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Would you not think that you would rather have approx 2mm of belt showing on secondary? When the sled is on a track stand and the engine started and idling, the track should: i] Creep slowly or ii] Turn with jerking movements or iii] Track is still, but you are able to move it with by pinching a paddle with index finger and thumb then pull the track around fairly easy.

You should now already have proper belt height on secondary. You must get the right belt deflection. If you cannot get this kind of deflection, change drive belt to one that fits with proper length. Be satisfied with that belt then. When buying a belt, take a "Seamstress" measure tape with you and measure the belt circumference. If a parts person gives you a hard time over it, Tell him "Go to hell, It's your money! You will be quite happy in the end. Your sled will never bog with these conditions. You have found that your track moves on the stand at idle?

As long as your track moves or needs just a bit of coaxing with two fingers, you have great belt deflection.

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Belt clearance: Prefer to have. Tight belt clearance lets the tuner have better control of engine flashing thru the clutches. Tight is good for belts and will let them last a long "consistant" life.

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Quisitivetuner; sled. Engage My rated rpms is No full shift out. Belt residue on sheaves at engagement. Answer; Add slight more flyweight to make engine pull harder. Simple Principle to remember Quisitivetuner; Pulls hard on engagement. You can feel the sled shift out slowly at first, then pushes hard during or after the RPM drop. Feels crazy fast after the engine pulls back down.

Feels faster then stock setting. Answer; You just proved what I said. Know what the shift delay is? My explanation for this event would be from knowing the secondary is torque sensing. You accelerate the engine and the engine runs over it's rated rpm. The upshift is stalled, engine torque is diminished and so does the upshift. The engine pulls back on rated rpm and the secondary reacts accordingly by upshifting with your clutching on the engine's hp peak rated rpms.

Another avenue is to add slight more flyweight and reduce this "delay" to maximize acceleration off the bottom of the shift. There could be an opportunity to try a helix with a larger start angle than you are presently using to capture more of the "meat" of the engine by making it push with lower improved rpms.

Quisitivetuner; Still pulls hard on engagement. What is going on!?

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Wiped clutches and panels. Pipe and motor not very hot. Should have warmed it up for another 10 minutes. Answer; Lack of belt at top of primary then flyweight is too light and will not let tra arm push hard enough. Need more flyweight to push the primary closed an additional amount when nearing full shift. Tuning For a Straight Shift. Blended calibration details Some tuners change a helix to one with a lower finish angle and they get climbing rpms. Some tuners change a clicker to a higher number and they get climbing rpms.

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Does the engine run with a straight shift on clicker 2? My definition of 'Straight shift' is the rpms maintaining a certain rpm from bottom end to top end. On the initial setup, some tuners with a clutch setup have not had a straight shift which resulted in climbing rpms in clicker 2 or 3. My definition of 'climbing rpms' is "The engine rpms climbing with a range of rpms that indicate the extent or perception of the capacity of their engine fitness or clutch setup.

I have had tuners get drifting rpms higher in clicker 3 and asked them to run in clicker 2, however compensate for low rpms by pulling slight flyweight out to achieve the straight shift. I have had tuners get climbing rpms in clicker 2 and asked them to run in clicker 3, however add slight flyweight to get a straight shift. You can adjust the flyweight by shaving the end of a setscrew. Taking the time to adjust the flyweight for top end with small increments as such, it's fun to do and there will be benefits to performing the exercise with this detail for hitting the flyweight mass spot-on for your engines requirements.

Another method to achieve straight shift with RER compression style secondary spring. For lack of better numbers, if you have the black secondary spring [] and want increased rpms in the bottom end of the shift range, you can leave your clutching on the primary the way it is and simply change to a green secondary spring []. Previously you had climbing rpms from 78 to with a black secondary spring. November 26, December 10, January 28, March 18, March 25, April 1, April 8, April 22, April 29, April 15, May 12, May 5, Aug 26, Aug 19, Sep 3, Sep 9, Sep 16, Sep 23, Sep 30, Oct 7, Archived from the original on Oct 14, Oct 21, Oct 28, November 4, November 11, November 18, December 3, December 9, December 16, December 31, January 8, Next Episode.

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Views Read Edit View history. Languages Add links. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Richard and Aaron find the hot rod of their dreams: a rust-free Model A. As renovation costs pile up, Richard looks to make some fast cash with a couple of quick flips, including the "Drive Angry" Buick Riviera and a Chevy Richard and Aaron find a '55 Chevy Bel Air as well as a Oldsmobile Rocket 88 coupe, which had been perfectly preserved in a garage for over 50 years.

They have 48 hours to fix up a broken-down '73 Caddy convertible for two Aussies hitting Route Richard and Aaron stumble upon a diamond in the rough: a s Gasser that Richard wants to race.

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They buy a gleaming '32 Pontiac at a swap meet. And is a friend's Cadillac Sedan De Ville haunted and cursing the garage? Richard and Aaron scramble to get a replacement '64 Galaxie ready for auction after the first one they find turns out to be in much rougher shape than expected. They have to get creative to get a stuck F-1 Ford off the back of a large car hauler. Richard scoops up a s style hot rod kit car with a mysterious past. The Gas Monkey guys "frankenstein" together a '68 Ford F truck by blending together two vehicles that shouldn't go together. Richard relives his youth with a '77 Trans Am Firebird.

He flips a '67 Caddy convertible to an international buyer. Richard, Aaron and the Gas Monkey crew unbury a '64 Impala buried in 10 years of debris and bring it back to life. Richard makes a profit but still gets schooled on a '74 Corvette. It's a tough Oklahoma crowd at the auction for their Chevy and "Scarface"-worthy '63 Caddy.

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  8. The Gas Monkey crew revives a rust-and-rat filled 59 Rambler to make it SoCal surf-worthy once again. Richard haggles for a 31 Model A. The Gas Monkey crew have to handle a rare, fragile and flammable fiberglass-bodied Woodill Wildfire with kid gloves if they're going to make a six-figure sale.

    Revved (Drag & Drift #1)

    The boys take in a Harley and then blow off steam by entering Richard in the Demolition Derby. Richard stretches Gas Monkey's style and Aaron's skills by making an "ugly" Ford Fairmont into a cool, mirrored drift car. Richard flips a rare Corvette Stingray complete with tank sticker and bets his driving skills to sell the shop truck. Richard and Aaron pick up a very rare 32 Ford 3-window, but buying it is about all they can agree upon.

    They can't agree on how to freshen up a Econoline van for their "Swag Wagon" either. But they can agree a gifted Shelby pickup has got to go! However, while the car was out for a test drive, it was totaled by a pickup truck driver without insurance; the car was ultimately repaired and sold not shown. Model Alloy Ash makes an appearance at the new shop, showing off her welding skills.

    Dennis buys the finished car for his collection. Ahh, Irwindale….

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    This photo is from the D1 Driver's Search, back in I remember this day very well… it was the turning point for a few lucky drivers — the first American drivers who were accepted into the ranks of the D1 Grand Prix, for their first event to be held on US soil. In this photo, Zaku the videographer is pointing his Video Option camera at Kenshiro Gushi and his mom, who broke down into joyful tears when she found out her underage son had made it into D1, even though he didn't even have a California driver's license yet.

    People who have been going to Southern Cali drift events for a long time will recognize this car. Andy's car originally started life a red GTS coupe the first US drift car featured in a Japanese magazine, as seen in Kenta Ogawara 's story in Drift Tengoku Magazine , then it became cream, then dark green, then rattlecan brown, the final evolution in colors.