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New York Rights Fair. In late , this highly entertaining mystery novel was serialized for 13 weeks in the Miami Herald's Tropic magazine.

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Linebacker-turned-lawyer Jake Lassiter is back after Slashback in a case that threatens to end his career, if not his life. Successfully defending con man Louis ""Blinky"" Baroso against fraud charges earns the Miami attorney shares of Rocky Paul Levine, Author. Lord , but it's still a This continues Levine's Lassiter series about the linebacker-turned-trial-attorney, now investigating the connections between a multimillion-dollar theft, a drug smuggling ring and a murder.

Former attorney and reporter Levine delivers a funny, fast-paced legal thriller, his first since 's 9 Scorpions. Circumstances conspire to force two Florida lawyers with opposing personalities—by-the-book Victoria Lord and anything-goe.

State vs. Lassiter (Jake Lassiter #9) by Paul Levine

Attorney Levine's lively fiction debut introduces Jake Lassiter, ex-jock turned Miami trial lawyer. Jake defends Dr. Roger Salisbury in a civil malpractice suit brought by gorgeous young Melanie Corrigan, widow of wealthy developer Philip Corrigan It won't take readers long.

In contrast to his taut, punchy first novel, To Speak for the Dead , Levine's second is characterized by excess--an outlandish plot, too many characters and too many soggy wisecracks. But the blistering running commentary of hero-lawyer Jake Lawyer Jake Lassiter has a rather flexible set of personal ethics.

This fourth appearance after False Dawn opens with him in bed with the wife of a client and under threat of disciplinary action by the Florida Bar Association for actions in an In Levine's engaging eighth legal thriller featuring Florida attorney Jake Lassiter after Flesh and Bones , Lassiter is distressed to hear from insurance investigator Amy Larkin that he was the last person to see her younger sister, Krista, alive Miami defense attorney Steve Solomon A wry line of patter, the obligatory Floridian environmental concerns and a drop-dead gorgeous blonde in a short black dress, high heels and lots of trouble add up to another winner in the refreshingly unpretentious Jake Lassiter series Fool Me The fourth Solomon vs.

Lord novel finds the two romantically entwined attorneys-at-law unwittingly taking opposing sides of an ecoterrorism case.

MacDonald created protagonists who will live forever. The occasional female character also cropped up. Hard-boiled babes, as it were. Wikipedia defines hard-boiled fiction as:. One answer on Facebook blindsided me.

Mystery Books Hard-Boiled: From Spade to Lassiter

But is that enough? I always thought he had a hard bark but a tender heart. To determine whether Jake is hard-boiled or merely cynical, I recently had a not-too-friendly conversation with him:. How do you do it? Jake: Take your best shot, scribbler. You just write me that way.

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Jake: I never stole from a client, bribed a judge, or threatened a witness, and until this bum rap, the only time I was arrested, it was a case of mistaken identity. Jake: So sue me. Women think I look like a young Harrison Ford. You and your lady are having a fancy dinner on Miami Beach.

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Jake: I take the Fifth. Ever heard of it? Paul: You go on trial for murder.