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John was incredibly collaborative and really open to improvisation. That was largely improvised.

Bloody Disgusting!

I was literally just looking for research to understand what happens when broadcast journalists do have breakdowns, and it does happen. And we forget that everybody has a bad day at work.

Argent Pictures, Mandalay Pictures Tap Eli Craig To Helm Horror Comedy ‘Bride And Doom’

So, it really is one of those things that completely sneaks up on him. Was that a really natural, easy chemistry? And we shot a lot of it sequentially, so we got to know each other, as the shoot when on. We rehearsed for a few days, before we started, because we knew it was an indie schedule and we were going to be in and out, with a couple of takes, and then moving on. By the time we got to that scene, we were really caught up to what our characters were, so it got to happen in a really natural way.

I know that there can be a situation where it feels forced, but everything in this movie hung on our relationship, and it never felt like it was something that we had to force or pump up. This season is so different. Had you seen the other seasons, with Jessica Biel and Carrie Coon? I was a huge fan.


I think they do a great job, each season, of reinventing the wheel. With a show like The Sinner, you have to reinvent the wheel with each season, otherwise, it would be too easy to see where things are going. I know the layout of the character for the season, and I feel very lucky that I get to be a part of the show. This character could not be more different, as well. He was also a vampire, who was 50 years old, or whatever.

Did you have any idea that was going to go hand-in-hand? So, I knew to trust him implicitly. I knew that there were aspects, culturally and historically, that were important to bring back, 50 years later, and I knew how important this work was to writer Mart [Crowley]. The fact that he was finally getting a chance to have it on Broadway, for the first time in 50 years, was a big deal and that was exciting.

It was my first Broadway show, so I was just so excited to be on stage. That moved me to tears.

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I think it will be different. And then, there are little duets that happen, off to the side. Being trapped in that space, for that hour and a half, as the tension builds in the story, is something really unique to theater, and seeing how Joe interprets that for film is going to be really interesting. I am so in love with the show.

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Or the multiverse. Canada is still acceptable. All of the above, PLUS Joseph will create a haiku based on your suggestion and hand-write it inside the physical book! All of the above, PLUS your name or a fictional name created by you will be used for a character in the book!

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All of the above, PLUS Joseph will custom write an additional joke or story based on your geek themed suggestion! Clarifications: This would not be handwritten like the haiku, this would be included in the book proper.

Argent, Mandalay Tap Eli Craig To direct ‘Bride And Doom’ – Deadline

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