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I understand that no special certification or advanced training is required. Do you know if medicaid or private insurance companies pay for the services of a wellness coach? Consider this a niche arena-that you would be on the cutting edge of-at the current time. That said, I still work per diem to keep my clinical skills and am pursuing my ACNP as that position will always fill a need regardless of trends in healthcare.

I am very interested in pursuing certification. What certification course do you recommend and how do I get started as an independent practitioner? Thanks in advance for your help. Michelle Dudley. What certification did you pursue?

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I noticed several different ones advertised. How did you go about finding a job in the field and what type of company do you work with now? Thank you for your response. I am so excited about this career option but I need more information. Hey Megan.

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What certification or where did you take your Health coach training? I too, an RN with varied areas of experience in the past 18 years, am ready to take the training for health coach. Just not sure which one? Lori Patrick. I am very interested in health coaching!! Hello, i am an lpn, and several other registries in healthcare. I have been in nursing for over 20 yrs, and I have become very interested in wellness, one for myself, but i would like to become a wellness coach for others.

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What do i need to do before as far as qualifications to began. Thanks for your response. Is an MSN or certification required to work in this field? Previous Next.

Desperate Dear Donna replies: Dear Desperate, Health coaching is a hot and growing specialty in nursing. Best wishes, Donna. By Nurse. About the Author: Nurse.

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June 18th, 4 Comments. Jocelyn January 26, at pm - Reply. Lucy November 14, at pm - Reply. Hi Jill, I am so excited to discover this field of nursing. Jill Guercio-Niebling April 3, at pm - Reply. Heather May 10, at am - Reply. You might also offer consulting services for patients that would like an independent medical professional to help them review treatment options, navigate insurance issues or make other important decisions. Telehealth is an emerging trend in the healthcare field.

Basically, you would provide consultations and appointments via phone or video chat rather than meeting with patients in person. As a nurse, you should have a fair amount of knowledge about nutrition and diet issues. So you could use that to help individuals craft weight loss or health plans. Or you could offer a more general service that includes dieting, meal plans, fitness, and general wellness items. Instead of working with individual patients, you might share your expertise on a wider scale by writing a health related blog.

Another way to share information to a lot of potential customers, write and self-publish an ebook related to health and wellness. You could also offer to share your expertise by speaking at public events for other nurses, medical professionals or those simply interested in improving their health.

But your experience likely helps you understand the various parts of the body that may need assistance. Holistic care and alternative medicine are gaining popularity among a lot of patients.

What Is a Nurse Entrepreneur?

So you could offer your expertise to people in those areas. Mindfulness in particular is an important concept at the moment. This may be relevant to those who have studied mental health in-depth. Supplements are designed to increase vitamin or nutrient intake.

You could use your medical expertise to create a service designed to help people determine what supplements they need and then provide them with those specific products. What do you want your fellow ACLM members and other clinicians across this country and around the world to know about Indianapolis and why it will be an ideal host city? The event will take place at the beautiful JW Marriott in the heart of downtown, which is conveniently located near so many wonderful attractions, including the Indianapolis Zoo, White River State Park, and many museums.

Over the past few years, the whole foods plant-based lifestyle has become more pronounced within the city, with many nearby restaurants offering wonderful, healthy options. A premier health system, Eskenazi, is located within walking distance from the convention. Their hospital has truly embraced lifestyle medicine, harvesting food from a rooftop garden for their patients and staff. A top university in the country, Indiana University Purdue University of Indianapolis, is also within walking distance.

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Lifestyle Medicine in Indianapolis will have so much to offer for participants from the U. I look forward to seeing returning and new colleagues at Lifestyle Medicine in Indianapolis October 21st thru 24th. Q: We often say that, while ACLM is the nation's medial professional association for physicians and allied health professionals who are committed to advancing the field of LM; yet, even more so, it's a galvanized force for change.

You are one of ACLM's most dedicated allied health professional leaders who is championing the cause. What message do you have for your fellow nurses--and for other allied health professionals--about the field of lifestyle medicine and about the American College of Lifestyle Medicine? Working together, we have opportunities to truly make a huge difference in the lives of people who suffer from chronic diseases.

Beyond that, we can transform our health system into one that prioritizes the health of patients, staff, the community, and our planet. This is an exciting time in nursing and in health care. Kelly is a foremost champion for advancing lifestyle medicine in the nursing field. Annual Conference An engaging three-day event you won't want to miss. Register Now.