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If you don't do as you are told, you are going to have an accident and you will die. Follow Paolo Valente's relentless pursuit of power that takes him through b 'I make a Calabrian promise. Follow Paolo Valente's relentless pursuit of power that takes him through businesses and bedrooms. Get A Copy. More Details Original Title. Friend Reviews. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about The Seduction of Power , please sign up.

Seduction of Power

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Sort order. Apr 29, Karen rated it it was ok Shelves: crime , australian , review-books. According to an article in his local newspaper, it was inspired by a passion to write, spurred on by a chance meeting with an inspirational character. The book is the first in a planned trilogy, described as an "epic tale of the Calabrian Mafia in Australia". Given that it is a debut book, and the first in this trilogy it became important to keep that in mind when reading this opening instalment.

Less of a story about the Mafia as a whole, although there are cameo appearances of wider La Famiglia components, this story builds a lot of the background of Paolo or Paul as the Anglicised version of his name becomes. Paul has an unusual childhood to say the least - neglected and very poor, the book gets into his sexual exploits very early on. And they continue right through the story. At one point it seemed less about the Seduction of Power and more about the Seduction of everyone Paul came into contact with! Set mostly in Melbourne Australia, although the start of the book is in Italy, there is much that will seem familiar, particularly for a Melbourne based reader - there are references to many locally known landmarks in the Italian community areas throughout the suburbs.

There is even some action that seems faintly familiar - perhaps based loosely on real life events, perhaps it is just that there was a feeling of reality about those descriptions. There are some illuminating little glimpses into the mindset of the Italian immigrants, from the insider point of view. Their attitudes and relationships with, in particular, those communities and people already here, was quite an interesting twist.

True seduction is the opposite of sex.

Embassy Pictures What can we learn about human nature and the way the world works from reading history? This has been the territory of Robert Greene. Combining the lessons of thousands of years, what do you learn about the fundamental subjects of seduction, power and mastery? What's at the root of seduction? Seduction involves a degree of surprise, which is generally the first thing that disappears after you've been in a relationship, and why there's no more seducing that goes on.

Everything is familiar and you're no longer surprised by the other person. Great seducers orchestrate surprise and never let the relationship become too familiar and boring.

The Art of Seduction by Robert Greene: Summary, Notes, and Lessons - Nat Eliason

A great seducer is able to create those moments. Now, they can't be happening all the time because it's too much. You have to time it, have to calibrate it, space it out a bit. There have to be surprises. There have to be moments where the other person sees you do something that they didn't expect. Let's say you gave them a gift, or you took them somewhere they didn't know, or you appear somewhere. Once it's over and they're back at home, they're going to be thinking about you all the time. They're going to be saying, "Wow, I thought I knew this person but I really don't. That's why I emphasize surprise to overcome the opposite of seduction, which is familiarity.

We've all grown so self absorbed we can't get out of our heads and into someone else's. Robert Greene:. Seduction is a very social game of getting outside of yourself and listening to other people. It's about absorbing their energy and getting inside their world. We live in times where people are just so damn self-absorbed that they're not able to muster up the energy to look away from their smartphone and their own problems to look inside another person.

What is often the root of gaining power? In the modern era, violence isn't much of an option for gaining power. So indirect methods are more practical. Here's Robert:. There's the obvious direct form of getting power, which is you go kill somebody or you rob someone, which exists more in the past. But since we're social animals and live in large groups, in most cases you can't be obvious and direct in how you get what you want.

People will resent you, they'll think you're a monster or you're just way too aggressive. So people learned to be indirect. And that's where deception comes in. Because people usually believe appearances. A lot of it has to do with how easily we judge things by appearances. If someone appears to be saintly, if someone appears to be nice, well, then that's who they are, that's who they must be.

Subliminal Seduction

Our first reaction isn't to tell ourselves, "Well, maybe that person who seems so nice, he or she's actually playing a game, they're wearing a mask. They're doing it for a reason. We're very gullible. What should you do with your life? Robert says that the only way to survive the years of struggle required to master something is to do what you love. To get to the point where you master your field, you have to love it. You must have a personal, emotional connection to it.

I could go down the list of the hundred masters that are in the book , from Steve Jobs to Einstein to Thomas Edison to Martha Graham, they all have that one trait in common. You'll never have the patience and the persistence to put up with all of the boring parts that go into mastery, the repetition and the learning rules and procedures, following orders, being someone very low down on the totem pole in the beginning if you don't love what you're doing.

How do you figure out what you love? First off, stop waiting for a lightbulb to suddenly appear over your head. Start trying things until something clicks. It's a path. It's never the case that you wake up and know "This is exactly what I have to do. You find your way by actively going in a direction. Eventually, something clicks. Throughout history the greats did apprenticeships.

No, this doesn't mean you need to work for a shoemaker in Renaissance Italy. This is the grind. This is where you get the bulk of those 10, hours. An apprenticeship in the old days was about seven to ten years, and that's pretty much how it is now, because that's how long it takes to become extremely skilled at what you do.

I want you to think of those years after you finish your schooling as your apprenticeship. It's a self-directed time of diving into your subject where you focus on learning above all else, and gain the fundamental skills.

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  • During your apprenticeship you never take a job for money — you take it for the skills you'll gain.