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I am working hard to channel your Mama as best I can! She will wave to people she knows but is hesitant and often waves after we leave. Do you know how to wave yet? A wave is an expression of affection to her, and she so far seems to be a reserved kid. This post served as a good reminder to not ask her to perform in that way. Yes, an expression of affection!

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And what a gift to an month-old to not have to perform. Just being herself is good enough. Thanks, Alice! Important article. Whenever my grandchildren handed me something like a spoon they were exploring, I always said thank you, and then I gave it back to them—since I actually think I know Spoon by heart.

Kids are designed to sponge up and copy the way the world really is. A couple of weeks ago Maria 21 months had woken up from her nap and she did a slight gesture indicating that she wanted me to take her socks off. You could have knocked me over with a feather. She has done it several times since. Still, I hope said others will appreciate, as we are now, how wonderfully rewarding the authentic and unprompted ones are!

This is a great post, and it is so true, we expect our kids to be socially gracious… and it is phony! Yet at the same time, they do need to learn to be gracious socially to do well in life. How often as adult, do we not really want to be gracious, but we need to be? So while I do agree with this, I think there is a time and place to learn this. That happens over time.

Say Hello, Wave Goodbye

They have pretty typical cognition and receptive skills, and I think giving them ways to communicate is vital to help with frustration. There are lots of ways to do this. One is showing them ways to gesture, giving them pictures, whatever works for a particular child. My toddler turned 2 recently. I think your typical toddler would pick up sounds and repeat words, but those with oral motor challenges may need some input and help in that area.

Again, modeling those things is the key. Thanks Janet for another great article! I read lots of your post and love them. Your advice, encouragement, and information is always so relevant and helpful. Thank you for all you do. Any ideas? My friend was telling me last night that her daughter for the first time strung together multiple words — and guess what she said? She has never been forced or prompted to say thank you and please, only modelled by everyone around her.

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I have explained them to be markers, reference points, symbols in the social interaction. My boys have usually followed my cue though not always, or even often, in the same style. I was just telling myself I need to work on this very thing. It seemed harmless, but I am really going to try to let her responses be genuine, and trust that modeling manners will teach her what she needs to know.

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Thanks for this extra inspiration! Hi Janet, We are having a manners problem with our 3 year old boy. He has always been very social, he used to walk into school and wave hello to all the teachers in the courtyard. Recently, maybe the last 3 months, he refuses to say hello and if anyone approaches him, he will either put up his hand and say NO rather rudely or he will ignore them all together. He also suddenly wants to walk in alone. For example, if another family is entering the school he, refuses to walk in at the same time. I have to say he is an otherwise, pleasant albeit challenging since he is a toddler little boy.

He is bright, loving and clever. My husband and I feel a little overwhelmed by the anti-social behavior since we parent respectfully most of the time, we are human and we do model proper social behavior consistently. I know we will need to trust that he will come back around but the impression he is making is embarrasing at best and worrisome at worst. Thanks for any feedback you can offer. Yes, modeling is best.


We must also ask ourselves why we demand of children what we do not expect of ourselves or other adults. Just explain it truthfully. Other than this, she is a kind, loving, inclusive child. Janet, I have followed you for almost 3 years now and I am so happy that you have helped me become the parent I am. We have a loving, calm most of the time and happy household and that is thanks to you and I am forever grateful. Hi Janet, My 2. My husband and his parents feel that she must say please to preface requests…and I feel that this expectation is unrealistic. It appears as though her impulse and desire to have something prevents her from implementing the polite way to ask for something.

Do you have any thoughts on a middle ground for how to approach this? Hi Janet.

I Forgot to Say a Final Goodbye

I tried very hard to do this with my kids when they were young, hoping that my introverted daughter would slowly develop the social awareness to greet people, but at 6 years old she still prefers to avoid eye contact and at best mumble a hello. I do respect her introverted nature, knowing that I myself often would prefer to avoid forced social situations. Do you have any suggestions for a kid a bit older?

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Giving Your Children the Brush-Off. Hi there, Janet! Your candid thoughts and opinions would be appreciated. Best, Tina. Thanks again! But if a parent enjoys teaching a baby sign language while they are interacting, wonderful! Thank you so much for reading my blog! Your project sounds like a helpful one! Letisha, I agree. Hopefully there will be online options for training soon! Hi Jennifer! Posted in Uncategorized Tagged hello goodbye new friends goodbye party , letters handwritten letters 2 Comments.

I love this post. It was so cool seeing you at REI yesterday and funny that we were both cramming in the last day of our weekend to find the right clothes for the trip. I am glad Dave got to meet you too. We truly are fortunate to be able to share this adventure together. Your Dad wanting to fax you letters is sweet.

That sounds like a new blog series to me; Something like…. To many more dinners…. I bet that must be a first!!!

Missing my chance to say goodbye — and longing for their last words

How cool is that? This is a great song. I am old enough and British enough to remember the original which is a classic, though I do agree with you — the David Gray version is better.

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