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Some of the records of this cinematic history disappeared in the Stalin era, erased along with the exile of experimental artists to the Gulag. The range of extant work is broad, eccentric and intermittently brilliant: including silent-era oddities, Stalinist wartime propaganda films, magical realist allegories, lavishly costumed oriental fantasias, documentaries, biographies and early animation works.

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With the centennial anniversary of the birth of Georgian filmmaking coming next year, many now want access to the original negatives of the cinema classics that remain locked in Russian vaults. It is a mission that the eminent Georgian cultural historian Lasha Bakradze believes should get equal ranking with discussions about economic blockades or conflict resolution.

That Georgian mission has become even more pressing in recent years.

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In , a fire ravaged parts of Tbilisi's film storage facility, ruining many of Georgia's archived film copies. The Georgian soundtracks were especially damaged by the blaze alternate soundtracks in Russian exist in Moscow. Extensive financial resources are needed to refurbish the rest of the cinematic canon. No modern archival storage exists in Tbilisi. Building a new one would be an expensive venture. Yet the cultural cost of having no extant film archive and allowing Georgia's cinematic legacy to molder away seems higher still.

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That puts the focus back on Moscow. In many respects, adds the Film Center's Anna Dziashipa, who runs the film export division, the bureaucracy remains Soviet in all but name. Even without those obstacles, intellectual property rights issues are complex.

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A recent example is the sale of rights to the Georgian silent-era classic by Kote Mikaberidze, "My Grandmother. After two years of negotiations, Moscow's Gosfilm sold the rights to San Francisco composer Beth Custer, who created new music and made a splash at international film festivals.

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No royalties are returning to Georgia. Officials from Georgia's Film Center say that Custer told them that she didn't intend to step on any toes. She claims that she carefully negotiated the rights with Moscow's state archive, unaware that she was buying something that might not be theirs in the first place, they say.

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Breaches in intellectual property rights are notoriously hard to enforce, especially across international lines. It is a dilemma only too familiar for acclaimed Georgian film director Eldar Shengalaia, the current head of the Georgian Filmmakers' Union.

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It's not clear what we would win. As head of the Georgian Filmmakers' Union, Shengalaia says that he prefers to negotiate for the rights to copy individual films, with the goal of gradually re-mastering the Georgian feature films in high-quality digital versions. A wealthy Georgian businessman who prefers to remain anonymous is backing the project, but more support will be needed to complete the task.

The challenge alone sparks recognition of cinema's role in Soviet days.

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And are any of our signals coming through? We're going 'round in circles We have no single point of view And like the clouds that turn to every passing wind We turn to any signal that comes through At the edge of the sea were the signs of the dove But the wrong way out and the wrong way up We pushed the empty frame of reason out the cabin door No, we won't be needing reasons anymore. Nominate as Song of the Day. AllMusic: Empty Frame. MusicBrainz: Empty Frame. Categories :.