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Blind Blake - Brownskin Mama Blues / Hey Hey Daddy Blues (Shellac, 10", 78 RPM, Reissue) | Discogs

On another note: I must mention the instrumentation separate from the vocals. The vocals were awesome and the instrumentation was as good if not better than the vocals. Jeff Haskell on the piano was solid throughout the entire CD since I play piano, I always seem to notice that instrument -- good or bad.

Lonesome Dan Kase, Hey, Hey Daddy Blues, January 8, 2012

But, one performance stood out during Track 7: the soulful trumpet. Martin Patfield, I take my hat off to you. Great use of your mute! This project is reminiscent of the great days of big band jazz. And, if this is any sign about how good this CD is, I will definitely add this project to my iPod.

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Denise Squier - Indie-Music Nov 3, There is a piece string section, as well. These days, when the government thinks suspected terrorists are lurking around every airport security checkpoint, it's good to know singers like Julie Anne are ready to serve in the pop culture service of helping keep us alert under fire. Her phrasing and intonation are the equal of any martini. Open to a new page of your bartender's guide and slip this CD into the mix.

In no time at all, you'll be ready for anything. Your new CD is terrific! All of the songs reflect what makes you unique - all the facets of your personality are on display - starting with how much FUN you are to be with! There's every mood covered here, and the soloists shine, particularly Greg Armstrong and Martin Patfield. Her phrasing, tone control and intonation are straight from the heart of American music. The way she turns a phrase, bends the inflection of a word, pauses here, extends a note there gives every song an intimacy. Julie Anne and Arthur, What a spectacular performance you gave us!

You each looked so special Julie Anne that long red velvet gave the feel of understated elegance and Arthur your suit gave a touch of class. Just perfect choices for the day, the place and the group.

The comment that made you stand out over other performers was the connectedness that you two show while performing Wingfield, , c; poss. Johnny Dodds, cl; prob. E-Disc R1 Sw ? Pill Blues rec.

Blind Blake

June 6, in Richmond, Ind. June 20, in Richmond Ind.

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August 17, in Richmond Ind. Robinson, p rec. June 27, in Richmond Ind. Aletha Dickerson , p Paramount 45 ? Alex Hill, voc; poss. Kenny Kersey - K. Boogie James P. Blind Blake - C.

Sweet Daddy Lowdown - Blind Blake style - Fingerpicking Blues/Ragtime instrumental

Gorgeous Weed - C. Johnny Dodds Vol. Hans R. Blues prod. Wilson - Dying Blues - Ashley St.


Blues Country U. Mike Stewart's label Blind Blake real name: Arthur Phelps, later Blake b. Paramount's advertising for Blind Blake's first record from the Chicago Defender, October 2, source: Titon , p. Since this ain't no museum, my aim is not to depict actually existing specimen of 78 rpm records, but to show the labels as pristine as workmanlike possible even if this - in some cases - takes a whole lot of my time to photoshop process the initial data.

Leola B. Wilson, voc; Arthur Blake, g Paramount Jimmy Blythe, p Paramount Dad Nelson, kazoo Paramount Australia as by Gorgeous Weed.

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