Manual Developing Backbone.js Applications: Building Better JavaScript Applications

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If you want to build your site's frontend with the single-page application SPA model, this hands-on book shows you how to get the job done with Backbone. You'll learn how to create structured JavaScript applications, using Backbone's own flavor of model-view-controller MVC architecture. Author Addy Osmani, an engineer for Google's Chrome team, also demonstrates advanced uses of the framework. Learn how Backbone. Marionette and Thorax extension frameworks Solve common problems you'll encounter when using Backbone. Paginator plugin Bootstrap a new Backbone. Seller Inventory AAH Book Description Oand ;Reilly, Shipped from UK in 4 to 14 days.

Never used! This item is printed on demand. Seller Inventory Not overstocks or remainder copy!. Addy Osmani Developing Backbone. Addy Osmani. Publisher: O'Reilly Media , This specific ISBN edition is currently not available. View all copies of this ISBN edition:. The applications were created by using browser based client side technologies such as JavaScript code. The main reason was to create a single page application which allows creating interactive applications and providing interactive experience to the user.

So to create single page applications, there is a need for JavaScript framework and libraries, which provide some structure to single page applications. Web applications need more usage of JavaScript to generate the content. JavaScript allows changing the content without reloading the whole page for every request. Sometimes lack of structure makes code hard to maintain. Nowadays, we have few open source JavaScript frameworks available to solve problems of creating single page applications and large JS web application.

This is where, Backbone comes into play. It designs our applications in a structured manner and increases maintainability.

It is one of the most widely used frameworks and used in number of big companies like Groupon, Khan Academy, Pandora, Wordpress, and so on. Note: All the examples in this article contains jquery.

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Here we are using CDN files. The following is a simple example, which shows backbone view click to display specified message when link is clicked. The Backbone. Models represent key value binding and custom events, collections provide rich API functions, views for handling events, which connect the application to backend via RESTful JSON interface and automatically save and fetches the data. Backbone views are responsible for how and what to display from our application.

It has its own DOM element which knows about its model or collection. It handles the user input events and binds the model events and model methods and renders model or collection and interacts with the user. Each view can be updated independently when model changes without reloading the whole page. It allows defining DOM events declaratively without having to worry about render function to the model into HTML using a template data.

We can create the backbone view by simply extending the existing View class of the backbone i. View which creates initial element outside of the DOM, if existing element is not provided. The hello function is always called when instantiating backbone view. A view can be instantiated using the new keyword as show below:. A view " el " is where all the event binding takes place. It tells the view which element to use as the view reference, whether they have been already created or not.

Backbone.js Overview: Developing Backbone.js examples for beginners

The DOM element can be accessed with the el property. View owner of the DOM element. The code binds the container element and any event that we trigger must be in this element. When we run the script, the specified message will get displayed using alert box as shown in the below output picture:. In the MVC pattern, models represent business entities with some business logic and business validations. Overview: Developing examples for beginners

Models contain data of an application and logic of the data and represents basic data object in the framework. Sometimes models are called the heart of JavaScript application as they contain all application data. They are mainly used for data storage and business logic.

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It can be retrieved from and saved to data storage. By using models, it is possible to validate the data, store the data, and provide access control to different parts of the data in the application. They contain bunch of data and methods for performing related operations and computations on the particular data. Models are important building blocks for developing backbone.

When we run the script, the specified message will get display using alert box as shown in the below output picture:. Model can be created simply by extending the backbone model class. Whenever we create the model, backbone will call initialize function as shown in the above example. This function can be used to add custom behavior to the model. Whenever we create instance of a model, initialize function get triggered.

We can pass parameters to the instance of the model by setting hash of attributes on the model. The value of an attribute can be set by using set method and get the value of an attribute by calling get method in the model. In the above script, we have created the model simply by extending the backbone model class. The instance of the model is created by using new keyword. Building You can build the book using make or make -f Makefile. Dependencies Make Pandoc pdflatex and recommended latex fonts Linux Debian based distros: apt-get install pandoc texlive-latex-base texlive-fonts-recommended cm-super etoolbox.

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