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What kind of job would you have and where would you be living? To do this, you compare statements 1 and 2 to identify which is most important. Repeat the process with the remaining 14 statements to identify your second choice.

Follow your inner calling and your worries shall disappear…

Next, create markers for each of your top five passions, so that you can look at your life and easily tell whether you are living that passion. Once you know what your passions are and how your life will look when you are living it, you can create action plans to turn your dreams into reality. Another technique you can use to help you identify your purpose is to conduct a joy review.

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When I did this it was when I was a patrol leader in the Boy-scouts, when I was an officer in my military high school, when I was a summer camp counselor at a camp in Maine, my years as a leader in my college fraternity, my years as a high school teacher, when I was conducting workshops and training, when I was telling jokes, telling stories and when I was traveling. In my case, it was when I was teaching, and when I was inspiring and empowering people to go for their dreams and to have more love, joy, and abundance in their lives. Since we know that joy is part of your internal guidance system telling you when you are on course, you can determine a lot about your life purpose from completing this joy review.

One of my coaching students, a successful cardiologist, was struggling to identify his purpose. I suggested another exercise, and asked him to look back over his life and answer the question, When have I felt most fulfilled? When I asked him what was common to all three of these experiences, he told me that it was the sense of freedom that he felt. Noticing that none of his three experiences related to his profession in medicine, I asked him to tell me about his most fulfilling experiences as a doctor.

The incidences he reported were when he had donated his services for free or for a lesser fee than his partners thought he should have charged. He shared about a time when he took a much longer time than usual during an office visit to support and encourage a family who were in fear of losing their father during an impending heart surgery. As we examined his life further, it became apparent that he took very little time for himself. He was always on call, always working late, always over-scheduled with little or no free time for self-care.

I asked him why this was so. The problem became clear: By attending only to patients and never to himself, he was in a sense- dying.

If you operate on this patient, you will die. What would you do? This was a turning point in his life. He later told me that while he still wants to serve people, he now knows he has a right to take care of himself, his mind, his body, and his needs. Once you know what your life purpose is, organize all of your activities around it. Everything you do should be an expression of your purpose. Aligning with your purpose is most critical when setting professional goals.

When it comes to personal goals, you have more flexibility. If you want to learn how to paint or water ski, go ahead and do so. If your goal is to get fit and lose weight, move ahead with confidence. Nurturing yourself emotionally, physically and spiritually will make you more energized, resilient and motivated to live your purpose on the professional front. Instead, just lean into it, bit by bit. Order by Phone: Contact Customer Support.

How to Discover Your Life Purpose After working with more than a million people all over the world, I have come to believe that each of us is born with a unique life purpose. Generic selectors. Exact matches only. Search in title. Search in content.

10 Life Purpose Tips to Help You Find Your Passion

Search in excerpt. Search in posts. Search in pages. Life amp Spirituality. Speaking amp Writing. Business amp Leadership. Success amp Goal Achievement. Training amp Coaching. What is yours? Find the opportunity that connects you to your audience. We live in a digital age…. Who has already done the thing you are trying to accomplish? Your competition is there to help you… whether you are communicating with them directly or not.

Study them, what can you learn from them or the things they have been able to accomplish in the past? No need to reinvent the wheel… Learn from more experienced people! This is the last step… Put everything together. Develop a plan around it! Go through all the questions again, and review your answers. How are you going to implement your plan? Put something on paper, and start to plan out your future.

No matter what your goal is, this first step will probably help you accomplish it quicker.

Life Purpose: 10 Tips to Learn How to Find Your Passion | Jack Canfied

I hope these questions have helped you narrow down your interests, and show you what you should be focusing on. Getting our financial lives in order is crucial, but we need to also find something that drives us, and completes us… So that allows us, in our own way, to have an impact on the world. That is why i started Half Life Theory in the first place. My goal is to inspire and motivate as many people as possible, to take back control of their lives, and live a life of purpose and meaning, free from the trappings of a meaningless job.

Blogging is my medium. I could write and make a lot of edits before publishing. Also, the feedback is very quick. The other questions are okay. I think they might be more useful for younger folks or people who are searching meanings. I think that especially for all the people pursuing FI, finding a passion outside of work, that you can share with the world is so critical! If you can make money doing it… even better! Thanks for stopping by Joe!

I read your stuff and it really amazes me. The biggest challenge for me is, how do you paint that vivid picture that keeps others captivated, while describing something so mundane like retirement accounts LOL.

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Or describing a very mechanic process…. Those are really awesome questions. I am going to watch the video later as I have to head to a wedding, but these are money for figuring out where you want to go in life. Completely agree… Money is important, and becoming financially independent is a worthy goal, but finding something you are passionate about to focus on will be crucial, especially for those of us pursuing early retirement.

Very informative post , i really appreciate your effort in this article , and your 6 point is so great , and officially if you know about your skills then you must discover yourself of your life purpose Thank you for sharing. But after that maybe more of the lofty goals. Some sort of non-profit that I can operate remotely as I travel the earth. I definitely do not plan on being idle. Thought provoking post. Will have to give it more thought. Yeah, i just think anyone pursuing FI should have something worthwhile to pursue.

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