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Details if other :. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Return to Book Page. He must frame a Cherokee medicine man named John Blue Sky for distribution of peyote. The man behind the frame is a powerful Cherokee witch called the Raven Mocker. Perry rebels against the assignment with extremely dangerous results. His decision leads to a battle of sorcerers between Perry and the Raven Mocker, and to win it Perry has to become a sorcerer himself.

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Showing Rating details. More filters. Sort order. May 13, Kater Cheek added it. I got a chance to read an early version of this book. You're in for a treat. Memorable characters, and a crisply delineated Oklahoma backdrop round out a great story. Like him, the protagonist of this novel is a down-to-earth professional badass, se I got a chance to read an early version of this book. Like him, the protagonist of this novel is a down-to-earth professional badass, sent to Oklahoma to uncover a mystery.

It's like any gritty thriller in that regard. Devious evil people, innocent beautiful girls, not-so-innocent beautiful girls, stalwart but stupid locals, etc. What makes this different is the supernatural element. It's like an urban fantasy, except that it's not urban, and the magic is the sort of shamanism that people actually study today. So if you're into the new age thing, this novel will probably have you nodding in agreement.

If you're not credulous about the new age thing, it's still a good action story.

The Sorcerers

May 29, Henk rated it really liked it Recommends it for: Shamanism readers, Vets, Toltec afficinados. Shelves: shamanism. I enjoyed this book. A modern tale with a golden thread of the shaman as warrior. The pace, the characters, their interaction and the weaving into the story of the shamanic theme was seamless. An enjoyable read even if shamanism or the wisdom of the 'old ways' does not yet interest you. If this is what the author did with the teachings of Ruiz and Castaneda, I'd love to read his treatment of Lujan Matus' works - especially the latest two: Shadows in the Twilight: Conversations with a Shaman , and I enjoyed this book.

If this is what the author did with the teachings of Ruiz and Castaneda, I'd love to read his treatment of Lujan Matus' works - especially the latest two: Shadows in the Twilight: Conversations with a Shaman , and Whisperings of the Dragon; Shamanic techniques to awaken your Primal Power , the later addressing an Oriental warrior's path it seems Morris is somewhat aligned with. Battle of Sorcerers is a great cover-to-cover read!

Morris is not just an author, but an experienced editor as well, and knows what makes a story sing. His humor has appealed to me since my first encounter with his work, and many of his experiences as a soldier resonate with me as well, even through fictionalized sequences in his novels. And as an adroit storyteller does, he built this yarn around a strong character: Dave Perry.

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His heredity is partly from the Cheroke Morris is not just an author, but an experienced editor as well, and knows what makes a story sing. His heredity is partly from the Cherokee Nation, which is why he's given an undercover assignment in Talequah, Oklahoma to bust some alleged Peyote users as part of a local political struggle involving a quid pro quo arrangement between the FBI and the Tribal Chief.

Of course, as the title indicates, Dave gets waist-deep in a whole lot more than he bargained for. Dave Perry has a strong resemblance to the title character in Silvernail which is to say heroic and likeable, without being a boy scout. It would be difficult to ignore the mystical undergirding of this book. Although presented with the Cherokee accent, the religion of the eponymous sorcerers is decidedly Eastern. However you feel about the religious component to the story, Battle of Sorcerers is a fun, entertaining, and well-written novel.

Jim says he has trouble categorizing the genre. I would call it a "feel-good supernatural thriller. Jul 31, Gwen rated it really liked it. The writing of Jim Morris reminds me of the importance to being able to clear your mind, and to take a take a breath, regardless of any hardships you are facing. Above all this is a tale of tough love and the yogi warrior. I did receive this book as a first reads, Good Reads winner, in no way does this effect my review or personal opinions of the book.

Jun 14, Elizabeth rated it really liked it Shelves: first-reads , supernatural. I won this book in a goodreads giveaway. This was an interesting read once I got into it which was a few chapters in. It took a minute but I think once all the characters came together in Oklahoma it really sucked me in. It was definitely different from anything I've ever read but it was really good.

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Apr 29, Sandy Fischler rated it it was amazing. This was a great story and fun read - especially if you like Carlos Castanada and philosophical Indian lore.

Spiritual War: Revival, Child Prophesies, and a Battle Over Sorcery in Vanuatu

One part that really made me think about my own life was when the protagonist was musing about which of his own flaws had brought him to face his enemy. I very much enjoyed the book and the reintroduction to what it means to be a warrior. Jul 08, Virginia rated it really liked it. A very enjoyable read. I liked the brief history teasers on Cherokee history.

It inspired me to do some further research. The Xhosan prophet, Nxele, had promised the Xhosan king, the Ndlambe, the ability to turn white men's bullets to water. Due to the mystic's promise, the Xhosan army was ordered into harm's way and engaged the British colonial army in a rare pitched battle.

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Believing in the powerful magic of Nxele, they advanced in massed columns against their enemy. The British, lined-up in formation, opened a withering fire with their muskets and artillery and decimated the Xhosan ranks, led personally by Nxele. The British army then invaded Xhosan territory and accepted, at a later date, the surrender of Nxele. The Xhosa continued to grapple with the British army.

In , a sickly youth named Mlanjeni, "the Riverman," claimed it was necessary to cleanse the Xhosa nation and to make war on the whites. Mlanjeni promised the Xhosan warriors immunity from the white men's bullets, and sent them into battle with a twig from a plumbug bush to ward off evil including bullets. By , the Xhosa were exhausted by the British army and resistance came to an end. However, the belief in those professing magic power persisted.

After the signing of the Berlin Act of , the European land grab accelerated throughout Africa, causing desperate resistance by African peoples. During the summer of , Germany's newly acquired colony of East Africa became the scene of revolt, using magic to defeat the white man. A spirit medium claimed to be possessed by a snake spirit named Hongo. The medium's name was Kinjikitile Ngwale, and he began to call himself Bokero.

The medium gave his followers war medicine to turn German bullets into water. This powerful war medicine turned out to be water maji in Swahili mixed with castor oil and millet seeds. Followers of the movement, armed with a poor arsenal of cap guns, spears, and arrows, moved to attack German strongholds across the colony. Maji warriors, wearing millet stalks around their foreheads, marched toward the German garrisons for battle. Several thousand Maji warriors, led by a spirit medium not Bokero , marched toward the Reich's compound at Mahenge. As soon as the rebels were within firing range, soldiers, backed by two machine guns, laid down a lethal fire.

Row upon row of Maji warriors marched toward the guns, but were cut down. The battle at Mahenge was the zenith of the Maji-Maji rebellion. However, the Ngoni people decided to join the revolt with an army of five thousand. A German force armed with machine guns marched from Mahenge and approached the Ngoni camp.

On Oct.

Sorcerer's Pledge

Surprisingly, Kinjikitile Ngwale Bokero is a hero today for the many people of Tanganyika -- including the great warrior tribe of the Ngoni! He came to give the Lugbara people divine power by the drinking of a special water from a pool in Lugbara territory where a snake with a human head gave oracles. Rembe promised special protection for his followers who drank the "Yakan water. But the Yakan water cult persisted among the Lugbara.

After World War I ended, unrest broke out in Uganda, spurred by belief in the magic water. The Yakan revolt of resulted in the deaths of a dozen policemen, but the authorities acted decisively and imprisoned the leaders, which resulted in the minor loss of life.