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    Max Brooks. Kristen Simmons. Enemy, The. Charlie Higson. The Fear. The Sacrifice: An Enemy Novel. King Of The Ants. Getting Rid Of Mister Kitchen. The Dead. The Fallen. The Hunted. Doctor Who: The Beast of Babylon. Blood Fever. Double or Die. Hurricane Gold. Doctor Who: 12 Doctors 12 Stories. She is now the new leader of the Waitrose children and struggles under the pressure of having responsibility for every kid in her group. Blue attempts to help her before the group is ambushed by a pack of infected chimpanzees that have escaped a nearby zoo.

    They kill many small children, as well as Maxie's newly appointed right-hand man Josh, devastating her. They also encounter a small group of kids being attacked by extremely strong zombies, and fail to save all but one of them, an unnamed girl who is bandaged and taken along with them. They eventually arrive at the palace, and are greeted by the leader of Jester's group, David. The bandaged girl is put in the sick bay, whilst the rest of the group are given a tour of the palace, where they are shown the infected royal family who are kept in the throne room, too weak to fight back.

    A feast is held to celebrate their arrival, whilst Ollie goes off to search around the Palace by himself suspecting everything's not as it seems. He eventually discovers that the rich food and activities at the place are all just an act to get them to stay at the palace. He neglects to tell the rest of the group this, fearing it would just cause more trouble.

    David eventually informs them that they are having trouble with a group of crazed children over in St. James Park nicknamed "Squatters". He explains that they have been trying to expand their garden and plant food in the park, only for the Squatters to either steal it or kick it up. He wants the Holloway children to go over and try to reason with the squatters leader, Just John, and try and make a peace agreement.

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    The next day, the Holloway crew head over to the park to speak with John, whilst Freak stays behind out of depression. In the park, they attempt to negotiate with the Squatters, but Achilleus ends up starting a large fight between the two groups instead. In the battle, Blue gets a shed collapsed on his head, whilst Maxie singlehandedly fights John.

    Just as John is about to kill her, Freak who heard the commotion and entered the park intervenes and is stabbed in the back in Maxie's place, killing him. Out of fury, Maxie punches John in the face and knocks him unconscious, ending the battle. Back at the palace, David declares that due to the deaths in the battle, the ownership of the park will be decided in a fight to the death between Achilleus and John. If Achilleus wins, the Palace kids will get control over the park and use it as farmland. If John wins, he will get to keep the park, as well as the freedom to take any resources needed from the palace.

    Maxie and Blue begin to have second thoughts over David, and before the fight between Achilleus and John, Sophie tells Maxie that she is leaving the place due to the guilt of Arran's death. In the fight, John gets the upper hand and severely damages Achilleus's ear, before Achilleus wins and pins him in a death position.

    Instead of choosing to kill John, Achilleus humiliates him by kissing him on the lips implying to the reader that Achilleus is gay. Amazed by Achilleus's fighting skills, a young Irish Squatter kid named Paddy asks him to take him on as an apprentice, which Achilleus agrees. The palace kids get control over the park, but David locks Maxie inside the medical bay with Blue, revealing he intends on taking over their groups to use as his army. Inside the Medical bay, Maxie talks with Blue, where he unintentionally reveals he has a crush on her.

    Geeks vs. Zombies (Enemy, book ) by Charlie Higson

    They are interrupted by the bandaged girl who is still in the medical bay , who tells them that David is a liar. She explains that David locked her inside the medical bay in case she had met him before which she had and revealed to them what sort of a person he is. They are freed from the medical bay by Ollie, who has gathered up support to escape the palace. They free the royals, causing chaos, and fight their way through David's forces, eventually making it out of the palace with Paddy and a guard known as Big Nose coming along with them.

    The bandaged girl reveals she comes from a group of children staying at the National History Museum , and that they would be happy to let the group stay. Maxie and Blue agree with her, and they set off towards the museum. Meanwhile, Sam and the Kid have got lost in the streets, becoming exhausted and nearly passing out. They are met by a group of people led by a boy with a scarred face ,later known as Ed, who take them back to their home in the Tower of London.

    Finally, Callum has become depressed from loneliness since his friends left for the palace. He has tried to keep himself entertained, but can do nothing to help himself. Eventually, the same army from before led by Saint George storm the Waitrose Supermarket, and Callum lets them kill him to end his suffering. They set the supermarket on fire and burn it to the ground, with Saint George leading his army into the centre of town. In his mind, he says that he intends to kill and devour every single child in the city, stating that "He is Saint George.

    The city belongs to Him".

    Geeks vs Zombies

    Disney Hyperion , the series' American publisher, wanted to target the books at a slightly older audience. Consequently, for this publisher's series, the cutoff age for infection was raised from 14 to 16, and some of the characters were aged up accordingly. Additionally, some of the cultural references and terminology unique to the United Kingdom were changed to ones that American readers were more likely to understand.

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