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CEO Darius Adamczyk adopted a similar tone.

Helping a New Generation Build a Lasting Faith

Policymakers in those regions are now dealing with the question of how do we adjust monetary and fiscal policy to encourage growth. ManpowerGroup Inc. The International Monetary Fund last month cut its global growth forecast for the second time in three months, predicting it will grow at the weakest pace in three years in and warning fresh trade tensions would spell further trouble.

TRADING COACH PODCAST 101 - The Recession Was A Blessing

The fund predicts global growth of 3. Economists last month put the risk of a US recession at the highest in more than six years amid mounting dangers from financial markets, trade war and the government shutdown. Analysts surveyed by Bloomberg over the past week see a median 25 per cent chance of a slump in the next 12 months, up from 20 per cent in the December survey. The slowdown-without-recession scenario was backed by Whirlpool Corp. CEO Robert Bitzer. Strength in consumer demand was echoed Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd.

CEO Richard Fain.

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CEO Patricia Stitzel. You can manage them any time by clicking on the notification icon. Thursday, July 11, More From Business. Emirates inspects A aircraft after EU warning.

One Step Closer to Recession

The financial industry speaks of security often in terms of retirement accounts, social safety nets and the stock market. We should also remember that up until about years ago, retirement accounts and government provided social safety nets were not commonplace. Certainly, a crisis like this is a wakeup call to Christians who fall into the trap of self-sufficiency. Then God shakes our lives, sometimes to the foundations, to show us our self-reliance and clean it out with a new, deeper reliance on him.

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According to Falk, it means that we fundamentally approach money differently, as a tool that we are entrusted with to use for God. This is an area where Christians could do better. Giving averages for evangelicals in the United States hover between 2 percent and 3 percent of gross income, even while most recognize 10 percent as the biblical ideal. And with the financial crisis bearing down on most wallets, some Christians are giving even less than normal.

And it also invariably grows our faith. Is not life more than food, and the body more than clothing? Look at the birds of the air: they neither sow nor reap nor gather into barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Most everyone was affected when the markets took their tumble last October, and Biola was not immune. Freshman Carissa Bixler was hit especially hard. As the recession worsened last fall, support began to wane.

With two other brothers and a sister studying at other colleges, the financial burden for the family was immense. Meanwhile, Biola responded to the financial crisis by commissioning a cross-departmental task force to address the immediate financial needs of students. Carissa was one of about students who qualified and received scholarships. Her need was met because her community was generous.

Biola alumni, staff, faculty, donors … they all contributed to the fund.

Blessed by the recession

Do we trust that God will provide for our needs? When everything in the world says we should worry more, what if Christians worried less? What was going on with the early church of Acts 4? Was it some nascent form of Christian socialism?

Recession is a blessing in disguise, says Adetu

Some naive utopian vision of communal living? Everything the early Christians thought they knew about individual self-interest was undermined in the call to seek first the kingdom of God. Because Jesus rose from the dead, everything changed. The early church responded to the resurrection by becoming givers rather than takers, stewards rather than owners, other-centered rather than self-centered. But ever since the first century, the church has had a hard time living like the Christians of Acts 4.

And when better to illustrate these kingdom values than in a recession, when so many in our families, churches and communities are in need of support? But compassion goes beyond supporting our own communities; it also means that we reach out and help needy people wherever we find them. It means that we give away whatever we can, whenever we can, to ease the burden of others.

American Christians are a rich group.

But what are Christians doing with all this money?