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There is historical evidence that trading took place between the above mentioned states and the Venetian Republic and later all the Italian Adriatic Coast. In fact, today, in the cities of Venice and Vicenza there are many that bear the name Schiavi and Schiavo which gives further testimony to the correlation between the surname and the name of these Slavic regions. Today, in spite of the intermingling with the indigenous people, the Slavic characteristics can still be observed in many of us. Some of us have blue, green or grey eyes.


Many are often blonde or light brown hair , light complexion and are taller. Some of the facial features are softer with a smaller nose and longer face. During the Middle Ages, last names were starting to be used. These sometimes stated where the person came from, their trade, their temperament and even their physical aspect.

Let me also mention that there are undocumented local legends on the eolian islands and along the southern coast of Italy that tell other ideas connected to the surname of our ancestors. In , Lipari the largest eolian island and also the other six islands were sacked by the pirate Red Beard Khair—ad-din. Eight thousand men, women and children were sold into slavery.

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This incident was most likely also adapted as a means of identification of an individual. Every individual in the entire family would be identified in this manner.

Dante Ferretti and Francesca Lo Schiavo - A conversation

As time went by this form identification became ie. What I present here are logically possible explanations for the name. The management of La Scala, however, did not wish to risk the African racial card and insisted the story be backdated to the sixteenth century and that, like Guarany , it only concern enslaved native tribes.

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This led to rewrites, postponements and lawsuits with the composer. By the time the opera had its premiere, in Rio de Janeiro in , slavery had been abolished and the monarchy overthrown. Lo Schiavo was acclaimed in Brazil, though it has hardly traveled beyond Latin America. The performance recorded here, long available in various formats, comes from a celebrated revival in Rio in , sung by Italian-trained Brazilian singers with the proper fire and finesse.

Lovers of old-school Gioconda s and Aida s will be delighted to make the score's acquaintance through this performance. Who sings like this today? There are also hymn-like choral anthems and orchestral interludes to accompany exotic scenic backdrops. Gomes's big melodies are generally in the post-Verdi broad and sweeping tradition, but there are suave twists and turns that seem Hispanic, though perhaps one should say Lusitanian. The story begins like Luisa Miller , with saturnine and racist Count Rodrigo tricking his son, the idealistic Americo can this name be symbolic?

Il cognome Lo Schiavo

Act II brings on a coloratura French ergo free-thinking Countess to flirt with Americo and free her own slaves cue ballet. Santiago Guerra is the conductor, and the orchestra's professionalism and familiarity with melodrama are beyond question.

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