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Billy and Daisy warn the others as the bar they are at comes under attack and the group is forced to defend themselves. During the fight, Daisy is almost bitten by a Copperhead but is saved by Jack. After the fight, the mayor says he will give the group anything they want if they finish the mission and they all head off.

They arrive at the mines at the base of the mountain and Billy wants to go around them but Jack says they need to search the place as a friend had a stash of ammo hidden there and they need to rearm themselves. The group split up to search the mine but soon come under attack by a horde of Copperheads pouring out of the mine. Jack is almost killed by a Copperhead but is saved by Sirene, who joins up with Jack, Billy, and Daisy as they leave, with Jack saying they will tell the others where to meet up but they are unaware that they are being watched by Stamper.

Joyce Vincent

At the mountain base, Johnny tells Apocalypta that Stamper mapped out a way through the mines and they can attack Desert Springs while the heroes make their way up the mountain. Joe, Vaquero, and Komodo try contacting the others but are unable to reach anyone and argue about what to do at first but after some Copperheads attack them, Joe decides to continue heading up the mountain.

Jack and the others come across a truck containing some dead bodies and when Stamper shows up to attack them, he is killed by Sirene. Sirene leads them up the mountain and when they stop for the night, she tells them about where the Copperhead name came from, and how her grandmother taught her how to track and hunt.

The episode's title is a sneaky throwback to season 1

Komodo, Joe, and Vaquero reach a brothel that Trixie, a girl that Komodo likes, was heading for and decide to rest there. Jack and the others reach a corral that Apocalypta has her army of Copperheads held in and Sirene leads them up the mountain past it, saying to be careful of traps and Copperheads. Back at the brothel, Joe manages to convince the owner Madame Jezebel to let them in and while Joe hooks up with one of the girls, Komodo finds Trixie and Jezebel leads Vaquero to the basement to get supplies but really tosses him to a Copperhead that is kept there.

Vaquero is bit but manages to get away and warn the others but as Komodo, Trixie, and Joe escape, they turn to find Vaquero has changed and Joe is forced to shoot him. Back on the mountain, the others notice that Billy is missing but choose to keep going. When they reach the top, they find the place seemingly deserted and split up to find a way in.

All Deaths from The Seven Deadly Sins

Daisy finds Billy trapped in a cage but before she can free him, Johnny shows up and stabs her before dragging her towards some Copperheads, and they proceed to turn her as a devastated Billy watches helplessly. Johnny tells Apocalypta that he has the heroes trapped and she unleashes her army to attack Desert Springs. Jack and Sirene show up and free Billy, then Jack is forced to kill Daisy, they then make their way through the mines after Johnny only to find themselves trapped by a horde of Copperheads.

Abraham's peace sign

They manage to escape and trap the Copperheads in the mine and head back to try and save Desert Springs. In Desert Springs, Apocalypta and Johnny lead the Copperheads through the town, killing anyone that tries to stop them or escape. Jack, Billy, Sirene, Komodo, Trixie, and Joe try leading the Copperheads out of town but when Johnny attempts to shoot Sirene, Billy jumps in the way and is shot instead.

Rouwaida, 5, and Rana Hanoun, 7 months

He dies in Jack's arms. Komodo kills Johnny by decapitation, which enrages Apocalypta and she attacks Jack. Meanwhile, Joe, Komodo, and Trixie keep trying to lure the Copperheads out of town but Joe ends up getting bit and after he turns, he is blown up by a booby trap that he had prepared in case he was ever turned. Trixie is bit and when Komodo kisses her goodbye, she ends up biting him so Komodo kills her and then himself.

Jack manages to kill Apocalypta and as he watches the Copperheads feed on her body, he is bit by a small child. Sirene kills the child then hands Jack his gun so he can kill himself. With Apocalypta dead, humanity has a chance to come back from the apocalypse while Sirene is shown to have given Jack a sky burial so his spirit can be reborn.

Nick Carter had been aspiring to make a film for years. In the past he's made several independent short films and in he started an Indiegogo campaign to fund his first feature-length film titled Evil Blessings. Later that year however the director, Sxv'leithan Essex, died. This led Carter into scrapping the film and replaced it with Dead 7 , initially titled Dead West.

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In , he landed the support of The Asylum, the production company behind Sharknado and other SyFy productions. Filming began on August 20, , in Anaconda, Montana at the s ranch in the Valley just outside of town. They spend a week and a half filming at the ranch, and finally they went to Butte, Montana. The final location was the Lady of The Rockies looking over the city.

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That was the reason why producer Dylan Fox chose Montana, because one of his production assistants had shown him a photo of The Lady of The Rockies while they were searching the state for filming locations and he agreed. They even had to rewrite the ending of the script, just to add the Lady of The Rockies to it. About locals from in and around the Anaconda and Butte areas were used as zombie extras, although Montanans showed up for audition, including about half from Bozeman, Missoula and Helena.

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