Manual Mathematical Logic for Computer Science

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I will return the exam and go over it tomorrow in the lecture. Please email me if you have questions! The exam will start at our usual class time 12pm , in the usual room, and will go for 2 hours.

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But please make sure to submit it right at the start of the class, because I was planning to go over the assignment in the review. Now, in the first part you need to give a recursive definition of a set of all binary strings starting with a 1, and in the second part you would use structural induction to show that any element of your resulting set encodes a number greater than 0.

A new version of the assignment has been posted. Due Friday March 28th. We will talk about the assignment more in the class.

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Lecture notes 13 have been updated to include the "Grandparent" example and to fix a typo on the order of quantifiers in Current x,y. Thank you for catching this! An updated version of the assignment is now posted. Assignment 3 is now posted.

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Due Wednesday March 12th Here is the study guide for the midterm. The midterm itself will be next Wednesday, Feb 26th there will be no lecture on Monday, Feb 24th. Note: the study guide is intended to be used for study before the midterm, not during the test. Assignment 2 is now posted; due February 12th. There were two typos there thank you very much for catching them! The other is that "u" in 6b should be "y".

Mathematical Logic in Computer Science

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Summary This book includes articles on denotational semanitcs, recursion theoretic aspects of computer science, model theory and algebra, automath and automated reasoning, stability theory, topoi and mathematics, and topoi and logic. It is intended for mathematical logicians and computer scientists.

Table of Contents 1.

1st Edition

Lambda Calculus Extended with Segments 3. Separating Relativized Complexity Classes 5. Local Concepts and Germ Representability 7. An Extension of Frege Structures 9. Oracles: Three New Results Kueker's Conjecture for o-Minimal Theories Finite Quantifier-Eliminable Rings in Characteristic 4