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We have responsibilities.

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We are expected to act like adults. We delay gratification to achieve future success and happiness. But this is the slippery slope that many unhappy people slide down. You can delay gratification for so long that you forget how to actually be happy. That is where these books on happiness come into play. They remind of of the things we knew without thinking when we were kids: how to be happy. The happiness books you find here will work to return the joy to your life.

Happiness does not need to be difficult, but the older and more entrenched you become in your ways the harder it is to make any real change to your happiness. So before you become like old man Scrooge before his Christmas revelation, take some time out to read these books on happiness and try to bring some joy back into your life. This newsletter is a 5-minute read that's informative, witty and FREE!

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The How of Happiness uses a scientific approach to guide readers into a life of happiness. It discusses the various elements of happiness in a practical and empowering way that is easy for readers to follow.

This book addresses strategies for finding happiness, new methods of thinking, and quizzes for readers to take to help them realize their potential for happiness, and how to sustain it. Lyubomirsky uses this book to give suggestions to help acquire and maintain happiness quickly and without spending a lot of money. While she does not push a particular faith on the reader, she does explain the roles of religion and spirituality in finding happiness. This book also refers to mindfulness and living in the moment. The author urges the reader to overcome pain through gratitude and joy.

The book inspires readers to take part in mindful meditation to promote happiness and decrease stress. While many of the author's suggestions seem to be common sense, it is encouraging to remember that the author is involved in scientific happiness research, lending her more credibility. Lyubomirsky ultimately leaves it up to the readers to choose their own specific activities and areas of life to work on. This may be the right book on happiness for you if you are willing to implement scientific evidence about human potential into your own life.

For many years this has been on of the top books on happiness, being on the bestseller list for quite a few weeks. Written by psychologist Martin E. Seligman, this book focuses on raising the bar for happiness. It addresses feelings of optimism, motivation, and the character that is needed to get the most out of life. This book addresses how happiness alone is not able to give meaning to one's life.

In order to flourish, people also need to be able to cultivate their talents, build deep and lasting relationships, feel pleasure, and make meaningful contributions to the world. The author describes happiness as being only one of the five parts of flourishing in life, along with engagement, relationships, meaning, and accomplishment. This book is rather factual, which some people may not find easy to read through.

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It is a recap of the recent history of positive psychology and the various fields it is moving into. While there are some good ideas in the book, it is not an organized guide on how to find happiness. This is a good book for people who are having problems finding motivation or optimism in their lives. It discusses how all of these different factors come together to create a fulfilling life.

This is one of the best books on finding happiness within yourself. When asked what they want from life, many people will list happiness as one of their main desires. This book references the studies of many of the other researchers and scientists on this page such Sonia Lubermersy and Martin Seligman to come up with a complete answer on the above question as well as giving many science-backed methods to achieve greater happiness.

If you are looking for a compendium with all the up to date information on how to achieve happiness, along with many links to the original sources for more information and guidance, then this is the book for you.


If you want to be happier… read Happier Human for some clear and practical steps for taking the theory of happiness and putting it into action. Often funny and sometimes bizarre, this book takes the reader on a journey through the author's life and pivotal moment leading up to his passion for mindfulness meditation. This is an easy read in the sense that the author openly shares his own struggles with anxiety to help the reader connect to the book.

The author's stories pull the reader in and make this book a page-turner. Everyone who reads this book can find a way to identify with at least one of the many facets that emerge throughout Harris's writing. This is not a "how-to" book for meditation or a scientific dialogue about neurobiology. Rather, it works to challenge people who are interested in meditation about their current habits. The lessons can be used by both beginners and seasoned meditators who are looking for a new resource or source of inspiration.

For those who are already convinced of the value of meditation and are looking for a complete guide, this may not be the book. However, the author does suggest some more-detailed books that helped him through his journey. This book recounts Archbishop Tutu's visit to the Dalai Lama's home in India to create what they believed would be an offering to other people. The two reflected on their lives to try to determine how they found joy in their lives, despite life's moments of inevitable suffering. This book offers the accounts of two global heroes to help reveal how to live a happy life like they were able to do.

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It highlights how the reader can bring greater joy and purpose into their own life, and reveals the nature of the connection between painful emotions and true happiness. One unexpected bonus of this book is reading about the frequency of the humor and playfulness between these two men. Even when they are recounting a deep discussion, they continue to us wit and joy in order to make each other and the reader laugh out loud. This may be the right book on happiness for you if you want to find joy in the most difficult of times.

Because both of these men have first-hand experiences with hardships and adversity, they are able to give meaningful advice to overcoming life's difficulties. This book provides a useful guide to understanding wisdom, which may seem to be simple, but is not so easy when trying to apply in practice and cultivate peace of mind. While a large majority of self-help books and popular psychology books discuss the things that are wrong with our lives and what should be done to improve them, this book focuses on what is good. It teaches the reader how to turn good into great, which makes this a book that focuses on mental wellness instead of mental illness.

This book urges the reader to focus on their personal strengths to uncover their happiness. It is a very practical book using exercises, tests, and a website program to show readers how to pinpoint their strengths and use them in new ways to bring more joy and satisfaction to life. This is a very helpful book to provide a new perspective on depression and how it can be relieved by altering your frame of mind.

This might be the right book for you if you are trying to figure out how to see your life in a better light. While it may not be a cure for depression, it is a helpful starting point and a well-thought-out book that is likely to make a difference. This is a very non-technical book that aims to help the reader understand the role of emotions, and how to effectively manage emotional signals to lead to a more positive life.

The Slight Edge explores a new way of thinking that lets you make everyday choices that will bring you happiness. It teaches the difference between people who are able to make their dreams come true and those who are not. This edition of this book reveals how the original concept continues to change lives, and how a certain way of thinking can impact your daily choices and improve your life. For example, people do not set out to be broke at the age of 35, so what daily choices lead to that situation?

Alternatively, people do not decide one day that they will be fat.

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It takes years of built-up decisions to lead to obesity. While this simple concept that people's actions compound to eventually lead to good or bad is not new, this book does a great job of simplifying it and making it something that the reader can think about often. This is a great book on how to be happy for people who tend to procrastinate. Because it focuses so much on what the reader should be doing in the here and now, it works as a great motivator for people who have a hard time just getting started.

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  7. This book can be applied to both life and business, and its real concepts are a must-read for everyone. This is one of the most versatile happiness books due to the fact it can be used for so many applications business and life. It is not JUST about finding personal happiness in our crazy world. While many people grow up believing that once they "have it all" such as a spouse, children, and a house they will be happy, this two-dimensional vision of happiness limits our potential for growth. Practical lessons are shared in this book to create a corrective course on happiness in the mind of the reader.

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    The author argues that people are more adaptable than they perceive themselves to be. It is an empowering read that allows the reader to see scientific evidence that proves our mindset has a huge impact on our outcomes. The organization and writing in this book are both very well executed and easy to follow.

    It would be nice if there were a few more case samples to help learn more about the lives of other people for comparative reasons, but it is overall a very helpful read. The overall message that can be taken away from this book is that humans have a tremendous capacity to be adaptable through tough times.

    This book looks at the scientific research in psychology, behavioral economics, cognitive neuroscience, and philosophy to show what scientists have found about our ability to imagine the future and predict how happy we will be when we get there. The author presents his material in a lighthearted and funny way, which keeps the reader engaged. It presents original ideas rather than rehashing tried-and-true lessons that are published in many other books on happiness. This is a great read for people who are interested in human behavior.

    It addresses why people have such a hard time at predicting what will make them happy in the future. Some of the conclusions that the author makes are a bit questionable, but the information leading up to his thoughts is very interesting and definitely worth the read. After decades of success as an award-winning entrepreneur, leader, coach and mentor, Sharon Pearson reveals her unique and practical model for creating and leading the winning team. Intricately woven with real-world examples from multi-million dollar businesses of her own and her clients, Disruptive Leadership unveils the gap between a team that "gets by" and a team that truly thrives Tell me if you relate to this You love the idea of helping others create change for themselves but don't know where to start.

    And you're wondering if coaching can be your pathway Written by the world-leading coach, Sharon Pearson, this book will unlock some key answers for how you can get started on becoming a coach, what's involved in building a successful practice, and whether it's right for you If you've ever wished life were easier, or wondered why some people just seem to attract success without really trying , this is the book for you! Written in a hands-on, do-as-you-go style, Your Success looks at the 10 core elements of your life, helping you discover what's working, what isn't, and what you can do to attract success into all aspects of your life Do you want to grow a highly profitable, successful business?

    If so, this book is for you - a person who refuses to settle for anything less than success. Hold this book, think about your challenge Pathways to Success and Happiness is your own personal guide as you traverse this life. It's your ideal companion guide for profound growth and is designed to draw out your full potential each day.