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Before reading the additional information in the worksheet, students should have made notes from the two short video clips [ clip 1 clip 2 ], focusing on the question "Why did the Iran-Iraq War last for so long? To what extent do you agree that there was no victor in the Iran-Iraq war of ? At the end of the war, both the Ayatollah and Saddam claimed victory and historians have continued to debate the reality of the situation ever since.

The first two teams need to produce a speech persuading the International Community that there country were the victors in the war. Whilst they are preparing this, the third team should be taking further notes from the podcast episode on the war. Then the class will be organized into groups of three with each group containing a representative from each of the original three groups.

The Iranians and Iraqis will try to persuade the International Observer of their point of view.

The International Observer must produce a final judgement which both sides are happy to accept". Focus Point 1: Why did Saddam invade Kuwait? Use these to produce TWO brief speeches in role as Saddam: a To the Iraqi people your 'public' motives b To your own advisors your 'private' motives ". Focus Point 2: Why, and with what results, was an international coalition formed against Saddam Hussein?

Students conduct further research on Operation Desert Shield and Operation Saber, then complete a sourcework question "How useful is this cartoon to the historian studying the reasons why an international alliance was formed against Saddam when he invaded Kuwait?

Epigraphs and Introduction

Students use the information provided to provide an infographic about the impact of the First Gulf War, then complete two sourcework questions "To what extent does Source A prove that the United States was to blame for Iraq's invasion of Kuwait? There are 9 questions in total. You will get a clue that will help you figure out the location of the answer. Collect the gold coins at each location and enter your name in the leaderboard. Take a screenshot of your final result which should be points and your full name. Overview: Terror, Achievements, Propaganda "Using your findings from this resource, produce a written response to the following question: 'Was Saddam's rule of Iraq was based on fear, propaganda or genuine achievements?

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  • Protests in Basra Give US Chance to Revise Iraq Policy.

One person from each team will come to the front and collect a propaganda image. Without showing it to the rest of the team, this person should describe what they see, who it appears aimed at, and what it is trying to say about Saddam. Everyone else takes notes, then a second person collects a fresh picture when the discussion is finished. This process can take place over minutes. Afterwards, you will be given a copy of some of the photographs. Arrange and annotate these on A3 paper under the heading 'What impression of Saddam is created by his propaganda?

In what ways were Saddam's attacks on the Kurds and the Shia similar, and in what ways were they different? Your teacher may ask you to work with a partner, with each of you using just one of these two sources and then feeding back with your findings". Halabja: What really happened, and who was responsible?

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  • Revisions in need of revising : what went wrong in the Iraq War.

Each team needs to provide answers to each of the following questions, using the most appropriate source s from the list provided to help them. TIP: If the discussion takes the form of a classroom debate, be prepared to challenge the reliability of your sources. For each of the following key questions, work individually, to complete one of the incomplete rows of this table.

Brief Synopsis

The row on Saddam's rule provides you with a completed example to get you started. You will then be seated in a group with the other students who worked on the same row. Compare your ideas with the members of your group and make any adjustments you think are necessary. Finally, the teacher will 'jigsaw' the groups: each member of Group 1 will be given a letter A, B, C, In this way, each new team will have somebody that worked on one of the original rows.

Take it in turns to share your findings so that at the end of the exercise everyone has a complete table of notes". Sourcework Questions from across the topic A document containing a wide range of sources and eight varied questions based on the main areas of the syllabus. Generic Resources for revising the sourcework paper A range of resources and exercises for developing and revising approaches to sourcework, designed to be used as stand-alone activities whatever the focus of Paper 2 each year. Alternatively, there are a whole series of arcade games available on ClassTools.

There is also a PacMan version of the game. Saddam's Reign of Terror 50m I have also completed some teacher programme notes to provide a minute-by-minute breakdown of the themes covered. Tyants and Dictators: Saddam 43m I have also completed some teacher programme notes to provide a minute-by-minute breakdown of the themes covered. Podcasts on this topic from MrAllsopHistory A superb range of revision podcasts designed by an expert history teacher.

Highly recommended. Events years ago today : — The eight-hour day and free Sunday become law for workers in the Netherlands. Deaths years ago today : — Olga of Kiev b. Escape the Room: The Black Death! Sourcework Questions: The Boxer Uprising. The Boxer Uprising.

Why We Lost in Iraq and Afghanistan

The removal of pretrial detention would bring the Electronic Crimes Law closer to penal code statutes under articles that govern punishments only for print or public slander and defamation. Unlike the penal code, however, which sets a statute of limitations of three months, the proposed amendments do not propose any time limitation on bringing a complaint for online slander or defamation. But these provisions would not apply for claims about anyone else or under any other circumstances.

In addition to hate speech, however, the amendments introduce a host of new, vaguely worded online activities subject to criminal penalty. Prosecutors could bring charges for slander, defamation, hate speech, or spreading fake news or rumors based on messages sent privately over a chat application. While certain types of speech, including hate speech, can and should be restricted under international law, under article 20 of the ICCPR, the threshold for such restrictions is high.

Under the Rabat Plan of Action, on implementing article 20 while respecting freedom of speech, UN experts agreed that such laws should also make clear that incitement should be determined by several factors including context, speaker, and audience, and that such incitement should be likely to lead to the intended results. In the new amendments, neither the proposed definition of hate speech nor the penalties for disseminating hate speech are sufficiently tailored to meet international legal standards.

There was also no objective process outlined in the amendments to determine when speech could rise to the level of hate speech, and their passage would enable authorities to criminalize a wider range of legitimate and protected speech.

Why did Events in the Gulf Matter? - ActiveHistory

I know I certainly did. We then added to our troubles by misusing the U. Armed Forces, which are designed, manned, and equipped for short, decisive, conventional conflict. Instead, confident of our tremendously able, disciplined troops, and buoyed by dazzling early victories, we backed into not one but two long, indecisive counterinsurgent struggles to which our forces were ill-suited.

We failed to question our flawed understanding of our foe or ourselves. We simply asked for more time. In the end, all the courage and skill in the world could not overcome ignorance and arrogance. As a general, I got it wrong. And I did so in company with my peers. Previous Page Next Page 2 of 5 You are currently viewing this article as a guest. If you are a subscriber, please sign in. Sign in here. Subscribe here. By Christopher Ketcham. By William T.