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The woman never pursued legal action due to fear of professional repercussions and asked the MoSex curators not to disclose details of her identity or the alleged incident for the same reason. Like KaoRi, many women who become muses are young, inexperienced and hoping to break into the art world themselves, entering a field without well-defined expectations or compensation standards.

The Muse: Artists and their Inspirations

Though the physical relationship KaoRi had with Araki was consensual, she nonetheless felt exploited, overlooked and silenced by his actions. But Dolle is not resentful of the financial situation she willingly entered. An artist herself, Dolle was excited to collaborate with the art world fixtures she admired.

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Having worked as a muse for seven years, Dolle said she has endured a wide range of experiences both positive and negative. Looking back, she thinks she was particularly vulnerable to exploitation at the beginning of her career.

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    Once I snapped back into real life, it was hard to find my relationship to myself and my relationship to the other. Dolle accepted the compliment-cum-job offer graciously, entering into a nebulous space between courtship and professionalism. Nonetheless, she navigated her fair share of awkward encounters. Dolle tried to use this opportunity to talk about her own artistic work but eventually felt she was putting herself in a vulnerable position and potentially leading him on.

    In total, Dolle said she posed for Katz three times. While Katz never acted abusively toward Dolle, she said she could easily envision how the peculiar relationship between artist and muse could lead to uncomfortable or dangerous situations. You open yourself up. You give out a sexual energy, a real energy that is conducive to creative process. After working with Katz three times, Dolle moved on, realizing their collaboration would not serve as a stepping stone to a future art career in the way she initially hoped.

    If you give, you get back. But also you gotta know how to take. Instead, Poppers described herself and McCarthy as collaborators. The intensity of the subject matter, Poppers said, required absolute transparency and trust between McCarthy and herself.

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    Although Poppers never felt mistreated by McCarthy, she said other members of the art world occasionally made her feel inferior, including art reporters. KaoRi, Dolle and Poppers had unique experiences working with and posing for established male artists. None of the women claimed to have been physically or emotionally abused, though their experiences shed light on how few protections exist for women who are. Thankfully, she sees the culture changing to fit her vision.

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    These so-called muses are powerful with great ideas and are going to start taking credit where credit is due. They can hear the whisper of creative inspiration in their own ears. Tap here to turn on desktop notifications to get the news sent straight to you. Furthermore, KaoRi accused Araki of publishing photos of her without consent. Coco Dolle. Elyse Poppers. Help us tell more of the stories that matter from voices that too often remain unheard.

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    What It's Really Like To Be An Artist's Muse

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