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The working areas are super small. Do not work there. Fun work environment.

Yuppy Puppy

Love the people i work with as well as the customers and their furry friends! This place is quickly growing and can only expand exponentially from here! Lazy Lazy. Poorly trained staff with poor attendance behavior. I remember seeing training dogs locked in boarding rooms all day.

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Very catty environment. Could have used more staff. Fun and exciting atmosphere. A great place to work with friendly customers and staff. My typical day included answering customer calls, booking appointments and selling products such as dog clothing, accessories and food. Busy, fun and enjoyable workplace. I normally started the day organizing the grooming equipment on the table. After I would wash and dry the dogs. I learned how to handle animals dogs and cats. How to deal with customers and book appointments.

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I felt like I was part of the management, because I had such great employers always open to the suggestion I had to give. My employers were very motivating and dedicated groomers, they inspired me to become a groomer myself. The hardest part of the job was breaking knots and tangled hair as it can be a long process and very stressful for the dog - in which cases we would prefer to shave off the dog completely to avoid discomfort unnecessary stress.

And the best part of the job was being able to play around with the dogs while working. Stroking, cuddling and bonding with all different breeds. Which was also an important part of the job. They trimmed one ear asked them not to ,They butchered his poor lil toes. They are still bleeding 2 days later. I will never go back there. I can't imagine how poorly they treated our lll boy. I went in just to have my dog bathed and blown out but apparently a nail trim is included whether the dog needs it or not.

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I keep my girl's toenails filed short so she didn't need them trimmed at all. When I picked my girl up ALL her toenails had been cauterized with whatever white powder they use to to stop the bleeding. Each one was poorly done and completely uneven. I didn't notice until we got home. I posted a photo to show the proof. I took the photo back into the shop and the lady who I am assuming is the manager was completely dismissive and condescending as she explained that this was something that isn't uncommon and sometimes "just happens".

She then said that all her employees were fully trained and she could retrim my dogs toenails if I wanted her to. Um, hello! They were all cut too short in the first place. I tried to give them the benefit of the doubt in believing that maybe someone who was not normally trained to trim nails did my dogs but the woman I spoke to insisted they were all properly trained. I just don't know how someone who is properly trained isn't able to tell when a dogs nails need to be trimmed and proceeds to make all her toenails bleed.

I also don't understand how they can say it is normal for a dog to bleed the next day. I've spoken to multiple vets and groomers in the area and they all agree this is not normal practice and my dog was mistreated at this establishment. Most are appalled that they actually get away with treating their clients this way. I will be taking my business elsewhere and doing what I can to educate the public on the poor service they could possible receive from these "trained" groomers.

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I take my dogs there and I love it. They are always really nice to me and my dogs. The place is very clean,really nice and always smells good. They also do a great job on the haircuts!! My dogs always look good and they are happy. I was very disappointed and upset with their services. I had an appointment in advance so it wasn't a last minute visit right before a holiday weekend. I dropped off my pet about am and I was told I could pick her up anytime after I called around to check up on her and I was told that she was doing fine, but that they were running a little behind and she would be ready after , which I told them that it was fine, I would pick her up around I called a few minutes after to let them know I was on my way, to my surprise; they still had not done anything to her!

I was furious I was so upset, because this was something that was scheduled in advance and my pet had been sitting probably in a crate for the last 10 hours! I was told that they would start working on her right away and they apologize because they had over booked themselves. I was told that they would take care of her and she would be ready in an hour.