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The patience emphasis seems to be linked with withstanding long-suffering. This type of patience is from the Holy Spirit and bears a strong resemblance to holiness , as do all of the Fruit of the Spirit. The essence of this Fruit of the Spirit is not just being kind to people who you like and are likewise kind to you. No, this spiritual kindness is the outcome or behavior of someone else you showing them kindness, especially those who do not extend love back. This is the root of generosity and giving. As such, you are imitating God to those you extend the Fruit of kindness to.

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The instinctive nature to be good is at the heart of this Fruit. People who exhibit the Fruit of goodness are the visible Light of Christ in the world. They have an inherently good nature and others see that. It is through the devotion to Christ that this Fruit of the Spirit is available, as with all of the Fruit.

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People who possess this Fruit of the Spirit, remain in God for everything, despite circumstances. There is an intentional gentleness with this Fruit of the Spirit. In this gentleness, power is found, much like Jesus often displayed in His ministry. This Fruit is seen played out when there may be conflict. The person who has this Fruit looks for healthy resolutions and is incredibly compassionate, but yet still strong when addressing difficult matters or situations.

Self-Control comes from a rarely used word in the New Testament. Again, there are a lot of people walking around with self-control — we see it all the time in exercise, eating habits, personal goals, etc. However, since this is a Fruit of the Spirit, it merits more than just being a disciplined person.

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If you have the Fruit of self-control, it is because the Holy Spirit gifts you with it. One way to look at this gift would be to assess how fluid self-control is in your life. You may have a lot of control in one area, but lack discipline in many other places.

Fruit of the Spirit: How we MISUNDERSTAND and MISUSE them

So, there you have it — a breakdown of the Fruit of the Spirit. I hope this helps you identify your natural, God-provided gifting and provides a means for turning to God to ask Him to develop some of the other underperforming Fruit. Finally, I leave you with some coloring sheets so you can have a creative act for prayer time. Print off the two Fruit that you identify as your strongest Fruit and your weakest. As you prayerfully color the Fruit that is your gift, thank God for giving you this Fruit in your life.

Then, pull out the sheet representing the Fruit you need God to develop the most in your life. As you color, discuss why this Fruit is difficult to grow in your life. Ask Him for help in cultivating this Fruit in your life. I also invite you to share your coloring sheet s in our Facebook Challenge group or on Instagram by using the hashtag unshakablefaith and tag me christianresourceproject. I would love to see your coloring! Eventually her steps turned into stronger, confident ones. She still falls down at times and so do her parents!

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We never become immune to sin; sinlessness is reserved for heaven. As we grow to know God better, we will grow in seeing life from His perspective, and in some areas sin less. We will also learn to battle temptation. Has it occurred to you that your level of spiritual growth may be exactly where God wants it? But there is a third category of Christian: the new Christian.

Remember what Paul told those Corinthians? Several years earlier, Paul had led many of those Corinthian believers to Christ. But instead of following a normal growth pattern of spiritual maturity for a Christian, the believers at Corinth became carnal. We knew we would be greeted by neatly labeled rows of apple trees. We filled bushel baskets with Mackintoshes, Winesaps and Romes. Near the back of the orchard were rows of trees that were not laden with apples.

In fact, they had no fruit at all. Some had not yet reached five feet in height. While the older trees had matured and were bent over with apples, these young trees were just busy growing. If you are obeying Christ today and trusting His power to change you, then you are exactly where God wants you to be. I never saw one of those young trees ever comparing itself with the older ones. Growth is a process, and each part of the process is vital. Ask a Question Other Languages Home. Bible Study. The Spiritual Starter Kit.

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Skip the Stress. Gospel of John Bible Study. How to Talk about God. Understanding the Spirit-filled life. By Steven L. Pogue Does living the Christian life seem impossible? Who is the Holy Spirit? What is the purpose of the Holy Spirit?

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  • Can I be filled with the Spirit and still struggle with sin? Gospel of John. How to Talk About God. Charity is the love of God and of neighbor, without any thought of receiving something in return. It is not a "warm and fuzzy" feeling, however; charity is expressed in concrete action toward God and our fellow man. Peace is a tranquility in our soul that comes from relying on God. Rather than getting caught up in anxiety for the future, Christians, through the prompting of the Holy Spirit, trusts God to provide for them.

    Understanding The Fruit Of The Spirit

    Patience is the ability to bear the imperfections of other people, through a knowledge of our own imperfections and our need for God's mercy and forgiveness. Goodness is the avoidance of evil and the embrace of what's right, even at the expense of one's earthly fame and fortune.

    Longanimity is patience under provocation. While patience is properly directed at other's faults, to be long-suffering is to endure quietly the attacks of others. To be mild in behavior is to be forgiving rather than angry, gracious rather than vengeful. Faith, as a fruit of the Holy Spirit, means living our life in accordance with God's will at all times. It does not mean denying oneself what one needs or even necessarily what one wants so long as what one wants is something good ; rather, it is the exercise of moderation in all things.