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Aphrodite is Venus aka Lucifer. Pretty hard to believe Muslims could be fooled like this? Rejecting the blood of Jesus Christ as remission of sin, the shedding of blood is required which is why War and Disease are created and managed. Ever wonder why Lying is called Bullshit? Think twice before asking for the Ebola Vaccine! Great plan. How does Kol Nidre look now? In the Gnostic and Arab Great One; same root as Rabbi world, Sin is equivalent with Allah, the moon god because the moon reflects the sun.

The Sin? Believing one can be a god. The source? The Serpent. Shiekh Mazim Adul al-Haqqani d. The only survivors will be those who comply with the Law as taught to Moses by al-Khidr. Which law? Sharia Law, which proscribes the death penalty for followers of Jesus Christ; He was rejected because He is the real teacher of Moses. Ref 1 Jn AV Time is very short.

What Sins? Satanists are planning a worldwide Blood Sacrifice through Vaccination. The current man-made Ebola project is a Green color coded Psy-Op.

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The real Baptism is done Spiritually through the Holy Ghost. Think Iran is an enemy of the US? Guess again. Remember, the Covenant God made with Abraham was conditional on not taking wives of the daughters of Canaan. Isaac and Jacob complied, Ishmael and Esau did not. Isis is the Throne. The Law was taught to Moses. Israel is made up of Samaritans; a mix of Babylonians, Cuthites, Medeans, Canaanites listed in 2 Ki with the original tribes of Israel. Today, they illegally occupy the offices of Levite Priests.

Think this is a joke? Go see the plywood and foil Lander at the Air and Space Museum. Happy Thanksgiving? The first Thanksgiving was made possible by a Jesuit created Smallpox Pandemic. Just one problem! Jesus is the 8th Covenant between God and Man. Got the idea here? The Pale Green Horse is Death. Pope Francis I is Jesus is Melchisedek! This will be the Alternative Messiah al-Khidr. White Brother is Lucifer.. Stay on the porch Ref Rev Time will tell. Feel like a Sheep being led to Slaughter? Jesus set it up that way. He is the only escape!

Obama is President 44 and scripture ends with Chap Feast of Tabernacles is the only Feast required to be observed forever in all generations. The Oaths require killing Jews and Christians and preventing the birth of their babies. Remember, the Covenant with Abraham stipulated not taking wives of the daughters of Canaan; Isaac and Jacob complied; Ishmael and Esau did not. Where are Ismailis and Edomites today? Jesus created the Sun, Moon and Stars to tell time and seasons; nothing is left to chance. Jesus knew in advance occultists would watch for signs like this.

We are in the midst of the 8th and final Tetrad 4 consecutive Lunar Eclipses on Passover and Tabernacles in years; this is not by chance. How are the Jesus rejecting Elite celebrating? Better yet, wake up to the BS! The origin of Racism began here. We are. Perhaps not. Better hope you are not on a plane, train or bus with anyone showing symptoms of Ebola eh? Corporations are not people and never will be. Sandy Hoax Crisis Actors and News interviews add credibility. Got all that? Better decide fast; joining that throne will land you in Hell for eternity.

Still want to join? Both Zaire Ebola and the Vaccine are Patented. Planning a worldwide Blood Sacrifice? Remember, Saudi Arabian military brass are trained in Moscow. Waking up yet? These men are among the best. Jesus is standing at the door, but you need to open it; He shed His blood for anyone and everyone who accepts it as payment of Sin. Getting pretty tough to wade through all this BS eh? All Inter-testament, Yiddish BS! Time to get one and learn what it says.

Seems is a big harvest of souls enroute to the long awaited Age of Peace, Enlightenment and Reason. Jan 20 is the annual Inauguration of the Age of Aquarius of course. Think Ebola will kill you? Think again, the GSK produced Vaccine will. Nice thought, but nonetheless, a Lie. That would be Mt Sinai in Saudi Arabia.

Monstrance means 1. Vessel of Gold or Silver holding the Consecrated Host for adoration. The problem is no person on earth is authorized to Consecrate the Host. Proof by argument or proposition, proving an asserted conclusion. Eve was told she could live forever and become a god; Wrong! Strength in numbers? Not this time folks! Get Jesus in your corner! Guess Again. Ready for Arab Spring part Deux? Like the Cross, the Crescent is an ancient Gnostic symbol. Allah is Sin folks! Adolfo Nicholas controls Protestant and Baptist pulpits through Freemasonry; Catholic pulpits through the Jesuit order and much of Islam through Masonically trained Ayathollahs and Assassins.

Churches of the East are already worshipping the Sun. Which is which? Maybe you can see why Jesuits have been ejected by most every nation on earth. These theories may seem plausible, but they are in reality Blasphemous Contempt of God. Cornerstone was set in place at the Georgia Guide Stones Sept,? Jesus is the Cornerstone the builders rejected.

Pearl: Something of great value, purchased by the self sacrifice of God. Hard to believe? The polished Cornerstone replaced the Rough Hewn stone with a smooth, dressed stone, and was put in the English language side for a reason. A new set of laws? Ready for a Satanic, Cannibalistic Bacchanalia? Nothing sheds Blood of heretics faster than Ebola. Strange doctrine? Start by not lighting your house and Christmas Tree Grove.

Wrong Jesus! Great system eh? Druze represent the end goal of Gnosticism and the Serpent who first taught Eve she could become a god and Cain to commit murder. Abraham offering Isaac? Kennite Cainite deception is subtle and rampant. What is so wrong with Easter and Christmas? It will take you all of 2 minutes to secure your place in Heaven. Helena even found the 3 Nails, one of which was made into a bullet for her pagan son who managed to convince unsuspecting Christians to worship the Cross of Tammuz.

Rod is equivalent with Thor whose symbol is the Lightning Bolt or Thunder; read the lyrics to Bad Moon Rising and this will make sense. Count me out! The US will not be far behind with Texas declaring independence first. Dialectic creates a problem and offers the solution; from that perspective, the Eve of the Harvest Super Moon was rather interesting. The perfect place to make such videos?

Satan must be so proud eh? Jacob or Esau? Gen Authorized Bible says Esau; his son was also named Korah. Gen Authorized Bible says Esau. Now why does every other bible change that prophecy? Katz is an acronym for Kohen-Tzaddiq. Think she is still mad about that? Cooper was absolutely masterful lying about Sandy Hook. ISIS leader al Baghdadi? Same reason Judas betrayed Jesus for 30 pieces of silver; these people sold their souls and need to sell the lie. Rosh Hashanah is the start of the Civil Year. So is the 2nd Coming of Jesus Christ imminent as these men claim?

The use of Propfol can dramatically lower blood pressure and result in Cardiac arrest when used without a mechanical ventilator which is why it is used in hospitals rather than outpatient facilities such as Yorkville Endoscopy. Rivers was undergoing an Endoscopy of her vocal cords preventing the use of a ventilator; this should ring a Baal as Propofol was used in the faked death of Michael Jackson. A Biopsy is also something that is usually done in a hospital, not an outpatient facility; a recipe for a monster and likely planned, malpractice suit; Dr Lawrence Cohen has since been put on leave.

Is this Jesus? Want to join Temple Emanu-El? Fake beheaded journalist Steven Sotloff, whose alleged parents and siblings are Crisis Actors used previously at Sandy Hook. Their names are not written in the Book of Life; is yours? Even the Washington Post is blaming Putin; why? Do we really need to fall for the same BS over and over? Ready for the warrior, Archangel Michael? You may recall the Polish military and government were shot down and murdered as they crawled out of the wreckage on the 70th anniversary of Holodomor; their crime? No more, will the Eagle America will peck at his liver in Crimea and all these Celts know it.

Need more visual? Israel is Aryan, not Jewish in the slightest bit. Ever wonder why the Hanukkah Menorah has Shamash as the center candle? Why ? Rev tells of Satan being cast to Earth and given the keys to the bottomless pit or course. Does this mean the 5th Trumpet is here?

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  • Not on your eternal life; the False Messiah is however about to be revealed. The Celtic Knot represents the 4 Forces of Witchcraft. St Patrick removing the Serpents from Ireland? Nice try, he brought the Celtic Cross to Ireland. St Columba? Kohens in Israel? Samaritan fakes, not Levites. Chief Priest That would be Jesus folks! The Rabbis are pissed He said never call any man on earth Rabbi. In the Book of Kells, the Eagle takes the place of the Serpent. Iran is Aryan, not Persian. Chaldeans ie Celts in Wales are Cymry or Culdees. Celts Celt means Warrior are also Gauls. The goal is Freedom from God.

    Anything seem wrong with these alleged executions? How about the British executioner? Recall the sons of Abraham were admonished not to marry into Canaanite families; Ishmael and Esau disregarded the Covenant whereas Isaac and Jacob did. One of the known side effects of Propofol is Cardiac Arrest due a sudden drop in Blood Pressure; for that reason, as a surgical anesthesia, mechanical ventilation is used.

    Rivers was in an outpatient facility having an Endoscopy inspection of her Vocal Cords making the use of Ventilation impossible and the use of Propofol in a similar league to the Michael Jackson death or not. Propofol is also used in Lethal Injection; go figure. Making jokes about the Obamas? Need more proof? Google Mohammad Chandoo or Kal Penn. Dominion in Wales? Folks, Jesus is the Holy Ghost and they know it!

    Ever wonder why the Aquarian Cross stands atop Glastonbury Tor? Or why Wholistic World Vision www. Want to make a billion Muslims mad? Scotland will likely vote for Independence on Sept 18th; whether Prince Michael Stuart steps forward to assume the throne remains to be seen.

    Russia arms Assad. Do you celebrate Christmas by lighting the Evergreen Tree or Hanukkah by lighting a 9 branch Menorah? Thank the Macabbees who were not Jewish in the slightest. Think Congress knows about this? Want to speak up? You will do so between 2 Fasces Symbols giving the acting Caesar Obama total discretion over life and death. Want to appeal this Satanic travesty to the Supreme Court?

    Take a look at the Fasces on the left Sinistra or Sinister hand door and the Jesuits sitting on high. Think the President knows this? Sept 15 is the Ides of the month Emperor Commodus named after himself. Vulcan is Tubal-cain, the Canaanite fire god and password of innitiated Masons. The Roman version on Sept 15 begins the 38th week. Merkabah means Light, Spirit and Body. Obama claims birth in Oahu, Hawaii on the In years Jesus will return and occultists know it. The UN released its report Aug 27, claiming same.

    No evidence, no pictures, no tweets claiming this nonsense, but Obama will use the report to justify pre-planned attacks on Syria that will likely ignite WWIII on Sept 15th. Hardly, Bacchanalia more like. Satan is the Father of Lies after all. You see, Plants use Earth, Air, Water and Sunlight, the 4 elements of Witchcraft, to reproduce food for animals and human beings whose death results in plant fertilizer.

    A return to the Garden of Eden necessarily requires the killing of most of humanity. May Pole anyone? World War III is virtually assured. Tartan was used during the Jacobite Rebellion as a means of secret ID; in Sept Scottish Independence will likely coincide with the planned break up of America. Easter: First Light on Dies Solis, the Conception of the Great White Hare, the highest god, creator of life, great alchemist of immortality and savior is born 9 months later, 3 days after Solar Solstice, Solis Invictus aka Mithras is re-born. Halelujah Hail Jah , light the Advent Candle!

    Zionism and Islam are 2 more Shams. Most of the world worships Lucifer he is all they can see. Most people will not trouble themselves to open the door to a one on one relationship with JESUS; they hear Him knocking at the door and stumble over everything He said, but sadly most choose a Rabbi, Priest, Reverend, Imam or Guru instead. The skin color of the cleanly severed head is much darker than the white skin on the likely CPR doll.

    No spurting blood? If you believe Vince Foster could do it then James Foley should be a cinch. Al Sharpton reports to Valerie Jarrett; Hello! Anderson Cooper did such a good job fooling us on Sandy Hook, he is front and center in Ferguson. In The Final Cut he erases past Karma Debt Sins by altering and implanting new memories before writing flattering eulogies for their funerals. Life imitates art. The best slaves are slaves who think they are Free.

    Welcome to America. Hu was also the spirit behind Christopher Columbus. Careful or you will be Darned to Heck folks! Shamash is a Sham god folks! Now you know why the Covenant with Abram included not taking wives of the daughters of Canaan. His real Crucifixion is not Easter but Passover. Who are they? If you are not understanding this, continue on. The difference confirms the Age of Creation.

    Adulthood in the bible occurs at 21 so do the math and read 2 Pet after you do. By my count Creation is the Great Tribulation away from being years old. Operation Garden Plot may ring a Baal here. In the 7th Covenant, Remission of Sin was made possible through the shedding of the blood of animals. Likely from auto-erotic asphyxiation.

    All classic signs of an Eckist. Russia drafted 20, Ukrainians for War. Advisers are telling Putin he needs to attack the Ukraine soon and will have an army of , ready by Damascus will be completely destroyed and be a city no more Is Yazidis are followers of Ahura Mazda or Hu. They are aligned with Iran.

    Too late Abu, the US Government already did that. Green Language is the Language of Oil by the way! Amar is the Canaanite god of the West or Land of the dead if you prefer. America takes it name from Amurru and no it is not and never was a nation God built. HU is the Unknown Name of God.

    St Denis the Areopagite may ring a Baal here. The Ides of August essentially replaced Lughnasaid Catholic Lammas on the day the Celtic god of craftsmen, and Smiths, Lugh was also assumed to heaven. Quite an Enterprise eh? Figured out why the Enterprise of NCC ? Read Is Paris means Par or House of Isis. The Cathedral of Dionysus is in Paris.

    The Presbyterian Church also uses that Logo because they too are a Jesuit creation. Kill enough un-enlightened Man and the Garden of Eden returns to Earth. The only problem is the 4 faced Angel of God forcing everyone to go through Jesus first. Language of Yes. Language of Oil a source of energy made from living things that perished in the Flood.

    This is Treason and they all know it. Committing any Sins here? Sure, but Sins can be atoned for with Blood; or so the misguided theory goes. G, the 7th letter represents perfection in creating Heaven Compass on Earth Square. Muslims know this same god as Allah. G is the Gesu Superior General. G is Gematria. G is the World Government. Zionists worship the same god with the Star of Molech and Chiun.

    For those of us who accept the shed blood of Jesus as God in Flesh and the Word made Flesh for remission of Sin, the sacrifice is over. For those who do not, the sacrifices are never enough. They intend to exact this revenge in America against everyone who rejects Mormon Theology. That sort of Liberty and Freedom will land you in Hell for eternity.

    Marvelous eh? Satan changed into an Angel of Light. The Cross is not a symbol of Jesus; it is the symbol of the Babylonian Tammuz; thus the logo used by the Jesuits. Hell, on the same trip whe found the bible was in error; Mt Sinai was really in Egypt after all; had enough Gnostic BS? The list of Jesuits occupying high level positions in Universities and Governments is as long as the Masonic list. Zionists in Israel are in appointed positions of power in the US. Zionists are not Jewish! There is no way to be delicate with this.

    Something is not right with this picture. This is no joke! Not ready for Sharia Law or 7 Noahide Laws? Me either, but Satan is. A Patent cannot be issued for anything that occurs in nature. How about Curious George and the Ebola Virus? Me either, but Mitt Romney does. Spermicidal GMO Corn? Zaire Ebola is not airborne transmissible. If it were, far more than deaths would result. Ebola needs a hot and wet environment to survive; people will soon ask to be injected with Ebola, providing the hot and wet conditions needed for Zaire Ebola to kill them; with a 3 week incubation period the disease will spread and run through Quarantine Facilities like fire.

    West Africa is the testing ground for Ebola because it is Wet and Hot all the time and people who live there, generally have compromised immune systems. Samaritans are not Jewish; they are Satanists pretending to Jewish. Freemasons are not Christian; they only pretend. Praise Jesus and pass the Serum. Folks, you may want to re-think that. Did you know Obama carries an idol of the Hundu monkey god Hanuman with him?

    WWIII will pit Zionism versus Islam to the point of economic, physical and moral exhaustion at which point, the true doctrine of Lucifer will be revealed. Sounds like a good time eh? Now you know why Joseph Smith was buried with a Talisman of Jupiter. So who are the Yezidis? Gnostic Johnnitters who not only created Islam using the writings of St Augustine but are also, you guessed it, Jesuits. Folks, we are being played like a Fiddle.

    Phoenix Force flying Gray Jets? People lining up for a Vaccine that will kill them? Check out the connection between Obama and Suharto for a real eye opener. Why Swine? A Chimera is something people wish for, but proves to be an illusion that kills them. America is Patenting the man-made Chimera. Dialectic is supplying the solution to a created problem. Pretty monstrous eh? How about the Mark of the Beast? Will you line up for that too? If you do, your address for eternity will be the Lake of Fire.

    Rather monstrous eh? What on earth could cause people to willingly follow Lucifer? War, Disease, and a failed World Economy. Tekmira and Novartis are making and distributing these Vaccines. Why not? Do you think any of this matters? War cannot do that; Disease and Radiation can however. Me either, why not get right with God instead? Ineffable Name? Eze 38 is after the Millennium.

    Do not be fooled here! Tubal is not Tobolsk. Tubal Tubal-cain is the Cainite Patron of Freemasonry. Unlikely partners eh? Good acting eh? So who is the Admirable Sacrament? Amurru, the Edomite Shepherd and Serpent god of course! Proud to be an American? Feel like a Patriot Fellow Countryman? Nazis did too. People who willingly sell or sold their Birthright and Blasphemed the Holy Ghost will await Judgment for the next years. This is the Unforgivable Sin.

    Is anyone in the US Government not committing willful Treason? My best guess as to the near future is Mitt Romney adviser Sherriff Joe Arpiao will finally get impeachment or outright fraud charges on Obama and Mitt will resurface to fulfill the Mormon White Horse Prophecy. His GG Grandfather Parley Pratt chased down and murdered for adultery; his G Grandfather a fugitive of justice in Arizona who fled to Mexico Sinaloa Cartel is related ; his Grandfather an illegal immigrant from Mexico and his father an un-naturalized foreigner.

    America never figures in Bible Prophecy because Americas enemies will destroy it from inside the gates. In the movie I Am Legend you may recall Bob Marley music playing when the source of the virus is discovered; Rastafarians worship Jah as well. Scare the Hell out of people with an Ebola Pandemic Thesis ; offer Vaccines as the solution Antithesis and out comes the Synthesis; the real goal of the Dialectic; Self Sacrifice This is just my opinion from watching the story on the news like everyone else, but the entire story is total BS loaded with occult symbology.

    Why go that far out of the way to bring an Ebola patient to Atlanta Atlantis? The Ben-ben is about to find its resting place. Zeus was the mythical King of the pre-flood Atlantis. Personally, I would watch out for the Ebola and Influenza Vaccines due out this fall. Come on people, this reads like a cheap B Movie script. Society of Jesus? Hardly, Jesuits swear to murder all non-Jesuits whether Christian, Jewish or Muslim anywhere on earth. The Doctrine of Lucifer?

    Johnniters are Gnostics who originated from Simon Magus, the founder of the Samaritans. Tages Capital? Tages was the founder of Etruscan religion; a Divine Being who rose from a plowed field, and disappeared back onto it. Tages was the son of Genius must be smart eh? A long time ago eh? Together, they established the office of Caesar Tsar or Czar of today as they did before with the office of Pharaoh in Egypt.

    Jesuit, Templar, Samaritan and Etruscan religion are one in the same because Jesuits are modern day Etruscans. Man-Made Disease, Radiation and Weather are here. Why on earth would corpses and blood packets end up on MH? Jesus calls it Pestilence. His son Charles and grandson William control the Order of the Garter, a roundtable that controls most of the raw material wealth on earth such as Gold, Silver and Diamonds.

    Specifically Blood Diamonds? Zaire aka Democratic Republic of Congo. Zaire Ebola is a great way to create the genocide necessary to acquire that land. Folks, Aerosol transmitted Ebola is a myth on par with Evolution Theory. The media will use this lie to cause Fear and Panic, pushing people to chase after the Chimera that will kill them.

    Product details

    If you saw the movies Contagion or 12 Monkeys you already know a CDC engineered, worldwide plague is one flight away and in Quarantine you know the plan. Dawn is Lucifer. More than 3 Oz of Toothpaste is too much to pass Airport Security, but fever, diarrhea and vomiting are all ok? The perhaps Novel, human to human form of Ebola may have been contracted by Patrick Sawyer in Liberia; already vomiting, with diarrhea and fever, he was allowed to board 2 separate ASKY Airlines with 3 legs to Lagos, Nigeria, a city with 21 million people and direct international flights? Allowed to board flights in this condition?

    Not likely. Diamonds are Big Business in Africa folks! Is it really just incompetence? Obama is a title given to Luo Tribe converts to Islam in Kenya. Gen Robert Rodriquez took over and seems much more capable eh? Pristine Passports? Was MH a remotely flown drone using the MH airframe? Was the Bio-hazard cargo loaded onto the aircraft and put on a train for Amsterdam which has direct international flights all over the world a dozen cities inside the US.

    The Monsanto family of fake Jews profited from the Slave Trade from Liberia; Just coincidence Ebola originated and was transported back to America from there? Libera is Zeus folks! Is it rational to believe all this is simply coincidence, incompetence or bad luck? Or part of a deeply Satanic plan? Fukushima sits at the intersection of 3 major tectonic plates; a major earthquake here could easily affect the entire globe, especially when plutonium enhanced fission explosions begin underground; and they will.

    Fukushima also sits at the site of 2 intersecting Pacific Ocean currents and at the source of the Pacific Jet Stream. Weather: Sea Water was used to flood the melted Fukushima Reactors creating a plutonium filled, neutrally buoyant death plume. Seawater has a slight negative electric charge; Ionizing radiation from Cesium and Strontium strips electrons from surrounding atoms leaving a slight positive charge and an Ionized Path for Lightning; a man-made, electro-magnetically, fog of death hovers just above and below the surface of the Pacific Ocean killing everything in its path.

    As the atmospheric currents hit the Coastal Mountains Created during the Flood years ago by the way; movie Noah was nicely timed eh? Sure, but remember, this fog is unique in that it supercharges electrical storms; the results just witnessed July in Los Angeles. Even Mass Murderers need to sleep at night.

    Which million humans will be allowed to live? Initiated Luciferians. The Earth is coming up fast on years of age and Jesus will return as promised 2 Pet when it is; not one moment sooner. Those are the options and Hell on Earth is about to begin. The Laurel is the Crown of the Green Man. Draco Serpent forms the roots of the Tree originating in Heaven and extending to Earth. Essentially it is a mirror opposite of the Tree of Life. Beech represents the Death and end of Something.

    In this case the end of America and the Age of Grace in my opinion. The Beech Tree symbolizes the accrued wisdom of every other Tree. It symbolizes the Word as Sanskrit characters were said to have been written on Beech Bark. Beech is the sum of Learning and Wisdom. Beech is the ultimate Ritual Tree under whose branches prayers are said to go straight to Heaven, for Goddess worshippers that is. Gnostics think they are so clever eh? Not only no, but Hell no! Throughout this book, my major emphasis will be to unmask New Age cults, religions, and organizations which, while they may not appear to be a present danger to the life and health of individuals, nevertheless are unchristian or anti-Christian in one respect or another.

    Therefore, like Dr. BeVier, I do not necessarily define a cult or a religion the same way that a non-Christian would. Now, I do not refer to the nonessentials of the faith, and of course there are some within Christianity-including some in major denominations and churches-who have in the past over-emphasized the nonessentials. However, this book concerns itself only with defending and explaining the essentials of the faith. The cults and religions described herein stand in opposition to Christianity even though some most vehemently deny it. The essentials o f the faith which enable us to separate the New Age group from the Christian include an absolute belief that there is in fact a personal and loving God who is the Creator o f all things.

    Another essential is that Jesus Christ is wholly God and came in the flesh as God. This essential of the faith includes the well-established doctrine in Scripture that Jesus is and was the only Christ and Messiah, that He was a man o f flesh and yet undeniably truly God. Another essential of the faith which separates biblical Christianity from the New Age sects and groups is the clear understanding from the Bible that man is not an evolving gody that he is and will always remain subservient to the great God o f the universe.

    The true Christian does not speak with the spirits or even with the departed saints in heaven. But instead, he knows that he has a mediator and intercessor in heavenly places who hears his petitions and his prayers and knows the desires of his heart. That intercessor is Christ. The essential Christian belief that the Bible is the inspired, infallible, inerrant, and literal Word o f G od, given to man through God and undefiled by nature of its divine authorship is another important feature of true Christianity.

    Most New Age groups profess that the Bible is either inadequate, flawed, distorted, or otherwise limited, or they claim that it is one of only a number of Holy Scriptures and inspired texts. This view is diametrically opposed to that of the true Christian. Thus, in this book, the groups which we discuss have the marks of a cult not necessarily because their leader is a cruel dictator, or because the group is guilty of crimes as defined in secular legal definitions, or even because a group may be overtly satanic or occultic. There are a number of types of New Age cults and religions.

    Some groups are more destructive than others. What distinguishes a cult from a Christian denomination, sect, or religious group is simply its variance from the essentials of the Christian faith. The apostle Paul in Galatians states that if anyone, even an angel from heaven, proclaims any other gospel than the one proclaimed in the Holy Bible and set forth clearly by the Apostles, that person is accursed.

    Moreover, in II Corinthians we find that there is another gospel and another Jesus. Then, in Romans we see that even if a person claims to be Christian yet teaches false doctrines contrary to that stated in the whole gospel of Christ, that person is not of God but is simply following the lust of the flesh and the will of the evil one. This Gospel declares the majesty of Jesus Christ and speaks of His sacrifice for our sins.

    It relates the glorious news of His resurrection and subsequent appearances on earth and assures us o f His Lordship and His faithfulness to all those who place their faith in the finished, completed work of Christ. The result of. Regardless of the other traits, characteristics, or marks of the specific cult or religion-and even though some of their works may be good--by these fruits we may know them.

    There is only one rule for this kind of accurate discernment. These nine types are listed below along with a brief description. Eastern Mystical. Cults and sects in this category fall along the traditional lines of such major Eastern religions as Hinduism, Buddhism, and Confucianism. While Islam, the Moslem faith, cannot properly be categorized as New Age because o f its exclusive belief in a personal God, there is a type of mystical Moslem sect called the Sufis which fits into the Eastern Mystical religious category. Members of Eastern Mystical cults and groups focus on such techniques as meditation, chanting, and the use of rosaries and mandalas.

    Invariably they advocate either holism all is God or polytheism, a belief in multiple gods, with the accompanying belief that all of these gods are integral parts of the whole fabric of reality. Mystery Teachings. This type of cult group loves to cloak and shroud its esoteric body of beliefs within the framework of some ancient mystery teaching. A further emphasis is placed on astrological signs, with mythological deities usually connected with the signs of the zodiac.

    The New Age groups involved in Mystery Teachings commonly instruct new recruits that they must remain chelas, or students, until they are progressively initiated into deeper levels of Gnosis, or knowledge of the mysteries. The promise of the unfolding of the mysteries is a seductive lure used to draw in curious seekers.

    Thus, such groups only appear to be conservative. They often are led by strong, dictatorial-type leaders adept at keeping members obedient and submissive. The Bible is often twisted in one way or another and minor passages are over-emphasized and fashioned into major doctrines in order to keep members in bondage. Eventually, since power corrupts and absolute.

    Jim Jones most definitely could be classified as a New Ager since he taught a warped view of the person and deity of Jesus Christ and twisted scripture to suit his own unethical acts and desires. In regards to Adolf Hitler, even a cursory look at history reveals to us that Hitler, raised as a Catholic, began to take up the occultic magical black arts and finally joined the Thule Society, a patently occultic cult group whose teachings can be traced back to 19th century Theosophy.

    Perhaps more so, for the liberal leader or pastor puls on a front, a veneer of Christianity, while at the same time often denying every essential of the faith. Usually, such leaders keep their flocks captive through flattery, or they may encourage political and social activism in neglect o f the scriptures in order to keep their flock motivated toward reforming the world system. Most New Age cults and. But a number, such as the Lucis Trust and the Church of Satan, are overtly so. In reality, there is little or no distinction between black and white magic, as such practitioners as Anton LeVey, founder of the Church o f Satan, and Dr.

    Michael Aquino of the satanic Temple of Set, have frequently attested. Certainly the Bible makes no distinction. Earth and Nature. These cultic groups and religious sects and factions honor and revere Mother Earth and all types of nature. Included in this category are the various witchcraft, goddess, and pagan groups. The earth religion is quite ancient and has its roots in primitive Babylon and Egypt. A number o f Native American Indian religious groups practice earth and nature rituals.

    Commonly, such groups worship an energy force which is believed to permeate the universe. However, witches also quite often personify their deities, being known to call on the horned god Pan, for example, who was known to the Greeks as the god o f the forest. Many witches also believe in Diana, the huntress, likewise a nature deity. Goddess worshippers harken to the pagan goddesses of olden times; they believe that the goddesses connect modern-day worshippers to the earth and provide a means of empowerment for the believer. Also in this category we can place the various pagan groups including those who worship the Norse gods and other mythological figures.

    Human Potential. These groups and organizations often disguise the New Age content of their programs and messages. Self-love is a cardinal teaching o f such groups, and pop-psychology is their greatest tool. In other words, many human potential groups, even those which start off related more to psychology and selfimprovement than to religion, eventually concentrate the mental energies o f their audiences into a spiritual or religious channel.

    Prosperity and Health. Like the human potential groups, cult leaders of the Prosperity and Health variety are big on positive thinking and narcissism. Healing miracles are often emphasized; Happiness and riches are seen as easily attainable and this is the lure which draws in new recruits. Sometimes, elaborate systems of thought-control are offered.

    But many people involved in these groups are welleducated, rational, intelligent, and thoughtful. They are not the kooks they are often made out to be by the media. Moreover, careful study and examination of UFO groups reveals that there is a spiritual and religious doctrine that many of their leaders are intent on spreading to all of us. Another group of New Age cults and organizations that.

    Such out-of-body experiences are said to enable men and women to escape the bonds of earth and to communicate with the great, all-wise, all-knowing spirit entities who populate the other-worldly dimensions. For example, L. The streets glistened and everything seemed to be spiffily immaculate. However, Hubbard claimed that on a subsequent trip to heaven, he found that the powers that controlled that realm had been painfully remiss in their responsibilities.

    Now there were potholes on the streets, things were generally unkempt, and the buildings were in a sad state of disrepair. Some groups also exist to further such financial aims as the establishment of a one world mercantile, or commercial, system free of trade barriers between nations.

    These groups often attempt to hide or otherwise conceal their spiritual and religious underpinning. Yet, when a trained analyst o f cults studies carefully the publications, speeches, and public activities of these groups, the hidden. For example, groups supporting radical feminism will very often promote goals similar to those of the Earth and Nature cults. Goddess worship and the end of patriarchal religion fundamentalist Christianity, Judaism, and Islam being the prime examples are ever-pressing agenda items for radical feminist groups.

    The Eclectic Nature of the Cults Few of the New Age cults, religions, and organizations fall strictly into one of the above categories. Most often, a group combines a number of methods, techniques, and teachings in an eclectic fashion. Generally, however, from an examination of their espoused purposes, activities, and spiritual or social teachings, each of the cults and religious groups and organizations covered in this book can be classified into one or another of the nine types. In this book information is provided primarily on the first eight types.

    Communism, like the New Age religious sects, exalts the human being, and the communist ideology is extremely amenable to the notion of a Cosmic Intelligence devoid of individualistic personality.

    It is important to realize that the goal of the New Age leadership is to establish influence in all areas of society-in education, entertainment, economics and finance, politics, law, medicine, and of course, in the religious field. This is why there are so many, varied types of New Age cults and organizations. The way to acheive this is to permeate society and create a pervasive network of interlinking, though ostensibly independent organizations and groups. Tactics and Techniques of Cults Unhealthy and destructive cults share many of the following traits and characteristics: 1 They are headed by a charmingly hypnotic or dynamically charismatic leader.

    Once confessed and in the open, the individual may be held in check by threats o f having these secrets revealed; in addition, members frequently develop a sense of group consciousness and closeness because of their shared intimacies. New members are encouraged to change their lifestyle, their career goals, their education, their preferred reading selections, and their ethical and religious belief systems. The cult insists on the imposition of new values or an entire new paradigm or worldview.

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    True biblical Christianity absolutely must be abandoned by the cult member. This may render a person. Also, it may be revealed to the new initiate that he or she is one of the elect chosen to accept the new values and abandon the old. The New Age cults and religions are very evangelistic; most are determined to go out into the highways and byways and recruit new members for their spiritual and other causes.

    Most cults have a particular guru or spiritual leader, whether dead or living, for whom members must continually express their love, affection, and highest veneration. He is constantly held out as superior and god-like, and pictured to be a supreme, holy and enlightened teacher. The individual is often showered with love and attention when she or he first joins the group.

    This tactic is designed to drive away doubts and reinforce the human yearning to belong and conform. It is a common practice among New Age cults for members to hug, touch, and flatter each other. New members usually receive a showering of attention. He or she may become the subject of a vicious verbal assault. Cult leaders and other veteran members may accuse the individual of all kinds of heinous acts and thoughts, real or imagined.

    Bouts of alternating crying and hilarious laughing and sobbing may ensue. It may take alternate periods of love-bonding and esteem-attacking to wear down and mold the individual into a malleable and flexible tool easily manipulated by the cult. Mind Control ss the Goal It is plain from reviewing the above list of tactics and techniques that mind control is a paramount goal of the cult. The collective is usually encouraged; this is why the New Age continually stresses that personal salvation is passe, that individual transformation has passed away along with other outmoded traditions of biblical Christianity.

    The lie is that the individual will be most happy once he or she learns to tailor or subordinate the personality to fit the needs o f the collective group. In the late 60s and early 70s, a number of cult groups were able to successfully separate young people from their family and friends, thereby creating an artificial environment in which cult tactics and techniques could more effectively be used to manipulate new recruits.

    Today, the cults and religious sects have become more sophisticated and more insidiously devious in their techniques and strategy. Study the list provided here of tactics and techniques of the cults described and you will find that most can be employed without the need to physically separate the individual for an extended period. Regular group meetings, visits at home by experienced group members, the constant practice by the person of such techniques as meditation, visualization, and chanting; and the requirement to read a voluminous amount o f cult literature at home, all mean that the cults no longer need to sequester the individual away from the real world.

    The desired objectives are now most often achieved without brutal group pressure and harassment and without undue physical and mental coercion. Fraud, Deception, and Brainwashing When one uses the term brainwashing, an image of a prisoner of war being tortured in a secluded, grimy cell by enemy interrogation experts comcs to mind.

    But as Stephen Hassan relates in his thought-provoking book, Combatting. In a deluded mental and spiritual condition, Steve Hassan, an educated, articulate, and bright young man, fell under almost the complete control of his cult captors. He became a puppet without a string being attached. The process took only three days. Just love, truth, beauty, and goodness. Still, a muffled voice deep within was telling me to watch o u t.

    The Lure of Culls It is a misconception that the cults are only after our young people. True, cult recruiters and true believers do indeed scout college campuses and even the high schools searching for new souls.


    But today the New Age cults and reli gions find a much more attractive market for their wares among middle-aged and elderly people than they do among the youth population. This New Age penchant to grasp on to a more mature audience is causing untold suffering and casualties among older adults who should know better but who often fall under the sway o f the cults during a particularly vulnerable moment in their lives.

    As I visit New Age bookstores around this nation and drop in on New Age groups and gatherings, I notice that it is the mature adult who, surprisingly, seems to be most receptive to the New Age philosophy. You would be totally shocked to discover how many thousands of mothers in the s age bracket are abandoning husbands, children, and homes to strike out on some kind of a spiritual journey looking for their own Wizard of Oz.

    Wives, too, phone and write, their voices sometimes cracking with emotion as they explain how their husbands have become entangled in a New Age cult and how it has wrecked and harmed their marriages. Just a few months later, disillusioned, she phoned her husband and begged him to take her back. Today, she simply cannot believe her stupidity and lack of judgment. The stories of the other women profiled by writer Clair Safran are similar.

    Today, the most vulnerable member of the family may be your aging mother-or yourself. Alarmingly, Salvatore reports that: Cults today are expanding their membership through a new pool of recruits: the elderly, the middle aged, and church going Christians. And, while in the past cults attracted equal numbers of males and females, today more women than men are being drawn in.

    Who is Vulnerable to a Cult? Men and women who are drawn into the New Age are not ignorant nor stupid. Studies on the cults have found that these groups especially prey on people during periods of extreme vulnerability. For example, a couple experiencing. In addition to the lonely and insecure and those suffering temporary emotional stress, the New Age also preys on the naive.

    Led to believe that anything is possible for those who think positive and have the right mental attitude, and brought up to reject traditional Christian values and morality, most young people today are ideal targets for the New Age. Many lack absolutes and are tossed like a shipwreck on the seas whenever a glib-talking or physically attractive person of the opposite sex confronts them with smooth and deceptive new ideas.

    Unsure of their own convictions, they are extremely susceptible to what is presented. TTie cults capitalize on what are often very real and unmet spiritual needs and unfilled longings. The cultists do not usually waste time on a person who demonstrates a solid knowledge o f the Bible or conveys a firm faith in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.

    Most people today are not grounded in Bible doctrines, even though they may have been raised in Christian churches. Such persons find the New Age cults and religions attractive precisely because they offer feelings, experiences, and the possibility of meeting deep human needs while suggesting that these desired objectives can be obtained through quick fixes. The New Age promotes the mystical rather than the rational; it suggests there is a way to. The New Age has attracted the majority o f its participants from aging Baby Boomers.

    These are the children of the 60s who still have not found the answers they have been looking for. These individuals have rejected Jesus Christ and the authority of the Bible but they realize that material happiness is insufficient to meet the deep inner needs o f the human heart. So they seek and seek among the many New Age offerings, but their appetites are never satisfied.

    Theological considerations are nearly always secondary. The appeal of the cults is quite simple. Ronald Enroth gives us a means to reach the cultist with Christ and help the person discover the Truth. As Christians we should not view those in the New Age only as gullible, deceived adherents of false doctrines which need to be refuted. It certainly is true that we must be defenders of the faith, but we must remember that those trapped in the New Age are people just like us. We, too, once were in need of the Truth and were separated from God. We know that this can be attained only through Jesus Christ; what we must understand and ever keep in mind is that these people are victims of propaganda.

    The significant thing to remember is that few New Agers start off initially on an unholy quest to wreck and destroy the Christian faith. Moreover, when first approached by cult members. They succumb because they are temporarily vulnerable. Surely, we can sympathize with such men and women though we can not help them if we compromise our own principles and faith in the process.

    Not too long ago I read a remark made by a woman named Jeanne M ills. Her words touched me deeply and caused me to reflect on the plight o f those involved in the New Age. Angered by her public renunciation of the cult, a year after the Jonestown incident Jeanne Mills was assassinated by surviving but disgruntled and vicious members of the cult who still believed in their dead cult leader. It is so important that we thoughtfully and prayerfully reflect on the most effective way to witness to New Agers. Though many are brainwashed and unable to discern reality, it is vital that we who are of Christ recognize the incredible extent to which those in the New Age are victimized by fraud and deception.

    Repeat and repeat till they are helpless before your repetitions. Say it over and over until their brains can hold only what you are saying. Speak it soft, yell it and yell it, change to a whisper, always in repeats. Come back to it day on day, hour after hour. Till they say what you tell them to say. For example, A Course in Miracles stresses that the student is to judge his or her surroundings and all of reality as mere illusion-what the Hindus call maya.

    Instructors of A Course in Miracles suggest that the student refuse to accept the reality that confronts them and instead relinquish all their beliefs about reality itself. Though they promise a bright new life and a radiant new aeon, the New Age cult groups deliver only a murky, dim world of partial truths and mega-lies. Promising to help people become sane, they then proceed to assist the individual to enter an insane asylum of his or her own doing— an impoverished place o f mental and spiritual confinement where the mind and the senses cease to logically process information and distinguish facts from fantasies.

    Th Danger of Cults The greatest danger of a cult is that the individual will lose the opportunity to come to know Christ Jesus as Lord and Savior. There is not one-no, not on e-N ew Age cult or religion which truly exalts Jesus Christ as Lord of all. Thus, a person who becomes involved in the New Age is not able to recognize the truth of Philippians Wherefore God also hath highly exalted him, and given him a name which is above every name: That at the name of Jesus every knee should bow, of things in heaven, and things in earth, and things under the earth; And that every tongue should confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of God the Father.

    They must realize who Jesus is, and call on Him in true repentance. While many in the New Age join a particular cult or religion to meet personal or social needs, the fact is that at least tentatively, these men, women, and youth do believe in what they are being taught in the New Age.

    Alan Watts - Mystery of Time

    And have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather reprove them. Nothing could be further from the truth. We are told to have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness. We are not to yoke ourself with unbelievers through spiritual fellowship. Many are also in real physical danger through involvement in the New Age cults. He was told that he was Jupiter, she Venus. Now the couple is dead.

    They eventually committed suicide. Almost every day my ministry receives letters from anxious people whose loved ones are caught up in the New Age trap. They say that after the joining a New Age group or becoming fascinated with New Age occult literature, the.

    Often, they report, the individual eventually lost his or her job, and sometimes suffered debilitating health problems because of an unsafe dietary regimen prescribed. Mental depression and suicidal manias are also commonplace among those in the New Age. It is ironic that men and women who join New Age groups for what initially appears to be for the best of reasons-personal development, to save the whales, end world hunger, clean up the environment, ensure world peace, or help children-soon find that none of these goals can be obtained through what the New Age has to offer.

    Instead, distressed, worn-out, and having sunk into a valley of despair, the person finds that years of his or her life has been wasted. But it is at that moment, and most often at that moment only, that the person begins to realize that there is an answer to his misery. That answer is found through Jesus Christ alone. Asked who this spirit was, Schucman revealingly exclaimed, 'It said it was Jesus. It is called A Course in Miracles.

    Already some , copies of this new bible have been sold and as many as four million people have studied the Course. Less than 25 years ago, it was only a vortex of energy, whirling around. Today, it seems to almost be everywhere. Evidently, hundreds of thousands of people with a New Age bent of mind like what they see in the new Jesus.

    A number of New Age organizations have sprung up to prom oted Course in Miracles, and there are a number of big names involved. In Singh came into contact with A Course in Miracles. Since then, he has published a number of books, videos, and other products praising the work. She also is frequently interviewed by television, radio, and New Age magazines on behalf of the Course.

    There are many others involved in A Course in Miracles. For example, pop-psychologist Gerald Jampolsky. He stalks the nation selling his books and enthusiastically touting the message of the Course. Yet another big name in the New Age who is a believer in the Course is Kenneth Wapnick, who has taken this new bible and interpreted it for the masses in a number of best-. Wapnick claims to be a Catholic Christian. One is the Course's idea that God did not create the world. The second is the Course's teaching that Jesus was not the only Son o f God.

    A Course in Miracles claims to be a legitimate revelation of the true Jesus Christ, but the truth is, this is one of the most heretical courses and the most diabolically seducing that I have ever personally come across. How did A Course o f Miracles come into the world? Its origins are undisputed. In the mids, a Jewish, atheist psychologist named Helen Schucman, a professor from a university in the state of New York, claimed that a spirit entity began to send her visions and speak to her mind.

    For almost ten years Helen Schucman dutifully took down the notes of the Voice inside her brain. The results were published in , and by over 60, sets of books had been distributed—without the benefits of media advertising and mainly on the basis of recommendations by enthusiastic students of the course. Its influence is especially deeply felt in Unitarian churches and such New Age-oriented denominations as the Church of Religious Science, UnityTand others.

    It is also increasingly popular within the Catholic Church. In fact, it is now common as I travel around ,-VlT ,u-— America for faithful Catholics to come up to me and say that they left their local church after a priest or a nun began teaching A Course in Miracles, causing great distress and sadness and the eventual breaking away of the individual from the Catholic Church.

    Volume I, the principal text, has pages. Volume II, a workbook for students, is pages in length. There is al I a Manual for Teachers 88 pages. Indeed, it comes across as a verjTKoly and loving text which promises peace and contentment for its students. Those who are unfamiliar with the Holy Bible and have rejected traditional Christian doctrines are almost sitting ducks for A Course in Miracles because of the seductive nature in which it presents its teachings.

    The Course also claims that God does not condemn us for our evil or even hold us personally to blame for our bad BeeSsTTf also rejects the Biblical account of Adam and Eve being driven out of the garden. Judgment is depicted not as something that Gcd undertakes, but something we ourselves must determine. However, the Bible says that Jesus has been appointed as Judge of both the living and the dead Acts , and see II Corinthians A ll will be saved. But the Bible says that the natural man Boes not receive the things of the Spirit of God for they are foolishness to him and he cannot understand them.

    The Course vs. The Course teaches that theworld we see is simply anjllusion, that material matter does not exist. God did not create it. The Course maintains that the Word or thought could not have been made flesh and that this is a false belief. Moreover, every spirit that acknowledges that Jesus Christ has come in the flesh is from God, the Bible teaches, and every spirit that does not acknowledge that Jesus Christ came in the flesh as God is the spirit of the Antichrist I John ; John This, it says, is a distortion.

    Obviously this is in direct contradiction with John and with a score of other biblical passages. The Course tells its readers that their works and their holiness will result in their individual salvation. It cannot come from anywhere else. We are all part of God, says the Course. To call ujxrn His name is but to call upon.

    To worship ourselves as God and to exalt ourselves in this manner 'v'Jl is simply to defame and blaspheme God. How deceptive is this teaching, for if we are not sinners then Jesus died on the cross in vain, and He was either a fool or a lunatic. However, the Bible testifies to the Truth-that if we claim to be without sin we deceive ourselves and the truth is not in us. But if we confess our sin, He is faithful and just and will forgive us our sin and cleanse us from our unrighteousness see I John ; Romans ; ; and Ephesians Naturally, since it is a New Age bible, the Course teaches that there is no death, that man is an eternal creature who will live on and on.

    This is simply a Cj reiteration of the Hindu and New Age belief in 9, reincarnation and karma. Easily we see that this is a. Below is just a part of it. Forgive us our illusions, Father, and help us to accept our true relationship with You in which there are no illusions and where none can ever enter. Our holiness is Yours. Let us not wonder at temptations, for the temptation of the Son of God is not Your will.

    And let us receive only what You have given and accept this into the mind You love. The Course itself encourages its readers to forget all that they have ever learned and to willingly accept its new conceptions of spirituality: Let us be still an instant and forget all things we have ever learned, all thoughts we have and every preconception we hold of what things mean and what their purpose is. Let us remember not our own ideas of what the world is for. We do not know. Let every image held by everyone be loosened from our minds. Be innocent of judgment, unaware of any thoughts of evil or of good that ever crossed your mind of anyone.

    You can accept whatever parts you wanTtSTTf you have problems with parts, that is okay. We can only assume that either they are greatly deceived as Christians or that these disciples of the Course are"simply deceiving themselves in their insistence that they are Christians. Certainly those who would promote and teach A Course in Miracles are not born-again believers as Jesus taught in John The fact tfiat this new bible is 1, pages long is ample evidence that spirit entities and intellectuals such as Dr.

    Ultimately, A Course in Miracles is simply a more refined and sophisticated type o f Christian Science. It is a mistake that must be corrected at its source. Healing is of the mind, since only the mind can make mistakes. Another similarity between the Course and other New Age teachings is the emphasis by the Course on experience rather than salvation by grace as a free gift from God. Skutch-Wilson herself gives an indication of this when she states: Christianity is the dominant religion in the Western world and history but some of its beliefs are not very Christian.

    The Course tries to help us understand spiritual teachings without the distortions. Some Biblical scholars, in fact, have told us that the material seems to be very close to what the early Christians probably believed. In January, , J. This is the testimony of the man who is the founder of The Academy for Future Science. It is his claim that in a spirit-being named Enoch enveloped him with a great wall of light, and both he and Enoch sped upwards into the heavens. Finally, Hurtag says, he was taken directly into the throne room, near the pyramid of the living light, before a great Throne.

    According to Hurtag, the Ancient of Days has glowing white hair and a face of overwhelming love and joy. For example, when Hurtag mentions the externalization o f the Hierarchy, this is simply a throwback to the teachings of Alice Bailey of the Lucis Trust, who published a prominent New Age occuitic book, The Extemalization o f the Hierarchy, in the s. Hurtag also borrows freely and. They are a prophetic message showing how the seven seals of the book of Revelation of the Bible will come to be broken, or unsealed, and how the last days will transpire.

    He most certainly is not credited by this cult group as the creator of the universe as depicted truthfully in the Holy Bible. The masters who are the Brotherhood of Light will transmit into the mind of the person through the Third Eye region o f his forehead and into his brain direct knowledge, or gnosis. Thus, the person will. They are transformed into beings of pure light and thereafter live an existence of pure bliss. Meanwhile, here on earth the dark forces no doubt including biblical Christians will be overcome. In Hindu mythology, the Lord Agni was the fire god, represented by lightning.

    This is the Third Eye region. It is thought to be the chakra Hindu or energy point in the body which, when developed, enables the individual to develop god-like abilities, powers, and knowledge. Programmed by In The Keys o f Enoch, we find similar occultic construction. Those light messages are said to come in a numerical electrical sequence.

    In effect, The Academy for Future Science and its false bible, The Keys o f Enoch, instruct initiates to communicate with demonic powers through a light-link. Here is the procedure o f how this is supposed to be done: The Eye of Horus is the eye of the lords, serving the Living Father of Creation which is placed upon the Third Eye region of the elect.

    Therefore, this alignment of the divine eyes permits you to acquire wisdom and to work within the complete network of the divine hierarchy. Contrasts with the real Bible are many. For example, The Keys o f Enoch teaches that the Antichrist is not a man, though Revelation 13 clearly shows him to be a man.

    It seems that another organization which Kieninger established, the Stelle Group, dismissed Kieninger from its leadership claiming that he had bilked the organization out of a significant sum of money and that he was also guilty of sexual misconduct. Specifically, it was charged that Kieninger had failed to come through on his grandiose scheme for a utopia on earth. Philadelphia, according to Kieninger, is slated by the Brotherhood to be a heavenly city on earth. None the worse off, Kieninger in decided to emphasize Adelphi, which, after extended litigation and legal maneuverings, appears now to be totally a separate entity under the direction of Kieninger and associates.

    Adelphi teaches that the cosmic universe consists of seven planes of existence made up of matter and energy. These range from the physical plane to the plane of pure spirit and love, which is the seventh and ultimate plane. Another teaching is the spiritual evolution of man. The central and most desirable goal of those who Ibelieve in Adelphi is to be initiated into the Brotherhood. In fact, Adelphi seems to claim to be the New Lemuria, an embryo of a great society soon to take hold and.

    As part of this teaching on Lemurian and Atlantis history, initiates are also instructed on the spiritual role and meaning of the Egyptian religions, and the building of the Great Pyramid. According to founder Richard Kieninger, everyone on earth is insane to a certain degree because of the sickness of society and its failure to recognize the true spiritual laws of the universe. The center provides a wide range of New. Age and holistic health learning experiences and studies. How does the Aletheia program claim to achieve such astounding goals?

    In fact, Aletheia offers multiple ways to achieve the oriental transformation so familiar to New Age believers. On May June 7, they personally conducted a tour to Medjugorje, Yugoslavia, the site where many claim that Mary, the Mother of Jesus, appeared to children. Francis, patron of nature in the Catholic Church, first formulated his now popular religious teachings advocating the worship of nature. While emphasizing Hinduism, the organization unabashedly promotes Pope John Paul II, the worldwide head of the Catholic Church, and declares that all religions basically are the same regardless of their outward form, dogmas, or rituals.

    Donald Walters. Swami, or Sri, Kriyananda is the founder and spiritual director of Ananda. Nehru quickly approved the project; however, Walters could not get it off the ground because of a lack of funding and, by his own admission, a lack of spiritual maturity on his part. The Oneness of all Religions In a letter to seekers who request information about the Ananda community, Kriyananda explains the purpose of Ananda. First, he announces that spirituality in its purest form was brought to the world by Krishna and Buddha as well as by Jesus and Moses.

    In fact, he writes, all world teachers serve the same God. For, clearly, all of them are devoted to principles that are universal. Every one of them has a goal of uplifting human consciousness, and of expanding human sympathies. All of them teach us to love our fellow man, to honor truth, and to be humble. At their essence, Ananda teaches, all religions are the same; therefore, the group has decided to immortalize in architecture this universalist teaching. Therefore, Ananda and its founder Kriyananda also promise the individual manifold rewards if he or she actively participates in Ananda projects.

    At their facilities in California, Ananda offers a number of programs. This program is not only offered in residence, but is available through the use of written study guides and tapes designed for home study as well. The spiritual tradition of Ananda comes from the life and teachings of the Hindu guru Paramhansa Yogananda, author of Autobiography o f a Yogi. Its literature claims that miracles seem to happen spontaneously at the Ananda community and that those who practice Raji Yogi, a form of spiritual as well as physical Yoga, will awaken their human consciousness and attune it to the divine.

    The Ananda group also operates a press, Crystal Clarity Publishers. Rudolf Steiner was the author of over books and lectures. A Western occultist, he studied and borrowed freely from dozens of other occultic systems, especially Theosophy, to create this strange new system which he dubbed Anthroposophy. This is sort of a smorgasbord of occultism. Today, Anthroposophy has deep roots in American and German society, as well as in other countries around the world.

    Holder of a doctorate degree, he was fascinated by the ideas of such mystical thinkers as Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, the German writer who single-mindedly pushed the occultist, pantheist ideas of his day. Moreover, the force is in everything and is everything. Steiner eventually concluded that men could become more fully an expression of this creative force by uniting with the spirit world.

    Eventually, he became Secretary of Theosophy for all o f Germany. Today, the Goetheanum, rebuilt after a fire destroyed the original facility, serves as the world headquarters of Anthroposophy and also houses its School for Spiritual Science. Steiner rejected the biblical account in Genesis of the fall. It is the goal of Anthroposophy to bring man to a knowledge of the spiritual world and return him to the state of heavenly bliss he enjoyed before the fall. His teachings on geography and geology are very similar to those of Maria Montessori, the Italian educator whose work is being carried on in thousands of Montessori schools in America today.

    According to Steiner, the planet has undergone four embodiments-as saturn warmth , the sun air , the moon water , and the earth mineral. The earth is now supposed to be in its fourth reincarnation. Each of these cycles is guarded over by spiritual beings. It is because of this conflict in the spirit world, he said, that man fell and lost his perfect nature. The conflict which Steiner referred to is said to be a war between spirits who lived on the sun, whom he called the Sun Beings, and those who lived on the moon, the Moon Beings.

    The teachings of Anthroposophy are therefore in line with those of the Illuminati in general, as well as the many. Some Anthroposophy groups even refer to themselves as Christian occult societies. It has been reported also that one of C. To Anthroposophy the gospels are esoterically understood and are for the initiated only. Meanwhile, Jesus Christ is claimed to be a supreme example of human perfection which men should emulate.

    The Coming of the Sun God and the Two Jesuses Instead of the second coming of Christ, Anthroposophy teaches the coming of the great sun spirit, also known as the. Sun Being or as the Hidden One. One of these Jesuses was said to be a human being whose body was prepared by the Spiritual Beings, including none other than the Buddha. This teaching of the two Jesuses is most complicated. Then, at the age of 12, the two Jesuses were merged as one spirit. This occurred at the moment the Christ Essence came and settled within the Jesus of Nazareth. Anthroposophy also has an occult explanation for the sightings of Jesus after His resurrection.

    Mary Magdalene, his disciples, and all the others who saw Jesus actually merely saw Him clairvoyantlyy with the use of their Third Eye. It is by meditation, Anthroposophy teaches, that we empower ourselves and gain entrance into the spiritual world beyond our present material limitations. The Waldorf Schools Anthroposophy began its growing system of Waldorf Schools after receiving a huge grant o f money from the owner of the Waldorf-Astoria cigarette factory in Stuttgart, Germany.

    Waldorf Schools are becoming increasingly popular in Germany, Holland, and the United States, and they have also been founded in Australia, New Zealand, Great Britain, and in other countries. The Waldorf system of education attempts to keep children away from the disrupting influences o f modern society and particularly what Anthroposophy feels are unspiritual influences. For example, relationships with those who believe in fundamentalist Christianity. Eurythmy is based on the Hindu concept that both God and man are involved in a form of cosmic dance and that energy is ever in motion.

    In eurythmic dancing, children and adults use sweeping and stately movements of the arms. The trunk sways in a gradual motion; the field is ascetic. Grown women who practice this dance do so with their dresses on, which hides the shape of their bodies; their hair is typically parted in the middle and is often gathered in a bun at the back. Most Anthroposophists have at one time or another taken up eurythmy.

    There has even been a rock music group called the Eurythmics, the leader of which was reputed to be a witch. Children in the Waldorf system are taught a special form of Steiner speech therapy. Painting and colors are also quite important and the use of the rainbow as a symbol is greatly encouraged. Instead, great care is taken to convince parents that the teaching methods of the Waldorf Schools are imaginative and promote creativity in children. In later years principles such as karma and rein-carnation are taught in a mild form. However, in some schools there might well be blunt instruction in these topics.

    The curriculum in most Waldorf Schools does emphasize the importance of such topics as the Norse myths; the ancient pagan gods; the history of India, Babylon, Sumeria, Persia, and Egypt; and harmony and music in ancient Greece. There is also an emphasis on nature as well as on fairy tales, fables, and legends.

    The Old Testament is even taught, the children often being led to believe that the sagas and stories of the Old Testament are basically yet more examples o f fairy tales, nature stories, fables, and legends. One is the serpent. The teaching is that the Goetheanum serpent is one that has its tail within its mouth, being formed as a circle. This is said to be an indication of the individual being part of the macrocosmic spirit, the all. Another popular symbol among some is the dome. The dome has its origins as an occult symbol in the worship of the ancient goddess, a concept which Steiner no doubt found appealing.

    Ancient Conspiracy - TV Tropes

    Steiner was an accomplished theosophist and occultist. Then he bccame a teacher of Rosicrucianism. Thus, he undoubtedly knew that the dome represented the breast of the goddess, that it is a sign o f fertility. He knew, too, that in occultism the dome symbolizes the man who has achieved perfection and has become both masculine and feminine, integrating the two poles, though the feminine strain reigns dominant.

    The Church of Anthroposophy Though most members of Anthroposophy meet in individual study groups, conducted in one of many centers, or at the major center in Dornach, Switzerland, there is also a formal religion which is called the Christian Community. According to Geoffry Ahem, who conducted an insightful study of Anthroposophy and subsequently authored the book Sun at Midnight, there may be as many as priests in the Christian Community of Anthroposophy.

    There are a number of sacraments in the church including baptism, confirmation, marriage, counseling, anointing, and ordination. These sacraments were given to Steiner by his spirit guides. This seems to be an ideal form of New Age religion, and its extension into education through the Waldorf Schools will also likely prove a continuing success. As the environmental movement grows stronger, earth worship increases in popularity, and the goddess religion advances because o f its connection with Gaia, the Greek earth goddess, and other pagan goddesses of nature, interest in Anthroposophy will also grow in tandem.

    They believe this to be in tune with ecological awareness. For example, they may use powdered quartz or cow manure as well as dandelion, nettle velarion, oak bark, and other natural substances to prepare the soil. Moreover, it is believed that the astral aura of cows nourishes the gnomes.

    Just as for the Hindus, the cows are greatly venerated by Anthroposophists, for it is felt that cows provide the important spiritual functions of bringing cosmic forces down to earth. Birds are also greatly respected because it is taught that they carry earthly substance out into the cosmos. All in all, it can be seen that Anthroposophy provides an eclectic and thoroughly absurd system of occultism; yet,. Such initiates will become part of The New Group of World Servers, an unnamed and unidentified but powerful group of men and women in all walks of life who are said to be masters of occultism destined to lead the world into a New Age kingdom.

    Headquartered in New York, but also with centers in Europe, the stated goal of the Arcane School is to train men and women so that they may take their next step upon the path o f evolution. Alice Bailey taught that the Arcane School would enable students to recognize the fact of the Spiritual Hierarchy of the planet.

    Christians of course, would recognize this spiritual hierarchy as the demonic entities under the control of Satan. Another primary teaching of the Arcane School is that the souls of men are one, again a cardinal New Age belief. While the Arcane School claims to be non-sectarian and non-political, in fact, the school certainly does have a religious and political basis.

    Each student is a believer in occultism, although there is significant leeway and freedom as to the exact occult philosophies that may be held by the individual. However, no formal pledges or vows to obey are extracted from any student during the training. They are expected to voluntarily carry out the requirements, and most. In other words, the Arcane School teaches universality and harshly rejects any religious teaching of exclusiveness. For example, to teach that Jesus Christ is Lord of all would be a heresy not tolerated by the Arcane School and its teachers. Alice Bailey once stated: In the Arcane School, we make a definite effort to counter the great heresy of separateness.

    Interestingly, Alice Bailey often attempted to invoke scripture to prove. It is my well-founded contention that Satan is indeed the lord of the Arcane School. He is definitely one of the fathers of the New Age and has especially been influential in the area of New Age holistic medicine. Born in on a farm near Hopkinsville, Kentucky, Cayce never had a formal education, dropping out of school in the sixth grade. At first, he took an interest in Christianity, even as a young boy reading the Bible and enjoying going to church regularly. It is claimed that he made it a habit to read.

    Yet, though he claimed to be a Christian, Edgar Cayce was one of the most occultic leaders the New Age has ever known. Today, the Association for Research and Enlightenment A. As many as 15 million persons worldwide have been influenced through his many writings. Some medical doctors, chiropractors, psychologists, and other professional health workers are associated with the A.

    Most are listed in the A. According to A. Their children are schooled in A. Search For God programs. Across the nation, hundreds of seminars and lectures are held in almost every major city on a variety of A. Tens of thousands of seekers and researchers continually access the thousands o f Edgar Cayce readings that are now contained in the A. There they use an index for over 10, subjects. Cayce and Occultism Edgar Cayce developed occultic tendencies quite early in life. At the age of 13, an angelic being, Cayce claimed, appeared to him and asked him what request he would make of her.

    Young Edgar replied that he would like to help others. At that point the apparition dissolved. His father had a hypnotic control over snakes; his grandfather was a dowser and water witcher. At his home, magical stunts such as making tables move, causing brooms to dance, and the use of telepathic powers was commonplace. One time, famed evangelist Dwight L. Moody passed through town. When Edgar shared with him the fact that he was receiving visions and hearing voices from a supernatural world, the great evangelist suggested to him that evil spirits could be responsible.