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I'll cut to the chase — we just don't have enough money for the project. This expression compares the important matters to be discussed or dealt with to the exciting action in a film, such as car chases. Chase scenes are a particularly exciting feature of some films, and the idiom expresses the idea of ignoring any preliminaries and coming immediately to the most important part.

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References in periodicals archive? One newspaperman tried his best to elicit an answer from Black but, mindful of the pre-gathering request, went about it in such a long-winded way that, to great laughter, Blues' press officer Andy Maxey eventually stepped in and cut to the chase for him. Stud Marks: Just what are you driving at? If we follow that particular argument, then why not cut to the chase and just go for a national force?

Letter: Leave our police forces alone. Maybe the Irish aviation Authority, if it was them that employed him, should cut to the chase and just make it a job requirement on the application form - then add an appropriate box so the miscreants can detail their previous life of crime. Your Say: Reader's letter. The objective is for the city to cut to the chase ," said Marx. Downtown owners waiting for action. Claire and Jon cut to the chase - and picked their favourite pizza place to celebrate becoming Mr and Mrs.

I'd go for a pizza splice. But the tycoon, a close ally of Gordon Brown, told BBC London yesterday: "Someone like me, who tends to cut to the chase , would be the right kind of person to look after a city like London. Aya is a writer of speculative fiction. She wishes weekends were four days long and the daily recommended sleep quota was 12 hours. You can read her blogs and stay up to date on her writing at Ayabara. Follow her on Twitter ayaebara. Escape from Catacomb Mountain - Gora, an ancient mountain city with a dark underworld. The city is unraveling as three criminal factions work to undermine the government's authority.

But they have a secret, a spy who has infiltrated the largest of these factions. However the faction suspects an infiltrator and have now sent their best soldier to deal with them. Deep in the catacombs the spy must use all their resources to escape, an outcome that is far from certain.

Iscariol and the Grey Knight - Iscariol is a typical Dragon preying upon the local villagers demanding ransom of sheep from the village to avoid an attack on the village itself. There is a tenuous peace but the villagers are tired of being beholden to Iscariol. The Grey Knight waits patiently for Iscariol to take his next ransom, when he does the chase is on. Catreece is a game designer working to develop her game, Saorsa. She posts on YouTube where she talks about her game progression and design insights. Follow those posts here. Atrocious' control room before the countdown timer on the dreaded orbital death ray ends and the world is destroyed!

Cut to the Chase - by Stuart Levine | Derek Sivers

Atrocious didn't create their base to be easily compromised. Although he may not know it, Cpt. Morrigan is in grave danger. The not-so-good doctor has an army of robots, traps, and cameras to keep watch for any meddling do-gooders who may try to interrupt the scheduled destruction of the Earth! Ian Is the original DM. That is to say he is my original DM. Love and War - You have taken the day to plan the perfect Valentine date with your partner.

Your partner is the jealous type and you know that you have work in secret or they will suspect the worst. Too late, your partner has somehow found out you have taken the day off work and now they intend to catch you in the act. Will they spoil the surprise or can you dodge them for the day and show them how much you love them? Jeff is a very energetic creator, with whom I've had the pleasure of sharing the mic on his podcast, Party of One. He is also designer of RPGs and larps. You can find more about his creations here.

However, The Golden Child is ducking out and avoiding a confrontation with Croc Killer hoping to hold onto the title for as long as possible. Can the Croc Killer get a rematch before his contract is up? Or will The Golden Child be able to grease the wheels of management to avoid the confrontation? It's all on the line as the upcoming PPV event nears. Kira is a tabletop roleplaying game designer, queer cyborg, and snake mom living in Columbus, Ohio. You can find her work at www. Follow her on Twitter Kiranansi. The River Serpent - The prosperous village of Tinamor sits at the edge of the river basin and plateaus.

Atraxis is a glorious serpent, one of the last known giant winged beasts to exist here in the plateaus above the Winding River and is protector of their ancestral territory. Atraxis has just threatened the village with a terrifying display of fire, but instead of taking heed the village sends their champion Eithne to ensure the serpent Atraxis never follows through with the threat. Kyle runs an actual play podcast called Quest Friends with his 4 best friends.

He loves exploring the silliness and sadness inherent in cartoon characters and that's exactly what he does in this scenario. The chase takes place in an idyllic American home in 's suburbia. There are many set pieces that could help or hinder each character: parents, kids, and, of course, a dog. Strewn about the house are ironing boards, toys, and tools just waiting to be utilized in this cartoon classic.

Will Johnny get to sneak food from the kitchen another day or will this be the time that Tim gets his way for good? Megan is a former biochemist and current lover of all things RPG. Though They Be But Little The ever vigilant immune system has noticed the colony and now must catch it and take it out. It is new, never experienced before but they are prepared for just such infections.

Mikey is a queer transmasc tabletop roleplaying game designer, graphic designer, and former bioengineer. In addition to his design work, he also talks about teen superheroes and comics on his podcast, The Young Ones. You can find all of his work at www. Follow him on Twitter quantumdotdot. AEON understands human relationships, emotions, and experiences.

Samantha Day is a writer from upstate New York. She makes Twine games, plays and runs tabletop RPGs, and sometimes writes them. You can find her projects at passerines. She is a threat to her environment and she refuses to go extinct.


In that time they have watched dynasties rise and fall, seen the last of their family line die out in its entirety, and felt all the pleasures of their long life turn to dust before them. At this point, the Apprentice despairs of ever becoming Death Itself, and wants—needs—to escape.

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The Death of Qoqant is the harbinger, the reaper, the collector of all souls who pass through the city's ancient gates. They are not pleased that their first and only apprentice has tried to run away. They will do anything to track them down, and when they find them, they will have words.

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  • Follow her on Twitter passerines. Tracy is a queer non-binary game designer with games published by both themselves and other companies. Find more at www. Follow them on Twitter TheOtherTracy. Mantis has strong jaws, powerful legs, and a vast pool of patience. Spider is the trapper, the drainer, the One Who Stalks. These other insects often serve as food for both Mantis and Spider, but today, Spider senses that she has something truly special caught in her snares.

    The other thing I wanted to address with this Kickstarter is the art. I'm no artist and until now I have been utilizing public domain images. This worked okay but It's hard to invoke car chases with year old images of ghosts chasing frightened shopkeepers.

    English phrase of the day: Cut to the chase

    The first two stretch goals past funding will help buy all original art for the game! The artist is Emily McAllan. She has already done an amazing cover for the book and I would love to have her art throughout. She has worked on illustrations for RPGs and characters. You can find more of her work at blackwoolholiday.

    Emily McAllan has created a wonderful cover for the book and at this goal we will see her work added throughout the core rules of the game. Emily brings life to each scene she illustrates and having her work throughout will bring a new dimension to the book. Cut to the Chase is a small project that I have been inspired to make the best it can be. It has brought me joy to play and to hear stories of other's game experiences.

    With this Kickstarter I want to bring it to as many people as possible with quality writing and quality art.

    This is my first Kickstarted project and I don't know what I don't know. To help me through the process I have hired a consultant, Tracy Barnett. This will help me make an action plan for the campaign and fulfillment. Working with a large group of writers and artists can be a challenge. To reduce the likelihood of delays I got all of the writing of the core game completed before the campaign begins.

    Work after completion of the campaign is already scheduled, the artist, Emily McAllan and editor, Blair Visscher have already planned the time necessary to complete their work. I will be doing the layout and will be able to coordinate with each of them to get the finished product to the backers on time. The project completion largely relies on me managing creatives and coordinating that work. If any one person has unforeseen issues including myself there is potential for delays and although I will work to mitigate potential delays it is impossible to guarantee.

    Questions about this project?

    Stephen William Cornish & Louise Dowd - Cut to the chase

    Check out the FAQ. Somehow you got here, maybe from Twitter, maybe from Facebook, maybe that friend at work mentioned something about Kickstarter and you thought you would see what its all about. Now you're here, a little confused, but you want to support your friend anyway. Thank you, awesome person! It may seem like a small token but we all worked hard on this project and every bit of support you give is important to us.