in scale so far in China or elsewhere in the world. Get A Copy.

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About Shaoxian Wen. Shaoxian Wen. Books by Shaoxian Wen. Trivia About Awful Catastrophe No trivia or quizzes yet. It was the exact same pen I'd had back in third grade. The pen was white on top and sky blue on bottom, with six six! You could even press two buttons down at the same time and mix the colors. I know. To a third-grade bookworm who'd spent her entire summer practicing her signature in cursive, this pen was a complete and total thing of beauty.

I'd left it in my desk one Friday afternoon, but when I looked for it the following Monday morning, it was gone. But then, in a very suspicious turn of events, Chloe Lutz--a girl who wore her hair in pigtails every day, for god's sake--showed up with a similar and by similar I mean identical pen a few days later. Et tu, Chloe? I knew she took it. Emma, Sadie, and Tess knew she took it. But tattling wasn't an option because our teacher Mrs. Arden had a very harsh No-Tattling policy.

I wanted to confront her at recess, but I figured that was a bad idea, considering a she was a whole foot taller than me and b she was a brown belt in karate. In the end, I spent the whole rest of that school year watching Chloe have the time of her life pushing my beloved color buttons. No, blue! Oh, isn't this fun? Yes, Chloe Slutz, of course it's fun. That is obviously why I bought it. And now, all these years later, here I was in a grungy pizza parlor in Half Moon Bay, dead since Monday, and holding the very same World's Greatest Pen.

SO weird. First, I had that pen! Second, I think that passage highlights how funny and normal Brie is, and it gives you a little insight into her character. Sep 11, Angela rated it really liked it Shelves: ghosts , fantasy , paranormal , books-library-owns , favorites , contemporary. You can obsess and obsess over how things ended - what you did wrong or could have done differently - but there's not much of a point. I was thinking about giving this only 3 stars, but no.

It deserves 4. This book was amazing in so many ways. I was drawn in from the first sentence. I got bored for a few pages, but whatever. That's nothing compared to how I felt about the rest of the book. After the not-so-interesting part, this book jus You can obsess and obsess over how things ended - what you did wrong or could have done differently - but there's not much of a point.

After the not-so-interesting part, this book just got better and better. The trouble is, sometimes words are like arrows. I loved the characters. Brie is very I can relate to her not about her broken heart, heh , something that doesn't happen with many other characters. Although she is dense at times, she was funny and I grew to really like her. Her five stages of grief were fun to read.

Who I loved more is Patrick.

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Sure, he's cheesy, but he made me laugh. He and Brie have a great relationship, and I love how everything ties together in the end. I want someone like Patrick in my life. Even if he does dress from the 80s. There was one character that didn't come up as much as Brie or Patrick, for obvious reasons, but I absolutely loved. Brie's dog, Hamloaf. His name alone is wonderful. No matter how much you think you know a person - no matter how pretty they act, or how popular they seem, you can never know what their lives are really like. I really liked that this wasn't predictable.

I didn't see that view spoiler [Brie was actually Lily, the girl Patrick committed suicide over hide spoiler ]. The Catastrophic History of You and Me kept me reading until the end. Sometimes, friends drift in and out of our lives like fashion accessories - in one season and out the next. That's brilliant. When you're in love, the world is brighter. The air smells flowerier, and your hair is silkier, and suddenly you find yourself smiling at babies and strangers and old couples walking down the beach holding hands. And so I was reading the acknowledgements do people do that anymore?

Finally, to all the boys—from preschool and beyond—who ever broke my heart: Thanks for everything. Revenge may be sweet, but book deals are definitely sweeter. I love that last line. Turns out, hell's not so much a burning, scalding pit of fire and misery. View all 41 comments. Sep 23, Laura rated it really liked it Shelves: cover-me. Love is on full display in the pages of this book. Everything love has to offer is here. Blushing, beaming joy to brutal, heart crushing agony!

Just ask Brie. But life … well the afterlife must go on. We follow Brie 4. Let's just say the afterlife is a new world with rules and ways all its own.

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Good thing this new world comes with a guide! Brie and Patrick are so much fun to watch. From every cheesy nickname in the book to fun, flirty banter—these two have it going on! So much fun. Could they be more than friends though? How could they? Do they? If you have ever been in love and had your heart shattered into itty bitty pieces, this book is for you. The power of this story really surprised me. Hidden underneath the sarcasm and humor and flirty ways is a mountain of emotion. Love, love and love.

Come listen to her heart. And then we have the music to listen to, hum along with, and remember. Oh how they make me smile! This book opened up a well of old feelings and memories in me. Some happy, some not so happy. I adore a book that makes me examine old loves and hurts and joys. I highly recommend this dazzling journey through life and death showcasing the power of love. Dec 08, Corrine Jackson added it. There, I said it. I know this book has a ton of buzz, but honestly, a girl dies of heartbreak?

But on a Sunday afternoon, I needed something different to read and I picked it up. There is a lot to recommend about the book. First, the voice. Brie is fifteen and she dies at the start of the story when her boyfriend breaks up with her. We follow her on a journey through the five stages of grieving. She haunts her boyfriend, parents, little brother, and best friends, watching them grieve for her. This could all feel very maudlin, but Jess Rothenberg manages to steer clear of that.

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That voice hooked me right away. I also loved how we are carried through the five stages of grieving. There were some things — fairly big things for me — that bothered me about the story. A few scenes felt unnecessary or repetitive. And, I hate to say it, but the love interest plotline fell flat for me, especially at the big dramatic moment at the end. What saved the book for me, though, aside from the wonderful, engaging voice and interesting format, were the relationships Brie had with her friends and family and even her dog, Hamloaf.

Before she dies, Brie has a kind of simplistic view of her world. After her death, when she gets peeks into the private lives of those she haunts, she learns that the world is not what she thought it would be. That people are more complex. I thought Rothenberg did a fantastic job illustrating this, and despite the problems I noted, I think a lot of readers will love this book. I found out that it could make me feel so many things all at once. The concept of this book is beautiful. Very typical a teenager, hilarious, and absolutely adorable with a cheesy, delicious name.

It totally got me. The exchange of dialogues are also mesmerizing that it actually imparts the importance of love, friendship, and forgiveness that we often neglect in our personal lives. Oh, by the way, this book is not realistic when it comes to the plotline as it is simply a blend of romance with fantasy genre but the concept itself is damn pragmatic and heartfelt. The five stages of grief Depression, Anger, Bargaining, Depression, and Acceptance are well thought-out and incredibly awe-inspiring.

And oh, the twist. The twist absolutely had me gasping for air! This book is definitely a to-die book. Aug 14, Jessie Ageless Pages Reviews rated it it was ok Shelves: reads , supernatural-fiction , blah-blah-blaaahhhh , high-expectations-and-low-reward , stahp-all-of-this-please , navelgazing-pretensiousness , ya-fiction , dramamongering , goodreads-readalong , all-surface-no-substance. And by "a bit" I mean "a rather large mess. Too cutesy, too cliched, too annoying to make much of an impact. I wanted to buy this book for so long and then when I did buy it I just put it in my bookshelf and didn't read it, for about 2 years.

I have the tendency to always do that. I know I'm going to like a book and I just don't read it. This was a fun and heartbreaking in a good and in a bad way story. This was more emotional than I was expecting it. And I absolutely love it. I almost cry reading this book. But I won't lie, there were some parts that were boring but the final chapters were just so good that it made me forget the boring parts while reading it. May 02, Natasha Books are my sustenance rated it really liked it Shelves: best-characters , book-boyfriends.

And she's not alone, there are some other people there and they all just hang around, waiting to move on. There she meets Patrick, resident Lost Soul, who is so damn sweet, crushworthy and all-around awesome!! But more on that "I was fifteen years old when I died of a broken heart. But more on that later. You know the five stages of grief people go through after they lose someone? Well, this book is about those five stages, except it's Brie who is grieving.

Who says ghosts cant grieve? Brie spends sometime just hanging around in the afterlife, forgetting everyone and everything else. Big time denial. I don't blame her, that place was actually pretty fun. She roams around with Patrick and enjoys herself. Once she gets over that, she decides to get some revenge on her ex. So she comes back to earth with Patrick. And this leads to some shocking relevations, a whole load of heartbreak, betrayal and some terrible truths.

I was expecting this book to be a light, fun read. This was NOT light. This was NOT fluff. This is a freaking awesome book that made me laugh one minute and then choke up the next. Because this was a beautiful, touching read that is about accepting, forgiving, moving on and letting go. I loved her. She was real. I could understand and relate to her. She went through a ton of emotions-sadness,denial,anger,betrayal and a whole lot more- and I was with her every step of the way.

There was a point where she went too far in her need to get revenge but I couldn't dislike her. I loved her brother and BFFs too. The scenes in which she's with them and all that she feels was just so touching. As I already said, he is damn wonderful. He rides a motorcycle, sometimes talks in Latin and is just so sweet and supportive.

The last part of the book was the reason I reduced a star. There was all this Lily and reincarnation thing going on and I was like: And the ending was just way too happy and perfect for me. A large part of me wishes it could have been more sad and realistic. Im all for happy endings but I couldn't completely get behind this one. The writing was beautiful and thoroughly captivating. I loved how the chapter names were songs. Even though it has a few flaws, its still fabulous and I would highly recommend it Apr 01, Ayesha rated it liked it Shelves: books-i-own , tears-were-shed.

This is why: This beautiful book tells the story of a teenage girl who literally dies of a broken heart. Sounds silly, right? That's definitely what I thought. However, as I delved further and further into this astounding read, I soon found that this story was a lot dee When I picked The Catastrophic History of You and Me up off my shelf, I was expecting a lighthearted and sweet teenage romance novel.

However, as I delved further and further into this astounding read, I soon found that this story was a lot deeper and emotionally challenging than I had ever anticipated. Despite the fact that the typical teenage voice of Brie, the main character, was slightly irritating at first, I soon found that this worked to the books advantage. That is, it made it much more realistic and relate-able, and ended up contributing to why I connected with this book on such a personal level.

Jess Rothenberg takes readers on a raw and compelling journey whilst exploring the concept of life, death and everything in between. I'll admit that I found the book a bit slow at first, and that, yes, it did take me a while to finish, but after completing it I couldn't have been happier that I'd chosen to read it in the first place.

The plot was filled with twists and turns that kept me gripping to the words on every page, disallowing me to put the book down at all! As a teenager, I found that I really identified with several of the characters, and this really allowed me to learn from their struggles and pain. After reading the final page of this masterpiece, all I could do was sit there for a while and ponder over all the thoughts and emotions that this book had ignited within me cheesy, but true!

I would highly recommend this book to teenagers and adults alike who enjoy a breathtakingly amazing read, filled with deeply rooted personal emotions. The Good Those nifty chapter titles; I loved those because they touched little on what she loved and she loved a lot. She has had a passion for older music, a skill for diving, and a love for those close to her. Her version of heaven is a pizza parlor, a version I would willingly take up as my own. But I stop here because imagining past his whatever jacket, what was it again?

The Iffy Ok, I have to but the back story of who Patrick was has me feeling iffy. It's quite different from the books that I have read before though the idea of the heart being literally broken into two is weird. The first few pages were okay, light and a little fast-paced, but as the story goes, it got more and more interesting.

I like how the story progressed for five stages of grieving? With that, it's like being on a roller coaster of emotions. The main character, Brie, is admirable though sometimes let's admit it , she complains a lot. What I also like about her character is that she can handle things and issues by herself even though she's a little childish at times.

Rothenberg is brilliant for tackling family and personal issues and then fixing them eventually in the story. The idea of death sometimes scares us, but the book portrayed that there's much more into it than simply being in the oblivion. On the other hand, the romance was okay as well, not so swoon-worthy and not too cheesy.

Just right, I guess. At times, the story is predictable, but there are plot twists that can actually get your attention. Won't give spoilers about the book anymore, but I recommend you to read this book if you want something new, quirky, light, and fast-paced. View all 6 comments. Mostly I just wanted to be finished with the book, because once I start a book, I usually try to finish it…unless it just horrible. This book in my opinion is bad, but not horrible.

Mainly Brie is just horrible. She tries to hurt almost everyone in her life. However, my biggest issue with this that I feel like Rothenberg gets distracted from telling her story. I feel like Rothenberg brings in so many elements to this story, to try to make it more complex than it really is, or should be, and by the end she tries to force a happily ever after. Oct 01, Angie rated it it was amazing. I laughed, I cried, I came, I saw, I conquered.

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Or at least I did the first two. Rothenberg knows humor and her dialogue is full of the kind of wit and retorts that I love. On the opposite side, she also is able to bring on the sadness and I found myself unable to read a few times because of blurry vision. They weren't tears, because I don't cry.

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I don't. I probably just need new glasses. I felt the pain that Brie felt and the feelings that overcame her as she made discoveries. Oh, and did I mention the romance? This is a romance for the ages. It's what most high school girls want. I've grown-up and become a bit jaded since then, but I could feel my fourteen-year-old self smiling and very pleased as I finished the book. Has more meaning after you read the book will wrench your heart, then it will make you laugh, then you'll find yourself sobbing in the bathroom behind the toilet so your roommates don't hear you.

I didn't do that either, I'm just theorizing. Very enjoyable read! Dec 10, Julianna Helms rated it liked it Shelves: received-via-trade-with-awesomers , own-arc , arcs-for-trade , debut-ya-author-challenge. Quick Reaction : This book made me feel so bipolar, it wasn't even funny. I don't think I've ever read a book that made me cry just as much as it made me want to rip it apart. The Catastrophic History of You and Me features a protagonist who felt shallow and like a 5-year-old with the way she treated everything, yet though I detested her during the "Anger" and "Bargaining" parts this book is told in parts labeled as the stages of grief!

And every chapter is a song title! So freakin' cool. In the end, I think it's the transformation of Brie that finally redeemed her in my eyes, as did the quite honestly well-thought twists. One thing, though. There's this giant big twist at the end that affects everything, and it involves a bargain, but If so, there was no explaining nor backing on that aspect, and though it was a fantastic fairytale-esque ending, that plot hole cracked the ice.

Actual, full review: This review is also on my blog. Note: due to copy-and-paste, formatting and links have been lost. Brie died of a broken heart, and she left me with one, too. This book was definitely original and compassionate, but Brie has a voice that rivaled a five-year-old. But this book--my goodness--made me feel so bipolar, it was like slowly inching up on a roller-coaster, only to have the ride be stuck at the highest point, staring down at a trail of steepness below. Brie frustrated me and made me cry. She made me want to throw the book against a wall and hug it so fiercely my ribs hurt.

She makes immature decisions--and talks almost nothing like a teenager, if you ask me a teenager. Hi there! I don't even know what to think. This book is cool, though. It's broken into parts--each one being a stage of grief. Every chapter is a song title I didn't even know until a friend pointed out that Total Eclipse of the Heart was, in fact, a song, and not a supremely cool original chapter title. And though Brie sometimes annoyed me so much, and I would have smoke steaming out from my ears if I was in a cartoon, she did make me laugh.

You know, I think I know how she managed to infuriate me and break me at the same time. Brie knows she's done wrong. She's so terrified of her own mistakes that her fears become my own, and she's so afraid that she won't ever be able to fix her own self that I am surrounded by these eternal walls of impossibility, suffocating and choking and horrifying. Brie backed herself into a steel prison, and it's not only catastrophic, it's claustrophobic.

Get it? This book has surprises, turns, and zero explanations. And it's not even the most entertaining book of all time, considering Brie's childish voice. But here's what I'll tell you: The Catastrophic History of You and Me will find a part of you so deeply hidden--so scarce and afraid--and yank it out, fast, so that you won't even realize what happened until you feel this gigantic hole in your chest.

It'll stitch you back together, one attempt at a time. But no matter how many times it tries to save its own destruction, you won't be the same. Whether that's meant in a good way or bad way, though, that's up for you to see. Mar 21, Paula M. Full review to follow.

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Full of swooning for sure. Jan 26, Hilda rated it really liked it Shelves: young-adult , tears. A heartbroken moment can turn deadly. Now Brie is a ghost, unable to rewind anything. She is determined to make Jason pay for his fault. Along with his new ghost partner-in-crime Patrick, Brie goes to visit Jason and take revenge on him. But things on Earth have been different after her death. Her family is torn apart A heartbroken moment can turn deadly. Brie has to go through five stages before she can go to Heaven for real.

Even though The Catastrophic History of You and Me sounds like an incredibly funny and hilarious read just take a look at the cover! I can understand her confusion and anger perfectly. Brie is a completely relatable character. Other than the tearful part in this book, there are many funny lines and witty remarks thrown in the book. This book also got to surprise me in some parts, and the ending is really beautiful. The Catastrophic History of You and Me definitely crosses the line between fun and heartbreaking.

I nodded. It does. The Catastrophic History of You and Me is a book that explores love in all its glorious and devastating forms and is ultimately a unique and quirky romance. As well as the romance aspect to this book, Brie is also trying to navigate her way and learn the rules of the afterlife as well as trying to tie up loose ends and act as guardian angel to her best friends and family.

The Catastrophic History of You and Me is a love story like no other, with a hilarious heroine, and the ultimate disaster romance this is a story of life, death, love and all the glorious things in between at its best. Nov 22, Coranne rated it it was amazing Shelves: favorites. So Lauren Oliver blurbed this book. If you are in the young adult community- that is a big deal to have Lauren Oliver blurb your book. I had high expectations going into Catastrophic History and that blurb is why.

Lauren nailed the description of the book: "Inventive, funny, beautiful, heartbreaking". Those are the exact words I would use to describe it if that wasn't total copying! Man, the drama was palp So Lauren Oliver blurbed this book. Man, the drama was palpable.

The book was somehow sad and dramatic without being dark. There were many funny and carefree moments throughout the book that kept it from tipping into the depressing. I loved the characters and loved the journey that Brie goes through. This book is really about Brie but really really about something else that I am not telling you!

It was a bittersweet read that has a wonderful finish. I would say even if you aren't a fan of contemporary ya which I typically am not - you will still love this book. The author rides the line between fantasy and contemporary fiction with skill and ease. I loved this book and I can't wait to read more from this very talented author!

View 1 comment. Nov 09, Evie rated it it was amazing Shelves: contemporary , freaking-awesome , charming , favorites , pure-awesomeness , thought-provoking , ya , wish-list , very-enjoyable , arcs. This book is deliciously refreshing, full of sparkling new ideas and unforeseeable plot twists. It's sweet. It's touching. It's funny. Above all, though, it's an extremely perceptive book, especially on the complexity of young love, friendship, and revenge. Offering a mesmerizing blend of romance, mystery, drama and paranormal, The Catastrophic History Of You And Me makes for one extremely entertaining and utterly unforgettable read!

I didn't know it at the time, but that doctor was wrong. My heart didn't fail. Someone failed my heart. The plot of this wonderfully vibrant and inventive novel centres around sixteen year old Brie and her life, or rather her afterlife. See, Brie is dead. She died while on a date with her beloved boyfriend, Jacob. Her heart broke. The doctors called it a heart failure or acute congestive cardiomyopathy, to be more precise , but the truth is teenagers don't usually die from heart failure, and neither did Brie.

Her heart broke when Jacob told her that he didn't love her. It got severed in "perfect, equal, extraordinary halves". In other words, Jacob - the sweet, caring, supportive and supposedly loving boyfriend - killed her. There's a whole afterlife ahead of her, with many important choices to make. Plus, she is yet to uncover the many shocking secrets related to her death. And if you think dying means the end of her heartbreaks, you'll be surprise to find out just how wrong you are. This book was so wonderful! Its was beautiful, compelling, multilayered, and practically impossible to put down.

Full of totally eye-popping mysteries, mind-blowing surprises, and characters that, although dead, are in fact more alive than any other characters I've met before, The Catastrophic History Of You And Me is a book like no other out there. I had a fabulous time reading it. I laughed, I cried, I was shocked by some of the plot developments, and - in the end - I was left speechless. When I turned the last page, I was extremely sad, knowing that I won't be meeting any of the fantastic characters again. I felt that something special was coming to an end. It's rare for me to get so emotionally involved with the plot and so clingingly attached to the characters, and considering the fact that it was just one pages-long novel, and not a series, I can't deny the fact that Jess Rothenberg did a phenomenal job with it.

I love when authors slowly build up tension, scattering little clues all throughout the book, keeping you totally absorbed and guessing. I love mysteries that are not only far from obvious, but also absolutely and utterly unpredictable. Most of all, I love well thought-out plot lines, with characters that are authentic, relatable and easy to love. It's insanely addictive, with a storyline that is sure to satisfy even the pickiest readers. Jess Rothenberg's writing style is beyond excellent. She doesn't just tell the story, she weaves a magic spell, drawing you in with the vividly described settings and people, brilliantly alternating between the enchanting, exhilarating and heavenly, and the dark, eerie and disquieting.

On top of everything else, she does a fantastic job keeping you on the edge of your seat, avoiding cliches and exploring paths that have never been explored before. In a genre filled to the brim with wonderful, poignant and fascinating novels, it isn't often that we come across a book that is truly unique and fresh.