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But she's a lot more complicated than Dracula—we're given a glimpse of her past, and since we often get to read her journal and letters, we get to see things from her point of view.

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She's both incredibly feminine and described as having a "man's brain. She's described as "angelic" by several different characters, but once she's tainted with vampire blood, she's unholy and incapable of touching the Holy Wafer. After going on a particularly long walk with Lucy, Mina says that they ate so much at tea time, they "should have shocked the 'New Woman' with [their] appetites" 8. Later in the same paragraph, she says that the "New Women" will introduce the.

But […] the New Woman won't condescend in future to accept; she will do the proposing herself.


And a nice job she will make of it, too! There's some consolation in that. Well, at the end of the 19th century, when Stoker was writing Dracula , the women's suffrage movement was starting to gain steam. The question of what women's roles should be in society was a biggie. Should they be allowed to vote?

Should they be allowed to work in traditionally male jobs?

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How extensive should their education be? Should they go to college? The "New Woman" was a term used to describe progressive women, who asserted their independence from men.

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The "New Woman" was not only more sexually independent, but also more physically independent in other ways—these progressive women actually exercised by cycling, playing tennis, or going on long walks, and ate as much as they felt like, instead of eating tiny portions to maintain their wasp-like figures. So when Mina says that she and Lucy ate enough to "shock the 'New Woman,'" she means they ate a ton.

It's like saying, "we ate more hot dogs than Takeru Kobayashi at an eating contest. It seems like a random reference, but it's important. Let's look at the second reference: It's about the power dynamics between men and women before marriage. Who should do the proposing?

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And how much should they see of each other before marriage? According to traditional Victorian social morality, men and women should only see each other in very controlled, chaperoned settings before agreeing to marry. She visits Lucy in Whitby on July 24 of that year when schools would have closed for the summer.

Mina cares for him during his recovery from his traumatic encounter and the two return to England as husband and wife. Back home, they learn that Lucy had died from a mysterious illness stemming from a wild animal's attack - the animal, they learn, was none other than Dracula taking a different shape.

Mina and Jonathan join the coalition around Abraham Van Helsing , who now turn their attentions to destroying the Count. After Dracula learns of this plot against him, he takes revenge by visiting - and biting - Mina at least three times. Dracula also feeds Mina his blood, destining her to become a vampire at her death. The rest of the novel deals with the group's efforts to spare her this fate by killing Dracula. Jonathan Harker can be seen as the hero of the novel [4].

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  • But his character needs to change to master this kind of challenge, because he does not seem to have the expected qualifications for being a hero in the beginning of the novel [5]. He is in his early twenties and works as a solicitor in Exeter. Harker is so fascinated by the foreign country that he writes every detail of his journey down in his diary to keep his impressions, but in his inexperience and naivety he ignores all of the warnings and rushes into disaster [11]. His threatening situation reaches its climax as he is attacked and seduced by three female vampires [15].

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    His mind tells him to resist, but his body is willing to give in to his desire [19]. His last hope till then has been not to go mad [21] , but now he only wishes to escape from these three women, who he fears more than the Count. At its foot a man may sleep — as a man. So he would favour death more than being castrated [24].

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