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Ti senti promettente, promesso o nessuna delle due? Beh, grazie del complimento! Mi piace fare quello che faccio, e non tanto in relazione al futuro, se non per organizzarmi. Quanto ha modificato la filosofia il tuo modo di vedere il mondo? La filosofia ha sostanzialmente il compito di allargare i nostri pensieri. Questo ci fa pensare cose mai pensate, o pensare le stesse cose in modo diverso. Il mondo diventa qualcosa di allargabile e conquistabile. In questo senso fotografia e filosofia si avvicinano, e certo, mi hanno cambiato.

Come ha influito Ferrara nel tuo percorso? Un bel ricordo. A Ferrara e alla sua campagna ho rubato i colori. Lately you realize what you were looking to shoot and to take only one picture and, looking for a more focused and obvious target. In this sense, the path is rational and representative. A thought that has become action. Contemplative, composite, surreal. I never thought of. I think that photography is one of the ways to say something: I have tried many and this is the mean by which the things I say are more clear, even to myself.

It is a language which regards to the suggestion and intuition more than any other instance. In these days, two exhibitions are starting, a solo show at the Chaos in Terni and a three-persons at the Sponge Gallery, in Pergola, Marche. And many other things, but currently there are more ideas than projects Contemplativo, composto, subreale. Non ci avevo mai pensato. Sono in programma nel mostre a Vienna, Siena, Bologna, la biennale di Alessandria e, il prossimo ottobre, a New York. How did your interest in photography first form?

Was it something you were interested in from an early age or did it come later on in life? It formed from studying film, and from this I developed a love for a still frame and image, and started to experiment within different photographic formats. Well from studying film, then led to photography, but I found that you could only be taught so much the rest is experimenting yourself.

I always loved fashion magazine from the Face, to I-D and dazed, I was very bored with shooting the typical projects set within class, so started to make my own images shooting friends, which turned into semi fashion photos, and then I started getting commissions by magazines. And Fanzine Models and friends, someone with a face and personality that interests me, youth.

Dallo studio dei film, e poi per collegamento la fotografia. Ho sempre amato le riviste di moda, da The Face a I-D. Trovo che sia piuttosto limitante essere un fotografo a Londra, visto che spesso mi stufo dei posti dove andare a scattare. No, preferisco usare la fotografia per lavoro o quando sto facendo un progetto. Mi piace avere dei team piccoli quando scatto. Traveling with work, getting to meet new people and hanging out in cities outside of London has been really fun, also I got to shoot for some personal favorite magazines of mine.

Non direi che sia proprio una foto intima, ma quelle che ho scattato al modello Callum Wilson per Hero sono alcune delle mie immagini preferite, visto che sono foto molto rilassate e non sembra neanche un tipico servizio di moda. Sto anche pensando di tornare da dove ho iniziato e lavorare su qualche film, qualche piccolo corto sulla moda e forse dei video musicali. Sto pianificando di prendermi il tempo necessario per queste cose e trovare un modo di girare che mi renda felice. Despite his young age 19 , he has already managed to be known in the British capital as an emerging photographer and has all the intention to go on like this.

This is what he told me about his work. When I was at college, they wanted me to use a digital camera to acquire more skills, but in the end I sold it to buy an analog Pentax. When you start off doing photography, the first subjects on your films are the ones closest to you. For instance, I began taking pictures of my family, which is the simplest way to begin. To be honest, it was television that got me started: I used to be very fond of videoclips, but then I realized that the image was much more important to me than the sound. I got in contact with some agencies and developed some photo book tests for them.

Now I get to earn some money with it, although I must always look for something new. Lavori di tipo differente? What kind of style lies beneath them? I try to keep the closest relationship I can with my models. I try to look at them not only as work subjects, but also as real people, and take the best from them. I choose digital photography to capture reality as it is, without any sophistication.

When I take pictures there are only my model, my camera and me; sometimes there is also a stylist with us, because getting the right style for the image is really important. Good luck, Cameron! Ecco quello che mi ha raccontato in questa breve chiacchierata sulle sue foto. Sicuramente analogico. In bocca al lupo! The Royal Marine Commandos are the elite British fighting force. They are on standby to go to war at a moments notice.

The officers have to undergo 15 months intense training before they can lead their men into battle. This is the first chapter of my project. It is my aim to follow these officers and their families right from training through to war. Devono essere pronti ad intervenire su ogni fronte, quando richiesto. Gli ufficiali devono sottoporsi ad una preparazione molto intensa prima di essere in gradi di comandare la truppa.

After the devastating tsunami of December , many people got homeless in sri lanka. The world offered help in many ways for those who lost their relatives and friends. The disabled women of the Sambodhi Institute in Baddegama near Hikkaduwa lost their friends and relatives long time ago; not by the force of nature but by pure voluntarily desertion of the family side. These women who are both fysically and mentally ill have to make the best of life in a dark and dirty environment.

They only have each other and pass their days in a forgotten world. Hilton Hope stands for the unspoken truth and the loneliness I was in Sri Lanka as an assignment for the Dutch Vebego. Vebego Foundation develops projects both far away and nearby with the focus on people with fewer chances and possibilities. Projects are related to care, education and social economy. Employees help by participating in construction tours which focuses on interaction with the target group and the local population. Vebego Foundation built a new building for the disabled women where they can rest with a roof above their head.

The documentary shows disabled women who play music and do needlework. They are bored and feel isolated. One woman has leprosy and feeds herself with her foot. She weaves clothes and draws paintings. These forgotten women live in a dirty building that falls into decay. When it rains, they have to sweep the floors in order to keep their bedroom dry. A young girl who is highly sensitive and still not clean makes ends meet in a world where the exception proves the rule.

Dopo il devastante tsunami del dicembre , molte persone nello Sri Lanka sono rimaste senza casa. Il mondo ha dato una mano in molti modi a coloro che sono rimasti senza parenti e amici. Le donne disabili del Sambodhi Institute di Baddegama, vicino a Hikkaduwa, hanno perso i loro amici e parenti molto tempo fa. Queste donne, malate sia mentalmente che nel fisico, devono cercare di arrangiarsi al meglio in un ambiente sporco e male illuminato.

Il documentario presenta alcune di queste donne mentre suonano della musica e ricamano. Sono annoiate e si sentono isolate. Una donna ha la lebbra e mangia coi piedi. Tesse vestiti e dipinge quadri. Queste donne dimenticate vivono in un edificio in avanzato stato di decadenza. Una giovane ragazza, molto sensibile ma comunque sporca, cerca di sbarcare il lunario in un mondo dove le eccezioni sono la regola. Can you tell something about you? I am a 24 year-old freelance journalist from Germany.

I have been to over fifty countries so far and cant get enough of new ideas and perspectives. My work is published by various news agencies and magazines but I am also blogging since on my blog www. Why did you go there, and how was Iran in those days? Yes I went to Iran last year. I wanted to go there for a very long time because I am very interested in middle eastern culture, history and of course politics. It was an amazing trip and probably one of the best travels in my life! Iran has so many great things the world does not know about! Despite the harsh political struggles you can find breath taking landscapes, architecture from ancient times, delicious food and most important of all: open minded and warmhearted people.

It was the 30th anniversary of the closure of the American embassy and there have been several demonstrations throughout the city of Teheran.

Sorry we still under construction!

I wanted to avoid these protests because all journalists were banned from the streets and I read enough from other journalists how hard it is to deal with the strict police forces. My plan was to meet a good friend of mine in a cafe but the Taxi driver was to confused and drove directly through the protests. We were driving for about 20mins and I felt quite safe in the car so I had the urge to take some snapshots of the protests. Just a few pictures later the Iranian secret service called Basij threw me out of the taxi, blindfolded me, took me into another truck and drove me outside of Teheran to a small prison cell.

I could barely speak persian and they couldnt speak much english so I couldnt get any information about whats going on. Potresti dirci qualcosa su di te? Ho 24 anni, sono tedesco e lavoro come giornalista freelance. Studio e lavoro a Bangkok in Tailandia da tre anni ma sono anche un appassionato viaggiatore. Era da tanto che ci volevo andare a causa del mio interesse per la cultura, storia e ovviamente la politica del medio oriente. Ci potresti descrivere il momento in cui la tua macchina fu attaccata da un gruppo di persone e poi tu fosti arrestato dai servizi segreti iraniani?

Era da venti minuti che viaggiavamo e io mi sentivo abbastanza sicuro in macchina quindi ho sentito il bisogno di fare delle foto della manifestazione. Dopo solo un paio di foto i servizi segreti iraniani Basij mi buttarono fuori dal taxi, imbavagliandomi mi misero in un furgone e mi portarono fuori Teheran e mi chiusero in una piccola cella.

I know you took some photos there with your i-phone, is it correct? The first one was a single cell and it was not a really a prison, more a normal house turned into a prison. The second one was a public prison. When I arrived at the first one I had to undress and I really had the feeling that it would be the last thing I would do in my life.

There have been blood splatter on some walls, it was about 10 degrees, I was freezing, I was alone and I knew that there are foreigners and journalists disappearing frequently. They took everything I had with me passport, camera, notes, money, phone. Later on the gave me back some of my cloth and they asked for all the things in my bag. I told them that my iphone was just a mp3 player and they gave it back to me.

When I was back in the cell I tried to make a call to my embassy but it was not possible. I took some pictures but there has been a guard in my cell frequently and lots of people where entering to ask me questions. Like Afganisthan? The interrogation lasted all night, especially about the notes and numbers in my notebook. After that I was blindfolded again and they drove me to a normal police station. I was free to go, but they took my camera and my passport. It took me about two weeks to deal with the Iranian juristic system to get back my cam and my passport.

My embassy told me to leave the country immediately to avoid any further conflicts with the Basij or other governmental security groups but I planned this trip for month and I didnt want to leave after this incident. Sono stato in due prigioni. La seconda era una prigione pubblica. Presero tutto quello che avevo con me passaporto, macchina fotografica, i miei quaderni, soldi, telefono. Dopo mi hanno restituito qualche vestito e mi hanno fatto domande sul contenuto della mia borsa.

Gli ho detto che il mio i-phone era giusto un lettore MP3 e me lo hanno restituito. Ero libero di andarmene ma mi confiscarono il passaporto e la macchina fotografica. La mia ambasciata mi ha detto di lasciare il paese immediatamente per evitare qualsiasi altro conflitto con i Basij o altri gruppi di sicurezza del governo, ma io avevo pianificato questo viaggio da molti mesi e non avevo intenzione andarmene dopo questo incidente.

Sono rimasto in Iran per altre due settimane e poi ho attraversato il confine per il Pakistan. Sometimes its a bit difficult but overall the middle east is an incredible place to travel. Khok Wua, 10 April, then 17 may Ding Daeng, and 19 may Rajaprasong: what did you remember these days? It was Thailands most horrible crisis in decades. Many protesters and journalists lost their life on these dates. I was to naive that nothing would happen on the 10th of April. Thais are usually very peaceful and avoid any kind of conflicts.

I was proven wrong when I was in the middle of the first break out of violence. Luckily I was only shot in the arm but just a few weeks later I was confronted with injured and dead people around me. In some situations I was trapped, confused and frightened. Some parts of Bangkok turned into a battlefield over night and it was a surreal atmosphere which is still in my mind. Basically I like everything that is informing and adjusting justice in the right way. Sometimes its complicated and challenging but I like that. It maybe seems different but I was really aware of dangerous situations.

After the Bangkok clashes I had an hostile environment training for journalists. Molti manifestanti e giornalisti persero la vita in quei giorni. Io ero talmente naive che non mi successe niente il 10 aprile. I tai normalmente sono molto pacifici e evitano qualsiasi tipo di conflitto. Ma fui contraddetto quando mi trovai in mezzo alla primo scoppio di violenza. Fortunatamente mi hanno sparato solo colpendomi al braccio ma solo alcuni giorni dopo ero circondato da gente ferita e da morti.

In alcune situazioni mi trovavo intrappolato, confuso e spaventato. Non sembra ma io ero molto consapevole delle situazioni di pericolo. Dopo gli scontri a Bangkok ho fatto un training per giornalisti in situazioni ostili. There are various of side projects but I am looking forward to report more about Burma and its struggle for democracy. I dont want to stay in South East Asia my whole life but right now it is a very interesting place to be.

What do you think about the web journalism like yours? Can it be the new way to report news around the world, or we need to keep on watching the big media newsgroup? Journalism is changing very fast nowadays and I think that web journalism is already the most important source of information for the average people around the world. The huge media agencies trying to adjust and offering more user generated content, you tube interaction and updates via rss and twitter.

I think journalism is not dependent on big or small companies - it is important how news are presented and how detailed the research was made. Most of the people I know are avoiding CNN and other big channels because the information are just to shallow or non neutral. They have in depth stories and trying to get different perspectives on stories. Cerco di finire i miei studi ma tutto riguarda la mia passione nel raccontare storie e affascinare la gente con cose che non sanno, che non hanno visto o mai sentito prima.

Le grandi agenzie di media si stanno adattando per offrire contenuti che siano generati dagli utenti, come con interazioni You Tube e aggiornamenti via RSS e Twitter. Hanno storie approfondite e cercano di acquisire prospettive diverse. Chilean Memories Chilean Memories, Handle with care. Saturday, February 27th, A.

The earth began to tremble, the tremble grew into a shake, the shake into a roar and suddenly people shot up like rockets from their sleep. In an instant, everyone knew what was happening. It had happened before, perhaps not in their own lifetimes, but they had most certainly heard the stories of their fathers, neighbors, older brothers and older sisters. Perhaps they had vague memories from their childhoods. But every single person, as the ground began to creak and sway and rattle, knew what was happening in the darkness of a Chilean summer. There were the young people in the streets and in the bars, partying away the last hours of the last weekend of the summer.

There were young children asleep between their parents in double beds. Chileans of all generations had always lived with the knowledge of past natural disasters as well as the inevitable notion that another quake, a greater quake, was coming. No one could have predicted when or where.

Fari nella nebbia Film Completo Ita

But even with the 8. But even more importantly, no one could have predicted what would follow in the days, weeks and even months to come. Across social classes, belief systems and ways of life, the earthquake swept; transversal and indiscriminate. The Chilean people, on individual as well as collective levels, began to feel a sinking sense of smallness. The Chilean people were forced to recognize their ultimate lack of power, forced to leave pride aside in order to understand the magnitude of what had happened and start over from square one.

As a phoenix rises from the ashes, Chile, small but potent with dedication, began to reform its image of itself, an image without lines dividing rich from poor. In rebuilding the sense of home that they once projected in sections, Chile started to realize the importance of an undivided house. The country integrated once again the necessary nature of community and in doing so, endeavored to actualize an old Chilean adage: One hand washes the other and together, they wash the face. The earthquake had left the Chilean face wounded, covered in ashes and rubble.

However, wounds can heal, ash can be removed and rubble can be cleared away. Since the quake hit Chile and left it staggering, various events have swept over the nation, leaving it swaying to and fro in a progressively more pluralistic spectrum among myriad subjective notions of positive and negative change. Memorie cilene, maneggiare con cura. Sabato 27 febbraio , 3. In un attimo, tutti capirono cosa stava succedendo. Nessuno avrebbe potuto prevedere quando o dove.

Anche con un terremoto di magnitudo 8. Il terremoto aveva lasciato il volto del Cile ferito e coperto di cenere e macerie. Per il popolo cileno questo cambio della guardia ha segnato una pietra miliare non solo politica, ma anche ideologica. In swinging to the political right, Chilean society did one of two things. According to Chilean conservatives, Chile held its history up to the light and decided that the conservative Chile of the past would not be the conservative Chile of the future.

The new right wing favored change, they said, new breath, they said. It was an unforgettable historical moment of collective audacity projected towards the betterment of a nation. It was a quake that struck down into and split through layers of national soil to the very foundations of a Chile they could not, would not, refused to accept. An ecstatic uproar flooded through the nation from 11 June until 11 July.

Plasma screen televisions in electronics shops up and down the main drags were aimed out into the streets and people crowded in masses on the sidewalks, impeding pedestrian traffic and leaking out into the streets themselves. Chileans gathered in houses and on patios, around grills and slabs of meat and bottles of Escudo and Cristal. Faces were painted with the Chilean flag during each game and the streets erupted with beeping horns as Chile advanced through the ranks.

Again, the earthquake that had shaken Chile just a few short months earlier faded into the background on the main stage of current events. A new leading lady had wandered into the spotlight carrying Chilean attentions along with her. She too took her bows as Chile lost to Brazil in early July and made way for the next protagonisthis time another national disaster that would yank the hearts of Chileans nation-wide into their throats with anguished suspense.

As the days started to add up and the miners remained missing, many Chileans slowly began to give up hope that the workers were alive. There were no signs of them above ground or under it and even members of the Chilean mining council dropped opinions hinting that the miners were as good as dead.

Cile conservatore del passato non sarebbe stato il Cile conservatore del futuro. Il nuovo partito di destra sostiene il cambiamento, aria fresca, hanno detto. Televisori al plasma nei negozi di elettronica sulle vie principali furono rivolti verso la strada e la gente si accalcava lungo i marciapiedi, ostacolando il passaggio dei pedoni e invadendo le stesse strade.

I cileni si radunarono nelle case e nei patii, intorno a grigliate di carne e bottiglie di Escudo e Cristal. I visi furono dipinti con i colori della bandiera cilena a ogni partita e le strade esplodevano al suono dei clacson mentre il Cile risaliva le classifiche. Mentre i giorni passavano e i minatori rimanevano dispersi, molti cileni cominciarono lentamente ad abbandonare la speranza che i lavoratori fossero vivi.

Tuttavia il 22 di agosto ancora una volta il Cile esplose in una commozione di massa. Tutti i 33 minatori erano vivi. All 33 miners were found alive. For the first 17 days, until August 22nd, they were in total darkness and for the first 5 days, they could barely breathe due to the dust. They survived on a meager emergency food supply during that time as well and managed to care for themselves in complete and utter darkness. They felt their national pride falter as the Chilean searched desperately- yet fruitlessly- for the lost miners and, later, felt that same pride swell as the miners emerged from the earth to join the land of the living once again.

Nine months have passed since the earthquake. All these things barreled onto the stage of current events and before the nation knew it, the earthquake existed as a vague whisper, a previous main-stage production that was lost in the history of main-stage productions. Rather, the earthquake of February exists as one more example of the fragility of memory, the transience of a moment, especially within our globalized society. In an age in which information makes complete orbits around the world in moments, memories are forced back onto the shelves of the past before their natural time.

We are flooded with new potential memories as soon as the memories of the past hour, day, week have settled into the shallow backwater of recent history. Memories have always been fragile things but in our age in which times change at the speed of a mouse click, memories age decades at the moment of inception. As the earth began to tremble last February, a memory of that earthquake was born in the minds of the Chilean people.

And one month later, as the nation was passed from one political leader to another, that memory began to fade. With each moment that claims importance, a certain quantity of importance is taken from the last noteworthy moment. The towers of memories are shaved down until they merely peak over the edge of time. Dust blows in their faces and before long, we only remember to remember them in occasional moments, moments that pass before we can blink and welcome the next moment that will change our lives, and then be gone. Sono passati nove mesi dal terremoto. Pur avendo attraversato una catastrofe di di tale grandezza e importanza nazionale, altri eventi nella storia recente del Cile hanno strappato il terremoto alla luce dei riflettori.

Il cambio della guardia con un partito conservatore, la partecipazione del Cile alla Coppa del Mondo, la scomparsa, il ritrovamento e il salvataggio dei minatori nella miniera di San Jose. In un epoca in cui le informazioni fanno il giro del mondo in pochi secondi, i ricordi vengono respinti negli scaffali del passato prima del loro tempo naturale.

E il mese dopo, mentre la nazione passava da un leader politico a un altro, quel ricordo cominciava a sbiadire. I was scouted in washington DC. Paris is definitely different than Richmond, I never would have seen myself being in a place like this. How is it skating around Paris? Have you become a part of the scene, or found any cool skate spots?

I like skating in paris, there are many places to skate if you meet the right people, I made friends and we skate many spots such as palais tokyo, bercy, or when it snows la defence. How have you adapted to the Parisian way of life, and what have you learned from this experience? I learned a little bit of french to get by, and that helped me interact with people.

Being a parent makes me want to do better because I dont just have me to think about anymore, I have to think about me and my child. To me, fashion is an art. People can express themselves. Mi hanno scoperto a Washington DC. Non mi sarei mai immaginato di stare in un posto del genere. Mi piace fare skating a Parigi, ci sono molti posti per farlo se conosci la gente giusta. Mi sono fatto degli amici e usiamo i nostri longboard in vari posti come Palais Tokyo, Bercy o, quando nevica, La Defence. Come ti sei adattato allo stile di vita parigino e cosa hai imparato da questa esperienza?

River Viiperi Hey River, can you tell something about you? I could tell you alot of things about me I ask it because it's quite difficult to follow you around the world! Well i guess when u start doing it Do you like to share your lifethings with the others, or you started your blog just to share your toughts with your friends? Why never back down? Do you have a lot of people that you don't know that ask you your friendship?

Ciao River, cosa ci racconti di te? Potrei dirvi tante cose su di me, ma non credo che voi abbiate abbastanza spazio nel vostro magazine per tutte le cose che avrei da dire! Credo di averlo intuito appena ho iniziato a farlo. Quando ho fatto la prima sessione di fotografie, mi sono reso conto che era una cosa che mi piaceva e che dovevo provare a farne ancora e come puoi vedere ora, lo sto ancora facendo! Ti piace condividere la tua vita con gli altri oppure hai iniziato il blog per condividere i tuoi pensieri solo con i tuoi amici?

Siamo persone normali e facciamo delle cose normali come tanti altri. Ho aperto il mio blog pensando che nessuno lo avrebbe letto e ho iniziato a pubblicare delle cose non soltanto per I miei amici, ma per tutti. Hai molte persone che ti chiedono di diventare amici senza che tu le conosca? Se vogliono farmi delle domande sono contento di rispondere, ma solo su quel profilo. Uso invece il mio profilo personale solo per i miei amici.

Ho anche scoperto che in giro ci sono dei finti profili, spero solo che non facciano delle scemate! Photographer Tigre Escobar www. Palmdale postcards, then Glendale; even on a trailer left in the middle of nowhere the sun was shining bored, but without a pause. Big Duke could watch all these things while walking in his proud manly bearing, notwithstanding his youth.

Duke was only a nickname. Such a mess with the names. Not before that Raoul Walsh, after few try, turned it into John Wayne. He had already met him in , Good Samaritan Hospital, lung cancer, five packets a day. Wayne, on his hand, was more irritated to be unable of gulping down some Commemorative Sauza tequila due to his stomach. Las Vegas between a shot and the other. Who knows which and who knows when. Sinatra was making a big noise in the near suite. A party. John Wayne needed to sleep. He had already complained about the noise , by phone, but it was of little use as the music, the noise and most of all the voices were increasing of loudness after short interruptions.

He had never liked Sinatra and his liberal mania. He tried to go in and screamed to Sinatra to put an end to such a racket. Wayne pretended to go but with a lightning move knocked down the bodyguard, caught a chair and smashed it on his back. No more noise. Bacon was listening to him in a thoughtful silence. He decided to avoid to interrupt Wayne with much questions, the old wanted to speak. Act 1 Top Act 2. Bosco Tre crocchi di streghe appariscono l'un dopo l'altro fra lampi e tuoni.

A wood Three groups of witches appear one after the other amid thunder and lightning. Che faceste? Ho sgozzato un verro. Vien Macbetto. Eccolo qua! What have you been doing? Tell us! I have slit a boar's throat. What have you done? I'm thinking of a steersman's wife who chased me to the devil, but her husband has set sail and I'll drown him with his ship. I shall give you the north wind. I shall raise the waves. I shall drag it across the shallows. Drumming is heard ALL: A drum! What can it be? Macbeth is coming. He is here. They group together and dance in a ring.

The wandering sisters Fly through the air, sail over the waves, they bind a circle through land and sea. Di questo mondo O d'altra regione? Dirvi donne vorrei, ma lo mi vieta Quella sordida barba. Salve, o Macbetto, di Glamis sire! Salve, o Macbetto, di Caudor sire! Salve, o Macbetto, di Scozia re! Men sarai di Macbetto eppur maggiore! Non re, ma di monarchi genitore! Banco e Macbetto vivano!

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Are you from this world or from some other place? I should call you women, but your filthy beards prevent me. Hail, Macbeth, Thane of Glamis! Hail, Macbeth, Thane of Cawdor! Hail, Macbeth, King of Scotland! You will be lesser than Macbeth and yet greater! Not so happy as he, but happier! Not king, but the father of kings! Long live Banquo and Macbeth! Il tuo signore Sir t'elesse di Caudore. Mi si promette dal terzo un trono. Pensier di sangue, d'onde sei nato? Struck down by the law he has died on the block. The third promises me a crown.

But why do I feel my hair standing on end? Where has this thought of blood come from? Fate offers me a crown which I will not stretch out my hand to snatch. Why does he show no pleasure? All leave. S'allontanarono, - fuggiam! Fuggiam, fuggiam! We shall come together again when we hear the crash of thunder. They have gone. Let us go. We await destiny's fulfilment amid the witches'sabbath.

Macbeth will return, we shall see him there and our oracle will speak to him. Let us go! They leave. Atrio nel castello di Macbeth che mette in altre stanze. Lady Macbeth leggendo una lettera. Lady Macbeth reading a letter. Stupito io n'era per le udite cose; Quando i nunzi del Re mi salutaro Sir di Caudore, vaticinio uscito Dalle veggenti stesse Che predissero un serto al capo mio. Racchiudi in cor questo segreto. Alla grandezza aneli, Ma sarai tu malvagio? Vieni t'affretta! Accendere Ti vo' quel freddo core!

Che tardi? Accetta il dono, Ascendivi a regnar. I was stunned at what I heard; when the King's messengers hailed me Thane of Cawdor, it fulfilled a prophecy those seers had made. They also predicted a crown for my head. Keep this secret in your heart. You long for greatness, but will you be wicked enough?

The road to power is filled with crimes, and woe to him who sets an uncertain foot upon it and retreats! I wish to light a fire in your cold heart! I shall give you the courage to carry out this bold undertaking. The prophetesses promise you the throne of Scotland. Why delay? Accept the gift, mount the throne and reign. Il servo parte. Is Macbeth with him? My lady, the news is certain. The servant goes out. Qui la notte? Or tutti sorgete, ministri infernali, Che al sangue incorate, spingete i mortali! Tu, notte, ne avvolgi di tenebre immota.

Qual petto percota non vegga il pugnal. Spend the night here? Arise, all the agents of hell that rouse mortals to bloody acts! Night, wrap us In motionless darkness. Do not let the knife see The breast which it strikes. Lieto or lo vieni ad incontrar con me. Sounds of celebration are heard. The King! Now come and greet him cheerfully with me.

They go out. Musica villereccia, la quale avanzandosi a poco a poco annuncia l'arrivo del Re. Sounds of folk-like music are heard, coming nearer, announcing the arrival of the king. The servant leaves. L'elsa a me volta? Se larva non dei tu, ch'io ti brandisca. Mi sfuggi, eppur ti veggo! A me precorri Sul conuso cammin che nella mente Di seguir disegnava! Orrenda imago! Solco sanguigno la tua lama irriga!

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Ma nulla esiste ancor. Odesi un tocco di campana E' deciso. Non udirlo, Duncano! E' squillo eterno Che nel cielo ti chiama o nell'inferno. Entra nelle stanze del Re. The hilt turned to me? If you are not a dream, let me grasp you. You fly from me, and yet I can see you! You run ahead of me along the unclear path which my mind intended to follow! Horrid sight! The blade is streaked with blood! Only my bloody imagination gives it shape and presents a dream to my eyes as a reality.

On one half of the world nature now is dead. Now the murderer creeps like a phantom through the shadows. Now the witches consummate their secrets. Motionless earth! Stay hushed at my steps. A bell rings It is decided. That bell invites me! Do not hear it, Duncan. It is a knell That summons you to heaven or to hell. Oh, qual lamento! Risponde il gufo al suo lugubre addio! Ah, that moaning! The owl responds To his mournful farewell.

La precedente, Macbeth stravolto con un pugnale in mano. Si avvicina a Lady e le dice sottovoce: Fatal mia donna! Il sonno per sempre, Glamis, uccidesti! Sei vano, o Macbetto, ma privo d'ardire: Glamis, a mezz'opra vacilli, t'arresti, Fanciul vanitoso, Caudore, tu se'. Chi mai lo direbbe l'invitto che fu? Le sue guardie insanguinate. Che l'accusa in lor ricada. Strappa dalle mani di Macbeth il pugnale, ed entra nelle stanze del Re. My fated lady, did you not hear murmuring, as I did? What did you say a moment ago? God be with us always, they said.

I wanted to say Amen but the rebellious word froze on my lips. Glamis, you have murdered sleep for ever. Cawdor, you will never sleep again. You are bold, Macbeth, but have no daring. You hesitate halfway, Glamis, and stop. Cawdor, you are a conceited child. Who would ever call him the unconquered man he was? Smear his guards with blood so that they will be accused.

I cannot go back in! Si guarda le mani Oh! Questa mano! Non potrebbe l'Oceano Queste mani a me lavar! Looking at his hands Oh, this hand! The ocean could not wash my hands clean! Non ti vinca un vil timor. Deh, sapessi, o Re trafitto, L'alto sonno a te spezzar! Parte trascinato da Lady. My hands are stained too. A sprinkle of water and they will be c1ean again. The deed too will pass into oblivion. They're knocking louder. We must remove all suspicion from the murderer. Be yourself, Macbeth. Have courage! Don't be defeated by fear. O murdered King, if only I could rouse you from your deep sleep.

Lady Macbeth drags him off. Qui m'attendete, o Banco. Entra nella stanza del Re. Wait here for me, Banquo. He goes into the King's chamber. Per l'aer cieco lamentose voci, Voci s'udian di morte. Mourning voices were heard in the blind air, voices of death. The bird of ill omen moaned gloomily and the earth was felt to shake.

Banco entra precipitoso nella stanza del Re Correte! Tutti accorrete! Oh delitto! I cannot say it! Banquo rushes into the King's chamber Hurry! Ebooks and Manuals

Ho there! Everyone come here! O gran Dio, che ne' cuori penetri, Tu ne assisti, in te solo fidiamo; Da te lume, consiglio cerchiamo A squarciar delle tenebre il vel! L'ira tua formidabile e pronta Colga l'empio, o fatal punitor; E vi stampi sul volto l'impronta Che stampasti sul primo uccisor.

ALL: What is it? What has happened? ALL: Open your mouth, hell and swallow all creation in your womb. Heaven, let your flames fall on the unknown, detestable murderer. God, you can look into our hearts, aid us, we trust in you alone. We look to you for light and counsel to tear through the veil of darkness.

Deadly castigator let your formidable, ready anger take the villain and mark his head as you marked that of the first murderer. Act 2 Top Act 1 Act 3. Stanza nel castello. Macbeth pensoso, seguito da Lady Macbeth. A room in the castle. Macbeth enters, deep in thought, followed by Lady Macbeth. Veraci Parlar le maliarde, e re tu sei.

Ove Il Mio Io Cadrà​.​.​.

Dunque i suoi figli regneran? Parte precipitoso. The deed cannot he undone. The sorceresses spoke the truth and you are king. Because of his sudden flight to England Duncan's son has been accused of parricide and the throne was left empty for you. So will his sons reign? Will Duncan have died for them? He rushes out. Nuovo delitto! E' necessario! Compiersi debbe l'opra fatale. O scettro, alfin sei mio! Ogni mortal desio Tace e s'acqueta in te. O longed-for night, throw a veil over the guilty murderous hand.

A new crime! It must be so! The fatal deed must be done. Power means nothing to the dead; for them a requiem and eternity. Oh, desire of the throne! Oh, sceptre, at last you are mine! Every living desire is quieted and calmed in you. The man who was prophesied king will soon fall lifeless.

A park. In the distance is Macbeth's castle. Two groups of assassins enter from several directions. Chi v'impose unirvi a noi? Fu Macbetto. Ed a che far? Deggiam Banco trucidar. Insiem con voi. Rimanete, or bene sta. Cieca notte, affretta e spegni Ogni lume in terra e in ciel. Trema, o Banco! Who commanded you to join us? It was Macbeth. To do what? We are to slaughter Banquo. Together with you. He will come here with his son. All is well. ALL: The sun has disappeared, now let night reign, wicked and bloodstained.

Blind night, hurry to extinguish all light on earth and in heaven. The time is near, now let us hide. We shall wait for him in silence. Tremble, Banquo, the point of a dagger is stuck in your side! BANCO: Studia il passo, o mio figlio usciam da queste tenebre un senso ignoto nascer mi sento il petto, Pien di tristo presagio e di sospetto.


In notte ugual trafissero Duncano, il mio signor. Mille affannose immagini M'annunciano sventura, E il mio pensiero ingombrano Di larve e di terror. Fuggi, mio figlio! Fleanzio attraversa la scena inseguito da un sicario. I can feel an unknown sensation rising in my heart, filled with sad foreboding and suspicion. How the gloom falls more and more darkly from heaven! It was on a night like this that they stabbed my lord Duncan. A thousand feverish images foretell misfortune to me and cloud my thoughts with phantoms and fears. They go off into the park Alas! Fly, my son! Fleance crosses the scene pursued by one of the assassins.

Magnifica sala. Mensa imbandita. A magnificent hall with a table laid for a banquet. CORO: Salve, o donna! Pago son io d'accogliere Tali ospiti a banchetto. La mia consorte assidasi Nel trono a lei sortito, Ma pria le piaccia un brindisi Sciogliere, a vostr'onor. Da noi s'involino Gli odi e gli sdegni, Folleggi e regni Qui solo amor. Giustiamo il balsamo D'ogni ferita, Che nova vita Ridona al cor. Cacciam le torbide Cure dal petto; Nasca il diletto, Muoia il dolor.

I am pleased to greet such guests at the banquet. Let my consort take her appointed place on the throne. But first let her offer a toast in your honour. ALL: And you will hear our reply, prompted by our hearts. Give life to pleasure And death to sorrow. Let hate and scorn fly from us and let love alone reign here.