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The intelligent toilet features a WASHLET personal cleansing system that uses warm, aerated water for comfort, a warm air dryer and a heated seat. An automatic opening and closing function and auto-flush ensure you never have to touch the toilet. The toilet keeps itself and the environment in your bathroom clean with a flushing system that uses an environmentally friendly combination of gravity and highspeed water jets to spin away waste, while an in-bowl catalytic deodorizer helps keep the air.

Bathroom ventilation fans serve practical and cosmetic purposes. Ventilation removes moisture and humidity that could promote the growth of mold and mildew, and can help exhaust unpleasant odors. Ventilation fans that sense humidity — such as after someone has taken a long, hot shower — turn on automatically to help remove excess moisture from the room.

Some fans can communicate wirelessly with wall switches or with an app that allows you to control the fan from your smartphone. Now you can kit out your smart bathroom with mirrors that. Refrigerated medicine cabinets are perfect for preserving delicate drugs and cosmetics, and you can find both mirrors and medicine cabinets with built-in USB ports for charging your devices.

Of course accessories can be additions that put any bathroom over the top, and you never have to settle for ordinary accessories in your smarter bathroom. Enhance the usability and convenience of your bathroom with items like: A small robot that mops floor tiles automatically. A smart scale that helps you track your weight and health progress. Touch-free soap dispensers. A towel rack that uses hot air and ultraviolet light to dry towels and keep them fresh longer. He also shared the following tips on how to make travel attainable and maximize the joy of your vacations:.

These six factors, which encompass everything from weather to geography and local food to the friendliness of the culture, can have an impact on the joy experienced when visiting a destination. While these factors may indicate how joyful a destination can be, the happiness you experience during travel and in everyday life must be cultivated rather than found. These three things scientifically improve happiness, but not just for a moment — they change the lens through which you view the world.

According to Achor, the human brain craves novelty. Traveling allows us to disconnect from our everyday lives and reconnect with the friends and family we are traveling with, as well as locals we meet along the way. Maximizing Joy on Vacation Remembering to be grateful is crucial for staying in the moment and finding joy in your trips. The new experiences we have when we travel help us gain perspective and remind us that the world is bigger than our everyday problems.

Happy places make for happy stays. Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada A perennial front-runner in world happiness rankings, diversity and the grandeur of its natural landscapes, including the remote cliffs and fjords of Newfoundland and Labrador, are what set Canada apart to visitors. Madagascar Often described as the eighth continent, Madagascar is an unspoiled melting pot of cultures featuring deserts, baobabs, rainforests and 3, miles of turquoise coastlines.

Even though traveling can help increase happiness, many opt out of going on trips because of the cost. This, too, is where planning can help. One way travelers can start saving up for their next vacation is by using a travel rewards credit card like the Bank of America. Travel Rewards credit card, which lets you earn points on all purchases that can be redeemed toward travelrelated purchases.

Your morning coffee and other everyday purchases can help get you closer and closer to affording a joyful vacation. To learn more about The Joy Index, including the most joyful travel destinations in the world for , visit cntraveler. Not so much. With the cramped seating and impossibly long security lines, flying is the unpleasant grunt work of travel — something you endure to make it to the better thing. But travel pros know the best ways to soothe their nerves in the face of even the most aggravating situations.

Below are five big annoyances on commercial flights, and smart strategies to help you cool your jets and deal with each. Whether the toddler in row 15 is throwing a fit, or your neighbor continually wants to strike up a conversation, few things are more annoying on a flight than noisy passengers. This is where a pair of noise-canceling headphones is worth the investment.

While dampening the surrounding sounds, these will help you focus on your work, a movie or even sleep. A recent survey by YouGov shows most respondents 55 percent said they are annoyed having their seats kicked or hit when flying. The key to staying calm is dealing with the situation early and politely. You might even suggest putting a carry-on under their feet to rest their legs on. Finally, stay patient. The parents want a peaceful flight just as much as you do.

Grab one of those chair massages in the concourse. Besides, you may not get many chances in the future to treat yourself because technology advances are starting to cut back on the length of these maintenance delays. For example, GoDirect Maintenance Services from Honeywell Aerospace wirelessly connects mechanical systems to maintenance crews, so they can quickly address potential mechanical issues.

By reducing troubleshooting time by up to a whopping 25 percent, that means less downtime for airline flights and fewer delays caused by maintenance. Wear moisturewicking active wear to keep things breathable in a warm environment, but be sure to stash a fleece jacket in your carry-on so you can warm up if the temperature drops.

Besides being charged a bundle just for internet access, passengers are often disappointed by what they get: dropped service and the inability to use the Wi-Fi for things they really want, like streaming music and movies. Preparation is key to staying calm, so before the plane takes off, keep your device stocked with movies, albums and books. Passengers can tap into home-quality Wi-Fi around the globe to stream their favorite TV show without annoying interruptions or being dropped.

Having reliable inflight Wi-Fi is also great for entertaining kids throughout the entire flight. But what if you sit next to a passenger with body odor or someone who brought badsmelling food on the plane? Fortunately, fluctuating cabin temperatures and smells are on their way out. Read more about Honeywell Aerospace on the Follow the Aero blog. Indeed, all rooms and suites offer lovely views. Each boasts a living room with double doors that open to a sun deck and, given their second floor location, also enjoys direct access to the mezzanine level. Private balconies are available with some of the suite options, so do inquire when making your room reservation should this be of interest.

Speaking of balconies, the most dramatic accommodation of all at Luxe Rodeo Drive Hotel is perched at the top. The penthouse is more than square feet, serving as an outstanding location for hosting an event given the spacious wraparound outdoor terrace overlooking breathtaking views and availability of on and offsite catering. In fact, Gucci is ensconced directly in front of the lobby entrance.

Of course, the Hollywood Walk of Fame, Sunset Strip and other popular locales are also in close proximity. Other notable features include high threadcount linens, plush robes, a safe and a refreshment center. The hotel rooftop gym is also boon, with top-of-the-line cardio machines and resistance training equipment, including free weights, fitness balls, tubes and benches.

This includes daily breakfast inclusive of a fresh omelet station , afternoon light bites and an evening food tastings featuring fresh fabulous fare. There are also hand-crafted cocktails and a selection of beer and wine available from p. Outdoor movie screenings are another fun Club benefit for patrons.

However perfectly situated and aesthetically pleasing, what I found as striking about Luxe Rodeo Drive Hotel is the highly attentive and personalized service provided by the staff at all levels. With each encounter with hotel personnel, I found them engaging and eager to please. All offered a genuine smile and a warm greeting to those who pass by. For all of these reasons and more, Luxe Rodeo Drive Hotel has duly earned its reputation as a jewel in Beverly Hills well worth a visit for business or pleasure.

For example, in El Salvador, there is ample opportunity to watch and speak to artisans at work in mediums from indigo powder to red clay. Here are four picturesque El Salvador towns and their fascinating specialties where you can enjoy a hands-on immersion in an artisan paradise. The murals of La Palma A walk through the streets of La Palma is a journey in living color because just about every wall and entryway is covered in vibrant murals depicting the people,.

These works are painted in a simple folk-style called Arte Naif that features plenty of Mayan influences, making it easy for even a beginning artist to create a pocket-sized La Palma-style mural. Taller Paty artesaniaspaty. Indigo is a blue powder extracted from a blue flowering plant with a long and fascinating history. The Mayans were just one ancient civilization that cultivated and prized its deep blue color, incorporating this striking hue into their murals and pottery. Then, you can take part in one of the many workshops and shape your own Ilobasco miniature in the red mud.

The red clay of Ilobasco Ceramics runs deep in the identity of this town, a history that is owed to both the skill of the artists and the abundance of red mud the. Watch as they shape this lump of earth into intricate miniatures, ranging from tiny human forms to little egg-shaped figures called sorpresas that open and reveal a daily activity of the town.

Engage with one of these artists, and. The woven textiles of San Sebastian The town of San Sebastian is famous for its colorfully banded textiles made with a traditional loom called the Telares. Here, you can try your hand and your feet at a Telares in a unique and intimate setting — in the home workshop of a master weaver.

Wherever you begin your artisan journey, El Salvador has much to offer for anyone who loves to create. To help you start planning your hands-on excursion, visit elsalvador. They felt sexually barren. Many other areas of their lives were abundant. They had a few kids, were successful before the age of 50 and were active members of their community.

Conventional wisdom would suggest this is a perfect environment in which sex thrives. It was clear they both wanted to talk about it. So instead, he found half-hearted, defensively humorous or angry ways to bring sex up. She became aware he wanted sex when he was grumpy or when he casually joked about it. It felt good every once in a while. She thought he seemed to like it because he had an orgasm and never complained otherwise.

This is how it was for years. They were very aware of how each of them felt, and were suspicious the other may be similarly unhappy, but they never talked about it. This subtle and gentle torture stayed beneath the surface for years until, after a few drinks, the truth spilled out in a huge fight that landed them in my office. The second or third time we met, I followed a hunch that was telling me he really had no idea what turned his wife on. And how could he? She had to get out of her world to feel free enough to think creatively about sex.

Libros Usados Desde the Book Cellar

He could move freely in and out of sexual desire. In fact, at the end of a stressful day, sex felt like just what he needed. Sex relieved his stress, and she knew it, which is why she felt bad if she turned him down. Her own pleasure and her own interests; however, were the last thing on her mind. Sex became a task. Heterosexual women making themselves less to make sure their partners are happy.

This was recently confirmed for me when my wife returned from her six-week post baby-delivery check-up with her OBGYN. At the end of the checkup, the doctor took it upon herself to give my wife some advice about men and sex. But no. In fact, the doctor concluded her advice by telling my wife it was okay if she needed to have sex with me just to make me happy. But until then, the obligatory sex without pleasure was something all women did. Jaw, Meet Floor. I was surprised to hear it coming. The first sexual response cycle is a diagram that attempts to illustrate how sex begins with sexual excitement and reaches a plateau before an orgasm followed immediately by resolution.

It does a good job of describing the male sexual experience, but not so much when it comes to women, who move fluidly between excitement, plateau, orgasm, then back to excitement, skipping orgasm before resolution — if they reach it at all. I remember one conversation where he finally allowed himself to talk about what he wanted. He held his face in his hands the entire time until, to his surprise, his wife gently took his hand in hers and smiled at him.

It was a moment of healing for both of them. In fact, he. We have to get rid of the myth sex is taboo. Between adults, no sexual topic should be off-limits. Sex is like art. Everything means something Dr. Mathis Kennington. This misstep opened up the opportunity to learn.

For sex to be a topic we talk about easily, we have to do away with a few myths. Second, we have to get rid of the myth sex is taboo. Everything means something. Even things your. You might learn something surprising. Good sex can begin when you wake up in the morning with a gentle kiss and can conclude in the evening with a cuddle — with no genital contact.

In an atmosphere of great sex, orgasm matters less than the experience. Instead, talk about how you like to touch and be touched. Communicate only with sounds. Talking about sex is the best foreplay. It titillates the mind and engages the senses long before the first touch or kiss.

Communication and housework. Rachel and Rodger are proof that communication and managing housework together could lead to a happier relationship. Divide and Conquer Splitting up household responsibilities makes it quicker and easier to get housework done. While one person prepares dinner, the other can set the table and then clear it afterwards. It looks amazingly chic in our home but it also makes our lives easier.

Using technology can help couples spend more time together and less time cleaning. The party who hates bathroom cleaning can be responsible for all dishwasher duties, including making sure the sink is dish-free at the end of the day. Meanwhile, the other party can tackle bathroom duties. We have always thought of ourselves as a team.

An accomplished actress, Andrea has starred in a number of television shows on Telemundo and Univision, commercials, and music videos. As a fashion model, she has modeled for a number of well-known designers. Andrea is captivating and I was compelled to learn more about this very proud Colombian. Tell us about growing up in Colombia. Colombia is a beautiful country with so many different flora and fauna that I had the chance of enjoying when growing up. I have been blessed with a wonderful family that has given me all the love and needs required to grow up; this made it so amazing to grow up in Colombia, even in the worst times of our country.

I have only amazing memories of my childhood. How do you describe the essence of the typical Colombian family? Colombian families are really close, we love getting together on the weekends at the farm, have Sancocho, Arepa con Quesito, and Bandeja Paisa, get in the pool, laugh, and share memorable times. Family has to be the most important thing for us. We focus on taking care of each other, sharing the maximum time possible and making each other better.

We like to share time with the grandparents, uncles, aunts, cousins, siblings, etc. What were the important traditions and values maintained by your family? That I still practice until today. Christian values have been an important base for my life thanks to my parents. I eat Arepa con Quesito almost every day and have my parrilla to do it… lol. I have to laugh because answering your questions causes me to realize just how Colombian I really am. I could go on and on about my Colombian food. Most important, family comes first. I am really close to my mom and siblings, and try to talk to them daily, take care of our relationship, and make sure they are a part of every decision I make in my career and life.

How did these impact you as you matured toward adulthood? It has made who I am. My family is my biggest support system. I try to transfer the respect and unconditional support to my work and circle of people around me. I think that has helped my career be where it is. I pray to God it continues growing around the people I love and care for, including my family of Combate America. Was your decision to move to the United States a difficult one to make? To avoid having to take a bunch of exams I decided to move for my senior year and that was the best decision I made in my life.

I love this country and it is really my second home. Living in America has given me so many opportunities and I have been able to build my American dream. How did you come to select University of Miami to pursue your college education? It is a really good school, known worldwide for their business program. What do you value most from reading this book? This book talks about the power of the mind and the importance of positive thinking. What intrigues you most about International Finance and Marketing?

The main reason why I chose this major was because no matter where my path in life would go finance would always take a big part in it. Learning to manage and have a good understanding of finance whether it is for my personal finances or in business is really important, and marketing has such a big role in the development and performance of brands and companies. How do you describe your association with modeling? Acting has also taken a big role in my life since I moved to Los Angeles.

How do you describe beauty? I always say beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, and to be honest physical beauty, no matter how much care you take of yourself, sooner or later will fade. So the real beauty is the inner beauty. When did the interest in MMA manifest itself and how did you know it was something you needed to pursue? Seven years ago a friend told me of a show called El Octagono was looking for the face of their show.

We met at a live show where I got to do my first interviews.

Subsequently, I attended broadcasting school and upon completion, Combate Americas gave me a chance to host their reality show. Tell us about Combate Americas. Having a huge platform as Combate Americas offers them a home to showcase their abilities as fighters. Combate has grown in such a way that has better viewership in Mexico than UFC.

We have a weekly one hour show on Azteca America and Azteca in Mexico. What qualities of yours made you the best candidate for these roles? I think by being the first Hispanic female covering the sport, my knowledge of the sport and my professionalism made me standout in front of Campbell McLaren. Of course I do. Being a female in a male dominated sport is always a plus, not only in MMA but in any sport.

Was it an easy transition from modeling to MMA? No, it has taken a lot of effort, dedications, hours of studying the sport, and sacrifices, but all worth it. I love what I do and I feel so blessed to be able to do what I love for living. To whom did you look for inspiration to help you to chart this new career interest and why? My mom has been my inspiration; she went from being a stay home mom to having to work to support her three small children when my dad. I knew that because of the love she has for us she was able to do it, and if I truly loved what I do with MMA, I was going to be consistent and dedicated to get better and better.

Still today, after years of doing this, I still study and look to get better. What is your greatest achievement while participating in MMA? Most people would maybe say the awards I have received but for me I feel the respect from my coworkers, fighters, and the people in the sport. For fight fans who may not be familiar with you, what noteworthy qualities should they know about you? You understand the importance of living a healthy lifestyle.

Would you share with us the important aspects of such a lifestyle and how it supports who you are? It is extremely important for me. I started with fitness competitions and became aware of my eating habits. I started because my mom started getting really sick and a doctor recommended this diet for her and her life totally changed. I work every day looking to make my dream of having the biggest foundation in the world to help as many children as I can.

That will be my legacy, which I look to build and leave for my future generations. What has proven to be most challenging in your life and what steps did you take to overcome? The hardest thing in my life has been the death of my father when I was 11 years old. I think I was able to overcome it thanks to the love of my family, and to God.

I think something like this you learn to accept it and live with it, and that was exactly what I did. I want to be the best person I can be and make a difference in this world before I die. Andrea, are you happy? What continues to make you happy? I wake up every day thanking God for all the opportunities, blessings and gifts I reserve every day. The amazing family I have, the health and of course the possibility of every day doing what I love most. What continues to make me happy is the dream of becoming a billionaire, to help so many needy children and people in this world.

What shall be your legacy and what are you doing to ensure that is the case? My family is aware that all the results of my hard work will be to change my future generations and really make a difference. Keep up with Andrea Calle by visiting her official site at www. His unique approach to styling men, including himself, has been what makes him stand out in the crowd. Social Media Is Powerful: Kyle was using Instagram about three years ago as an outlet to showcase his interest and love for fashion.

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In three years on social media, so many things have changed. Understanding and reading aboutthe Social media world is crucial. Make sure you create your own identity. Important To Be You: Creating your own identity is the 1 most important thing while growing your social media accounts. So many people get lost in the social media world.

People know when you are pretending to be someone else. Fashion Rocks! With the immense power of social media, people are more concerned with how they look. The good news, social media has some amazing inspiration. Work hard, and create your own opportunities. Understanding your strengths and weaknesses is the best advice Kyle can give. Austin, TX The black-tie affair was an elegant evening focused on raising funds to create life-changing friendships between at-risk youth and caring adult mentors.

The funds raised at Ice Ball, and throughout the year, allow us to serve and support close to 1, mentoring matches and to move as many children off our waiting list as possible. Littles were on hand to welcome guests as greeters. The festive evening began with a number of exciting activities including a silent auction, a raffle, a Big Board mini live auction, Kendra Scott Mystery Boxes, and a photo booth with the signature Ice Ball ice sculpture.

Excitement filled the room as the crowd participated. Following the auction, the celebration continued with dancing to music provided by The Memphis Train Revue. It was the perfect end to an evening that will make a lifetime of difference for children and families in Central Texas. Amante de la fotografia de paisajes y de la buena comida. Fiel creyente que los seres humanos atraen su propia suerte. Ruiz Nick Ruiz Alvarez. Amante y estudioso de las diferentes culturas y tradiciones en el mundo. Viajero empedernido. Modelo profesional con experiencia actoral. Universidad de Ciencias y Artes de Chiapas.

Asesor nutricional del certamen de belleza Reinas Chiapas y consultor nutricional de manera particular. Adquiere un par de lentes de sol equipados con filtro UV. Los ojos nos permiten conocer el entorno, relacionarnos con nuestros semejantes y gozar de todas las maravillas de la vida.

Es importante educar a la sociedad y hacer conciencia sobre las medidas necesarias para el cuidado ocular. Mientras envejecemos aumentan los riesgos de desarrollar enfermedades y afecciones en la vista. Recuerda: tu vista es invaluable. Esta es la principal causa de muerte, tanto en hombres como en mujeres, en todo el mundo. Todas se relacionan a la falta de tratamiento precoz menos de seis horas.

Cuando ha tenido un evento cardiovascular como un infarto de miocardio o un accidente vascular cerebral. Molestias en hombro izquierdo. Falta de aliento. Mareos y desmayos.

MiguelAlvarezVictoria www. Adicionalmente, el establecimiento debe contar con una unidad de terapia intensiva o de cuidados coronarios. Una vez realizada la llamada, si nos encontramos solos en casa, debemos localizar a un familiar o amigo que viva cerca para que se mantenga con nosotros mientras esperamos a la ambulancia.

Rash y eritema enrojecimiento. Hay mayor riesgo de sangrados y hematomas. Usar dermolimpiadores no jabones para el aseo corporal. Untar en el cuerpo cremas y soluciones hidratantes de forma frecuente. Prevenir el uso de soluciones con alcohol, perfumes o fragancias. Uno de los grandes retos que tienen los padres es conseguir que sus hijos disfruten del tiempo libre y, a veces, es bastante complicado.

Jugar con las letras. Les encanta alinear o jugar siempre con la misma cantidad de objetos. Busca diferentes tipos de objetos y ten a mano algunas cajas donde puedas guardarlos. La persona busca afuera lo que en realidad se encuentra en su interior. Abundan las ideas sobre los. Es un proceso que inicia sin querer participar y que la vida obliga a enfrentar. Son algunas de las preguntas inmediatas. Expresar las emociones. Reconocer la capacidad de adaptarse a la adversidad, este proceso se llama resiliencia.

En ocasiones, los familiares dejan de cubrir sus necesidades por atender las del enfermo. Estas emociones, sumadas a las del paciente, dificultan el proceso para enfrentar la adversidad. Lo que usted siente y piensa es importante. Siempre hay alguien que necesita ser escuchado. Busquemos los canales para alentar y motivar a otros ante los diversos retos de vida.

Por lo tanto podemos considerar la obesidad como una enfermedad inflamatoria en la cual se observa frecuentemente niveles altos de leptina circulante. Chiquito, pero poderoso. Ya sea crudo o cocido, es efectivo contra la bronquitis. En la medicina popular se usa para minimizar los dolores de cabeza y las inflamaciones de cuello y garganta. No importa si es blanca, roja o amarilla, cada una de sus capas son un poder curativo.

Aunque su olor moleste a millones de narices, sus beneficios han contribuido a la salud de centenares de culturas. Ya nos podemos imaginar el poder de este ingrediente. Estimula el sistema digestivo y equilibra el nivel de acidez en el cuerpo. Las hojas son efectivas para tratar la bronquitis y la tos. Ten en cuenta que cuando el berro se cocina en exceso, pierde sus propiedades. Esta fruta es ideal para perder peso. El desorden genera caos en nuestra vida y nos hace sentir desorganizados y fracasados.

Por ejemplo: un cuadro oscuro y gris fomenta un espacio taciturno, mientras que un paisaje colorido y con elementos naturales irradia optimismo y libertad. Los cambios positivos abren nuevas puertas, generan nuevas situaciones y llaman a las nuevas oportunidades. Propio del elemento fuego. Es una vitrina y una visita obligada para los que. Ahora los invito a conocer algunos de los acontecimientos vividos por Spanish InFluential durante este importante evento. Camisetas, gorras, sacos, chaquetas, accesorios y mucho denim, son las piezas que ofrece esta firma.

Presentaremos por primera vez estampados propios desarrollados exclusivamente. Natalia Piedrahita y Nathalie Perner 4. Paulina Paerez 8. Alex Srour y Maya Memovic Mariana Navarro y Rafael Pava De lo ordinario puede salir algo extraordinario. No hay que tener miedo para hacer. Gracias a Dios aprendo en el camino.

La textura es fresca, el acabado es limpio y luce muy natural. La finalidad es obtener una cobertura especial y un acabado perfecto que nutra la piel con un brillo rozagante. Estos productos tienen minerales, haciendo que el maquillaje tenga una textura ligera y que la piel respire mejor. Con este tipo de maquillaje obtienes un look fresco, juvenil y lozano. En esta fecha nos mezclamos todos: humanos y. Nuestras tradiciones nos hacen orgullosos y privilegiados.

Para lograrlo debes usar tonos neutros y aplicarlos de forma correcta para lograr una piel fabulosa. El color rojo sigue presente. Los tonos rosados aportan una apariencia muy saludable. El azul, el dorado y el plateado son los reyes. Son favorables para el look diurno y como complemento de unos atemporales smokey eyes.

No al contouring: nada de capas y capas de maquillaje. Los rostros se llevan naturales con vida y luz, nada mate. Se lleva mucho el rubor, las texturas en crema con acabados jugosos y frescos, pero si tienes la piel grasa no debes ponerte rubor en crema.

Pressure Welder Marion Banchero from Drayton Valley, has hobbies which include jewellery, cosmetic dentistry and train spotting. Finished a luxury cruise ship experience that included passing by Lakes of Ounianga. Fernando Farrow. Shavonne Wanliss. I'm 33 and I'm will soon finish my study at Optometry. Jacelyn O'Hara. Gets motivation by planning to Lower Valley of the Awash. Carley Littleton. Shutter Speed is measured in seconds, using a vast majority of your default camera's Shutter Speeds falling under one second.

They charge a fee based fairly on his or her overheads, experience and expertise. Sometimes tiny changes may have a huge impact on the outcome. Demetrius Herrod. Martha Politte. Aircraft Preservation Engineer Buildings Hyman from Creighton, usually spends time with pursuits like creating model cars, posicionamiento web and traveling. Was lately setting up a journey to Gardens and Archaeological Sites. Hortense Leichhardt. I really love 2 Broke Girls! Gena Carreno.

I am Scarlett. Distributing manufacturing is how he makes a living. Montana is exactly where he's been living for years. Playing golf is the only hobby my spouse doesn't approve of. Roseanna Badilla.

La letra filmada: del libro a la gran pantalla

Hello and welcome. My title is Mitzie London although it's not the most feminine of names. Debt gathering is how she makes a living. Illinois is the location I love most and my family members loves it. To collect greeting playing cards is the factor I adore most of all. Deon Locklear. I'm Deon and I live in Koth. Elvira Farquharson. I am Elvira from Heere. I love to play Banjo. Other hobbies are Locksport. Roslyn Farmer.

Pleased to fulfill you! My identify is Luann. She works as a personal debt collector. What I really get pleasure from undertaking is bungee leaping but I've been getting on new items these days. American Samoa is exactly where his house is and he will in no way go. Byron Pemberton. General Medical Practitioner Manuel from Paris, has hobbies and interests for instance volleyball, frontline commando 2 hack and frisbee.

Reminisces what a wonderful location it ended up having made a journey to Natural and Cultural Heritage of the Ohrid region. Karla Wheller. The writer's label is Timothy Starks She is presently a messenger. New Hampshire happens to be his household To perform country music is anything I truly enjoy doing. I maintaining a website here and am running. Alphonse Joshua. I am Kyle Where my house is Mississippi is, and that I have exactly what I want below I turned a people supervisor To play with styling is what she adores performing. Jeffrey Pickles.

My hobbies include but are not limited to Audiophilia, Drawing and watching Sons of Anarchy. Dan Morey. I am Miquel. Taking part in crochet is anything I will hardly ever give up. Suzanne Duong. My hobbies are Speed skating, Baton twirling and Amateur astronomy. Junior Heaney. Rosemary Hirschfeld. Let you inroduce myself, my determine is Chauncey and I actually think out sounds really good when you express it. To base change is alternatives my family group and A enjoy. Auditing is the language he does for every living.

Rhode Island is often where me and my friends and our own wife reside but my personal wife would love us on the way to move. Gilberto Mortimer. Is motivated how vast the globe is after visiting Painted Churches in the Troodos Region. Ronda Osman. I'm Turkish male :D. I really like Grey's Anatomy!

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Greg Scheffler. I'm Greg and I live in Bern. I'm interested in Education Science, Squash and Hindi art. I like to travel and watching The Simpsons. Chanda Lawlor. They call the author Kate Sterns although it is not her birth name. My home is now in Illinois. It's not a common thing but exactly what I like doing is caving and I'll be beginning something else together with it. I am a receptionist however I getting currently used for another one. Giselle Kirkpatrick. You don't want any routing for the time being so press ctrl and click on all of left pointing triangles.

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With all year round availability in many shades and most types of flowers, they will not fade or wilt, are perfect for hayfever sufferers, wonderful value for money, can be kept as a beautiful keepsake or gifted to a loved one present or away - and can even be lightly perfumed with authentic floral tones. Every bouquet from Loveliest. Flowers is created personally by Marion Ruth who emphasises the importance of flowers to the overall beauty and effect of every wedding, whether it is a large style, themed wedding or quiet affair: the flowers make all the difference! All are welcome, baptisms, marriage blessings and funerals by arrangement.

Further details are on www. The mojito was born in Cuba which makes sense because Rum is cooling and Cuba is hot! Sweet, fresh strawberries are a welcome addition to the mint and lime. Publicise your art exhibition, concert, or other cultural event in The Resident. Email: editor theresident. Age Concern Charity Shop Age Concern, Estepona and Manilva, receives no financial support from the Council and relies solely on the generosity of people and organisations who donate items we can sell, or money, to enable us to give older people the help they need.

Our shop in Calle Zaragoza, Estepona acts as the focal point. In spite of the building works progressing along side us where an underground car park is being excavated known by us as the swimming pool with mud slide we are open for business five days a week from 10 am. Volunteers to run the shop are always needed and we. Why not come and join us?

To find out more call MarieAndree General Manager of the shop, and Vice President on the shop phone — during opening hours, or pop into the shop and have a chat with the Duty Manager. Lifeline For older people who require help or advice Age Concern operate a telephone service called Lifeline.

This gives the individual a direct point of contact with the charity. The telephone number is It should be noted that Age Concern is not an emergency service. There is also an email address you can use to contact Age Concern, Estepona and Manilva - acesteponaymanilva ageconcern-espana. Please contact secretary dcso-stgeorge. We are a registered charity who needs your help with adoptions, fostering etc Thank you for food and litter our aim is to control the cat population by neutering them TNR protocol , which is costly and time demanding.

Contacta con secretary dcso-stgeorge. Open from 10 am to 2 pm Monday to Saturday Donations of good quality items always welcome. Come and see our wide selection of quality secondhand furniture, clothes, shoes, books, dvds, pictures, household and decorative items. All consultations are free but CAB Spain is funded by donations, so if you feel that their advice has been valuable then please make a donation in the tin provided. Contact: info citizensadvice. CIF G One of the shops sells quality secondhand clothing, shoes, hats and accessories; whilst the other sells a wide range of secondhand furniture,decorative items, household goods, books, cds, dvds, etc.

Thanks to our generous donors there are new items in the shops daily, so visit regularly so as not to miss out on that bargain. As well as stocking some great items the St George Charity shops also rent out various items such as wheelchairs, walking aids, travel cots, etc. The shop management welcome donations of quality secondhand items, and can arrange collection if needed. We are also looking for secondhand books, especially in languages other than English, to populate are extensive bookshelves.

For enquiries either drop into the shop, call or email secretary dcso-stgeorge. Gracias por importarte. Thank you for caring. Food Bank The Saint George Charity is launching a food bank initiative to help local people who are finding it difficult to make ends meet. We shall be rolling this scheme out over the coming weeks and months, and are inviting people to donate non-perishable goods, such as long life milk, pasta, rice, biscuits, tinned meat and fish, tinned vegetables, cleaning products and toiletries, etc. Update on Animals Locked in Cars According to recent legislation the following, lists the steps to take, and in the proper order of what to do if you observe an animal locked in a car to avoid any subsequent legal entanglements you might encounter for intervening.

Check if the car is locked. Try to locate the owner or the police. If you do not get any results from the above steps, take a photo of the animal locked inside - if you are able, include the license plate - to have proof, then break the window of the vehicle and remove the. Wait with the animal until the police arrive. Failure to take these steps would be viewed as an infraction against private property and you could be sentenced with 1 - 3 years in prison.

M Ronald Rosenfeld D. Sabinillas - Tel: Sabinillas - Tel: Un perro o gato jadea cuando hace calor como una forma de controlar la temperatura corporal, del mismo modo, no siempre significa que tienen sed. Esto puede ayudar a reducir los hot spots puntos calientes o eczemas de verano que son demasiado frecuentes.

Juan Tejero

Deben estar en un lugar bien ventilado, y un lugar con sombra para poder refugiarse. Recuerde, si viaja con su perro y teiene que dejarlo en el coche por un corto. En caso de duda consulte a un profesional. If your holiday plans include your animals this summer then there are other considerations to be aware of for those hikes in the countryside or jaunts on the beach. Dogs and cats do not perspire through their skin as humans and horses do, cutting all the fur down on our dog in the summertime because they are panting may not necessarily make them cooler.

That fur coat could be helping to protect against biting insects and insulating somewhat against the sun and protecting against sunburn.

A dog or cat pants when it is hot as a means of controlling body temperature, likewise it does not always mean that they are thirsty. There are many types of weeds and dry plant seeds that stick to fur and can cause all sorts of problems between the toes, up the nose, down the ear, or in the eye. If a dip in the sea or the pool is in order remember that we rinse the salt water or chlorine off afterwards, it follows then that our animals get the same treatment. This may help in reducing the all too frequent hot spots or summer eczemas.

Over shampooing, even with the mildest of medicated shampoos may cause skin problems rather than resolving them. Make sure in the heat that they have abundant fresh water available and a shady spot to take refuge in. They should be in a well ventilated area. Remember, if travelling with your dog and having to leave him in the car for a short while, think twice. Should you be concerned that your dog or pet is overheating or showing signs of distress, immediate action must be taken to help them.

Firstly, cool their feet by hosing him down or placing his feet in a bowl of cold water and secondly, seek professional advice because heat stroke can be fatal. It is also important to be aware of the heat irradiated from tarmac, cement, dirt tracks, or beach sand. If you cannot walk comfortably bare-footed over these surfaces it is probably too hot to walk your pet.

Keeping these few things in mind should make for a more relaxed vacation for all concerned. When in doubt consult a professional. Ronald Rosenfeld D. Sabinillas Tel: Sabinillas - Tel: Guest toilet, staircase leading to the grand salon with apex ceiling self-supporting beams Open fireplace, south facing outside balcony approx 30 square metres 2nd balcony overlooking main entrance. Kidney shaped swimming pool, Jacuzzi, covered veranda and Gazebo.

Staff Cottage with one bedroom, kitchen, open plan sitting and dining area, bathroom and private terrace to the rear. The gardens offer an assortment of fruit and citrus trees as well as fig trees and mature palms. There is also a wooded area with a mixture of eucalyptus and casuarinas. Private well producing 1 litre per second of drinking water also town hall water linked to the house.

Mature wooded area with a mixture of eucalyptus and casuarinas Building permission for construction of a further 2, sq. The property was renovated beginning of Los Corales Junto a Mercadona. Programa completo de la Feria y Fiestas de Cancelada Jueves, 17 de agosto Con salida desde la plaza Quevedo En la caseta municipales En la plaza de La Juventud En el club de golf El Paraiso Domingo, 20 de agosto Por las calles de Cancelada This pivotal event in history means MEV now have a family of GM approved HUMMER vehicles which gives us the confidence in the quality of our product and the piece of mind that you will not be disappointed.

Our products are second to none and with the introduction of the MEV ZIP range in and the excellent customer service your experience at MEV is guaranteed to be first class. Oasis, Local 2 - CN Km. Complete programme for the Cancelada Feria Thursday, August 17 7. Leaving from plaza Quevedo. Coronation of the Feria Queens in the main pavilion. In the Plaza de La Juventud 2. In the swimming pool of the Cancelada municipal sports centre. Paella will be served.

Throughout the day fair you can enjoy the free water slide with swimming pool and the SpongeBob SquarePants bouncy castle. Through the. This front line beach duplex penthouse is located on one of the best beachfront locations at El Diamante, Casares Costa. It is situated in a secure gated development with lovely gardens and 2 swimming pools.

It has 3 large bedrooms, 3 Bathrooms large lounge diner and fully. Exceptionly spacious apartment in front line beach location walk able to Sabinillas and Duquesa Port and all amenities. This property has underground parking. Intenta que tus caderas no se adelanten. Intenta hacer 12 con cada pierna, luego descansa y repite dos veces. De nuevo, repite doce veces x 3 rondas. Nice Ass! People often ask me, what exercise do you think is best for changing the shape of your butt and legs?

For me personally it would always be lunges. The benefits of lunges are almost infinite. They strengthen all muscles throughout the legs, strengthen your core, improve your balance, mobility, and flexibility, and even help in muscle stabilization. They improve spacial and body awareness, and help stretch out tight hips. But for most of us, lunges are actually beneficial for keeping our knees healthy. Common lunge mistakes are almost always to blame for discomfort in the knees, and today we are going to go over some of the most common mistakes and how to fix.

For beginners no equipment is needed, as you progress and you become more stable and stronger, then adding weight increases the demands on the whole of the body not just the lower half. I would recommend using a mirror so that you can view your body position, or get someone to film you so that you can check your technique. You are aiming for 90 degree angle on both legs, keeping your trunk upright and your abs braced not relaxed , shoulders back.

Feet should be approx hip width apart, aim to take a stride, not too long do that so your back leg is straight and not too short that your front knee pushes over your front toes. Pushing through your. Try 12 each leg, then rest and repeat for 2 more rounds. Once you have mastered static lunges, try alternative stride lunges, left leg forward, using the front heel to push back, remember not to lean and keep your torso upright and tight, then change legs.

Again, 12 reps each leg x 3 rounds. I would suggest adding lunges to your workout- aiming to do them twice a week. Always warm up and cool down, consult with your GP before starting any new exercise regime. If you have any questions relating to this article or fitness in general then please contact me. Federation for tests of Duathlon Cross In In this first edition, the trial will have a route of 5.

Registration can be made through the Platform of the Andalusian. Federation of Triathlon: inscripciones triatlonandalucia. The registration period will remain open until Thursday, September 7 at 2 pm, or when the maximum number of participants is completed. This six kilometre road race follows a route through the streets of the municipality and receives a large participation, and in the five previous editions, youngsters and adults from across the province and beyond have attended in huge.

With participation limited to runners, each runner will receive their commemorative t-shirt, plus trophies and prizes. Los alumnos de esgrima del municipio presentaron sus respetos y compartieron. Para conmemorar este acontecimiento esperamos la. Please Help Calum get his latest book advertised to the world. Once he has sold 50 copies and gets 50 reviews on the amazon website, his book will be advertised as a latest release and get placed on the book charts. This event was organized by the Superior School of Performing Arts of Malaga, which in its annual gala presented an award to the career of the great international actor.

Antonio Banderas practiced the noble art of fencing for his famous character "El Zorro" and shared his experiences with the manager of the fencing club, Alberto Zerrada. The students of the club presented their respects and shared experiences in an unforgettable afternoon.

The actor autographed and dedicate a replica of the sword used in his famous film "The mask of Zorro" as a gift to the master Zerrada to be permanently exhibited in the fencing museum in the Castle. The Club also presented him with a book dedicated to the character of Zorro written by Zerrada and edited by the Manilva Department of Culture To commemorate this event we expect a visit of all those interested to see objects of the Zorro character in a temporary exhibition at the museum that surely will delight both children and adults.

The Manilva Fencing Museum is the first and only international museum dedicated to this subject where you can see weapons, costumes, engravings, old. In the interactive section you can practice with the masks and swords available. Come and visit this unique museum and if you are interested in trying your hand at fencing do not hesitate to call Con este acuerdo la empresa con sede en Sotogrande se convierte en el nuevo esponsor principal del Club.

Sotogrande con nuestro sencillo buscador. Holmes Property Sales, Sotogrande - new main sponsor of the del estrecho Rugby Club Holmes Property Sales, Sotogrande and the del estrecho Rugby Club have reached a sponsorship agreement for the seasons and With this agreement the company, based in Sotogrande, becomes the new main sponsor of the Club. Holmes Sotogrande offers you exclusive properties for sale such as villas, apartments, townhouses,. Find your ideal property in Sotogrande with our simple search. We also offer new luxury developments for sale in Sotogrande and we advise you impartially on the purchase of the villa of your dreams.