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【 Beautiful Misery 】

My smutty sisters- Thank you for all the late night lovely pictures for inspiration. And, for all the laughs and hilarious stories to make my long coffee filled nights a little less draining. I love you all! I have got to meet so many wonderful people through my writing.

He taught me when you get knocked down, you simply stand back up.

A Beautiful Misery: A Book of Songetry

You brush the dirt off with your middle finger in the air, and say you hit like a bitch. Groaning, I rolled over only to come face to face with some naked brunette. Using my hands I scrubbed my face and sighed. She must have heard me because her makeup smeared eyes popped opened.

Attempting to climb on top of me I placed my hands on her tiny shoulders and pushed her off. You can get dressed and go.

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You got what you wanted and I got what I wanted, so you are free to go. Closing my eyes, pictures of Jenna flashed through my mind. It had been eighteen months since she walked away from me. Eighteen months of hell. The New Zealand-born singer-songwriter already has years of touring under his belt and, thanks to the success of his self-titled debut solo album, a fan base devoted to his classically-trained-turned-country croon.

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A voice both warm and effortless, moving between vibrato and falsetto like liquid and likened to greats such as Roy Orbison and Gram Parsons, it is the exact kind that makes anguish sound seductive. Which helps considering his sophomore record is, for lack of a better term, a breakup album. When did you first pick up the guitar and start playing?

Going from really simple Bob Dylan songs from about 11 or 12 you know. And then I started playing Beatles songs and that became my obsession for a long time. You grew up in a small town, Lyttelton, of about people. How did your upbringing shape your current career path? Was there a music community there?

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Any normal circle is usually a lot smaller than 3,, I have a feeling like I really do know the majority of people who do live in this town, that has given me huge amounts of sociability, that has been very useful in my career. And in terms of music there was a really great burgeoning music scene when I was a teenager here so I kind of worked my way into it, you know, and became a part of it. It was really fostering and provided me a lot of opportunities to hone my craft as a teenager and learn from other people.

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Which do you prefer — the writing and production process or the touring? Did you find any pressure when making the record in ensuring it lived up to the first? How did you approach that process? Well, because of the nature of what the second album was [about], and the intense personal tone it had, it really stood alone. How did the songwriting process help you work through your own emotions?

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Did anything come out in the writing and recording process that surprised you? I had to really delve into it to be able to vindicate a case that was worthwhile.