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As a registered user, you will be able to enjoy all of the following benefits: Development of innovative sports products Exclusive product tests and you even get to keep most of the products Direct contact with brands. About Us. About ISPO. More About Us Partners Contact. Exhibitor Directory. Event program. Directions, Accomodation, Visas. The Concept. For Retailer Advantages for retailer. All pages at a glance. At least since those times, the site as been used as a cemetery - and so, it is one of the places with the longest documented history of continuous use as a burial place.

The first Christian church was erected on top of a pre-Christian burial field, and some of the most interesting findings date from that time. There's a grave of a little girl, for example, which contained many different burial objects. The custom of burying people with burial objects vanished with Christianization, because in the Christian idea of the "hereafter"? Jenseits , burial objects weren't necessary any more and didn't make sense. In this grave of the little girl, among jewellery and other status symbols, the archeologists found a coin which had been placed under her tongue - a typical custom of the times when people believed that the dead had to pay the ferryman to take them across Styx to the world beyond.

But she also had a kind of amulet with a Christian cross. So she must have lived at a time when people had already got in touch with Christianity, but also still had the old beliefs. The guide related that Christianity arrived in our area because the Franconian overlord of the area had become a Christian, and therefore all his subjects had officially become Christians, too "cuius regio, eius religio - wes Brot ich ess des Lied ich sing " , but of course it took some time before people took over the new belief.

Archeological findings from this transition era are very rare. Thanks a lot for worrying. The dark cloud above our heads gave way to a big question mark, i. One has to smile while reading, because Barthli is ranting and nagging all the time, until a storm takes his home and nearly his life. This is for Goldammer who might find an even easier access and the Swiss snails who once joined our community.

I found two platforms offering the whole story. Make your choice, if you like. Somehow forgot about it again - would you be as kind as giving me the title of the whole collection once again, so I can find it? Now you've again mentioned it, this might just be the little kick I needed to get it for myself and putting it somewhere as a " Liegebuch " , a book that lies about somewhere and you take it up and read a bit of it whenever you feel like it I really like the term " Liegebuch " which a friend introduced me to; the concept was familiar before, but I didn't have a word for it.

So far, I only read the famous heart-breaking story "Brokeback Mountain" and was very moved by it. I usually say that I don't read many short stories and that I prefer fat volumes in which a story slowly evolves and you can take your time to develop a relationship with the characters I also have her book "Shipping News" which was recommended in here some time ago by someone hm--us or AmyMiMi?

I might try it now I "discovered" Proulx. Thus a similar thought, just focussing on the back end. I don't recall if I told you that we have two new cats from the animal shelter. Our two long-serving tomcats Mohrli and Tom both died within half a year. Etienne is a very charming tomcat, Mathilda a petite, very shy cat.

Etienne took up with us very quickly, feels like he has been with us forever, and can be a bit annoying with some of his pubertal behaviors - not only towards us, but also with Mathilda whom he sometimes assails out of an ambush and "fights" until she squeals and hides somewhere At other times, they lie together intertwined, so that you can't see really which foot and tail belongs to whom Mathilda also develops some quirks that aren't always easy to deal with and demand some change in our housekeeping routines She goes at everything edible - will tear up all paper and plastic bags with food in them.

She ate apple turnovers, doghnuts and even bread or rolls when we left them unattended. I found traces of butter under the kitchen table, but never the wrapping She also frazzled our "Yellow Sacks" - thin plastic bags in which we collect plastic rubbish for waste separation. But she has really lost her shyness for the first two weeks, she mainly lived under my sofa, and for the following four raced under there whenever the littlest thing startled her and comes to us meanwhile, even choses to sit on Mr Goldammer's lap or besides me on the bench in the kitchen.

It's all nice and funny to play with them once in a while, as long as all the dirty work and the putting-up-with-them even when you're not in the mood or don't have the time are handled by the actual owners, I know, the question of ownership, I mean who owns who, is hotly disputed between pets and their We don't have any pets, and haven't had any since Hercules passed away - the rabbit we bought in Hong Kong 14 years ago and moved back to Stuttgart with us a year later. My wife wants a dog, but I don't, for the reasons given above. Luckily for me, she hasn't found a compromise yet between a dog tall enough to manage the stairs in our house, but small enough so we can take him on the plane when we go to vacation.

So, Travel Vulture and his fluffy buddies are all we have to manage, and they don't make life too difficult for us. Most of the time, that is. We will have our - in the meantime - traditionel "Adventsfenster" on Saturday. We, that is our three neighbour couples and we. As we always want to have this event on weekends, the first one was on a Friday, the second one on a Saturday, and this year we picked the 1st of December leaving the zero in the garage.

thegreat gatsby

I will decorate my window looking outside to the place, and our neighbour half from Ticino will cook mushroom risotto for all visitors and us. This is the idea: In a village like ours all people who want to contribute offer at least to decorate one window, illuminated from the day they picked until the 6th of January. What you read then in the local journal is "Fam. Then visitors walk by and we gather around a fire, talking, having food and drinks and admiring the decoration.

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They have a car port which they empty then, covering the sides with a tarp is that the right word? They "modified" normal fondue forks attaching long grips that you can stand in a little distance to the fire and cover your bread cubes with the cheese. Drinks are also offered, and no regard how the weather is it is always a lot of fun! Wir kennen einige von unseren Nachbarn schon seit Jahrzehnten, haben aber noch nie mit ihnen so etwas Ehrgeiziges? Siehe auch: Assoziationsfaden Nr.

Nothing remarkable about it, I'd say. The history section of the website says the current church dates to the s. So when exactly is the bluebonnet season? The tourist guide for Brenham seems to indicate mid-March to mid-April. Letzte Woche waren wir mit Z. Hoffe ich jedenfalls. Ich lese manchmal still mit, kann mir aber vieles nicht merken. Macht du und Mrs. Norbert denn niemals solche Autoreisen, wo man nicht alles im Voraus geplant hat. We used to make such car trips, in Europe. Back in the s we did not even book hotels in advance.

Now we are at an age where traveling isn't so appealing to us any more and we shun added excitement. Our last trip by car was to Oregon, with hotels pre-booked. My wife is Ms. I might have mentioned previously that we kept our names when we got married. Strange in which ways? I am curious. On second thought, it may be considered unprofessional to share such details with strangers on the internet. But I am still curious Dictionary: tomcat. Not much in use anymore, I'd say. Strange enough, I can't think of a common up-to-date term at the moment. I'll put my Herrnhuter Stern together tomorrow.

Advent wreath will be decorated today, so the first candle can be lit for breakfast tomorrow. I ended up with over terms and phrases. Wars have started because of misinterpretations. Well, hm is US citizen, so I took a look at M. The Urban Duct. Goes even farther, but you can imagine that. Congrats , Goldammer. Enjoy the power of language and the fantastic, sometimes magical, novels that will lead you back to either school days or, even more, to the Golden Ages of costumes, castles and coaches.

I missed my German teacher from boarding school who would have given me all the answers off the cuff. I recall some of the titles from school days, but I'm afraid that was the time when I successfully avoided reading the set books in our German classes and somehow bumbled through After all, we were the kids of the "Sixty-eighties" and above all old, bourgeois stuff Just found the Advent Calendar! Yes, we do have sudden rises of streams and rivers. We had quite a few very destructive such occasions?

A proposition to repeal that law fell through in this November's elections. My understanding is that with the French tax increase, gasoline taxes in France would roughly equal German gasoline taxes. Not outsiders, I agree, at least not in a big number. But I believe the demonstrations are being "captured" gekapert by radical French insider groups of the extreme right and left for their own destructive aims.

The pictures I saw -- which may not be representative -- showed small stores being ransacked, along with burned-out cars of the compact and sub-compact kind. Why do these vandals target small family-run businesses and the possessions of middle class and working class people? They are hurting their own kind, rather than "sticking it to the man". It makes no sense. I read that the yellow jackets organized via Facebook. I don't think we can discount the possibility that the Facebook accounts in questions belong to some troll factory in Russia.

We had the same kind of vandalism and "unfitting" targets at the G 20 protests in Hamburg, with no sign of Russian involvement at all. I don't see how the two incidents are connected, including any potential instigators or backers. As I recall, the G20 "protests" were very much an international affair. Journalists tracked down some of the most violent perpetrators, which belong to a leftist group in Spain.

I also do not recall reading anything about the involvement of extreme right-wing groups in the G20 unrest, while such groups reportedly play a role in what is happening in France right now. As far as I know, the G20 incident in Hamburg is still under active investigation, and there is an online rogue's gallery of people being wanted by police. I looked at some of the pictures and video clips earlier this year.

In light of this it seems a bit premature to draw final conclusions about potential backers. According to the Alliance for Securing Democracy, about Twitter accounts known to promote Kremlin views have begun focusing on France, boosting their use of the hashtag giletsjaunes, the French name for the Yellow Vest movement. Hi, may I join for a little while? I have an English text to write and my brains can't seem to manage the language switch. So I was hoping I could motivate them by engaging in some low-demand smalltalk. Is this the right place to do so?

You're dead right here, summse I hope that, while you are doing your English text, you will get so attached to us snails that you stay on with us! We have a ritual of acceptance into the Crossover Chat: you have to share your shoe size and credit card number We're considered as ones who are engaged in low-demand smalltalk! What did we do to deserve this fate? These markings denote a passage that is deliberately translated word by word although the author knows that this is not correct.

Hi, thanks for the friendly welcome! I am sorry about unadvertently stepping on some -- ahm -- DO snails have toes?? Undemanding seems fitting. Food is always a good topic, so are movies and books in theory, but I have all but given up on any cultural input during the last years. Which I deeply regret. The weather is never worthy of mention around here, it's mainly drizzle in all it variations. Shoe size, hmmm, 39? I think. Whereabouts: the town in Germany that was denied its existence by some drunk student who then had to go and make an urban legend of it.

I have a long Leo history, but am mostly a silent reader. I couldn't revive the nick because I had changed e-mail addresses in the meantime. The new one was the first thing that crossed my mind that didn't seem immensely stupid. Maybe there was a wasp in the room? I really don't know. Oh, and my paper I'm not used to the format of handing in entire papers beforehand it's only abstracts here , and am at a bit of a loss about how to go about it.

Translating seemed like a good first step in any case. No toes, but definitly a foot you could step on. They're head and foot mostly, coming along with a bag for the entrails, nested in the shell. Yeah, we had quite some fun. I did in any case : alle, not allen, that would be Dutch; and there is a sarcastic undertone there that I am not sure you were aiming for? I don't specifically recall a us , but I do find it sad that people who were a central part of the forum just disappear with time.

Of course it's good that there is change, I'm not sure the forum would still be a nice place to spend time if no change had happened during those ten years. I'm stalling a bit right now, there are so many other easier things to do at the moment. Perhaps I'm being especially slow "schwer von Begriff" is the phrase I'm actually looking for , but I'm dying to know which is the city that was denied It might serve as an excuse that I am Austrian and I'm not so familiar with the names of all those big cities in that big, big country next to us ;.

It's always advisable to get ahead of all the jokes that people come up with whenever they hear that name mentioned -- it's funny to them, of course, but not half as funny to you if you've heard that your hometown doesn't exist hundreds of times before.

On the other hand, the city itself heavily draws on it on every occasion. The anniversary slogan ran " Jahre Bielefeld -- das gibt's doch gar nicht! So what can I say. These five German words, spoken without any accent, were the only ones our former Thai cab driver and tour guide knew but nevertheless often used. Noi was his name and he was a recommendation of a friend who was in Thailand regularly.

What I did not know was, that they were passionate chess players and played together in every spare hour. Welcome, summse. Are you going to stay for a while? A little bit of fresh blood for the snail's blood bank.. Thanks for the welcome. I'll have to see about staying, I'm horribly prone to procrastination, so I'll have to be careful that spending time here is still useful to my work rather than just a very convenient excuse. I'd like to, however! I have a bad cold right now, though, so you might reconsider whether you really want it. How gloomy. Here, it is snowing a bit.

Just enough to cover everything in a thin layer of powdered sugar. Very pretty. Oh, since its always drizzle around here due to the Teutoburg forest, it's not all that gloomy. Just winter. I'm willing to donate all the blood I can spare. Was ist denn das? Wahrscheinlich nicht genug, um schneeregenfrei zu bekommen. Nur 9 Zuschauer waren im Kino. Ich empfehle den Film nicht unbedingt, aber falls jemand das Thema die Adoption von Pflegekindern interessant findet, ist der Film vielleicht sehenswert. I almost became convinced that it exists after all in May of this year.

Just an optical illusion? The rumored secret government installation? I did not linger to find out but high-tailed it out of there in the direction of Paderborn. Up till now I hadn't worked up enough courage to share this with anyone. So this seems like a potential alternative. Don't all snails have copper-containing blue blood? I wonder what Goldammer's definition of "quite close" is?

I still find it exciting nowadays that one travels on the historically correct route via Berlin-Prague! The only sad thing is that you still have to stop at the border, not to show your passport but to buy the sticker for the motorway fee. Since my destination was basically just across the Inn, the small detour seemed worthwhile to avoid Austrian highway robbery If you didn't get closer to Reutlingen on your trip, you must have travelled rather far east.

Was that wrong? It has just been chosen as "Word of the Year " Has anyone heard that often enough to justify this decision? Am I so far away of the pulse of time? I guess the A3 was hopelessly clogged even on Sunday. I did not get back to the A3 until Regensburg. The route I took is the shortest Google could find. Pretty much Autobahn all the way, except for the short piece of the A33 that is still missing. Which, curiously enough, is near that non-existent German city You would then in English call that Black Forest ham, wouldn't you, without a capital H in ham?

Hello everyone! I hope you have all had a wonderful weekend and are well equipped for the last few days before the holidays! I'm not.

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My super ego is running in circles and screaming around in my head, but it will just have to deal with things. Hmm, Black Forest gateau so was that right??? I haven't even had breakfast yet. I'd really love some pancakes with syrup. And fruit salad. And a nice cup of Assam. And a candle. And some time to enjoy it all. I was just researching that horribly sad story of the Japanese penguin who was left by his partner of many years and then rebounded to a cardboard cutout, who then was removed from his pen, presumably causing his death from a broken heart I like to use it in class.

Usually, I use the German headlines, but I have an English speaking class this semester so I tried to find English articles online. And I am surprised to see how little attention that poor penguin got in the English-speaking media. Don't you people know anything about tragic love? Don't you care? Or is it because you have always had Shakespeare as a reference that you don't need to project your romantic ideals onto zoo animals?

I'm intrigued. After your question I was looking for that penguin in English. It doesn't look like the cardboard was removed from his compound?? The sources tell that he passed away "with his anime waifu at his side". It was removed according to the media articles I read , but when Grape showed signs of heavy distress, it was put back. Apparently, it was too late for him to recover from the blow of having been left once again. Or this is the story that the media liked best.

It could also have been his old age, I suppose. Not because of Christmas, but because of school But only 4 more days to go! Everybody seems to be busy shopping, baking, or decorating the Christmas tree. So I may as well leave the way I came — silently. I still have to go to town to buy some Christmas presents and wish myself good nerves, because it will certainly be very crowded.

How touching: A home-made Christmas present for the Crossover Chat! Thanks a bunch! As a friend of organ music, this is right up my alley: lots of organ-ic fun. Apparently creation of this present was a family affair, so thanks to Ms. Mbshu as well. BTW, I think I finally decoded your nick sometimes a penny gets stuck; now it dropped Happy Holidays to all! And a belated Happy Birthday! Happy Christmas to all of you who celebrate it the one or other way and the one or other date and a pleasent time to all, who don't celebrate for what reasons ever, nontheless.

Dear snails, I wish you all - right and left of the pond - a wonderful Christmas and a happy new year! Jabonah, nice to have you here! By the way: Have you already introduced yourself if you have done so before, sorry, then I don't have it on the radar with the obligatory information about your shoe size and credit card number? Yes, Jabonah has been here some time ago. One of the books I read about once every two years and will do so until the end of my life.

Season's greetings to everybody, a few nice, sociable, quiet, de-celerated or whatever-you-like-and-need holidays! Goldammerson sent his greetings from New Zealand - they had planned to celebrate Christmas Eve on the beach, but it was a day with "very German weather" - rain all day It's a bit late, but I didn't have access to my computer yesterday. I wish you all wonderful holidays and hope that the Christkind has fulfilled all your secret wishes! Herr MiMi und ich haben hier in Michigan unser erstes Weihnachtsfest mit unserer Pflegetochter gefeiert.

Bis jetzt ist alles relative gut gelaufen. I had no doubt — knowing your temper - but crossed my fingers additionally to make sure it worked. Yes, I did. Yoe know why. I had a feeling about it - as if temper is used more in a negative context as in "bad temper" or "keep your temper", such phrases - more towards Launenhaftigkeit, moodiness. Amy , I experienced you as calm and friendly, hence I guess you call a gently temper temperament?

I hope you can use it elsewhere. Thanks for the hint, hm — us. Might be a matter of personal preference?. For me it depends.

Reader’s Digest Auswahlbücher

Goldammer , have I really contributed to the CC in the past? I have no recollection of doing so Greedily at first, and then increasingly slowly as I can see the end approaching. I even found a copy in English for Mr J and the boys, but I don't think they've ever got round to reading it! Would you believe that I haven't got a credit card?

I feel like saying we had a very relaxed Christmas - and we did, in the sense that nothing unplanned or untoward happened at all, but between the goose on Christmas Day and visits to and from friends and an outing to meet the in-laws in London, it was actually quite a busy time with everyone keeping their temper on the whole, which is really quite an achievement.

And my plan for the next few days is to get back into some kind of normal routine Well, I don't trust my memory as much as when I was younger And I thought we had had a short exchange about it. But I may be wrong. See profile: afanofteufelandbose. Nice to read you again. Good alibis for finding no time visiting the CC. Are you an Englishwoman? English Native Speaker?

Bilderbuch - Bungalow (official)

Living in Germany? No, I definitely wasn't participating in the chat-yourself-slim thread although I'd have every reason to Curiouser and curiouser! I was about to commend you for your excellent detective work, RenaRd and thank you for the kind welcome , as I spend a lot of my Leo time in the 'Chat yourself slim' thread nothing threatening about it, honest - but if Goldammer has never set foot into it, our paths must have crossed elsewhere. And now we can continue our conversation here Btw, it took me a while to realise that RenaRd does not, in fact, mean that you're called Rena and hail from Rendsburg, but rather that you're presumably one of the Mr Foxes As for me, I'm German but have lived in England for twenty or so years, even though I find that hard to believe.

This morning my husband - who tends to succumb to cabin fever during long weekends and holidays - suggested an outing, ignoring my wish to simply hibernate. And I'm glad he did, because we went to the Ditchling Museum of Art and Craft not for the first time , which is a most delightful place and always worth a visit. Their current exhibition is of the art and maps of MacDonald 'Max' Gill brother of the, for some reason, more famous Eric , and they are just stunning! His most famous map is, I believe, the 'Wonderground Map', which is there in several versions, but he created many more maps for posters, as well as the typeface used on war graves and lots of other artwork.

And I had never heard of him! If I remember correctly, after his death his wife just kept all his work in their home, and it is only recently that this has come to light in the course of research into his life. Makes you wonder how much more art and literature there might be just sitting in people's houses If a Google search "site:leo. It would, however, not be a violation of LEO rules if Goldammer occasionally had glanced at various threads without writing any memorable contribution ;-. As the earth went on rolling through the time zones even California woke up in the New Year meanwhile.

A warm welcome everybody in the year Happy new year to all snails! I frittered away the first day of the new year by watching German documentaries on YouTube all day. The new year brings many new rules and regulations to Californians. Agricultural workers are now entitled to overtime pay. Publicly-traded companies with executive offices in the state must have at least one female board member.

Full-service restaurant may now provide plastic straws only on request. Pet stores may no longer breed dogs, cats, and rabbits, but must instead obtain them from shelters and rescue organizations. Interesting, about the pet shops. Are there so many animals in the shelters that they can provide enough of them for the constant supply of pet shops, I wonder?

I spent a very fascinating morning with younger Goldammerson in his biology laboratory. He is at present doing his final paper for his biology degree he's going to be a biology and math teacher. He examines the toxic influence of beta blockers on the embryonal development of fish. Today, he had to check 48 h old embryos for heartbeat. We had to look at the embryos in their little petri dishes through binoculars, check if they were alive or not, and count the heartbeat of 2 of the 4 in each dish.


I was totally fascinated to see how quickly they develop - the eggs were laid 48 h ago, and the embryos already have eyes, a long body with the spine, a beating heart and blood vessels in which you can see the blood cells moving along. Goldammer: Since we do not own pets, I have no idea how the pet supply works in California. But I often ask dog owners where they got their animal and the vast majority got theirs from a shelter. I am also aware that shelters typically euthanize many animals per week. So there seems to be ample supply. It is also possible that I misunderstood the new law.

I simply wrote down some what I could remember from a news report on new state laws taking effect on January 1st. Several others were mentioned that I omitted. In my sentence, I felt I wasn't referring only to his practical work in the lab and its being in progress at the moment, but I meant it more generally in the sense of: this is the topic of his paper.

Is the continuous form needed all the same? What if I talk about it after he handed the paper in? Can I then say: In his paper, he examines? It's so nice to read about your relationship with your former exchange student plus extended family, by now , hm -- us. We stayed in contact for a couple of years, but I must have stopped writing after a while. The number of people that you just kind of lose along the way during the course of a life I'm intrigued about the pet shops, too. I know quite some people who won't get a pet from the shelter because they are afraid that the animals are not house-broken or psychotic.

I'm not sure the solution is to make pet stores take care of them. I can only guess that after dealing with many issues in the pet industry, California lawmakers decided that they had had enough. This report in the NYT provides a link to the actual law, which originated as assembly bill California this week became the first state in the nation to bar pet stores from selling dogs, cats and rabbits unless they come from animal shelters or rescue groups.

In November, Atlanta became the ninth city in Georgia to prohibit so-called puppy and kitten mills. Goldammer: In my sentence, I felt I wasn't referring only to his practical work in the lab and its being in progress at the moment, but I meant it more generally in the sense of: this is the topic of his paper. Das mag sein, aber im Satz wie geschrieben liest man lieber "is examining". Der Satz folgt "he is doing" und "he is going". I wonder if I should go back and visit my host family and friends from my trip or if I should make new experiences in Europe instead. Europa kannst du immer bereisen, aber die Beziehung zu der Gastfamilie und den Bekannten in den USA schwindet schnell dahin.

Weltkrieg nach Siberien deportiert wurden. What a book title I wonder if it boosted her sales The German title took great care to avoid that connotation: Und in mir der unbesiegbare Sommer. I always suspected that Jasper Fforde refrained from writing the sequel to his great book "Shades of Grey" because of "Fifty Shades".

Of course you would think that authors would rather stay clear of these associations, so why Ruta Sepetys chose this title is a mystery. The movie sounds interesting, though, thanks for the recommendation! Oh, and researching the exact title of Jasper Fforde's book, I came across someone who claims that he actually is currently writing on a sequel!!