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A woman stacked six bricks on her head and quickly carried them away.

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We talked to a local elder who explained the faster they worked the more money they made. Each family had a separate business.

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Some families had built a kiln and some had not. I asked if the villagers shared the kilns. He said they did not. Sounding like my capitalist father, he said those with kilns had saved money for years to have then. Those families like his made a major investment and others in the village could do that too by working harder. Asked the price of bricks, he said roughly six fired bricks for a dollar and six unfired bricks for twenty cents.

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Using a kiln increased the value of bricks five times. He said he wanted his children to get an education well beyond his so they could leave the hard life of brick making for something easier and better paying. Our guide pointed out that the villagers did not sell bricks every day. It might be a long time between sales. Apparently business loans and mortgages are difficult to obtain.

When people want a house or a kiln they spend what cash they have to start the project. When they run out of money, they stop building. As soon as they accumulate more cash, the building resumes. I saw many unfinished buildings both in the city and the countryside. Labels: Warren Bull Industry. My daughter, Mary, at Filoli gardens. Sometime last winter, I finished the third book in my Catherine Jewell mystery series, Ladies of the Garden Club, and put it aside and out of my mind for the time being.

Spring and summer are always a busy time for me. For some reason this year has had more birthday parties for all the little ones now in my extended family.

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Then comes strawberry season, and this year my patch had more than enough to supply my love of strawberries. Later the lettuce and peas were ready to be picked followed by cucumbers, beans and blueberries. Of course, my grass and weeds, if not my veggies, thrived like never before. I did have it in time for the Malice Domestic at least. Finally, after much nagging from those who have read and enjoyed the first two books in The Catherine Jewell Mystery Series , I started my final edit of Ladies of the Garden Club toward the end of August and finished my read through making corrections and changes.

Many, but not all of the mysteries I liked and shared with her, she found faults with the writing, and her comments were astute. The same is true with my critique partners, Ann and Mary. Is it new?

Daylillies for Emily's Garden

For me the most stressful time of writing is here. My granddaughter, the graphic artist who has designed all my covers, is working on this cover now. So why is it so stressful for me? No book is, but at least I want those who have read and enjoyed my other books to enjoy this one, too. And I want it to be totally glitch free. What stage of your writing is the most stressful for you? Labels: editing. Wednesday, September 25, Linda Lovely Interview.

Of course, the beach setting attracted me, and I admired her main character, who served as a security officer on the island after retiring as a military intelligence officer. Her third book in this series, With Neighbors Like These , will be released soon. Her first, Final Accounting , left me breathless. Please welcome Linda to WWK. Could you give our readers a synopsis of your Marley Clark series?

Marley is smart, fit, and sexy. She has a keen sense of humor and some interesting and funny friends. When will With Neighbors Like These be released? Can you give us the jacket paragraph? When squabbles among homeowners turn vicious, Janie turns to Marley for help. And another murder quickly follows. Both death scenes are staged to humiliate the deceased. Yet tempers are boiling. Could the second murder be a copycat crime? Marley suspects a different murder motive is in play. Marley has a tough edge. She swears. She owns weapons and knows how to use them.

Is this due to her military training or would Marley still possess these attributes without her military experience? I wanted a series heroine who would logically have the skills and experience and a job that would allow her to become involved in investigating and solving crimes. I chose a military background for Marley because my best friend since kindergarten is a retired military intelligence officer and was kind enough to share a lot of her experiences with me. Water is a common theme in your work. Does it have a special significance for you?

I grew up next to the Mississippi River, spent childhood and teen summers in Spirit Lake, Iowa, and have either lived near or beside water most of my adult life. Is Dear Island, the setting for the Marley Clark series, real or your creation? Dear Island is a composite island with features lifted from a variety of communities.

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I lived in the Beaufort area for twelve years. Your secondary characters at times are comical, such as the big shot homeowner association. Like Dear Island, my characters are composites. They would never recognize themselves, however. Do you think that being a finalist in the Golden Heart and Daphne Du Maurier contests helped you become published?

Not directly. But entering contests helped me improve my craft. Also serving as a judge has made me more aware of potential flaws in my own manuscript related to pacing and dialogue. Sometimes less really is more. Add to Wishlist. USD 6.

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Sign in to Purchase Instantly. Overview Fascinating, funny, and fabulous stories furnish an insight into raising and caring for boys.

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There photos, poems, Aesop's Fables, a bit of scripture and many tips from parents who have shared some of the best and worse times they have experienced while touching the lives of many young men. All twelve authors have brought a different perspective about their contact with boys, some as parents, some as aunts or uncles, some as teachers, some as sisters and brothers, some as nieces and nephews, and some as daughters and sons. This will be a book you will want to turn to over and over again for guidance, inspiration, and laughs.

Product Details About the Author. About the Author Cher'ley Grogg writes different genres. Dusty Wallace lives in the Appalachians of Virginia with his wife and two sons. He enjoys reading, writing, and the occasional fine cigar. When Dreama Pritt was in Elementary School, she looked up at visiting poet Muriel Miller Dressler in wide-eyed wonder, thinking "I want to be a writer too. It took him about 15 more years to figure that out, however.

Born and raised in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, Theresa Jenner Garrido spent the first nine years of her life on an island in Puget Sound, off the coast of Washington State. At age 62, Mike Staton took early retirement so he could move to Las Vegas and finish writing the third book of his fantasy trilogy Larenia's Shadow, an epic tale of betrayal and revenge set amid the decadent age of a long-lived empire. She has two grown sons, three grandsons and one granddaughter. Misty Montega is an avid volunteer and musician.

She is a loving mother of three children-a boy and two girls, and a devoted wife. Max Taylor a retired history professor who loves all things America, before Frank Larnerd was born in Knoxville, Tennessee and spent much of his childhood engrossed in weird stories of monsters, mutants, and other worlds. He has worked as a morgue night watchman, shoe salesman, and color commentator for IWA: East Coast wrestling. Del Grogg when Del went to WVU, his English teachers told him he should be a writer; he has never pursued this occupation, but he helps his wife Cher'ley on projects.

Now he has a couple of stories of his own to publish. Show More. Average Review. Write a Review. Related Searches. It is part of England where time has stood still where among the ancient churches, stately manor house, thatched cottages, flower View Product.

Ian Knight found his stepsister after being apart from for a lifetime. Kristina Layne-Knight has Kristina Layne-Knight has fought desperately to stay away from her stepbrother, Ian. He's convinced Kristina and he are destined to spend their lives together. Only Kristina has given