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In such a dangerous condition, our only hope is some kind of test that shows what is undetectable to normal human senses, maybe a scan of sorts that shows up the extent of the poison in our systems. Only then can the antidote be found, prescribed, and taken.

The Constant Reader

Thankfully, Pastor and Professor Anthony Selvaggio has provided a scan to help us see the toxins and the damage they are doing. He covers:.


Even more thankfully, Selvaggio also provides antidotes to these terrible toxins, biblical truths with which to attack these infiltrators and drive them out of our minds and heart, with 1 and 4 being both especially convicting and especially converting for me. Discussion questions are included to help you pinpoint these toxic ideas in your own thinking—and deal with them.

He challenges the incorrect notion that "worldliness" constitutes merely overt behavior, and he rightly reminds us that our thoughts and ideas end up shaping our behaviors far more than we think. Anthony T.

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