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Venus is the second closest planet to the sun at a distance of about 67 million miles million km. One day on Venus lasts Earth days because Venus spins backwards, with its sun rising in the west and setting in the east. Venus' solid surface is a volcanic landscape covered with extensive plains featuring high volcanic mountains and vast ridged plateaus. Many scientists believe water once existed on the surface. Future Venus explorers will search for evidence of an ancient ocean.

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More than 40 spacecraft have explored Venus. While the surface rotates slowly, the winds blow at hurricane force, sending clouds completely around the planet every five days. Engineers from several nations are currently studying methods to extend the life of robotic spacecraft in the extreme environment. Named after the goddess of love and beauty, Venus has become nearly synonymous with "woman" in popular culture, as referenced by the famous relationship guide Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus.

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As a solar system locale, Venus was a popular destination for early 20th century science fiction writers; before we knew about what lay beneath Venus' mysterious cloud cover, writers could speculate about a more hospitable planet and its possible inhabitants. More recently, Venus has been a backdrop for video games such as Transhuman Space, Battlezone and Destiny.

And in the Disney animated film The Princess and the Frog, Ray the firefly falls in love with Venus, "the evening star," as he has mistaken it for another firefly. Kid-Friendly Venus. It has a thick atmosphere full of the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide and clouds made of sulfuric acid. The atmosphere traps heat and keeps Venus toasty warm. It's so hot on Venus, metals like lead would be puddles of melted liquid. Venus looks like a very active planet. It has mountains and volcanoes.

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Venus is similar in size to Earth. Earth is just a little bit bigger. Venus is unusual because it spins the opposite direction of Earth and most other planets. Forge alliances to stand united against common foes. Design your own units by choosing from a range of different classes, armors, weapons, and devices to maximize the strength of your forces. Command vast armies across the battlefield against enemy factions, making use of the variety of terrain types to gain an advantage. Unleash hell on your opponents with powerful military operations, ranging from drop pods behind enemy lines to black hole generators eradicating entire landscapes.

Prove yourself in multiplayer with friends or strangers and discover entirely new strategies. Customize your experience through easily moddable XML data and well-known image and audio formats. When I first tried it, roughly one year ago, I had hopes that it could become an enjoyable 4X title, but not to the extent that I found it to be now, at release. In other words, this is a much better game than I first expected and surely one of the games I enjoyed most playing in recent years.

There are a lot of really really good ideas in Pandora. And this is a game I didn't think I would like as much as I do. This is a game full of streamlining, full of simplicity, full of clarity, I tend to be very protective of Alpha Centauri.

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But I was actually really impressed by a lot of the decisions they made. If they keep feeding this game, this could potentially be a masterpiece, in the long term. Certainly very polished and clean. The end of the story leaves it ambiguous to the reader whether Batman's adventure was real or a dream. When Grant Morrison took over the Batman series in September , he began referencing classic moments from the character's career, including using a version of Bat-Mite and reusing a costume and dialogue from the then-fifty-year-old Batman The story reveals that the "Zur-En-Arrh" persona is a backup personality created by Bruce Wayne in the event he was ever mentally compromised.

The Zur-En-Arrh personality is shown to be more violent and unhinged than Batman's normal persona and is dressed in a costume out of red, yellow, and purple rags referencing the one worn by Tlano. One night, Bruce Wayne finds himself in a daze. He dresses as Batman and takes off in the Batplane while remaining unclear of his own actions.

Batman soon finds that he has been teleported to another planet called Zur-En-Arrh. There, he meets the scientist Tlano monitoring his activities on Earth and has decided to become a version of Batman for his own planet. On this planet, the Batman of Earth has enhanced abilities due to the different elements of the alien planet.

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The two Batmen join forces to defeat giant invading robots piloted by an unidentified alien race. Illustrated by Tony Daniel. In the past, the psychiatrist Simon Hurt was hired to oversee an isolation experiment, for which Batman volunteered. During this process, he gave Bruce Wayne a post-hypnotic trigger connected to the phrase "Zur-En-Arrh", young Bruce Wayne's mishearing of his father's last words "the sad thing is they'd probably throw someone like Zorro in Arkham ".

Then, using the Zur-En-Arrh trigger in conjunction with drugs, he sent a dazed and confused Bruce Wayne onto the streets of Gotham with no memory of his life.